The Sims 3 Modern Chinese Oasis


Download: Read Channel Info Please

This is MY Favorite house for Exterior! Its set in China. I recently got W.A. so I decided to place it there! :) It took awhile getting my sim to level 3 Visa to show the house! :D but it was worth it! Download should be coming soon for those who want it. As usual, i had problems with the ceiling! :S but oh well. Enjoy!

As usual i use A LOT of cc, so if you want something specific, just leave a comment, or go to my channel for complete cc lists.

To find the house, It should be under "houses with people living in them" Something like that! :)

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Автор Jelena Todoric ( назад)
Love your work...beautiful designs :) check out my chanel ,if you like my work subscribe :)

Автор Patrick Ray ( назад)
how long do we have to wait for the download link
about 4 days ago you said it's coming soon
how soon be specific please

Автор Tatjana Giesbert ( назад)
Offline ;(

Автор nadine ricombe ( назад)

Автор Swagdontbotter swag teach me how to dougey ( назад)
He or she didnt make the stairs in the pool, he or she could of went to build and buy

Автор Koblos Alexandru ( назад)
Awesome !!!!!

Автор Patrick Ray ( назад)
download link please

Автор Sophie B ( назад)
Wow, speechless!!!

Автор dayna horan ( назад)
can i have it?! its so fucking amazing!!

Автор Tom Hammond ( назад)
what custom content and which expansion packs did you use on the house?

Автор Mette Guldbæk Pedersen ( назад)
Hmm, where have I seen this house before...? VitaSims -_-

Unless its her/his second account!

Автор Nicolás Schwend ( назад)
where do I Get the reflecting wodden floor of the entrance? Please answer

Автор lenka z ( назад)
What exactly is Chinese about this? However, like. Somewhat love the music, although not my cup.

Автор Patricia Fernández ( назад)

Автор João ( назад)
What's the city??

Автор Waki Medina ( назад)
So nice

Автор No Name ( назад)
Its so beautiful, but its not functional for your sims. It very glitchy, and makes your computer laggy.

Автор sims exe ( назад)
Hey guys I created a website, you could visit it for me? You will FIND the link on my channel!

Автор Vanessa K Baird ( назад)
i downloaded the house but it is very glitchy

Автор falconwesx ( назад)

Автор Lelle Helle ( назад)
Interior doesn't look chinese

Автор Marloes ( назад)
Can you download it at the sims 3 store?

Автор Erick Osmar ( назад)
as you manage the floor shine?

Автор Emma Van Heeswijk ( назад)

Автор Davino Chronoforce ( назад)
i download it and succes for instal but when im want to build this home i cant find this home from my custom house content why??pls tell me

Автор TheTruthTeller ( назад)
Navigating through many crappy houses in youtube,(including the ones who look good and when you install them you get disappointed), this house is really really well made. Kuddos for that man.

Автор Kathrin Majić Mazul ( назад)
I'm curious, where do you get your inspiration? This is just awesome! :D

Автор alina aselborn ( назад)

Автор RainbowDash57 ( назад)
What's music ?

Автор joanna styka ( назад)
i love i love i love i love i love !!

Автор shaun dlodlo ( назад)
perfect house by the way

Автор shaun dlodlo ( назад)
do we get de furniture

Автор Vitasims ( назад)
Hi that is some random hardwood floor i downloaded and I forget. It has the mirror floors on them though

Автор Sims 3 Houses ( назад)
What is the world?

Автор Sophia Petsch ( назад)

Автор Tobi madarangara ( назад)
cuando le doy instalar me pide un código cual le pongo

Автор Next Supreme ( назад)
how did you get the stairs in the pool?

Автор Romy GARNIER ( назад)
I tried to download, but when it is in the exchange, almost all, I can not télécharcher while paying stuff I can except that I have more sims points!

Автор Paige Malmrose ( назад)

Автор Gabo *.* ( назад)
Nice, color of wood look best, but a litle dark inside

Автор Gabriela Rehm ( назад)
Are you an architect?

Автор Gabriela Rehm ( назад)
Always provide at MediaFire.

Автор AndrE S.I.M.ovies ( назад)
just AMAZING!!! <3

Автор Annette Besnard ( назад)
Omg ! :O

Автор Vitasims (520 лет назад)
I've used ambitions, WA and late night!

Автор Juan Mrcs.B.F ( назад)
this house needs which expansion packs?

Автор Junksty Rice ( назад)
damn nice house

Автор Alan Fernandes ( назад)
e eu achava que sabia jogar The Sims isso é trabalho de Arquiteto , preciso uque para criar uma +/- . ´parecida?

Автор SocializeMyDucks ( назад)
definately reminds me of Mirror's Edge and it's a beautiful home. EA should put custom content like this in their vanilla games. I think you did a great job on it, definately worth downloading. I would put this on my sims games but i'm afraid it'll crash if i do because my laptops so cluttered.

Автор Vitasims ( назад)
When you download the house, you should get all the items included. If they don't show up on the property, that's okay. You will have them in your inventory

Автор ledoira blue ( назад)
Fantastic! This house is really beautiful, I want to live in it in real life! :) Only 1 question: where can I download these awesome CC? Or when I download the house CC will also download?

Автор Dejan Jovin ( назад)
How you make the stairs in the pool?

Автор Kiwa より多くの愛 ( назад)
modern/open/geometric/dark stuff concept i dont know how it is called, but w/e

Автор Alex ( назад)
Looks amazing and very modern
Nice one!!!

Автор Alex ( назад)
In addition to iluvsims288's comment, it says in the description that it was set in China, so that is probably where the Chinese element in the title came in.

Автор Tiara Anderson ( назад)
:O flawless. outstanding. amazing and epic
luv the theme song too!

Автор nadou1212 ( назад)

Автор AkaryaX (1096 лет назад)
Whaaooo *____* !!! :O

Автор Vitasims ( назад)

Автор TheHolyFox123 ( назад)
have you seen modern chinese houses, i think he represented it well

Автор Vital ( назад)

Автор creed cathey ( назад)
O xD thanx bro!

Автор Vitasims ( назад)
Hmm, It should be under houses WITH households. a thanks :)

Автор creed cathey ( назад)
hey bro like why wont it download the like exact house instead of the custom content? o: and bro this house is pretty friggin awesome when i read that gies i was like ahem! nerd! ahem! well please reply to this comment thanx! awesome house! :)

Автор lisa heraud ( назад)
c est pas mal mais on n en conais une mieux

Автор marifgiova (593 года назад)
How did you put the stairs in the pool? i would like to do the same thing!!

Автор daleko3454 ( назад)
Not an impressive entrance, very dark

Автор daleko3454 ( назад)
Which expansions and stuff packs did u use?

Автор Vitasims ( назад)
when you download it put it in your downloads folder, instal it though the game launcher, then it will appear under houses with households, as there is someone living there

Автор SmomerMC ( назад)
Hello, I wonder if you have to join the file directly to the game or puts you in the game I say that I'm downloading now;-) Good Home

Автор Kris ( назад)
i want to now that too

Автор Jasmin Malla ( назад)
Where can i download this house?

Автор Kyng Mania ( назад)
Oh, I also love the song pyromania... Which is filmed in China, by Cascada ;]..

Автор Vitasims ( назад)
Thank you! Finally someone understands lol.

Автор Kyng Mania (1890 лет назад)
Actually this is modern Chinese... Not Modern Sims... Lmao.. The interior is dark in china usually :].. Take it from someone who has lived in Beijing. ;D.. Oh by the way? I would love to see you create a house like this <3

Автор yasser elmeftahi ( назад)
Very..... No comment.

Автор Berry ( назад)
House is very nice. Where you download shiny floor please. Thank you.

Автор Roanette Simmer ( назад)
I think you are the one who needs to relax.. and be less critical - the house is great - the music is cool - just chill

Автор Roanette Simmer ( назад)
Damn, this house is amazing - comments above - who cares if it doesnt look chinese it's beautiful! Which stuff pack do you get the furniture from though? I have a bunch of the expansion pack and barely recognized any of the furniture..

Автор Nurlisa Ho ( назад)
I agree with you, coming from a Chinese myself.

Автор Nurlisa Ho ( назад)
It's a beautiful house on its own but if you're talking about having it look Chinese-inspired, maybe a couple more bamboos, lantern-inspired lamps and tiger prints would have done the trick. ;) But beautiful nonetheless.

Автор ThatSingersSing ( назад)
Sweet! Really good house! Awesome!

Автор Louise ( назад)
there is Chinese representation, you're just blind apparently.

Автор jean carlos costa soares ( назад)
ismd hveibe

Автор itsalilbitofeverything ( назад)
What disk has this expantion? I WANT IS SOOO BAD!!!!!!

Автор Wilson Pham ( назад)
Hi, your house looks fantastic. I like the way u set up the layout, very neat. I must be my dream house. By the way, may I have a checklist of ur cc ? My big thank for great house

Автор Louise ( назад)
You are very critical. Notice it says "modern" Chinese house, so it's not going to look like a traditional Chinese setup. It obviously took a lot of time and effort. And do you have to go as far as to criticize the choice of music in the editing? Damn.

Автор Trine Hansen ( назад)
Hej kan du give mig et godt råd til hvordan man kan bygge sådan nogen huse?....:)

Автор Joana Lemos ( назад)
What is the music?

Автор Jon Parker ( назад)
That house was amazing i even want to live in that house

Автор Vitasims ( назад)

Автор Alexis Barros ( назад)

Автор Nichol Meyer ( назад)
This is my dream house!! Its amazing! Just wondering but it seems its made with alot of custom content. Is all that furniture usable??

Автор Carmen Isabell ( назад)
how long did you need for that?? :O

Автор Giuliana Jonas ( назад)
OMFG *-*

Автор Jonas Koeck ( назад)
Hi, super Haus ;) wenn ich es downloade muss ich es noch irgendwie sichern in einem Ordner oder ist es gleich im Spiel wenn ich es starte ?

Автор Alfredo Ignacio Cepeda Tapia ( назад)
I love your creations, furniture, floor, the textures and everything, I never tire of watching the videos, I would love saver where you get the furniture, floor and some other painting, I consider myself a fan of yours.

Автор SuperMceditor ( назад)
LOVEEEEE the pool!

Автор Candela Pelero ( назад)
hello, where download these things?, the sims 3 common that no.

Автор Vitasims ( назад)
Hi, the house has someone living in it. Try checking "houses with people living in them" :)

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