Ishq e hussain a.s - 2012 Film on Karbala. Part 1

Nadeem Sarwar does recite manqabat, noha and marsiya be it year 2010 - 2011 others. You will love this film on karbala whether or not you are a fan of Nadeem Sarwar 2011, Talib Johari, Sadiq Hasan, aqeel ul gharvi, sadique hassan, irfan haider, ali safdar, mesum abbas, shahid baltistani, aqeel ul garavi, ather, sadiq hasan and other noha / nauha and majalis reciters. The film is titled "Ishq e hussain" presented by www.kauthartv.com and is produced by Zulfiqar Ali for the fans of Nadeem Sarwar, Irfan haidar, ali safdar, mesum abbas, shahid baltistani, aqeel ul garavi, sadiq hassan, maulana ather, talib johri & others.
Other famous film by kauthartv is "Yazeed Hazir Ho". Ishq e Hussain a.s. was launched 1 year before this film. Both "ishq e hussain" & "yazid hazir ho" are a must watch film for Nadeem Sarwar 2011 fans and also for other noha / nauha fans.
ishq e hussain a.s. is a film presented by Kauthartv.com, produced by Zulfiqar Ali and directed by Ibrahim Muhammadi.This is a story of a rikshaw driver who is a lover of Ahlebait A.S. and wants to go for ziyarat of Karbala but is unable to go because of lack of funds. He thinks of giving his kidney for the sake of going for ziyarat of Imam Hussain A.S. at karbala. Does he give his kidney. Watch this engaging film and find out.
We repeat, this film is a great treat for Nadeem Sarwar 2011 fans and also for other noha / nauha fans. The Marsiya in this film ishq e hussain a.s. is recited by Irfan Haider. The Marsiya in the next film "yazeed hazir ho" is recited by sadia raza. This Pakistani film has a cast that includes Adnan Gilani, Farhana Maqsood, Aurangzeb Leghari and others.
We re-emphasize that this film "Ishq e Hussain" like the next film "yazeed hazir ho" presented by kauthartv is one of the greatest movies for Nadeem Sarwar 2011, Talib Johari, aqeel ul gharvi, sadique hassan, irfan haider, ali safdar, mesum abbas, shahid baltistani, aqeel ul garavi, maulana ather, sadiq hassan fans and also for other noha / nauha fans.

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 9:27
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Автор Syed Yawar Ali Jalali (18 дней)
The Islam is alive because of Karbala, If there were no Karbala No
Hussain(as) then The Lanati Yazeed had made his own Islam

Автор Syed Yawar Ali Jalali (18 дней)
Ya Mola Hussain(As)

Автор M J (3 года)
@MrIshtiaque786 Imam Hussain A.S. ki ziyarat kayi hazaar sal ki ebadat aur
kayi haj se badkar hain... Simple logic Haj zindagi me ek baar wajib hain
magar Imam A.S. ki ziyarat bar bar har bar wajib hain... Imam A.S. ka
farman hain ke meri ziyarat qarz lekar karon mai tu zamin detan hun use
wapas karne ki agar yahan nahin diya toh qayamat me zaroor dunga (Lekin
mere momin bhai hamare imam apne mehmanon ko khali haath nahin bhejte woh
unki omeed se bhi ziyada deten) Nareh Haidari....yaa Ali..

Автор Ishtiaque Almani (3 года)
first of all i dont know y writer putting efforts to visit karbala i know
its very important for muslims to respect that place but i think instead of
karbala it should be makkah sharif as we know hadj is important factor in
islam not visiting to karbala. I love imama husaain but that is my general

Автор M J (3 года)
@sayedm100 : Eshqe Hussain (Movie Name)

Автор salman hafeth (2 года)
fooool .... there is no parabola in islaam ...... only MAKKAH and MADINAH
... plz dont change the islaam with new DEEEEEn

Автор Zohaib Abbas (2 года)
m very happy m proud of momen n musleme,nyc trailer by yazid hazir ho

Автор Syed Rizwan Hamdani (4 года)
this is one of the best film on the love of imam Hussain as i have seen in
my life... i learn the core concept from this film which i didnt learn for
last so many years .... hat off to Kauthar Tv..... i give u 9.2 rating out
of 10 a classic... and adnan gillani acting was so pure and awesome he was
so much in his character .....

Автор Ahsan Ali (1 год)
Salam Ya Hussain (a.s)............. Beautiful, heart touching video

Автор laithuali37 (4 года)
اللَّهُمَّے صَلِّے عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وآلِے مُحَمَّدٍ وعَجِّلْے فَرَجَهُمْے
وسَهِّلْے مَخْرَجَهُمْے والعَنْے أعْدَاءَهُمے

Автор Anum Hussain (2 года)
There should be no music, music is haram

Автор MrTasawoor (3 года)
this is a simple and short answer for my brothers, allah almighty himself
has given value to imam hussain (a.s) just think 4 a while , that the birth
place of mola ali (a.s) is kabba . but again it is said if u do imam
hussain's zeyarat, it has more value the kabba but it doent mean that uld
leave allah almighty. do go once imam hussain's zeyarat.

Автор kauthartv (4 года)
Tks. for ur comments.

Автор kauthartv (4 года)
Tks. Our efforts were really too less. But Ahlebait a.s. have done favor on
us by allowing us to get good results.

Автор Kamran Jafri (4 года)
Gud answers. . . I am not criticising your work I appreciate your effort. .
I know all this stuff. . . . .I was just saying that it would be better
that way . . .

Автор bushraa123 (4 года)
really great movie andan gilani have done nice acting

Автор kauthartv (4 года)
your words give life to our mission. Pls. pray that we are able to spread
the love of ahlebait a.s.

Автор kanizeraza (4 года)
Bauhat hee achee hei yeh part 1 it is soooooooooooo gooood!!!

Автор Hasseb Siddiqui (6 месяцев)
salam bro i am working ahlebait tv if you give me a permission i can play
your videos in my TV channel i show your company name if you agree please
send me email hasseb_sidz@hotmail.com

Автор muhammad ahsan (2 года)
this cult and fanatical people are trying to change Islam . the version of
Islam they are trying to show is starts from khilafat and ends at Karbala .
but real Islam belongs to Prophet Muhammad (PB UH) that what we are
practicing , sensible Muslim will never appreciate this crap propaganda .

Автор Syed Qaswar Abbas (3 года)
God bless ye all! Please keep it up. I have a suggestion here, please for
these Islamic films do not cast actor or actress who does't follow Islam
properly or have nagative impact on society. My point is on some people
call themselves Shia but have negative roles on TV. and big screens I hope
ye will understand my point. This will add up a new horizons...........Ya
Allah Madad , Ya Ali (a.s) Madad

Автор ahmedmehdi1 (4 года)
every one shia whether noha khawan or mattam dar is truely follower of imam
hussain, here i think if Sachey Bhai kalm might run on the back ground
instead of Haider that must creat more grace in it

Автор MrShabi2010 (3 года)
i know 6 haramion ne dislike kiya iss movie ko............. ok akhrat mein
pata lagay ga inn ko

Автор imran2haider (3 года)
thnxxxxx thnxxxxx thnxxxxx thnxxxxxxxx thnxxxxx thankyou bhai for uploading

Автор kauthartv (4 года)
All music is not haraam. That which is used in indecent gatherings is
haraam. But devotional music is not haraam. We have used this kind of
music. Besides, we had a special consultant for the film in the shape of a
learned Islamic scholar who has studied in Qom for more than 20yrs. to
check the halaal & haraam of the film in the production stage itself.
Hence, we can easily say that we have taken care that kauthartv always
works inside the framework of Islam.

Автор syedshahzad786 (4 года)
great movie!!! nice!! kaash ham par bhi moula a.s aisii aata karain!

Автор BaiNaam (4 года)
Marvelous !! Veryy nice - Mola Koi ghum na dai suwai ghum e Hussain (as)
kay.. AMEEN !

Автор kauthartv (4 года)
Hijab is the prerogative of the actress. Compelling an actress to observe
hijab is neither wajib nor mustahab upon us. Also, it is neither haraam nor
makrooh to shoot/ show video/ see a woman without hijab if the woman does
not generally observe hijab and provided the video is not obscene. Also,
due to some other limitations & reasons we did not compell the actresses to
observe hijab.

Автор Shani Naqvi (4 года)
Nice work.. I am unable to understand ... Why Nadeem Sarwar 2010 Fans is
the title of this video.. and Irfan Haider has recited the Marsia..

Автор luckyhani (4 года)
i love this vedio supper vidoe

Автор kauthartv (4 года)
Tks. Do keep praying & supporting us.

Автор kauthartv (4 года)
moula a.s. ne karbala ko hamare dilo me basaakar ham par bhi aisi ataa ki

Автор hazarafreestyle (4 года)
i appreciate ur effort...truely outstanding!!

Автор nakebos666 (3 года)
salaam greetings from mexico, god bless Iraq where I can get this movie? i
wanna buy it

Автор ah5121472 (3 года)
when it will raelise..waiying desperately

Автор kauthartv (4 года)
Tks. for ur comments. Kauthartv is a non-profit organization dedicated to
propagating the love & tachings of Allah s.w.t., HIS Rasool s.a.a.w. & his
AHlebait a.s. We do need support & duas of all momineen.

Автор sayed mohammedi (3 года)
iss film ka name kiya hai plz tell me i want to watch thanks for shareing.
aur ha writer khon hai?

Автор 12followershia (4 года)
great video brother..thanks for posting..

Автор rizvi9000 (3 года)
ya Allah tera shukar ghuzar hoon ky muj ko shia e Ali a.s banaya.

Автор Mohsin Khan (3 года)
report this viedo

Автор Ghazanfar Abbas (1 год)

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