Persian Talysh Shomali Gilaki Song and Dance SONG 2

This is another video of a Persian/Iranian Talyshi singer and dancers from Gilan Province, Persia/Iran

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Автор Captain Derp ( назад)
Iran or Iroon is the better term noone in Iran says I'm this or that we
just we are Irooni, because Iran includes all Iranic people not just
Persians I think somewhere in the comments we are dealing with a pan
Persian idiot.

Автор Parsa ( назад)
lol you don't seem to be very familiar with iranian history

Автор sady kami ( назад)
fuck off nasty dirty persian we are turks and you are dirty persian persian
are not ayians cus you are dark skin but aryian are white 

Автор reza rezaei ( назад)
تلفونت منو كشته! هه هه 

Автор alborzka ( назад)
@nyisnotbad Okay, good points, I agree.

Автор USAIranPeace ( назад)
@alborzka this video title is in English, so I am referring to English. In
English it is Persian Talysh. If speaking to any Iranian, it would be in
the Persian language, and we would say "Talysheh Irani" Persian means

Автор alborzka ( назад)
@nyisnotbad it's the same to who? A Westerner? Sorry but I am not a
Westerner, I thought I was speaking to an Iranian not a European or

Автор USAIranPeace ( назад)
@alborzka Both words are used interchangeably. Persian = Iranian, it does
not mean "Fars." We called it "Persia" and Persian rugs, not Iran and
Iranian rugs. They are trying to limit and minimize and ultimately
undermine and destroy the word "Persian" and all of its meaning. "Iran" is
the same as "Persia." "Iranian" is the same as "Persian." Has been for

Автор USAIranPeace ( назад)
@DimitarDobrinov means "local" or "regional"

Автор DimitarDobrinov ( назад)
@nyisnotbad what does "mahali" mean?

Автор alborzka ( назад)
@sspersian Gilaki isn't a /dialect/ of Persian, neither is Talysh or
Mazandarani or Tati...

Автор USAIranPeace ( назад)
@NawrozNawrozi Just like a Persian Kurd who is an Iranian/Persian whose
regional identity is also Kurdish in addition to Persian nationality and
civilization. Everyone in Greater Iran has an Perso-Iranian cultural
heritage along with a local, "mahali" identity,

Автор USAIranPeace ( назад)
@alborzka Persian and Iranian mean the same thing. Don't get confused with
words. A Persian/Iranian whose regional identity is Talysh is a Persian

Автор alborzka ( назад)
What is a Persian Talysh????

Автор utash321 ( назад)
Beautiful! God bless IRAN and Iranians!

Автор Java Gavi ( назад)
@yarffmde Yeah I know bro, I've talked to many none persian Iranians and
persians HAVE NO clue what other Iranians think and say about them LOL they
really really don't :). And your absolutely right who can say no to such
entertainment by maggots like this guy. Bes peyan rabwere, hichopochi wa
ba3mali haechi tr nayan

Автор Java Gavi ( назад)
@sspersian we don't care if they consider themselves 'persian', people are
what they feel no matter what their DNA says. Look at turkey, you don't
find one in 1000 who looks like a turk, a greek looking turk can be the
most nationalist turk. Anyway we're going to expose the lies that have been
repeated by persian thieves for 500 years, we'll restore our history
contributions, language and heritage, nothing you can do to stop it, it's
not the dark ages anymore we live in the information age

Автор Java Gavi ( назад)
@sspersian no such thing as 'persian talysh' like or not it's a kurdish
dialect. Your sources are all rubbish, all 'information' on Iran have been
puked out only by persians or persian sponsored traitors the past 500
years. Most of kurdish(and many other Iranian) contributions, history,
music etc has gradually become persian by thieves like you. We WILL expose
you, it's not the 20's anymore, due to new modern techniques everything
will come into light, you persians will be left naked 

Автор Java Gavi ( назад)
@yarffmde when will you learn that everything in Iran is 'persian' LOL that
goes for any language containing one persian word ;) Good job of exposing
these perisan fascists who say one thing to our face but are ready back
stab us the first opportunity they get as they have in the past.They want
to have it both ways,well never again!,nothing short of FULL recognition if
they want unity.If a persian has the right to educate their children in
their mother tongue then so do kurds/azars/baluchs etc

Автор Elchin Qurbanzadeh ( назад)
bahand tolishi zoa bahand... 

Автор J R ( назад)
@pankurdistan This is all Iran you stupid "Pankurdistan", if you don't like
it go and live like goats in the mountains with the rest of your heard.

Автор J R ( назад)
This is all Iran you stupid "Pankurdistan", if you don't like it go live
like goats in the mountains with the rest of your heard.

Автор J R ( назад)
This is all Iran you stupid "Pankurdistan", if you don't like it go live
like goats in the mountains with the rest of your heard.

Автор mazairsof ( назад)
Рамин 0:51 секунде говорится Бахар умай(весна пришла) по талышски... А по
персидский будет "Бахар амад" У иранских талышей диалект немножко
отличается от наших... Но если быт немножко повнимательнее то, можно
понимать язык наших братьев.

Автор mazairsof ( назад)
Ты сначала постарайся исправно писать на талышском языке...

Автор Guitar ( назад)
boro sefarat bepors na 2 you tube!

Автор SuperPlabon ( назад)
People of GILAN, Mazandaran are nicest people in the world. I like to go
oneday this holy land of my forefathers to take eternal rest. I am not a
Citizen of Iran but how it can be feasible?

Автор Mahdavi1990 ( назад)
Because the Azerbaijan Republic has made it clear on many occasions that
they don't like Iran.

Автор italy9000000 ( назад)
Hi All Can you please tell me (In English) what the name of this singer is
and where I can buy his CD_DVDs please? Thanks in advance.

Автор GreyhoundLoverHere ( назад)
EYYYY baba siyahee mou toro nakam...

Автор farhad farhadi ( назад)
thanx bram1335.

Автор bram1335 ( назад)
I'm not sure why nyisnotbad replied "yes" without any elaboration & causing
confusion: (1) If calling "Tehrani" Farsi, then you can call "Rashti"
Gilaki. Rashti is a Bie-Pass Gilaki dialect. (2) Taleshi is another dialect
of Farsi language which is spoken in Western Gilan, around "Talesh
Mountains". While there are common words in these two Farsi dialects, in
terms of accent, structure, & slang they are so different that if you speak
Taleshi in Rasht, they will not be able to understand you.

Автор USAIranPeace ( назад)

Автор Parthianshots ( назад)
Long live all Persians....

Автор bram1335 ( назад)
Please read previous notes. Things are settled. No need of more insulting.
I don't like your tone and wording. Since we can't catch each other, it
does not mean we are allowed to discharge ourselves in any/all possible
ways. He explained the matter and let get over with it completely. We are
just watching a song.

Автор bram1335 ( назад)
God bless you. You are now a different human being and can be proud of
yourself. Things happen. What matters is that we learn from our mistake.
Forget about the incident and let it pave the road for a, socially, better
future for you. I was tough on you to alarm you about the magnitude of your
mistake. Yes, you may assume I live in the US. Thanks.

Автор bram1335 ( назад)
Honestly you don't get it? Somebody posted a song for the fun of it and you
trash raised racial comments. You could rate the song (1-5) and convey your
feeling about it. That is all. You have no right to insult a race or group
of people. Will it be pleasant for you somebody attacks your race? you,
minimally, owe an apology. By the way what my "mom" has to do with the
postings? Contrary to your mind set, I will not attack your mom/race and
consider you, solely, to be the culprit. Got it now!

Автор bram1335 ( назад)
It only takes an "Advanced Savage" like you to post such a comment. Instead
of paying attention to the content, you look people's profile and then make
comment. Who invited you to watch this video? Just GET LOST and let your
smell go away from the crowd.

Автор bram1335 ( назад)
Give yourself some comfort and return to cave, you monkey. You under-class
don't deserve to access Internet and be connected to the civilized world.
It is just vomiting to see species like you live on the earth.

Автор bram1335 ( назад)
It seems you are very senseless, if not absolutely an idiot. This is just a

Автор Parthianshots ( назад)
I know becouse mazandarans weather is some what like europes weather,and
it's mostly rainy in the cities and cold or snowy in the villages people
are pretty pale or fair skin over there am not saying whoever has fair skin
is half russian or anything the palish skin is becouse of the weather in
mazandaran but am saying the people with mostly blond hair or blue eyes
have a little bit of russian ancestory.

Автор Parthianshots ( назад)
Iranium The azeris were persians that spoke tatti (mideevil persian) and
tylish they were turkfified this is 100% proven
fact.racialy,culturaly,mentaly they are persian the iranian ones atleast.

Автор Parthianshots ( назад)
btw parthians arent an ethnic and tati is mideevil persian related to
pahlavi not a different language.many people try to create parapaganda like
the brits arabs,turks,even afghans mostly the pashtuns.

Автор Parthianshots ( назад)
iranium no one is trying to persify anyone. this people are already
persian.if you read your own comments you will realize that you are
creating division.the shah was from mazandaran and he deturkified iran alot
he brougth the persian culture back now when i say persian i am including
all this people which most iranians have the same culture/behaviour.and
also including the tajiks.

Автор Parthianshots ( назад)
btw iranium why many people from shomal mostly mazandaran have blue eyes
and blond/red hair is becouse many got mixed with russians during the
invasion.i myself can trace my russian background which my great great
grandmother was russian and many of my relitives look like russians with
blond hair and blue eyes bla bla bla.

Автор Parthianshots ( назад)
iranium stop your crappy parapaganda what are you trying to prove?
parthians tats arent a different ethnic group parthians spoke pahlavi
persian and tats spoke tati a mideevil persian language close to dari
shirazi.read some history you are making alot of division and i dont think
you notice it.

Автор Parthianshots ( назад)
okay this are the languages that are related to pahlavi (middle persian)
language, mazandarani,lorish,gilaki,new farsi,tajiki,tylish,tatti and some

Автор Parthianshots ( назад)
ellayessay you are 100% rigth. those are parapaganda to create division
bewteen persians/iranians.first they say only 51% of iran is persian then
they say tajiks arent persian even tho they speak a persian language that
has more persian words then the new farsi we speak in iran.

Автор Parthianshots ( назад)
iranium why are you trying to create division? you know the shah pahlavi
was from mazandaran rigth? he was one of the biggest persian nationalists
in our history. am myself 50% mazandarani.mazandaranis are persian
culturaly,mostly languagably,and in behaviour.some did get mixed with
russians during the russian invasion of mazandaran tho that is why many
have blue eyes and blond hair.

Автор arateh1 ( назад)
te dast dard nakene

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