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Автор joan Jones (2 месяца)
I would say if the sides were both the same length that would be a
beautiful haircut. The different lengths are too modern for me. But I love
the bob look. Neat, simple and feminine.

Автор MrShampooking (1 год)
nice but she needs a head shave

Автор M Murugesan (1 год)
nice cut

Автор Vicky Kumar (1 год)
Sexually girl

Автор Tobyaz1 (1 год)
The comment by ricardo is sooo stupid... damn

Автор Tobyaz1 (1 год)

Could be better. But ok

Автор willy wonka (4 года)
the girl doesn't look like VERY happy..at all =(

Автор dalila da (1 год)
la pauvre ! Un vrai massacre capillaire lol

Автор TheCatsLastWord (3 года)
I love how people say she doesn't look happy with shorter hair. I honestly
don't think she cares... She is probably just one of those people with
faces that are not very expressive.

Автор rudegyal321 (4 года)
very cute, but subtitles please?

Автор Mark H. (2 года)
Would you go this short?

Автор galiagoze (2 года)
This young girl was so beautiful in long hair. Maybe her mother was afraid
of boys and men looking at her daughter, so just cut off the girls hair so
she will be less attractive. Maybe this is moms moral strategy to keep
daughter chaste. She is still cute with the cut and no longer sexy. Maybe I
should thank her mom for that! Thanks,Mom!

Автор Austin Dew (4 года)

Автор thalia (4 года)
she looks pissed..

Автор Frank Johnson (2 года)
Mati211p is a moron short hair is better

Автор paris101nicole (3 года)
Long was way better:(

Автор TheCatsLastWord (3 года)
@BibleBlonde I don't often express my feelings when I am extremely happy. I
remember my grandmother got me something for christmas and I really liked
it, but he kept asking if I even liked it. My mom had to explain to her
that I actually did like it, haha...Some people just have different ways of
expressing themselves.

Автор Kaushal Dhenki (2 года)
you should upload more videos ........

Автор Mark H. (2 года)
Indian girls and women should be required to get a short haircut.

Автор The Big Crunch Project (4 года)
that ain't right. Indian girls are SUPPOSED to have long hair.

Автор Stargirl89Love (2 года)
Everyone have their own opinion !!

Автор CSRproductions1 (4 года)
she looks so cute!!!!!!!!

Автор Frank Johnson (3 года)
great haircut

Автор flashgirl7 (3 года)
what a beautiful girl.. she looks sad cutting her hair... poor girl... it's
like she been force for some reason to do that.

Автор BibleBlonde (3 года)
@TheCatsLastWord IKR? I am so like that when I get my hair done for a
different look. When I got my hair cut shorter and got highlights, I was
really happy with the results, but I didn't really squeal and jump up and
down and stuff. It's like.. Dude. Shut up.

Автор D- M-C (4 года)
she looks like shes forcing that smile poor poor girl ;(

Автор Whitney Garrison (4 года)
She is so beautiful!

Автор Anwar Hassan (2 года)
You girl are a looser

Автор siraly HU (3 года)
poor lady!!

Автор alwaysyouramanda (2 года)
is that a straight male hair stylist..?

Автор Shannon Crozier-Rankin (4 года)
why did she cut it?

Автор MagoLerio (4 года)
Poor girl... :-(((

Автор mati211p (2 года)
You`re wrong, long hair are hot and better

Автор khushi singh (2 года)
but hats off to yhe hair dresser for this simple and elegent haircut

Автор rescateur (3 года)
pretty with long hair !

Автор andrademeza (3 года)
how gross...girls with short hair are like ewww..

Автор siraly HU (4 года)
this lady is very sad, it seems...

Автор barbara198922 (3 года)
Mikado beautiful, but I took her a little bit you know

Автор Ammara Ata (4 года)
He tried to make it look like 'Stylish* and like the 'mordern fashion' But,
he faild.

Автор MAGH MO (2 года)
This dude has a looooot of rings!!!!!!!

Автор MegaZakeya (3 года)
She looks so pretty!

Автор LautnerDragon (4 года)
she looks like someone forced her to get the cut :(

Автор fuzzyduck1989 (3 года)
@xXLikeAbosSXx09 hmmm... well cute

Автор kokyuuri (3 года)
@munni27 ikr? some ppl don't look good with long hair but she does!

Автор Propheticfire (3 года)
i dont like short hair but i really like how this ended up

Автор Caramelsweetify (4 года)
orrible "-.-

Автор fuzzyduck1989 (3 года)
who cares about the haircut ,that hairdresser is so hot!!!!!!! :- o

Автор Cancerian48 (4 года)
I like the haircut very much and she certainly does look pretty. However I
would have taken my clippers to her long locks and given her a really short
pixie cut.

Автор SuperRmstudios (3 года)
shes probably like i hate my life lol

Автор Anwar Hassan (2 года)
Ugly hair cut and your mom is dum

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