Severn Suzuki speaking at UN Earth Summit 1992

Raised in Vancouver and Toronto, Severn Cullis-Suzuki has been camping and hiking all her life. When she was 9 she started the Environmental Children's Organization (ECO), a small group of children committed to learning and teaching other kids about environmental issues. They were successful in many projects before 1992, when they raised enough money to go to the UN's Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Their aim was to remind the decision-makers of who their actions or inactions would ultimately affect. The goal was reached when 12 yr old Severn closed a Plenary Session with a powerful speech that received a standing ovation.

more information on http://www.davidsuzuki.org

BigUp to my friend Sebastian Sturm for letting me use his song... yes bredgin, TELL THEM THE TRUTH!!!


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Автор Denny Adiputra ( назад)
I teared up listening to this speech and the fact that nothing has changed
today makes it even sadder

Автор Dan Williams ( назад)
One of the greatest speeches I ever heard in my lifetime. I am now 45 years

Автор moonjuice101 ( назад)
"I care about the planet " - Flies 5000 miles to make the speach.

Автор nicki k ( назад)
She shouldn't say: "I'm ONLY a child"! I think she's more mature than most
adults! She's a role model and a very good speaker!

Автор er ha (253 года назад)
er ha 1 second ago
3:50 " In Canada we live the privileged life",,,, ? Among all the other
crap this child-of-an-enviroterrorist is spreading, is that we live in a
The country is $600 billion in debt ( slavery), thanks to Trudeau senior
who signed us on to the world banking system.
These socialists are laughable.
The globe hasn't warmed in 10 years,,,,, UN " models " are broken,,,,,.
More like fraudulent.
A majority of the mainstream scientists now are admitting such.
Many people are expecting " global cooling."
Al Gore is buying oil stocks because the energy demand from fossil fuels
is expected to quadruple over the next 20 years in order to keep up with
the heating demand from a mini-ice age coming.
Ya, I said it.
Bank on it.

Автор Helen Benjamins ( назад)
And here we are, some 23 years later, still not listening. This amazing
speech could easily be about the way we behave today.
WHEN WILL WE LEARN? When it's too late I'm afraid to say.

Автор BOSS Number One ( назад)
Watch this song Electric dB - Insouciance .

This song bring me here.

Автор Wenbo Guo ( назад)
omg we just did simultaneously interpreted this speech.... good lord was it

Автор Gobicheti Suresh ( назад)

Автор Cryptidkinger ( назад)
Everyone is just, like, "Aww! She's adorable!"

Автор yomanry1 ( назад)
Maybe they might have disliked because of the video quality, who knows?
This world is being driven by inifinte greed, but as we all know, this is a
finite world. How are the systems implemented today supposed to work at
all? Consumption and depletion is left unchecked, heck, encouraged, even.
And then what? Looking for sustainable alternatives? Don't do it in the
first place!

Автор Doyle Kupper ( назад)
Only if ingorant pricks then listened to what she ways saying then

Автор Liana ļōļō ( назад)
I love this speech and i wished if somebody could say that from the
beginning also my parents say the same thing as what u severn is saying

Автор zclee5 ( назад)
she's half Japanese, half Canadian

Автор Shruti Suresh ( назад)
is she by any chance japanese ... ?

Автор julie lawton ( назад)
great but no ones listened yet. and she's still fighting. coolest person

Автор ruffy2k3 ( назад)
Respect, these words from a child.

Автор Yvan Petrimaux ( назад)
I listened to it all. Great speech! I was impressed... but who,among all
these politicians is going to listen to a 13 years old girl?

Автор xtianmelody ( назад)
i remember her cuz of my cousin's post at FB...now she's an adult but Earth
is beyond screwed up already. it feels sad to know she's still fighting up
to this date and the adults then never listened.

Автор Negreiros Neto ( назад)
Parabéns! Severn Suzuki.

Автор callum kelso ( назад)
this is very touching

Автор Gandala Pingala ( назад)
No amount of political tinkering in the way of reform is going to improve
our quality of life. If we do not have the teachings of equality, serving,
sharing, and giving unconditionally instilled in our lives. Otherwise there
is always going to be the people that have far too much for their needs,
and the people that have very little or nothing at all. Also we have
blindly given the control of our lives to a select few in power. This needs
to change, it is they who are creating this imbalance.

Автор Gandala Pingala ( назад)
You are an inspiration for the majority of us who are looking for great
changes in the way we live. Thank you. The paradigm shift we need is for a
more simple way of life with the emphases on sharing and giving and not
being selfish and always taking. The reason for all these conflicts is that
we have become too impersonal with not a lot of true compassion for others.

Автор Dana V. ( назад)
To ALL who "disliked" this video. You are part of the reason WHY our world
is so f-ed up. You are twisted, sick human beings and are the most pathetic
example of humanity! (not to mention rationality). This girl was more
eloquent and profound in what she said more than most educated adults
today. Wow! Mind blowing. Yes, our nation (our world) is in BIG trouble and
I believe it is more spiritual than anything. God help us all!

Автор Skibum Willy ( назад)
In “Occupying Chairlifts” a simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up
changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! Here’s a fair way
to transition forward to where we’re rewarded for cooperating and creating
instead of competing and conquering. It's something specific we can demand.
If this isnt the best answer, at least we’re thinking about what might be.
Are we really just this close to having it work right? Oh yeah, it's a Ski
movie! “Occupying Chairlifts” on Youtube!

Автор patrick meafua ( назад)
i love dis speech

Автор Bonnie Clarke ( назад)
OK this was 21 years ago. She is now 33 years old...so more has been said
and done in the interim, admittedly without much success. How has she
followed up her aim as she is probably now a mother herself?

Автор James Chapman ( назад)
we are all resposible in our own little way taking the car not walking or
bus,boiling the kettle, buying paper from not sustained sources, going on
holidays every year, but they have little influence until gready global
leaders from the four corners of the world listen, plan, agree!! and act
with inention forcing america, asia, austrailia, china and other major
polluters and industries to change their ways or force massive fines
fueling the campaign more! 21 years later, not much has happened

Автор James Chapman ( назад)
god? its ppl doing this not god. but yes that could solve some problems.
did they listen and act? < clearly not<

Автор Thomas Meijwaard ( назад)
Please post your video with your message for a better world. I am really
anxious to hear your words for a better world. Peace!

Автор Zariaa Lunn ( назад)
Bitch please.

Автор Ghaltouni ( назад)
We won't

Автор Andrea Buffa ( назад)

Автор Hagbart74 ( назад)
When I hear people like that, I always think about Roger Waters "Perfect
Sense" Song :)

Автор Daniel H ( назад)
I belive they felt stupid, because a 12yo child knows it better.

Автор Daniel H ( назад)

Автор DominikTorretto ( назад)
very good question, maybe some ignorrant people who think that the climatic
change is just a fairy tale -.-

Автор youtube account ( назад)
how can someone dislike this?

Автор Richelle-May Kolb ( назад)
That is that, what TuPac Shakur meant ! He rapped "Changes" over 10 Years
ago! Nothing has been changed ! -There are over 10.000 Fans of 2Pac who are
knowing what he has been rapped about. But absolutely nothing has CHANGED -
we even only listening to his songs but we did not moved anything... Also
Michael Jackson sang about it "Heal the World" or "They don't care about
us" ! These Singers aren't alive! So what will the future tell us? Why
nothing has been changed?...

Автор Selii G.satilmis@gmx.de ( назад)
I srarted to cry.

Автор Lu Is ( назад)
goosebumps, amazing how powerful music is

Автор Vanii238 ( назад)
Almost everyone in the comments cares about it. So why aren't we trying to
make a difference? If everybody did small things to help everyday, we would
get a better world step by step...

Автор Syakirah Ahmad ( назад)
How did she not get a standing ovation?

Автор Gerry Nongrum ( назад)

Автор Shireen Vairagya ( назад)
This girl could have spoken today.. things haven't changed! Actually,
that's untrue, they've only gotten worse. Greed. This world is run on greed.

Автор sagelrjj ( назад)
one try to explain and guide: watch "thrive" watch?v=lEV5AFFcZ-s available
in 20 languages. great music choice! Yeah!! Sebastian Sturm! "tell 'em the

Автор jimmolimmo1 ( назад)
So inspiring but nobody cares, only now, times are worse for her.. She has
a future she never predicted

Автор Charlotte Clarkson ( назад)
And this made me cry ;( she is amazing

Автор Tom Smith ( назад)
She and her father are pretty rich. She talks about sharing. Well, how many
street children has she and her rich father fed? How many children have
they adopted? She talks about actions not reflecting words and she and her
father seem to be doing the same.

Автор daarkside ( назад)
7:53 long chills, didn knew it was physically possible to have them for so

Автор Sam Soppet ( назад)
They clap; they applaud. and they stand. And then they sit; and they do
nothing. Fuck this world.

Автор Ohm KHAZIX ( назад)
This is a really good speech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор chunsiong1 ( назад)

Автор Natalya Pokrovska ( назад)
what is the name of the song in the end of the report?

Автор DrN0s ( назад)
like they gave a fuck about what she said :)

Автор Steven M ( назад)
how can people honestly dislike this?

Автор Skibum Willy ( назад)
Find the answer in the short film “Mankinder (Occupying Chairlifts)”! A guy
working in the white house calls on an underachieving old college buddy, to
solve the economy from it’s debt and unemployment troubles. A couple brief
conversations with the reluctant skibum corrects the course of humanity’s
future. A simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction
and purpose of modern human life! Watch “Mankinder (Occupying Chairlifts)”
on youtube.

Автор chongkaishek ( назад)
We know that you're gay.

Автор Steve Gill ( назад)
You can get the Transcript of this under the video next add too. you can
then try to copy and paste this, i've tried this and it works ok.

Автор Bellagheera ( назад)
Is there a way to get the written text of this speech? Thanks for your

Автор Rattana UNG ( назад)
Nice to see this.

Автор Jay Morin ( назад)
4:11 youtube subtitles make it a little embarassing...

Автор ashleigh lehtinen ( назад)
well said... well said !

Автор Javier Patria ( назад)
not only him, US (mainly because of stupid wars), China (heavy pollution),
Oil and Gold mining companies. which basically makes up the world economy
unfortunately... i really hope there will be a new line of scientists which
can find a realiable reusable, clean energy.

Автор thomasthetans ( назад)
Kim Jong Un needs to listen to this

Автор thomasthetans ( назад)
Power, just power. It gets to leaders head

Автор Daniel Robertson ( назад)
little does she know the UN is the source of all those problems lmao

Автор Shadowmere55 ( назад)
2:03 Yeah, the guy on the right does look REALLY concerned. #nope

Автор T- lex ( назад)
well... yeah I agree

Автор T- lex ( назад)
That was amazing but 20 years later, this speech has been watched on
youtube 776,962 people and yet nothing has changed, still poor people,
still the animals suffering and still children dieing at the age of 5
because of their poor living conditions. Why?

Автор Andalou64 ( назад)
I have no opinion stopped but he compares 2 facts. 200 years of elections -
> always the rich (1%) governing 200 years of the Athenian democracy. ->
always the poor (99%) who govern I think you should (if this is done
already) Watch this video. He said many things very interesting Example:
The most visible sign of the righteous man is that doesn’t want to govern
others, and only govern himself. This determines everything. In other word,
the worst will govern.

Автор Riley Anderson ( назад)
Democracy is a front. Do your research.

Автор Saida Saipova ( назад)
Good job Hollywood stars! They're all playing a role. Don't believe it!

Автор Andalou64 ( назад)
video below, you will understand why if you want to change anything in the
current functioning of our society, you must make your claim only this
message: application will result in all the rest. To understand concretely
the force of this message take now a few minutes to read. The cause of
causes (subtitled in English -click on red cc). Etienne Chouard - Chercher
la cause des causes youtube.com/watch?v=oN5tdMSXWV8

Автор Anita Marskamp ( назад)
Wow these grownups are REALLY shocked listening to her. #not

Автор sylva portoian ( назад)
We need someone like this Brave Girl Severn Suzuki She is now may be 35
years old this was in 1992? To chant about 'Armenian Genocide' Awaking all
people from their political sickness Of acting against a race...suffered so
much Yet still remains their pains unrecognized By Presidents, M.P's,
Congressmen Those at the end must sigh... After playing political games...
On Artful- Honest- Dedicated Race Without applying Sevres treaty of France
of August-September 1920...! Sylva Portoian, M.D

Автор EvanDelilan ( назад)
you MYST listening this video everyday!!! ALL DIRTY rulers!!I really want
you to go to hell. I really love this girl, you are Brave!

Автор EvanDelilan ( назад)
alone can not defeat the conspiracy

Автор EvanDelilan ( назад)
alone can not defeat the conspiracy

Автор Joseph Hogg ( назад)
This world needs more people like her!

Автор Tweedledum ( назад)
When you'll have your kids you'll understand.

Автор Pinkie Pie ( назад)
who cares

Автор Gia Marie Gange ( назад)
this is a very true speech even if i'm not already born on 1992 it still
touches my heart. i wish teachers is showing us this kind of videos..

Автор Lauren Jane ( назад)
People go on and on complaining that there's just so much to fix we can't
just start fixing things now. Ok but if we keep saying that forever, we'll
never get ANYTHING done and the world will just keep getting worse and
worse! We need to start somewhere. All these people commenting here are
supporters of what Severn believes in. Let's team up and make the world a
better place.

Автор Skibum Willy ( назад)
Here ya go sweetie, I fixed everything for you in “Mankinder (Occupying
Chairlifts)”! A guy working in the white house calls on an underachieving
old college buddy, to solve the economy from it’s debt and unemployment
troubles. A couple brief conversations with the reluctant skibum about
inheritance rules ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern
human life! Or watch the shorter “Inheriting an Abundant Earth” on youtube
then sign the petition, and share it!

Автор xTwoStrawberries69x ( назад)
My teacher showed us this...now we have cool homework for Christmas :/

Автор Maggie Seto ( назад)
god why don't teachers show us this >.>

Автор Mr1966ray ( назад)
PEOPLE. this video is 20 years old....Why are we not listening?

Автор jvwIdeAwaKe ( назад)
look at all the other countries seats......empty as fuck....wonder why.
Imagine if a lot of other people would have heard this speak...probably
would have had a bigger affect.

Автор RememberToday4ever ( назад)
★★★★ When Severn Suzuki made this magical, inspirational speech it was 1992
and there were 5 billion people on the planet. It is now 2012 and there are
7.2 Billion people on the planet. By 2050 there will be 10 billion people
on the planet. The human race is driving in a fast car with no brakes and
its feet on the accelerator. The street has a dead-end and we will hit the
wall hard around 2050. The people in power never listened to Severn’s
speech then and they are not listening now. ★★★★

Автор marumito ( назад)
20 years later it has gotten worse!

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