Persian Talysh Shomali Gilaki Song and Dance SONG 2

This is another video of a Persian/Iranian Talyshi singer and dancers from Gilan Province, Persia/Iran

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Автор Sohail Rami ( назад)
Iran or Iroon is the better term noone in Iran says I'm this or that we
just we are Irooni, because Iran includes all Iranic people not just
Persians I think somewhere in the comments we are dealing with a pan
Persian idiot.

Автор EiranEireann IranIreland ( назад)
Very true bra! Spot on, Iranians/Êranians/Eiranians/Airyans consist of tons
of different tribes/peoples within it; Eiranian is a very large
ethnolinguistic family just like Germanic which includes languages such as
Dutch, English, Nordic, etc. and not all of them just are "German" language
like that with Persian we have.
As for Kurdish yes, they are both W. Eiranian languages which make them
very very close and at one point they would've been apart of one Western
Eiranian language vs. Eastern Eiranian language (most notably Avestan).
However there are unfortunately some people esp. Kurds who do not
understand this :(
I'm currently speaking to a racist Kurd about this matter and similar
topics to it on how Kurds are Eiranian peoples who speak an Eiranic tongue.
Unfortunately racism pollutes logic and rationality; the ironic part is
that there is no difference of race in the first place for it to be racist!

Автор Parsa ( назад)
lol you don't seem to be very familiar with iranian history

Автор EiranEireann IranIreland ( назад)
he faggot Pan-Turk, i aint Persian! im an Azari Eiranian!!!! ya Azari
that's right who you thought would support you, no ye bastard i know me
history and know that you Turks aren't even a little related to me or any
other Eiranic people; you come from Central Asia Mongolia, i come from
Eiran, Azarabadegan Atturpatekan = Firelands; we are originally fair
skinned, you are yellow/dark skin, face the facts; STOP TRYING TO STEAL!

Автор sady kami ( назад)
fuck off nasty dirty persian we are turks and you are dirty persian persian
are not ayians cus you are dark skin but aryian are white

Автор EiranEireann IranIreland ( назад)
@sspersian hey bera, Azerbaijani are Irani, they've been mixed with Turks
and Uzbeks, but originally they are Irani, Azerbaijan means Land of Fire in
the Airiyan language.

Автор EiranEireann IranIreland ( назад)
@sspersian don't forget Digor in Ossetia, they are very Iranian, in fact
they call themselves 'Ironi' or Iron which is a cognate of Iran and thus

Автор reza rezaei ( назад)
تلفونت منو كشته! هه هه

Автор talishinfo ( назад)
Live Talyshstan!!!

Автор IranHistory ( назад)
@sspersian : Talysh are an Iranian tribe. True.

Автор isra2eelsharrmoutlak ( назад)
@nyisnotbad Fars is the same thing than Perse but because of arabic (they
don't have ''P'' letter so they replaced it to ''F'')

Автор almuntazhar ( назад)
Iran is the most peaceful country on the world.

Автор alborzka ( назад)
@nyisnotbad Okay, good points, I agree.

Автор USAIranPeace ( назад)
@alborzka this video title is in English, so I am referring to English. In
English it is Persian Talysh. If speaking to any Iranian, it would be in
the Persian language, and we would say "Talysheh Irani" Persian means Irani.

Автор alborzka ( назад)
@nyisnotbad it's the same to who? A Westerner? Sorry but I am not a
Westerner, I thought I was speaking to an Iranian not a European or

Автор USAIranPeace ( назад)
@alborzka Both words are used interchangeably. Persian = Iranian, it does
not mean "Fars." We called it "Persia" and Persian rugs, not Iran and
Iranian rugs. They are trying to limit and minimize and ultimately
undermine and destroy the word "Persian" and all of its meaning. "Iran" is
the same as "Persia." "Iranian" is the same as "Persian." Has been for

Автор USAIranPeace ( назад)
@DimitarDobrinov means "local" or "regional"

Автор DimitarDobrinov ( назад)
@nyisnotbad what does "mahali" mean?

Автор alborzka ( назад)
@sspersian Gilaki isn't a /dialect/ of Persian, neither is Talysh or
Mazandarani or Tati...

Автор USAIranPeace ( назад)
@NawrozNawrozi Just like a Persian Kurd who is an Iranian/Persian whose
regional identity is also Kurdish in addition to Persian nationality and
civilization. Everyone in Greater Iran has an Perso-Iranian cultural
heritage along with a local, "mahali" identity,

Автор USAIranPeace ( назад)
@alborzka Persian and Iranian mean the same thing. Don't get confused with
words. A Persian/Iranian whose regional identity is Talysh is a Persian

Автор alborzka ( назад)
What is a Persian Talysh????

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited germans say: your word in God's ear :-)

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited I wish all iranians get freedom and peace, but about this
regime i am not realy very optimistic, thay will survive longer, becoz of
relegios reason.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited in this case, i will never refuse your hand of help and
friendship. but my firs priority is freedom of ALL kurds, and not only in

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited I think, that is not a question of IR, other kind of
government wouldnt change anything for kurds, becoz the geopolitiocal
interessts with ankara and baghdad will have priority. when yoyu have 40
000 000 people, without independence and without a state, you cannt get
peace, never,

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited I agree with you, israel and usa dont care about Kurds, as I
said, our only friend is mountain.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited nice and human opinion, but in my impression it is
impossible. i wished , it were possible, but please study the last 500
years, tehran will NEVER NEVER NEVER help us to make Diyarbekir
free.(orignal name is Amêd, the city of medes, arabs changed the name to
diyarbekir), tehran-baghdad-ankara will stay in alliance and that is not a
question of ethnic origin nor culture.and i am not willing to pay for this

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited even in prison there is no equality, RIP ferzad kamangar
said, you can see the different situation between kurds and others even in
prison. about which democracy are you speaking? i am speaking about
mentality and moralic position, RIP furuhar showed to us, that you can SAY
and protest even under dictatorship. he said the true befor and after so
called islamic revolution, but ONLY one person?? that is indeed very

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited i never said ,persians should help us in fighting, but in
mind and moralic, more understanding us. persians line sspersian here
despointe us more and more about all historical and cultural common between
kurds and persians. thay accuse us to being separatist, but thay have no
problem when 40 milions kurds are separated in 4 countries. who is
separatist now? i wanna unity of these 40 milions people.and some persians
want them to be separated. i am unitist :-)

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited yes, persians choos the wrong way. and thay will pay for that
, sooner or later, that is a natural rule. not my decision. we are 40 000
000 people without a state and country, we want to get our right, who helps
us , is our freind, other people should keep away. and who helps our
enemies , he is even our enemiy, that is so simple.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited, turks destroy iran? no thay dont destroy, thay are not
stupid, thay take it just for themselves, why distroying? and we see NO
help from persian side, we have to fight in 3 fronts, you see the news
todays about turkey ( Van, DiyarBekir...) please see the news. we fight
alone , and when we rich victory, we will not share that with you. becoz we
never forget , that persians helped saddam and ataturks, ok, thay regreted
that later, but too late is too late.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited study the saad abaad contrct and you will see who is friend
of kurds, NO BODY. we say: our only friend is the mountain. the montains
protected us agains mongols, agains greeks, agains arabs, and against
tukrs. nobody else.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited no no, dont be personaly, that is not a patter or turkish
persons, khamenei doesnt care about turkish cultur or grey wolves, he is an
idiot mullah, not more and not les, i even respect azeri cultur as i
respect my neigbour, but he is even my neighbour and not the GOD. ask reza
shah why he did that, kurds feel, becoz persians think at their our
interessts. that is geopolitical play, iran needs ankara and baghdad,
please study the saad abaad contract between iran, turkey and iraq.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
yes,now you know that,you never ask,why reza shah and ataturk were so close
friends?you see the statue of reza shah in istanbul,just now.in taksim sq.
th arabization of karkuk was not a short time process,it began in 70s,later
in 80s during the war it got speed& more volume, saddam imported arabs from
gulf region to karkuk,but all that was the result of algerian
contract.between iran and saddam. later we have seen what is the result
when you make business with arabs and sold kurds

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited last year, 17 villages of Mahabd are gived to turkish city
miandoab. that was not bit by bit, that was a big step. their aim now in
takhte soleyman, that must get turkish, later thay claim zarathustra were
azeri turk, hahahahahaha, but when kurds disapeared and you are alone, you
will think about my tragic irony. yes, pahlawi was the only persian dynasty
in 1000 years, but thay were the worst to us.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
ataturt destriyed the kurdish republic of ararat , he managed that only
with help of reza shah,becoz turkey was an young republic with weak armee,
ataturks armee was allowed to use iranian territory around ararat and
attack kurds, iran gave turkey weapon,and soldiers :-) later mohammad reza
shah made bussines with saddam hussein in algerien about kurds, this
traitor sold kurdish movement to arabs,the result was:karkuk got arabized,
and 200 000 kurds disapeared in south desert of iraq

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited indeed in have a clear relation to arabs or turks, i dont
expect frienship, of cours not, and not understanding, we are enemies
BASTA. but about persians, i relay dont understand this nation. thay dont
know their rela friends, and cooperate with ataturk, and arabs against us,
i never understand that, and in the same time thay ask for our friendship.
i hope god will give a the ablity ti understand that in future. maybe i am
to naiv for that

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited safawid were not persian, but thay GOT persian, and pahlawi?
thay were nopt persian? and persians did protests against that? of all
persian intellectuals and policians were silence ?? why??? no , no, the
story of DimDIm has nothing to do with shia and sunni, the mukriani kurds
were sunni, the Hewramani kurds were sunni,. we have a lot of shia kurds,
in iran, iraq and turky, that is not tha qiestion

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited you compare iran with turkey, iran and syria? this compare is
very sad, iran were our homeland, but iraq, or turkey have nothing to do
with us, thay are fake counties. i dont need to give any comments about
them. but indeed i must say,today iraqi kurds have a good and free life,
the single region in all middle east without political prison, without
repression, without ethnic repression, without relegious fanatism, that
makes me very proud, i hope iran and turkey cannt distroy that

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited killing kurds had nothing to do with sunni and shia, the
kurds in khorasan are shia. who are diported there

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited safawid and afshar diported kurds of west side or urmia lake
to khorasan and gave their land to onw relatives ( afshar turks ), befor
this date there were NO turkish speaker in west side of Urmia lake, and NO
this process is going now, the region of miandoab , tekab and sayin dezh
are getting turkified. hamadan is allready lost, the next plan is
kermanshah, and in some generation you see NO kurds in iran. please telle
me why should i be pan iranist? what does give me?

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited our tragic history begins with safawid who killed 10000 kurds
in dimdim battle. since this date we have NO normal life, NO peace, no
human right, nothing. not in iran, not in iraq, not in turky, and worst is
in syria. and iran is helping turkey , and syria, shah did the same, reza
shah did the same with ataturk. and nobody protested against that ( RIP
foruhar was a great exception )

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited indeed we kurds said the same befor 30 years, and the people
who made the green mode were killing us, and thay say the same as we said
befor 30 years, yes, i have lot of negative experience, mixed with
relegious fanatics of persians ( of cours not all ) and when i study the
history,,hhmm,,the changing of a regime , changed nothing for us, if
safawid, ghajars, pahlawis, mullah, all did the same with us. our question
is not the kind of government in iran, our problem is unity

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited for our feeling: pan iranism = persian imperialism

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited the idea of PAN has indeed relation with racism, more or
less. but that is an other matter. what i was tring to tell , is, in this
compare you see a real PAN among turks but not among iranians, that is not
pan iranism, that is just only pan farsism. in their program you can read(
iran is where persian is spoken ) later ( 40 years later ) thay took this
shamful capital away. but in mind thay kept it

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited yes, turks from turkmenistan ,azerbaycan or turkey dont
understand eachother, but no one exclude others and take privilegs for
himself. unfotunately gray wolves have more solidarity than us, shame ,
shame , shame. but the answer to the question WHY, you find in the history
of last 500 years.

Автор utash321 ( назад)
Beautiful! God bless IRAN and Iranians!

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited yes, i agree with you in this point.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited i respect your opinion, it is human and positive, but in
practice, it is not possible.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited the difference between pan arabism, pan turkism to pan
iranism is very big, a turk from turkey recognize all other turks as
TURKISH, the arab do the same with all arabs, but persians want have a
privilege a special place and dominating others, and that will never works,
( only when you kill all kurds with an atom bombe , so maybe in this way it
will be possible in a nuclear land )

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited indeed i ignored him as he started to be boring :-) but i
must say, persians who support free kurdistan, thay are not a majority, you
belong to a very small group, thay see oly separatism, i see unitism :-)

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited you see he changed his view about kurds several times in this
discussion, at the first he said, kurds are persian, later he said kurds
are iranian, later he said kurds are mixed race, and later he said kurds
are semidic, hahahahaha he is really funny, indeed me personaly i dont care
about race.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@AryanaUnited i wish so much, the majority of iran would think like R.I.P
Froruhar, but the reality is another. the majority want shah or sheykh.
represent medians and persians? it sound fair, but i am not living in 500
BC. 4/5 of kurds are not in iran, i want be united with them,. that is all
what i want, not more and not less

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
only racists deserve death. and you are one, according your own comment. i
am very happy that there are some clever persians who are not like you, RIP
Dariush Furuhar did never agree with your ignorant racism. he did deserve
death aswell? what now? who doesnt agree with you , must die , or what? i
think, you die better :-)

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
mr. linguist, when persia and media and iran all are identical, lets call
this country media, and not persia, hahahahahah, there is no iran, no
presia, that is media, becoz medians were befor persians, ) what do you
mean? you see that is not difficult to play with words. but you dont seem
to be willing to learn anything, typical racist ;-)

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian panm kurds deserve death? an why not pan farsis? for your info,
the hangnged people were not pan kurds. but i am one ;-) com and kill me,
hehehehe, i am sure, hafez and saadi would feel shame for your idioty and
racistic view, who say, persia = iran, he has no respect for non persian
iranic people.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian azerbayjan farsi? hehehehe, new creation? where did you see this
expression, in your dream?

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian this country is called êran by sasanids, and not by reza shah
for first time, median and persian were close language, but not identical.
median belongs to NW and persian to SW subgrup of proto iranic language.
median and persian were not the same language. but you can repead yourself
when it makes you happy :-)

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
atropatene = media minor

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
i have seen you are happy about hanging iranic people, that is your real
face. and now you say: lets be polite?, there is NO base for discusse becoz
you are a racist ( accoring your message ) and becoz of your unhuman view
about other cultures. i have respect for every culture, go and ask yourself
about that. bye

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian hahahaha is not an insult, go and learn ADAB, befor you offen
your mouth. insulting other people is not difficult in internet. that is
NOTHING, and who has culture he knows that.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
ahhhha, iran = persia, pas tajik ha ke tuye iran nistand, persian nistand?
hahahahahahaha, funny logic, it starts to amaze us, hahahahaha

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian gofte budam, fahhashi to be khodet pas mifrestam, pas comment
hatu yek bare digar bekhun, mashti :-) honare fahhashi nazde iranian ast o
bas, hahahahahahaha

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
to hamun aksi ke tuye profilet gozashti dozdiye. dige chi migi? asle in aks
tuye ketabe ( dress of ancient people ) ast, ziresh ham neweshte, median
king. hala shoma manipulate mikoni, un bahse digari ast, chon gofte budi
racist hasti, racist ha ham shize sheer ziyad migan ;-)

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian monky khodeti, hameye chert o perthayi ham ke gofti khodet o kas
o karet hastand :-) bebin azizm, fahhashi kare asuni ast. shoma ke edea
dari farhang dari khob azash estefade kon, ya inke nadaari u faghat edea
dari. ya farhangi ke edeasho dari be fahhashi kholase mishe?

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian even all this grandios personalities ( hafez, saadi, rumi...)
would feel shame for you. and if you dont know about kurdish culture, that
speaks for your ignorance, go and learn about Khani, Ghane, Bêkas, Jaziri,
... dar u balaaye öcalan ham bokhore tuye sare to, un hade aghal shojaaet
dare az khodesh defa'kone, to chi? keshwart ro mollah hay arab bordand, be
edam shodan man khoshhalo, khak bar saret konand

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian gypsy ham jad u abadet tashrif darand, i love hafez, that is not
disrespect , that is argument. yopu are really boring me, when you are not
disrespecting hafez, why are you a racist? hafez never agrees with racism,
go and learn from him, when you claim culture, ( that you not have )

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian that is not from Quran, that is about WINE and drinking,
hahahahain Qoran ? hahahaha, funny try, idiot ham khodeti, i send you all
your lovely insults to you and your friends, and people like you ;-) bye
bye funny racist pan fars, keep doing please, becouz your view supports my
separatistic movement, thank you

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian i said persian is 50% arabic? you lier, when di i said 50% ???
az keshidane sigar khoddari konid, maanish in nist ke estemale dokhaniat
mamnua tuye farsi maamul nabaashe, chi be chi rabt dare. naghshe
ferestadam, tuye internet ham por az tabelle u naghshe ast, berid khodetun
bebinid, man dige baraaye shoma waght nadaaram,shoma ke be joz fahhashi
chizi balad nisti.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
at the end: i am separatist becoz of your typical view. go and think about
that when you are a real iran lover ;-)

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian hahahahaha, nice try, persian will NOT work without arabic .
even persian literats know that and say that. you pan farsist, hahhahahyou
are funny, الا يا ايها الساقی ادر کاسّا و ناولها

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
ganjawi gave his poems in persian,as some persian poets gave their poems in
arabic,that is literature and has nothing to do with enthic origin. but i
see that is NON constructiv to make a conversation with you,becouz you have
NO culture for a debate. the basic rule for a conversation is respect, what
you dont have.bye.i dont waste my time more with you, you can believe what
you want, i dont care about your ignorance.anyway, read minorsky,gippert
and research a bit after you have learn respect

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian استعمال دخانيات ممنوع ؛-)

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
Azari is believed to be a part of the dialect continuum of Northwest
Iranian languages. As such, its ancestor would be close to the earliest
attested Northwest Iranian languages, Median. source: "Azari, the Old
Iranian Language of Azerbaijan", Encyclopædia Iranica, op. cit., Vol.
III/2, 1987 by E. Yarshater

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
gulf2000. columbia. edu/maps .sh tm l

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian give ( iranic languages ) into google, and pictures, you see a
lot of maps and tabelles, go and check. after that, learn to discus with
respect, if your are realy an iranian. fahhashi ke kare sakhti nist,
khejaalat dare.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian shoma inghadr bi adab tashrif dari , ke hatta fahhashi baraatun
aadi ast. edeaye farhang hm mikonid, jalebe

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
the most arabized iranic language is Persian :-) arab ruler keep the power
in iran even now :-)

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian cheghadr ashghal migi

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian the most famous linguist ( alive ) in tzhe word is Professor Dr.
Gippert, he says something different and diesnt agree with you, what is
your prblem? you know more than him about linguistic?

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian even i send your insults back, to yourself, everybody see that
your CULTURE is insulting, and bla bla. nice that you show your face, that
is great

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian 1000 years? hahahaha, you know nothing about history, that is
500 years and not 1000, you never did hear about chalduran? that was not
1000 years ago, but 500. and trairors like you helped our enemies. turks
and arabs.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian i never did say that persians were racist, YOU SAID that about
yourself. and i agree with you in this case, hahahahahaha funny, realy funny

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian germany? HARVARD is not in germany, hahahahahahahahaha

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian any way, i know your view about kurds and hanging people and
human right, that is the reason for my separatism, nice to know that i was
in right .

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian i see you LOVE your insults, becoz thay are coming back to you,
you know that already :-) i dont care about shah, khamenei, or others
personas, so,m when linguists say, mazandarani , gilaki, talishi, kurdish,
and baluchi belong to NW grups, i see no reason to discus with you about
your meaning. you can keep your idea for yourself :-)

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian any way, your so called shah came back from italy with help of
his amercian masters and of cours israel :-) well done ??

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian who is racist? you said you are proud to be racist, heheheheheh,
reza shah was a linguist? interessting news

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian persian subgruops: tajiks, isfahani, shirazi, kermani,
khorasuni, dari(afghan), tehruni, etc,... but gileki and mazandarani and
talishi drives from parthian ( NW gruop ) , but midwhile you showed your
anti iranic face. shame for all iranian people. go and hang more people,
that is your typical mongolian way of logic. you are not real iranic.
becouz real iranic people are not racist, but according your comment, you
are aracist.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
racism = ignorance. all people see that here :-) fine result

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian as i said, i send all this persian insults to yourself back, you
need them more :-) i send all your words back ;-)

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian international research: dr Gippert university of Frankfurt, dr
Paul , university of hamburg, dr. Izadi university of harvard. and lot of
sites in internet about iranic languages family, you cann see that even
under ( indoeuropean languages ) you i guess your ignorance is TOOO big to
understand that, typical racist ( as you said about yourself )

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian خجالت بکش، اگر هم تاريخ و فرهنگ داری به هيچ دردت نخورده، که حتا
طرز حرف زدن بلد نيستی. امّا خودت که ميگی نژاد پرستی، ديگه بحثی نيست، من هم
که همش همين رو ميگفتم :-)

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian you showed your real face for every body you racist. i knew that

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian IDIOT? that is youir persian culture to make a debate? i send
all your nice poetric insults to yourself. you i end this conversation,
that is not my way to discuse, go and find people like yourself. or go and
learn a it respect, you missed maybe a true education.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian tajiuk is turkish word? hahahahaha you are funny, tajik is
persian word and drives from TAJ, ( crown ) your ignorance is really boring

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian what is your problem with pan kurdish? you mean pan farsism is
better? hehehehe, you are confusing several matters: linguistic, politic,
and your HATE against other people. that is no base for a construktiv
debate. the definition of ethnic is not made by ONLY language, and i am
speaking ONLY about language, with scietifical source and research, you
cann see in every lingusitic book, gilaki, mazanadani and talishi belongs
to NW , like kurdish and baluchi.

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian wikipedia is an example,. i know this book, you can see that in
every good liberary, when you even go there

Автор yarffmde ( назад)
@sspersian problem? i have NO problems with it, that is your imagination,
for me that is a scientifical debate, and when all linguists say talishi,
gilaki, mazandarani belong to NW gruup, ( i am sorry but ) your idea doesnt
change that.

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