Tai Chi self defence taiji chuan - lesson 1

Learn the moves from tai chi zero and become a real Tai Chi master. Master Wong answers your questions about how to use tai chi combat for real fighting, beginners and advanced. Available in Ipswich, Suffolk and online. Click here http://www.taichicombat.com/

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Автор ohmandamp ( назад)
Man, never shoulder bump into Master Wong. He will take you shit apart.

Автор rayricko mairin ( назад)
i lijke this so much

Автор S.H.A.C.S ( назад)

Автор Simon Wang ( назад)
2:31 is truly a remarkable move. So is the knee block in 2:54 and grappling
evasion in 2:57.

Автор marielgata15 ( назад)

Автор TheTimeKeepingKeeper ( назад)
Probably they tried to assasinate him when he was younger ,thats why he
gets that emotional in combat...lol

Автор TheTimeKeepingKeeper ( назад)
why ppl take this guy for a joke ...i really like him

Автор CaptSockhead ( назад)
LMFAO at the 2:31 response, i was watching intently untill he did that, i
had to laugh(and then memorize it)

Автор kangaroo jackoffxoxo ( назад)
where do you get your cool clothes from master wong ?????

Автор thaolinh362 ( назад)
2:31 I'll do the same if someone accidentally hit me

Автор Grayson Guice ( назад)
i truly, truly wish i could beat this much ass.

Автор sim0nka0s ( назад)
lemme beat on you Dave..

Автор Marking Beastblood ( назад)

Автор mrbunnylamakins ( назад)

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