5 Tibetan Rights

5 Tibetan Rights

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Автор Mark Joseph Middleton ( назад)
You are correct, you've but missed the basis of what I said. You are a
Master. Walk as one, learn as one, teach as one and you are one. It doesn't
destroy your physical body if you've done your preparation, put your time
in and not pushed it. It comes on its own when its ready, and when you are
ready. Naturally there is no problem, as it has several safeguards when it
comes anyway to prevent problems. Rush things, fail to clear the chakras,
fail to resolve things and that is when you get issues.

Автор Mark Joseph Middleton ( назад)
One of the most beneficial programs I know to stretch limbs, work on
balance, toning muscles, healing the body and keeping it running.

Автор Mark Joseph Middleton ( назад)
You are a Master of your own body, if you've been in it for enough years to
know it. Takes things slow and gentle, listen to it, see how it feels.

Автор sritao8 ( назад)
Supralee,you make no sense in any of your postings. Plus you are extremely
rude and uncharitable to the people who have displayed their videos on
here. Who do you think you are to judge them? If you are unable to say
anything nice or useful,don't bother at all. Oh,and get some English

Автор bilton lo ( назад)
very very good.

Автор lokirat ( назад)
the orbs on this video are amazing :)

Автор dragardo ( назад)
I am sorry to say, but nobody should be learning 5 Tibetans from this
video. Except the 1st rite..? I was always glad to see how many people
practice T5T, based on the forums, mail lists and blogs activity. But if
they are doing it this way, then it is sad. I applaud creativity, but lady,
if you want to get the effect, then change your ways. These are supposed to
be rites, not gymnastic exercises. Go to Wikipedia and follow instructions.
Your hips and chin are crucial, forget all the yoga stuff.

Автор shanna1950 ( назад)
no 2: you should not go all over your head with your feet (I think). I
agree that the 5 Rites should be done properly, according to the book by
Kelder. People just wanna be "creative" and thereby doing it wrong (!) no3
: curl your toes, you keep them flat! no 4: sit straight (90 degrees)after
your table top.

Автор standreason ( назад)
I read in a book, thats you need to stay on the floor with your whole back
in the second rite. why is everyone doin them differently?

Автор Eliana Marinho Moran ( назад)
totalmente errado! Não condiz exatamente com o livro.

Автор ElFrankus ( назад)
You´re soooo flexible is amazing! I cannot perform them like that, I´m not
that flexible!

Автор Exitlive ( назад)
very attrctive lady

Автор Kevin Nguyen ( назад)
upward dog looks like a mess! Needs work!

Автор wellhappy2008 ( назад)
Fantastic thank you, never seen the second rite like that, adds a bit more
strength and flexibility, great. CX

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