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Автор Sgt.Workem (1 год)
Where you the one that was breathing during the video??

Автор Kaelan Parker (6 лет)
in the living room theres a armour set or use a cheat

Автор Kaelan Parker (6 лет)
hey thanks this helped i was trying to sneak past em not kill em from
behind ty =D

Автор msixfreakx92 (4 года)
Dude I Have The Same Cloth Not The Hair Or Chain Or Shoe'S

Автор MRjesseNL (2 года)
Hope this house is also in GTA 5

Автор pumpman0 (6 лет)
Hey Hey Hey,its OG loc homie and am gonna kick a little somting like
this...Hey yo,when I come through up in the place,you dont want me to call
up with a gun in your face I feelit harder,than anybody in the world could
do,just like a.....

Автор ps3metal (4 года)
is this on pc

Автор Illusive Prime (6 лет)

Автор hollow088 (6 лет)
how do u make that stab with one hit kill on pc?

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