Majorca best beaches and tours (HD)

Location map of the Mallorca best beaches here:

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Catamaran tour: http://majorca-tours.net/escursione/catamaran-mallorca/

We can go to any part of the island and will organise tailor-made excursions.

You can book our catamaran tours with lunch included at http://majorca-tours.net/escursione/catamaran-mallorca/

You can also book our speed boats tour at http://majorca-tours.net/escursione/mallorca-rib-tour/

The island of Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, is internationally known for its warm climate, its cuisine and traditional handicraft items and of course for its wonderful beaches. There are over 360 beaches around the island, these beaches have fine white sand and warm clean waters. These beautiful beaches are one of the main reasons why tourists from all over the world choose to come and spend their holidays in Mallorca.

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We organize taylor made tours to the best beaches on Mallorca: Private tours we will take you with our private vehicles with or without english speaking guides to the best Mallorca tours or beaches in Mallorca, we specialize in organising tours for cruise ship passengers.

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English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch

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Автор raul rilo lago ( назад)
isla completa! paradisiaca y muy cercana. Gran destino y gran gente !
enamorado 1000%

Автор Cristina Mendoza ( назад)
Majorca best beaches!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udjoRVnnqWs

Автор Michal Hrdinoz ( назад)
thanks :) now know where will my hollyday:P

Автор I.love.to.speed. (1355 лет назад)
11 people are on house arrest 

Автор Arian Pombo (Spain Visual) ( назад)

Автор Hassan Al-Amran ( назад)
You forgot Formentor

Автор Anisettedelsol ( назад)
Palma de Mallorca

Автор Darko Bozo ( назад)

Автор Andrzej m. ( назад)

Автор Hi Balearic (1687 лет назад)
Mallorca is the Best!!! :-)

Автор Bryden Gordon ( назад)
The fist place I went on holiday and the best yet

Автор Ali Rezaie ( назад)
Only Can Picaford. amazing place. I just returned back from there. 

Автор Stuart Wallace ( назад)
I'm sold. Why have I never been before?

Автор Pilar Marina ( назад)

Автор jan dolk ( назад)
The #beaches of #Majorca

Автор Karlen Dario ( назад)
Cala Millor ist an amazing Place, combined with the hotel bahia del este a
perfect combination

Автор uomatko ( назад)
1:08 Cala Domingos - no Cala Antena.

Автор Nick Majdalani ( назад)

Автор Skytravel2305 ( назад)

Автор Luisa Pereghino ( назад)
Molto bello

Автор Kamran Suleymanli ( назад)
great place

Автор Kris Sajewicz ( назад)

Автор Maria Deolinda Silva ( назад)
muito bonito já lá fui 3 vezes passar férias

Автор Invia.sk ( назад)
Obľúbená Mallorca a pútavé video kam sa na vydať.

Автор manuel ramirez ( назад)
Mallorca AMAZING...:)) Estais tod@s invitados:))) vaaaaamossss

Автор Ziwan Bilbao ( назад)
Very nice

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