indian girl long to short bob

long to short bob cut

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Автор Harsh Navadiya ( назад)
your show time

Автор rescateur ( назад)
beautiful before !

plz chat long to short haircut 09574444577

Автор AllyDaBoss911 ( назад)
I love it

Автор Arvind Arvi ( назад)
She look sexy after cut

Автор Arvind Arvi ( назад)
She look sexy after cut

Автор hamburgmario1 ( назад)
so nice Girl after the haircut short

Автор joan Jones ( назад)
I would say if the sides were both the same length that would be a
beautiful haircut. The different lengths are too modern for me. But I love
the bob look. Neat, simple and feminine.

Автор MrShampooking ( назад)
nice but she needs a head shave

Автор M Murugesan ( назад)
nice cut

Автор Tobyaz1 ( назад)
The comment by ricardo is sooo stupid... damn

Автор Tobyaz1 ( назад)

Could be better. But ok

Автор Vicky Kumar ( назад)
Sexually girl

Автор Ricardo Duarte ( назад)
why he uses so many frickin rings? sonic must hate him

Автор Ricardo Duarte ( назад)
she looks like a playmobil after the haircut,its better if she shaves her
hair,i would not like to look like a playmobil,i look like raito from death

Автор hiteshbariya727 ( назад)
very nice video

Автор DixieDoodles ( назад)
Is it supposed to be asymmetrical? Poor girl 

Автор Sammy Villarreal ( назад)
How old is this shit? Lol

Автор dalila da ( назад)
la pauvre ! Un vrai massacre capillaire lol

Автор Michelle Sakaio ( назад)

Автор Zoe Mack ( назад)
Awww she dose not look happy CUT MINE INSTED

Автор Stargirl89Love ( назад)
Everyone have their own opinion !!

Автор MsSaphireflame ( назад)
she pulled it off coz shes hot but wat a shitty and horrendous hairstyle
this is

Автор Samantha Smith ( назад)
i dont think she liked it.

Автор Marie Ray ( назад)
hahaha you guys using youtube as your wank bank. i found this site a few
weeks ago with real girls that are horny as hell check this out

Автор Anwar Hassan ( назад)
You girl are a looser

Автор Frank Johnson ( назад)
Mati211p is a moron short hair is better

Автор mati211p ( назад)
You`re wrong, long hair are hot and better

Автор MAGH MO ( назад)
This dude has a looooot of rings!!!!!!!

Автор Mark H. ( назад)
Would you go this short?

Автор xESCEY LOVEE ( назад)
This is better and cuter 

Автор Mark H. ( назад)
Indian girls and women should be required to get a short haircut.

Автор Mark H. ( назад)
A law should be passed in India that all young women with long hair are
required to go to a salon and get theier hair chopped chin length ir

Автор Anwar Hassan ( назад)
Ugly hair cut and your mom is dum

Автор Anwar Hassan ( назад)

Автор Mark H. ( назад)
Shalmali408 I know someone who could give you a nice short haircut.

Автор alwaysyouramanda ( назад)
is that a straight male hair stylist..?

Автор Mark H. ( назад)
Many of her colleagues made appointments.

Автор Mark H. ( назад)
So I cut her hair up to chin.

Автор Mark H. ( назад)
By the way I'm a hairdresser, I am recently doing a makeover video where I
take a bunch of long haired Indian women and give them haircuts they would
never think to get. All these girls never heard of a bob haircut before, I
mean they had long hair their whole life. Once I showed them pictures of
the bob hairstyle, they all said it would look good on them. So one by one
my team of hairdressers and I sat them in chairs and gave them a much
needed haircut. One of the girls hair was waist length.

Автор Kaushal Dhenki ( назад)
you should upload more videos ........ 

Автор lula4911 (1481 год назад)
Wow. it looks really beautiful and sophisticated. 

Автор Mark H. ( назад)
When she went back to her work, many of her colleagues wanted to cut their
hair short too. Rosita, a Columbian American had gotten an asymetrical bob.
Camilla, an arab woman had gotten a shoulder length cut. Then Brandy, a
member of the Cherokee nation got a pixie.

Автор Mark H. ( назад)
I wet her hair, then get a fine pair of scissors. I line the scissors under
above her shoulders and start snipping. Her hair was then shoulder length.
Then I snipped it right under her chin. After I'm done I wipe the hair
away. She touches her hair and kisses me. Best part about that day was that
it was our anniversary. We had dinner at a fancy indian resteraunt. She
wore a beatiful dress, that went well her her new haircut. What we did
later on was classified.

Автор Mark H. ( назад)
I wish more indian girls would cut their hair short. My wife is from
Calcutta, India, and used to have long black waist length hair. One day she
told me that she didn't have time to manage all her hair. So she asked me
to cut it. I accepted. Though she wasn't sure how short she wanted to go.
So I showed her a bunch of photos. She looked through them and spotted a
picture of a young indian girl with a bob haircut. She tells me that's what
she wants Again I accept. I sit her down in a chair.

Автор ken carson (555 лет назад)
she looks completely surprised not in a good way...she looks WEIRD she
stills has a lot of volume of hair.......

Автор prettypreethitagore ( назад)
she looks awesome in this haircut. she is very pretty .and could u make
fringe to this haircut its really suits for her. great job. can u post much
more videos of haircut for indian girls like this.

Автор khushi singh (1205 лет назад)
but hats off to yhe hair dresser for this simple and elegent haircut

Автор khushi singh (1271 год назад)
her hair r too thick and scissor is stiner and smaller

Автор alina kostelyek ( назад)
Omg,i am sorry fotpr this girl, really

Автор Craig McGowan ( назад)
She looks great after new haircut,looks healthier and shiny.Also you can
really see how thick and lovely her hair is now.

Автор Revidescent84 ( назад)
I'm sure Halle Berry is crying in a corner by this news. *sarcasm*

Автор Lily Jessica ( назад)
Never trust a man with a mullet

Автор bhavinthaker ( назад)
The guy doing the hair is working with DARSHAN HAIR SALON NEAR TO VIJAY
CROSS ROAD AHMEDABAD GUJARAT INDIA And if m nt mistkn ...his name is
'sahil' or smthing like that...whoevr wants his nmbr ....can search on
justdial.com .....by selecting ahmedabad as a city nd darshan salon as a
name of company ....thnk you

Автор galiagoze ( назад)
IrishM141, Hi! Your comment about me from your first post was very
insightful. You are so right! I'm not a pussy, but have a very strong,
healthy conscience that wants to maintain fairness toward all people and
leave personal choices as a human freedom. No need for u to apologize,
cause u judged me correctly. I wanted to cry while washing dishes knowing I
said the wrong things. God sees ALL including my critical comments. Thanks!
Have a nice day!

Автор Why do you make me do this google ( назад)
I would like to apologize for the comment I made below. I did not mean to
call Galigoze a pussy Iit was autocorrect

Автор Why do you make me do this google ( назад)
I think that the person who commented below me is a pussy and can't say bad
things about someone without having a bad conscience.

Автор galiagoze ( назад)
I would like to apologize for the comment I made below. I certainly did not
mean to insult the girl or her mother. We have the freedom to make such
personal choices and just because I was upset by the cutting off of her
hair does not give me the right to be overly critical. Please forgive me
both mother and daughter. You are a very beautiful girl and may you have a
truly blessed life along with the one day man you will marry. If you
forgive me, I thank you with humility.

Автор galiagoze ( назад)
This young girl was so beautiful in long hair. Maybe her mother was afraid
of boys and men looking at her daughter, so just cut off the girls hair so
she will be less attractive. Maybe this is moms moral strategy to keep
daughter chaste. She is still cute with the cut and no longer sexy. Maybe I
should thank her mom for that! Thanks,Mom!

Автор master irfan ( назад)
meri girlfriend hai ye and i like my gf short bob haircut

Автор Babydoll Joseph ( назад)
The guy creeps me out and the girl looks sad to have her hair taken away. 

Автор VashaLittleMasha ( назад)
That guy is like an Indian version of Bill Murray... but very creepy.

Автор 123camomile™ ( назад)
I hate short hair.:P

Автор Karol Caylen c; ( назад)
Taha all the hairstyles. on the wall are from the sixty's and 70s.

Автор bluefavorites ( назад)
LOL! 90'S HAIR! She just needs a turtleneck!

Автор Nageswararao Chettupilli ( назад)
good bob hair cut

Автор andrademeza ( назад)
how gross...girls with short hair are like ewww..

Автор rescateur ( назад)
pretty with long hair !

Автор bitavina ( назад)
I think the dude fucked up her hair!

Автор barbara198922 ( назад)
Mikado beautiful, but I took her a little bit you know

Автор TheCatsLastWord ( назад)
@BibleBlonde I don't often express my feelings when I am extremely happy. I
remember my grandmother got me something for christmas and I really liked
it, but he kept asking if I even liked it. My mom had to explain to her
that I actually did like it, haha...Some people just have different ways of
expressing themselves.

Автор Megha Rajesh ( назад)
I think her mother forced her to get a haircut like this one 

Автор Frank Johnson ( назад)
You are wrong short hair is better

Автор TheSageDuke ( назад)
The barber himself is in a serious need to have a haircut

Автор Frank Johnson ( назад)
great haircut

Автор usaearthling ( назад)
One side is shorter than the other. Don't like it.

Автор kilimeen1989 ( назад)
Nice to see her head pushed forward by the stylist.

Автор flashgirl7 ( назад)
what a beautiful girl.. she looks sad cutting her hair... poor girl... it's
like she been force for some reason to do that.

Автор Steviej148 ( назад)
This is a truly awful attempt to cut a bob .Easy to correct by cutting hair
shorter and more even and precise though. Beautiful girl, shame about the

Автор TheCatsLastWord ( назад)
I love how people say she doesn't look happy with shorter hair. I honestly
don't think she cares... She is probably just one of those people with
faces that are not very expressive.

Автор klairemay87 ( назад)
@fuzzyduck1989 hahahahahaha.

Автор fuzzyduck1989 ( назад)
@xXLikeAbosSXx09 hmmm... well cute 

Автор xXLikeAbosSXx09 ( назад)
@fuzzyduck1989 ewwww seriously?? D:

Автор fuzzyduck1989 ( назад)
who cares about the haircut ,that hairdresser is so hot!!!!!!! :- o

Автор Kelly Perkins ( назад)
poor gurl this hair cut is to old for her she looks like she is being
forced to get that hair cut 

Автор Zjxel ( назад)
this is how incest porn starts

Автор Propheticfire ( назад)
i dont like short hair but i really like how this ended up 

Автор SuperPops1ckle (1974 года назад)

Автор Petr Stuchlý ( назад)
that guy looks like a marmot... =D

Автор hashaam7 ( назад)
she look SO Nice IN Short Hair

Автор siraly HU ( назад)
poor lady!!

Автор SuperRmstudios ( назад)
shes probably like i hate my life lol

Автор Tip-Top Girl ( назад)
jolie fille mais avant 

Автор Giulia Valenti ( назад)
she was way better with long hair 

Автор Aster C ( назад)
Wow, I thought she was a young girl with long hair but she then transformed
into a 20-30 year-old with the bob o.o

Автор spugna460 ( назад)
extremely beautifull

Автор Catherine Master ( назад)
She looks like my cousin, but has the same hair like me. Reminds me of when
I got my hair done like that.

Автор ThePandaWood ( назад)
indian girls are so beautiful

Автор kokyuuri ( назад)
@munni27 ikr? some ppl don't look good with long hair but she does!

Автор Lilienbaumful ( назад)
She doesn't look happy with short hair..

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