Strange Cloud Over Moscow Oct 2009

Strange Cloud Over Moscow Oct 2009

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Автор Hassaan A. Lal ( назад)
Haarp cmnts in 1 2 3

Автор JJ ( назад)

Автор ( назад)
Work of followers ofSatan.
=>Message to all: Dear People, These are tough times and Satan and his army and his followers are working day and night to make us kill each other. They want us to hate each other by dividing us, making Sunni fight Shia, Christians fight Muslims, Jews killing Muslims,.......and organizing fake events where some so called newly "converted" Muslim or brain washed mind controlled person ends up killing many innocent including real Muslims. A Muslim can not kill a Muslim or any human being. All this is to create hate among people against Real Muslims. Why do they (the team Satan) do that? Real God fearing Muslims would never take part in such evil acts,......they just don't. If know any Muslims, as neighbors, workers, doctors, teachers, you would know that. So they have to black mail and brain wash their victims and force them to do those things. So these poor victims have to kill or else their own family die. In other words they have no choice, kill themselves and others and the media does its part in bad mouthing Muslims and Islam after its done. Killing any human being is Forbidden in Islam and it's a Major, Major Sin!

So, They, the team Satan/Illuminatis/Zionist...always play both sides, so people are always confused and can't figure out the truth. Since "they" have managed to secure most of the influential places in USA, UK and Europe. For example they have decided that Hillary would be the next president but to fool people and keep them busy, they ll still play the roles of republicans and democrats. So back to Muslims, they the satan worshippers, play the role of evil Muslims, they creat evil Islamic terrorist groups through out the world, and they force the poor victims to carry out the dirty work for them. Now you must be wondering why Muslims? Well, if you do little bit of Research you will find out that Satan has managed to fool and misguide all of the humans from worshiping the Real Creator, except Muslims. Wait,...give me a chance to explain.Worlds discovering now that 9-11 was an inside job, but Muslims were blamed for it, not Christians or Jews. Take this example as a formula and know that Satan owned media would always make the victim look evil and evil look as victim. Always and in every case and event from now on!!! DO NOT FORGET THAT! There are some black sleeps no denying, among Muslims but those leave Islam before they consider taking part in evil acts. But Media will portray that all 1.7 billions of Muslims are terrorist. Muslims pray to Only One unseen God, who Created Adam and Eve with out any parents, and sent many messengers to guide their children after their death. But Satan who promised God that he'll misguide humans till their last breath, he has managed to confuse them, alter the messages of the Holy books and Gods teachings.

If you think about it, all human beings either worship idols of all sorts, animals, fire, nature, some human being that was sent as a Messenger, or Satan!!!! Only real Sunni Muslims still pray to only One God and consider Satan as their biggest enemy and have many verses that protect them from Satan. But Satan has managed to fool many Muslims too and as a result they have also divided into many weird sects like Shia, Baha'i etc etc Ok think about it! And all of the Holy books in the world have many authors except Quran...That mean message in those books was not protected. Cuz the only book God promised to protect was his last book, and it makes sense, because after Quran, no more Holy books came to our world. So do your research before you read a "Holy Book" chances are it's written by "Them", many many years ago and they are just following what they planned to do, in the Bible. Those are not the words of God. Those are words of Satan, who has more knowledge and experience than any one alive. Satan was created1000s of years before Adam, and after we die he ll still be here. That should tell you how much Intel and knowledge he has. He knows how to fools us, he knows our weaknesses and he knows us better than we know ourselves!

Lately I have seen many paid/ hired trolls on YouTube posting messages that suggest that Satan doesn't exist, or religion is the problem or Satan was the real God, Muslims are the real problem, Muslim or Islam is the terrorist etc etc. Infact you ll find more hate, insults and defaming info about Islam and Muslims than anything else on the net or on-air or in news. Fact! When a Christian or Jew or atheist does anything evil, the Media blames them but if a so called fake Muslim wanna be does anything, all 1.7 billions of Muslims world wide with their faith are held responsible and their faith is attacked from all directions. Are you one of those? Media makes us think that way, so don't feel bad. Just do your own research, you ll find the truth.

So back to the trolls......these trolls have sold their souls to Satan for a very little price and they live miserable lives here and after they die miserable deaths, they ll be tortured in their graves and then in hell for spreading untrue info. If you are one of those then you know what you are doing. If you are being paid to make Muslims and Islam look bad then that should tell you something. You are on the wrong side, you are spreading evil. Look around the world, it's the Muslims that are being killed and victimized in every country! Why? Because if you look back in the history, it's Gods people who always suffered from evil ones. People of Noah suffered, people of Moses suffered, so did people of Lot and Jesus! So be honest look around you, in Iraq, in Syria, in Palestine, in Mayamar, Burma, in Kashmir, in Bosnia, in Afganistan, in Nigeria etc etc. But if you listen to news, seems like some Islamist terrorist doing all the killings! We all know who controls the media, Satan worshippers, Illuminatis. By the way all the so called Islamic terrorist groups like Isis, Islil, alqaeda, brotherhood, hezbolah all these are created and financed by Zionist and CIA. They just give them " Islamic" names,.... Telling you..... they the Illuminatis plan to use their new group Isis in USA, to create chaos and to achieve their agendas. Muslims are not your enemy, it's the Satanist that you should be fighting against. While you ll be busy hating or killing innocent Muslims your real enemy would be sitting on the side laughing their asses off! Oh when they are done with Muslims, you will be their next target.

So what should we do? We should save our souls from going to hell forever by searching for our One and Only True Creator, and His real message. We should try our best not to hate anyone or kill any one and we should try to follow the teachings or instructions of our Creator till we die. And we have to save ourselves and others by not following Satanic ways. That's the only way you all can defeat your enemy the Satan, who is determined to take you with him to hell, cuz it is because of human beings he got expelled from Heaven. He's not gonna forgive or forget that. And if you were smart you would not forget that either. That Satan is your enemy no 1. And his only aim in life is to Disobey your God in every possible way. Have an open mind and open heart and get down on your knees, cry out to your Creator,.....say: Oh My real Creator, you own my soul, you created me. I am lost, and I will end up in hell if you did not guide me and save me from Satan. Oh my Real God, help me, save me and guide me cuz I am ready to follow your commands. And I want to be one of those who got rewarded by you and I don't want to be one of those who received your punishment. Repeat this as much as you can, until your God starts showing you signs for your guidance. Do research about Bible, Torah and Quran. Don't forget Satan exists, God exists and your great great great grand parents, Adam and Eve existed too, as a result you are here.

I am not forcing any religion on you, but Gods true religion and message sent just for you is out there and if your intention is pure, and your search is sincere, you will find your True Creator and His true message for you. That's Gods promise to you. Seek and you shall find Him!!!!!

Remember God can not just create you and leave you to do whatever you desire. He did send a Manual and a book of instructions for you to follow and those are for your own good.This world is a testing place and you are being tested every day that you live. If you ask my advice I would say do a comparative study of Islam and Christianity and Judaism. Good luck and seek and you shall find the Truth God willing. May God guide you and make you one of the dweller of paradise and may you have the best of both worlds. Amen. -

There are many links but here's a link to worlds most antique and still protected book and still in its original form even after 1400 years the Quran. Enjoy this ancient book for free here: http://www.quran.com Quran. com If you are reading this,.....chances are God wants to guide you too, so take a hint and search for Him honestly. Don't waste your life thanking false gods, and messiah. If you are not thanking your True Creator for his blessings than you are fooling yourself, by thanking His creation and giving him(the false gods) the status of God. That is a Major Major, unforgivable sin. Know that! Is it really too much to find out what do Holy books of other religions say? You might be in for life changing surprises that may open your eyes to information you could not even imagine. Why waste time reading crappy books authored by human beings? You want some real juice? Read the Holy books and see how God communicates.P.S. You ll be surprised how much terrorism is in Quran! Check it out yourself, why just trust the media? FYI. When Peter was drunk, Satan showed up as an angel and inspired him to write Bible! The way Satan fools is: He mixes some truth with much falsehood, and he did that with the teachings of Bible? Fact: Real name of Jesus is not Jesus. He was not born on Dec 25th, and Bible was never written by Jesus. Jesus never in his entire time claimed that he was God or that people should worship him and his idols. His disciples never worshiped him or his mother. The name of the book or teachings sent to Jesus was not even Bible. Even the name of the faith that Jesus brought was not "Christianity" nor his believers were known as "Christians". So honestly if you do little bit of research you ll find out there are many things wrong with Christianity and it may seem more like an incomplete mission of a Prophet of God. And that is why Jesus would come back to clarify that he is no to be worshipped and his message was to worship One and only God and he ll kill the antiChrist, who is a one eyed, curly haired, huge and powerful human being and a Jew by race. So tired of ignorant people making videos about Obama or Prince William, saying they may be the anti Christ.

People get the facts right, do your research, you got access to so much info that no one had before you. Our parents had one God, one faith and one enemy! Thanks to that enemy billions of children of Adam and Eve are lost and disobeying God days and night unknowingly. Search the truth, it's your right. Don't be lazy, don't be fooled, find the truth, it s a matter of your life in hell or heaven for eternity. You are given only one chance, once you are dead, you are dead, there are no more chances. And in hell you ll wish for death but there is no end or death in afterlife. This life is your one and only chance. There is a never ending life after death. Body goes back to dust and soul goes back to its Creator. An example of that is Sleep. When you sleep, you enter another world where your soul not body, can completely feel pain and pleasure in dreams, as if it's really happening to you. God shows us this sign of death, every night, that you ll die and there is another world. So please wake up, wake up. A Muslim or Islam is not your enemy, wake up Satan and his followers are your worst enemies. Everything else is Gods creation.

Let your finger do some work and world will open itself to you. Ignorance is no excuse. What would you say when angels of hell would ask you Why couldn't you find the truth, before they throw you in the hell for infinity? Save yourselves from that regrettable time and tortures of hell fire. Satan exists, God exists! If you can live forever then you can ignore God and His message but if you have to die one day and God will take back your soul then it's better you wake up and find out what are the dos and donts of this life to please your Creator. Your soul will be answerable for every little act that you do in this world. Wake up before it's too late. There are no certainties in life, except DEATH! There is a fixed time of a day for your death, you just don't know it. You will certainly die and go to your grave alone, your grave could be full of snakes or fire, depends what kind of punishment awaits you. Remember.: Not thanking real God all your life for his blessings is a huge sin. Instead considering His creations as God is an Unforgivable Sin!!!! Fire and water are Gods signs for you so you can imagine hell and heaven.
In the privacy of your room, ask God to guide you and in your heart accept the Creator of Adam and Eve as your Only true God.

Look for the God of your parents Adam and Eve instead of blindly believing in the gods of your mom and dad. Chances are they may have been mislead big time. Satan WILL stop you are for sure, from doing this research,.....by making it a matter of ego, it's not! Whose parents were on the right path and whose are not, who cares. Your parents will go to their graves and you will go to your own, alone. Save that beautiful soul of yours from the tortures of hell that you ll get in your grave and do Your own search for the truth. It is out there, you just have to have real honest and sincere intention to find it. That's the key to it all. Cuz of ego Satan lost his place in heaven and he ll try his best to make you do the same. Throw away your ego, there is a good chance your parents may not be on the right path,.....it is possible! You have to confirm, if they taught you the true religion or not. Please please do a real good research, look for "comparisons between bible and Quran" " Contradictions in bible" etc etc before you defend or offend any faith. Posting untrue info or rude comments with out any knowledge to win an argument does not harm anyone, does not even make you look smart but only harms you. All I ask is dear fellow human save your soul from a painful future in hell and do some honest research.May God guide you to the right path Amen. http://www.quran.com
Quran. com Love and peace to all the children of Adam and Eve, of all faiths, beliefs and origins.

Автор Jason Coleman ( назад)
could be god after eating a kebab .... bad belly and a bad fart ,,, be a idea of mine ...

Автор dong joon oh ( назад)
This solar system  eventually has entered  "Photon belt of Alcyone star" 2014.    It happen every 26000 years  according to  Mayan calender.     Now  magnetic field of the planet  is changing rapidly  also numerous ET's  planets are watching  the great cosmic event,  wanting to help us  with all their heart.    "Historical  First Official Contact"  will happen  soon  as Chinese ancient book 'Tui bei tu' predicted.                       Happy  new spiritual golden millennium...       It will last for  2000 years.........

Автор Timothy Campbell ( назад)
Halo, apollyon, Putin the destroyer

Автор Sophie Sayer ( назад)
We had that at my schools sports day

Автор Bruce McFadden ( назад)
Hm, seems The Convergence came early.

Автор Temple of Learning ( назад)
Strange Clouds And Double Rainbow After Storm ♦ London UK February 2014

Автор haarp35117 ( назад)
The silver lining of clouds shines on people Jesus couldn't save

Автор Quack ( назад)
I've seen this before the light from the moon or sun is shining through the clouds.

well that's what it looks like to me.

Автор Полина Вишневская ( назад)
Теперь,я думаю, это должно появится в Беларуси.

Автор Chris Mayren ( назад)
I wouldn`t say its a miracle or extremely unusual it is just something natural that happens but not many people see this and all of a sudden start thinking its the end of the world ect.

Автор Teresa Cowick ( назад)
I follow The Lord. I know the antichrist is coming soon. The bible states that the antichrist is suppose to give the illusion of signs, wanders and miracles from the heavens and on the earth. I am not sure if this is the Lords' work or if the wizard of oz is up to something. I know that the space station could be part of this. Strange happenings all over the world.

Автор bigbangnone ( назад)
Often refineries will release hot exhaust into the atmosphere in the dark - just before sunrise.
They do this so people will not know that chemicals are being released into the air you breath each day. I wonder why cancer is peaking?

Автор Sketchbook Notebook ( назад)
AwW shit it's cobra run! (it's a reference)

Автор jay_615 ( назад)
that people is where the android are coming from hell

Автор Christian Ramirez ( назад)

Автор Amber jambs ( назад)

Автор Jay lawler ( назад)
that's exactly what it is!

Автор Mindless ( назад)
It is not fake. It is real but it is when they were testing explosions.

Автор Elias Mouawad ( назад)
Clouds are harmless, extreme weather is not
Search For the series

Автор that guy ( назад)

Автор Edit Name ( назад)

Автор NTY CYRUSTV ( назад)

Автор Thomas Parsons ( назад)
From Wikipedia: A fallstreak hole is a large circular or elliptical gap, that can appear in cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds. Such holes are formed when the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing but the water has not frozen yet due to the lack of ice nucleation particles. When ice crystals do form it will set off a domino effect, due to the Bergeron process, causing the water droplets around the crystals to evaporate: this leaves a large, often circular, hole in the cloud. normal

Автор jancarlo01241997 ( назад)

Автор Dustychalkboard ( назад)
Chuck Norris doesn't use a Parachute.

Автор Frank Rizzo ( назад)
God is reminding them to use condoms, condoms!

Автор MegaTelescope ( назад)
... No. Just... just no.

Автор MegaTelescope ( назад)

Автор Nether Rack ( назад)
I think its a Hole Puch cloud

Автор internet champ ( назад)
the sky has an ulcer.

Автор electropart01 ( назад)
god's parachute :)

Автор Carmen's Calling ( назад)
Portal 3?

Автор CatspitProductions ( назад)
That’s a Circulus cloud. Totally normal in Russia ;) Come get some Catspit~! ☠

Автор adasd sadsd ( назад)
Bad Question... (if you are alive)

Автор Kobuxz ( назад)
enemy emp inbound

Автор isntavailable ( назад)
Level 3 fringe event

Автор John Doe ( назад)
that would be creepy if the thing blinked....but only in russia right?

Автор AfekasiFab ( назад)
In the movies maybe.russians dont seem all too impressed by anything though.

Автор James IV ( назад)
We all know that's right where Chernobyl is. Guess that concrete barrier gave way LOL (I know it's not there, just joking around)

Автор Stephaniahsmom ( назад)
The mother ship is landing!!

Автор 90005alexander ( назад)

idk wat u peeps r sayin

Автор Farabi Hasan ( назад)
no it is sauron's eye

Автор robvlob ( назад)
Russians only stop to look at square clouds

Автор Timothy Rego ( назад)
It's the USA getting ready to blow Moscow of the face of the earth

Автор Bridget binion ( назад)
it is not fake

Автор logolou ( назад)
You took the words right out my mouth, well said :)

Автор logolou ( назад)
You took the words right out my mouth, well said :)

Автор KillYourMasters ( назад)
Just because you would doesn't mean everyone else would. That is not logical.

Автор Stefan Sarclet ( назад)
fake.... cause if that was real... all the cars would stop and geting out of the car to watch that

Автор Jason Vaughn ( назад)
Can't wait to see giant hail stone balls with faces on them and icicles falling from a clear blue sky! Man, people were really luckey back then!!!

Автор benedicto alpuerto ( назад)

scene from independence day 2

Автор UU.CmD.496 ( назад)
Goku is going SSJ 5....

Автор ! ObamaTookMyCat ! ( назад)
looks like the after-cloud of an EMP or airborne detonated nuke

Автор Kenneth Clutario Agudo ( назад)
fuck its a doomsday sign:!

Автор KaOssis ( назад)
Please excuse me and I hope it dosn't smell too bad, hehehee!

Автор Mrdann42 ( назад)
that my friends is a cloaked UFO from our galactic family

Автор adasd sadsd ( назад)
:D:D right !!!

Автор Kay Anders ( назад)
Correction: Skydiving. Because he doesn't need a parachute.

Автор Global Rock-Ghetto Muzik ( назад)
This is a Pink Floyd light show children.

Автор Nenashawn Autumn ( назад)

Автор the90salways ( назад)

Автор AnopliusZero ( назад)
They wanted the smoothest 6X distilled Vodka.. No need to panic. Just an alien space craft getting their drank on.

Автор Abbas Yahsioglu (2 года назад)
doga olayindan baska birsey degil

Автор BTshootout ( назад)
I saw i cloud like that in denmark. It was a sunny day with white cloudes, but in the middle a huge black cloud like this appered.

Автор maya dunia ( назад)
thor nak turun tu..

Автор Jesus Quibrera ( назад)
EMP activated :O

Автор TheSpooncheese ( назад)
Why? if you look up pictures of clouds online, these clouds have happened before :) It's sad how jaded photoshop has made us.

Автор Xerus ( назад)
wtf is wrong with people saying aww! its chuck norris, chuck norris this and that, come on take this seriously

Автор Tainted Canvas ( назад)
Might be lol

Автор flo isenhart ( назад)
Chuck Norris farted.

Автор flo isenhart ( назад)
its Chuck* fyi

Автор TheBlueCheeseFilms ( назад)
Slipspace Rupture Detected.........

Автор Hans Christian Ferdinand Sianipar ( назад)
WTF: What The Fake!!

Автор dovie2blue ( назад)
But if so, why Russia??? ;)

Автор whozurdadddy ( назад)
its a cloaked u.f.o.

Автор phoenix2972 ( назад)
chuck norris...

Автор CheeseGrater601 (1592 года назад)
All electronics are offline

Автор TheJesusaurusrex ( назад)
nah its just a crap camera

Автор h4ckshot ( назад)

Автор adasd sadsd ( назад)
Chuk Norris Was Parachuting xD

Автор Lisa Lefteye ( назад)
fake ,clouds move more than the car

Автор Patrick Lønndbeg ( назад)

Автор nappy paradox ( назад)
It's an emp from mw3 but dosnt work cus the guy is still filming

Автор angel torres ( назад)
maybe its the eye of the storm

Автор RedRadz ( назад)
Mam: :(

Автор Curt Parrish ( назад)
Previously on Dragon Ball Z...

Автор Yvonne Almiranez ( назад)

Автор Yvonne Almiranez ( назад)

Автор PrinceCharming25 ( назад)
Oh no! It's a giant butthole in the sky!

Автор PrinceCharming25 ( назад)
Oh no! In a few seconds Tom Cruise will show up battling giant Tripods from Mars! Or it's just Vegeta raising his powerlevel...

Автор Wet's Cwaft ( назад)
Black Mesa? Again? Really?

Автор TrollMaster300 ( назад)
lmaoo damn i said the same thing

Автор BrandonLink2014 ( назад)

Автор PrinceCharming25 ( назад)
Naah, it's Goku, going super saiyan 3

Автор Ben Vandyke ( назад)

Автор Darkelfkill ( назад)
It's an oblivion portal hahahahahahaha

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