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Автор Rian Gamer (1 месяц)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCCEOP_UsI4 gostei e você ?

Автор nadine ricombe (3 месяца)

Автор Swaggering myswag teach me how to dougey (4 месяца)
He or she didnt make the stairs in the pool, he or she could of went to
build and buy

Автор Joana Casadinho (3 месяца)
Omg, i had this house but then my pc explode. I got a new one now,..
conclusion? I lost this house, and theres no a download link.. BUT!! i just
got my old pc disk back and when i saw the old documents, this house was
there! I got this house again *-* So happy! 

Автор Koblos Alexandru (4 месяца)
Awesome !!!!!

Автор Patrick Ray (9 месяцев)
download link please

Автор Sophie B (10 месяцев)
Wow, speechless!!!

Автор dayna horan (1 год)
can i have it?! its so fucking amazing!!

Автор Lilosaurusrex :3 (1 год)
This is just... Beautiful!! Well done! I hope to see more like it :) this
has inspired me to build something like it!!! :D 

Автор Sharon de Silva (1 год)
where did the fish tank come from....that is beyond awesome!!!! Great

Автор David da silva (1 год)

Автор Dejan Jovin (2 года)
How you make the stairs in the pool?

Автор shaun dlodlo (2 года)
do we get de furniture

Автор joanna styka (2 года)
i love i love i love i love i love !!

Автор bïa santos (3 года)
do you use the original sims 3 ?

Автор lSPlKylelSRSl (3 года)
that joke sucked...

Автор widowrock (3 года)
Pyro pyromania ma ma ma mania >_>

Автор Kim Nguyen (3 года)
Hi! Could you please tell me if the house's download link includes all the
CC contents?

Автор derp sherpens (3 года)

Автор dougnrod (3 года)
Beautiful house, Vitasims! There's a lot of CC used in this house. It would
either slow my game down or make it crash. Still, I love looking at what
other fellow Simmers are building. You get a "Thumbs Up"!

Автор Deivid willian do nascimento (3 года)
eu vejo esses vídeos e me empolgo e quero faser casa massa assim mais esses
caras e foda meu não como eles faz eles podia fser um tutorial para dar
umas dicas

Автор Alfredo Ignacio Cepeda Tapia (2 года)
I love your creations, furniture, floor, the textures and everything, I
never tire of watching the videos, I would love saver where you get the
furniture, floor and some other painting, I consider myself a fan of yours.

Автор Lauren Davis (3 года)
@974maicols no, custom content.

Автор aswinzz (3 года)
fuck you stereotype

Автор KamInkorporate (3 года)
Because thats the style of modern houses, and this is a modern
house-seriously... ;)

Автор ChibiRiddle (3 года)
great build, very well done. I enjoyed the music to... sounded like
Pyromania by Cascada, whats that version you used called?

Автор Gabriela Rehm (2 года)
Are you an architect?

Автор falconwesx (1 год)

Автор Helgasims (2 года)

Автор Nurlisa Ho (2 года)
I agree with you, coming from a Chinese myself.

Автор sims exe (1 год)
Hey guys I created a website, you could visit it for me? You will FIND the
link on my channel!

Автор Helgasims (3 года)
Thanks! and yes it was. An instrumental

Автор Waki Medina (1 год)
So nice

Автор addiflotti (3 года)
Why always white colour? WHY?!? I don´t see the reason for the white
colour. Why not brown, or yellow just don´t always white! But the house is

Автор Trine Hansen (2 года)
Hej kan du give mig et godt råd til hvordan man kan bygge sådan nogen

Автор TheDarkMarc1 (2 года)
Whats expansions is in this house?

Автор Sims 3 Houses (2 года)
What is the world?

Автор Bon Kai (3 года)
omfg, have you ever heard of tokyo drift?

Автор Sophia Petsch (2 года)

Автор jean carlos costa soares (2 года)
ismd hveibe

Автор Junksty Rice (2 года)
damn nice house

Автор RainbowDash57 (2 года)
What's music ?

Автор Emma Van Heeswijk (2 года)

Автор TheRose10165 (3 года)
Dude... You got to listen to yourself... This house has no flaws!!!

Автор Jonas Koeck (2 года)
Hi, super Haus ;) wenn ich es downloade muss ich es noch irgendwie sichern
in einem Ordner oder ist es gleich im Spiel wenn ich es starte ?

Автор derp sherpens (3 года)
*Sees a Chinese car in driveway* I see what you did there!

Автор Helgasims (3 года)
Merci!, la plupart de mes objects sont telecharges! =)

Автор AndrE S.I.M.ovies (2 года)
just AMAZING!!! <3

Автор AeroLuverBree (3 года)
Hot house!

Автор Nurlisa Ho (2 года)
It's a beautiful house on its own but if you're talking about having it
look Chinese-inspired, maybe a couple more bamboos, lantern-inspired lamps
and tiger prints would have done the trick. ;) But beautiful nonetheless.

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