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Автор EiranEireann IranIreland (1 год)
Very true bra! Spot on, Iranians/Êranians/Eiranians/Airyans consist of tons
of different tribes/peoples within it; Eiranian is a very large
ethnolinguistic family just like Germanic which includes languages such as
Dutch, English, Nordic, etc. and not all of them just are "German" language
like that with Persian we have.
As for Kurdish yes, they are both W. Eiranian languages which make them
very very close and at one point they would've been apart of one Western
Eiranian language vs. Eastern Eiranian language (most notably Avestan).
However there are unfortunately some people esp. Kurds who do not
understand this :(
I'm currently speaking to a racist Kurd about this matter and similar
topics to it on how Kurds are Eiranian peoples who speak an Eiranic tongue.
Unfortunately racism pollutes logic and rationality; the ironic part is
that there is no difference of race in the first place for it to be racist!

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian خجالت بکش، اگر هم تاريخ و فرهنگ داری به هيچ دردت نخورده، که حتا
طرز حرف زدن بلد نيستی. امّا خودت که ميگی نژاد پرستی، ديگه بحثی نيست، من هم
که همش همين رو ميگفتم :-)

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian hahahaha is not an insult, go and learn ADAB, befor you offen
your mouth. insulting other people is not difficult in internet. that is
NOTHING, and who has culture he knows that.

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian this country is called êran by sasanids, and not by reza shah
for first time, median and persian were close language, but not identical.
median belongs to NW and persian to SW subgrup of proto iranic language.
median and persian were not the same language. but you can repead yourself
when it makes you happy :-)

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@AryanaUnited yes, i agree with you in this point.

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian i see gilaki as persian? no, i never said that, and my talishi
friends dont consider themselves as persians, thay consider themselves as
talishi , iranic people. , no, thay are minorities, who want to be in
persia i that is their coice, but please dont confuse POLITIK and
LINGUISTIC, i said it again: in linguistical aspect thay are NOT persians,
thay are iranic. like tajiks, kurds, pashtuns, baluchs,persians...etc., not
more, and not less. we better end this boring conversation, bye

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian hahahaha, now armenians are persoans too, or what? hahahahaha,

Автор IranHistory (4 года)
@sspersian : Talysh are an Iranian tribe. True.

Автор yarffmde (5 лет)
@sspersian finaly you understand me, i never said anything else. my dream
is an unity of all iranic nations, even included azeri ( turkish speakers )
but what is unity without respect and justice? i knew that you will
understand me , so i didnt feel really insult by your ugly words. open your
eyes, in this region you have NO other friends apart kurds, and kurds have
NO other friends apart iranic people.

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@AryanaUnited indeed we kurds said the same befor 30 years, and the people
who made the green mode were killing us, and thay say the same as we said
befor 30 years, yes, i have lot of negative experience, mixed with
relegious fanatics of persians ( of cours not all ) and when i study the
history,,hhmm,,the changing of a regime , changed nothing for us, if
safawid, ghajars, pahlawis, mullah, all did the same with us. our question
is not the kind of government in iran, our problem is unity

Автор USAIranPeace (4 года)
@alborzka Both words are used interchangeably. Persian = Iranian, it does
not mean "Fars." We called it "Persia" and Persian rugs, not Iran and
Iranian rugs. They are trying to limit and minimize and ultimately
undermine and destroy the word "Persian" and all of its meaning. "Iran" is
the same as "Persia." "Iranian" is the same as "Persian." Has been for

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
ataturt destriyed the kurdish republic of ararat , he managed that only
with help of reza shah,becoz turkey was an young republic with weak armee,
ataturks armee was allowed to use iranian territory around ararat and
attack kurds, iran gave turkey weapon,and soldiers :-) later mohammad reza
shah made bussines with saddam hussein in algerien about kurds, this
traitor sold kurdish movement to arabs,the result was:karkuk got arabized,
and 200 000 kurds disapeared in south desert of iraq

Автор yarffmde (5 лет)
gypsy?i dont know wny gypsies among kurds,but in spain,romiania,
turkey,bulgaria,etc i know gypsies and i like them,but when you consider
the word GYPSYas insult,that is another case.what is your principe?unity or
separation?when you believe REALLY and HONESTLY in unity and love,so you
MUST NEVER say bullshit about iranic people.i have lot of persians
friens,even talishi friends,even afghans,we are the members of one cultural
family,if in ONE state,or in several states,if in tajikistan or iran

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@AryanaUnited you see he changed his view about kurds several times in this
discussion, at the first he said, kurds are persian, later he said kurds
are iranian, later he said kurds are mixed race, and later he said kurds
are semidic, hahahahaha he is really funny, indeed me personaly i dont care
about race.

Автор yarffmde (5 лет)
@sspersian becoz thay see the difference between iran and pars ( persian )
, and that is correct, as i said befor, you can see the tabelle of
indoeuropean languages,

Автор yarffmde (5 лет)
زبان آذري را بايد دنباله‌ي زبان مادي دانست. هيچ دليل تاريخي وجود ندارد كه
پيش از غلبه‌ي تركي زبان ديگري جانشين زبان مادري در آذربايجان شده باشد. جز
آن‌ كه مي‌توان تصور كرد كه زبان اشكاني و سپس فارسي به نوبت در مركزهاي
عمده‌ي آذربايجان تا اندازه‌اي رواج يافته و اثرهايي در آذري بهخ وجود آورده
است. منبع: دانشنامه‌ي ايران و اسلام

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@AryanaUnited the difference between pan arabism, pan turkism to pan
iranism is very big, a turk from turkey recognize all other turks as
TURKISH, the arab do the same with all arabs, but persians want have a
privilege a special place and dominating others, and that will never works,
( only when you kill all kurds with an atom bombe , so maybe in this way it
will be possible in a nuclear land )

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian persian belongs to SW ( my type mistake )as i said befor, but
tati belong sto NW

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian i said persian is 50% arabic? you lier, when di i said 50% ???
az keshidane sigar khoddari konid, maanish in nist ke estemale dokhaniat
mamnua tuye farsi maamul nabaashe, chi be chi rabt dare. naghshe
ferestadam, tuye internet ham por az tabelle u naghshe ast, berid khodetun
bebinid, man dige baraaye shoma waght nadaaram,shoma ke be joz fahhashi
chizi balad nisti.

Автор alborzka (4 года)
What is a Persian Talysh????

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
ahhhha, iran = persia, pas tajik ha ke tuye iran nistand, persian nistand?
hahahahahahaha, funny logic, it starts to amaze us, hahahahaha

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian i am not making azeri to kurds, the fact is, kurds and azeris
came both from medes, and are close relatives in ethnological aspect. and
old azeri language belongs to the same category NW like kurdish, talishi,
tati, ...., if you agree or not ,that doenst change anything.

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian hahahahaha, nice try, persian will NOT work without arabic .
even persian literats know that and say that. you pan farsist, hahhahahyou
are funny, الا يا ايها الساقی ادر کاسّا و ناولها

Автор alborzka (4 года)
@nyisnotbad it's the same to who? A Westerner? Sorry but I am not a
Westerner, I thought I was speaking to an Iranian not a European or

Автор yarffmde (5 лет)
دیاکونوف به صراحت میگوید: "من نتوانستم برای آذربایجانیها ثابت کنم که مادها
نیاکان آنها هستند. بالاخره حقیقت همینست. ولی من کتاب تاریخ ماد را نوشتم.»

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@AryanaUnited indeed i ignored him as he started to be boring :-) but i
must say, persians who support free kurdistan, thay are not a majority, you
belong to a very small group, thay see oly separatism, i see unitism :-)

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
at the end: i am separatist becoz of your typical view. go and think about
that when you are a real iran lover ;-)

Автор EiranEireann IranIreland (2 года)
he faggot Pan-Turk, i aint Persian! im an Azari Eiranian!!!! ya Azari
that's right who you thought would support you, no ye bastard i know me
history and know that you Turks aren't even a little related to me or any
other Eiranic people; you come from Central Asia Mongolia, i come from
Eiran, Azarabadegan Atturpatekan = Firelands; we are originally fair
skinned, you are yellow/dark skin, face the facts; STOP TRYING TO STEAL!

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian i never did say that persians were racist, YOU SAID that about
yourself. and i agree with you in this case, hahahahahaha funny, realy funny

Автор yarffmde (5 лет)
@sspersian our problem is since chalduran battle, about since 500 years,
the separation is the result of wrong politic and mis information about
eachother. the separation is the result of this situation and not the
opposite, it means, when thay were living in iran in peace and respect and
when iran never would have cooperated with our enemies, so kurds were NEVER
separatists. that has nothing with israel , america or pan kurdism to do,

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@AryanaUnited yes, turks from turkmenistan ,azerbaycan or turkey dont
understand eachother, but no one exclude others and take privilegs for
himself. unfotunately gray wolves have more solidarity than us, shame ,
shame , shame. but the answer to the question WHY, you find in the history
of last 500 years.

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian you showed your real face for every body you racist. i knew that

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@AryanaUnited germans say: your word in God's ear :-)

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@danielkachal I agree totaly with you, zende bad persia, bijî kurdistan,
yashasin azerbaycan. french and germans did fight against eachother during
hunderds years, but now, thay have understand to respect and accept
eachother, that is the basic for unity. we must go the same way. being good
neighbours in a iranic unity, but in independence and freedom.

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@AryanaUnited, turks destroy iran? no thay dont destroy, thay are not
stupid, thay take it just for themselves, why distroying? and we see NO
help from persian side, we have to fight in 3 fronts, you see the news
todays about turkey ( Van, DiyarBekir...) please see the news. we fight
alone , and when we rich victory, we will not share that with you. becoz we
never forget , that persians helped saddam and ataturks, ok, thay regreted
that later, but too late is too late.

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian gofte budam, fahhashi to be khodet pas mifrestam, pas comment
hatu yek bare digar bekhun, mashti :-) honare fahhashi nazde iranian ast o
bas, hahahahahahaha

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian persian subgruops: tajiks, isfahani, shirazi, kermani,
khorasuni, dari(afghan), tehruni, etc,... but gileki and mazandarani and
talishi drives from parthian ( NW gruop ) , but midwhile you showed your
anti iranic face. shame for all iranian people. go and hang more people,
that is your typical mongolian way of logic. you are not real iranic.
becouz real iranic people are not racist, but according your comment, you
are aracist.

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian as i said, i send all this persian insults to yourself back, you
need them more :-) i send all your words back ;-)

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@AryanaUnited in this case, i will never refuse your hand of help and
friendship. but my firs priority is freedom of ALL kurds, and not only in

Автор yarffmde (5 лет)
از ديد زبانشناسی واژه ی پهلوی بتنهايی دقيق نيست، چرا که زبانهای مختلف از
گروههای مختلف اين واژه را بعنوان صفت ( پهلوی: پالوده شده، پاک)دنبال خود يدک
ميکشند که در آن واحد به گروههای زبانی مختلف متعلق هستند. پس بهتر است در حين
چنين بحثی عنوان کنيم، منظورمان کدام پهلوی است: پهلوی اشکانی( پارتی)؟، پهلوی
ساسانی ( فارسی ميآنه) ؟يا فهلوی آذری؟درضمن اگر به فحاشی ادامه بدهيد منتظر
جوابی هم نباشيد که با موضوع ارتباط جدی داشته باشد.

Автор EiranEireann IranIreland (3 года)
@sspersian hey bera, Azerbaijani are Irani, they've been mixed with Turks
and Uzbeks, but originally they are Irani, Azerbaijan means Land of Fire in
the Airiyan language.

Автор yarffmde (5 лет)
@sspersian i never have spok about OFFICIAL language, but about language,
any way, switzerland has 3 official lamnguages, and india has 17 official
languages. and and and

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@AryanaUnited the idea of PAN has indeed relation with racism, more or
less. but that is an other matter. what i was tring to tell , is, in this
compare you see a real PAN among turks but not among iranians, that is not
pan iranism, that is just only pan farsism. in their program you can read(
iran is where persian is spoken ) later ( 40 years later ) thay took this
shamful capital away. but in mind thay kept it

Автор isra2eelsharrmoutlak (4 года)
@nyisnotbad Fars is the same thing than Perse but because of arabic (they
don't have ''P'' letter so they replaced it to ''F'')

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian even i send your insults back, to yourself, everybody see that
your CULTURE is insulting, and bla bla. nice that you show your face, that
is great

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@AryanaUnited for our feeling: pan iranism = persian imperialism

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian panm kurds deserve death? an why not pan farsis? for your info,
the hangnged people were not pan kurds. but i am one ;-) com and kill me,
hehehehe, i am sure, hafez and saadi would feel shame for your idioty and
racistic view, who say, persia = iran, he has no respect for non persian
iranic people.

Автор USAIranPeace (4 года)
@alborzka this video title is in English, so I am referring to English. In
English it is Persian Talysh. If speaking to any Iranian, it would be in
the Persian language, and we would say "Talysheh Irani" Persian means Irani.

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
sspersian said: kurds are persians, later says, kurds are arabs, later he
changed his meaning and says kurds are mix, now he said kurdish is ANOTHER
category. i am exited what he is learning(?) now , anyway, you are a nice
show here to entertain us :-) keep doing, than as i said, when you insult
people here, i will never take you seriously. bye

Автор yarffmde (4 года)
@sspersian even all this grandios personalities ( hafez, saadi, rumi...)
would feel shame for you. and if you dont know about kurdish culture, that
speaks for your ignorance, go and learn about Khani, Ghane, Bêkas, Jaziri,
... dar u balaaye öcalan ham bokhore tuye sare to, un hade aghal shojaaet
dare az khodesh defa'kone, to chi? keshwart ro mollah hay arab bordand, be
edam shodan man khoshhalo, khak bar saret konand

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