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Автор Octavian ² (29 дней)
Touching speech,

Автор Gilles Vallucci (1 месяц)
What is the difference between 1992 speech of Severn and DiCaprio's 2015
speech when are not in their seats or yawning. 

Автор Helen Benjamins (1 месяц)
And here we are, some 23 years later, still not listening. This amazing
speech could easily be about the way we behave today.
WHEN WILL WE LEARN? When it's too late I'm afraid to say.

Автор elza voicheva (2 месяца)

Автор StarDagger777 (1 год)
She was a Woman, at 12.

Автор ramhuzaini (2 месяца)

Автор Nishanth iz (10 месяцев)
Hope u around and can tell what has changed...this speech was 22 years
ago...and i want you to give a speech...we are just messing up our mother
(earth) ...we will pay for it...big time

Автор Wenbo Guo (4 месяца)
omg we just did simultaneously interpreted this speech.... good lord was it

Автор Hudson Energy (9 месяцев)
#ThrowbackThursday to Severn Suzuki speaking at the UN Earth Summit in
1992. #TBT

Suzuki was only nine years old when she started the Environmental
Children's Organization (#ECO), a small group of children committed to
learning and teaching other kids about #environmental issues.

Severn Suzuki speaking at UN Earth Summit 1992

Автор Nathan Yoder (10 месяцев)
This is an amazing person, she inspires me to change my ways and educate as
many people as I can. Take 5 minutes from your day to listen to her speech
to the UN when she was only 12.

Автор sunbirdism (7 месяцев)
amazing speech, and almost nothing has been done yet since then, because
obviously change will not come from centralized institution of power

Автор BOSS Number One (3 месяца)
Watch this song Electric dB - Insouciance .

This song bring me here.

Автор Gobicheti Suresh (6 месяцев)

Автор Eric Allen Griff (1 год)
Priceless, Timeless, and worthy of going Viral!

Автор Joseph Dionigi (1 год)
When are you going to take over the Green Party of Canada? Things are worst
today around the Globe than at the time of that speach, and more so in
Canada! with the leadership of today, the Greens will never become

Автор Nicholas Truesdell (10 месяцев)
Well, still looks like no one gave a shit. No point in trying. This planet
is going down hard, I hate to say it....

Автор Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki (1 год)
What You Say???

Автор Domenik Kropej (10 месяцев)
Can someone tell me how the song at the end is called??? Thx

Автор Aleks Barsamyan (1 год)

Автор Ly Toan (1 год)

Автор Fendog 12 (1 год)
why don't the grown-ups listen
they have ears for a reason and they live to survive and if the planet dies
you die

Автор Ryan Coleman (1 год)
She has a point. Adults need to change, or the Earth will be destroyed.

Автор 125steini (1 год)
A lot has changed since that speech... it got even worse. I admire that
lady for keeping up the fight until today (google for "Severn Suzuki" if
you want to know what her fight looks like today), especially because I
have already given up on that fight: in my opinion theres no more hope for
humankind. We´re doomed as greedy motherfuckers, who refuse to foresee the
catastrophic consequences of our own actions.

Автор Sean Jones (1 год)
Why? Can't they hear? Don't they care?


Автор Mattheew Sumner (1 год)
really? I like the way she delivered it, spot on

Автор Miriama Yahalom (1 год)
I hope my children are like this girl.

Автор patrick de winter (1 год)
Look at the age of this movie. 1992 thats about 12 years ago !!!!

Автор Young Richardson (1 год)

Автор UltamatesuperSaiyan (1 год)
gene splicing

Автор Marcus Koehler (1 год)
Schon 30 Jahre her und noch immer ist die Rede der damals 12-jährigen
Severn Suzuki (Kanada) aktuell.
Ist seither wirklich nichts passiert?

Oh je. Das Video bringt zum Nachdenken das Eigene Handeln (als Erwachsener)
immer zu hinterfragen.

Severn Suzuki speaking at UN Earth Summit 1992

Автор sunmagicd (1 год)
und 20 Jahre später hat sich nix geändert.... aber jeder einzelne kann
darüber nachdenken, wie viel er bereit ist abzugeben, für das große Ganze.

Автор TOM JEONG (1 год)
shes one girl who should be a leader of UN 

Автор 101TheShape (1 год)
no one listen

Автор mujo masic (1 год)
if you are cleaners as you have cleaned
in herosimi and Nagasaki, if they would clean as well as the day is that
the cyst
in the Middle East not believe that we will be better .. bosnian

Автор kurd kurdistan (1 год)
Idris nechirvan barzani - کوڕەکەی نێچیرڤان بارزانی l
Listen to this speech he is a young men from kurdistan ,iraq he is really
behind solving all problems specialy education for the poor famileis and
orphans those who they ate suffered much he is really a golden boy listen
to his speech in one youth world confrenece 2013 ...

Автор Christine Schindler (1 год)
Before Al Gore's Global Warming 12-year old Severn Cullis-Suzuki
*"silenced the world in 6 minutes"* with her remarkable speech at the
Earth Summit in Rio in 1992.

This is Severn's speech at the Univ of BC in Canada on October 2008.

Severn Cullis-Suzuki - A Call to Action for Canadians for Earth Summit 2012
Severn Cullis-Suzuki - A Call to Action for Canadians for Earth Summit 2012

Severn Cullis-Suzuki on Earth Summit 2012 - We Canada Champion

Автор Ferdian Ab (2 года)
great speaking ever...

Автор Reinhard Schaeppi (1 год)

Автор ctrlaltdelete5 (1 год)

Автор Dave Vowles (1 год)
Before subjection Great Britain to any fracking please watch, listen and
take on board what this girl is telling you!

Автор Tammy Lynn Wilkins (1 год)
You are a brave and courageous young lady and having heard this speech more
than once makes me realize that you are right about everything you talked
about. I pray that the results from your speech will change the world. And
the only way to change the world is for the people in the world to listen
and let God open their hearts freely to give back.

Автор Luiz Ribas (2 года)
Good night! Make the difference.

Автор FarcryD E (1 год)
superior bitch

Автор Teruyo Uematsu-Toikka (1 год)

Автор jonnyboy12342 (1 год)
She correct about everything in that video! Think this was 22 years ago I
couldn't even imagine how worse things are now. Actually there are over 50%
of the WORLDS FOREST AND COMPLETELY VANISHED! There's a pile of trash
floating in the ocean BIGGER THAN THE US! It's crazy, this earth with not
survive another 300 years if not less! We consume consume consume and
pollute at geographic rate. It's out of control. The beautiful world we
live us getting destroyed by the minute 

Автор Liana ļōļō (1 год)
I love this speech and i wished if somebody could say that from the
beginning also my parents say the same thing as what u severn is saying

Автор Adam S (2 года)
me too

Автор craziestatom1 (2 года)
@NatyGSRHuddy *vomit* sandwich tastes like your face naty You are not
getting any kiss tonight;)

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