Strange Cloud Over Moscow Oct 2009

Strange Cloud Over Moscow Oct 2009

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Автор Sophie Sayer (1 месяц)
We had that at my schools sports day

Автор Bruce McFadden (5 месяцев)
Hm, seems The Convergence came early.

Strange Clouds And Double Rainbow After Storm ♦ London UK February 2014

Автор joshua thomas (8 месяцев)
I made this Shit up just to Be Spooky. Yeah Right!!!! 

Автор Pedro Cruz (11 месяцев)

Автор Karen B. Koop (11 месяцев)

Автор Xerus (2 года)
wtf is wrong with people saying aww! its chuck norris, chuck norris this
and that, come on take this seriously

Автор LOLWTFBBQz (2 года)
GTFO with that sundog shit we all know it's the aliens trying to
abduct/probe bieber

Автор dollarik2 (2 года)

Автор PrinceCharming25 (2 года)
Oh no! In a few seconds Tom Cruise will show up battling giant Tripods from
Mars! Or it's just Vegeta raising his powerlevel...

Автор BOT Ulysses (2 года)
Its an emission! From the center of the zone!

Автор peperboots (2 года)
O zone Hole !

Автор 1tigerblood (2 года)
@TheRaellz say its look same like a UFO .NOT is it a UFO

Автор ameria laid (2 года)
Can we all say.. 'HARRP' ^_^

Автор laelah kizzia (1 год)
idk wat u peeps r sayin

Автор MrPcSims2 (2 года)
Sky Vagina

Автор Christian Ramirez (1 год)

Автор Francheska M. S. Sparks (1 год)
probably an ice halo

Автор LILCARMEN25 (1 год)
Portal 3?

Автор MegaTelescope (1 год)
... No. Just... just no.

Автор CatspitProductions (1 год)
That’s a Circulus cloud. Totally normal in Russia ;) Come get some
Catspit~! ☠

Автор mrdaan777 (1 год)
Loor for haarp and the new world order

Автор phoenix2972 (2 года)
chuck norris...

Автор 1958debs (2 года)
@PrinceCharming25 More like the amazing beauty of nature. Amazing, isn't it?

Автор flo isenhart (2 года)
its Chuck* fyi

Автор xfightx11 (2 года)

Автор Stephaniahsmom (1 год)
The mother ship is landing!!

Автор James IV (1 год)
We all know that's right where Chernobyl is. Guess that concrete barrier
gave way LOL (I know it's not there, just joking around)

Автор 1tigerblood (2 года)
look same like a UFO

Автор miahsky123 (2 года)

Автор Kobuxz (1 год)
enemy emp inbound

Автор SenseCommence TV (2 года)
It were aliens

Автор BTshootout (1 год)
I saw i cloud like that in denmark. It was a sunny day with white cloudes,
but in the middle a huge black cloud like this appered.

Автор JD2010whisperer (1 год)
They wanted the smoothest 6X distilled Vodka.. No need to panic. Just an
alien space craft getting their drank on.

Автор PrinceCharming25 (2 года)
Naah, it's Goku, going super saiyan 3

Автор ASTROgames505 (11 месяцев)
this was uploaded on my friends birthday and the day after my birthday

Автор funnydudeshooters (2 года)
Its not nibiru, its not a ufo. Its Gay.

Автор marcel s. (2 года)

Автор Hans Sianipar (2 года)
WTF: What The Fake!!

Автор robvlob (1 год)
Russians only stop to look at square clouds

Автор PrinceCharming25 (2 года)

Автор M .Sloan (2 года)
@ZacharyEXP time to get the hammer out

Автор its1984 (2 года)
@KingdaKong161... and they are the result of aerosols deposited into our
atmosphere via chemtrails.

Автор Kendrick Lamar (2 года)
AHHH, i see goku is gathering energy for his spirit bomb again.

Автор bailey stowe (2 года)
god dame commies look what you did!

Автор TheSpooncheese (2 года)
Why? if you look up pictures of clouds online, these clouds have happened
before :) It's sad how jaded photoshop has made us.

Автор dovie2blue (2 года)
But if so, why Russia??? ;)

Автор KaOssis (1 год)
Please excuse me and I hope it dosn't smell too bad, hehehee!

Автор dalan0201 (2 года)
fake, i saw a video just like this somewhere else

Автор logolou (1 год)
You took the words right out my mouth, well said :)

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