How to get lower ping in CS 1.6

A quick tutorial I made with my iPod on how to get lower ping in Cs. Please post a comment. My name on Cs 1.6 is Kodeth101 or it's Wife Thinks I'm Checking Email. xD Make sure to comment, rate and subscribe for more howto's. Kodeth101 out!

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I'm not sure if this work.
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Автор MaDoXx ßig ßØSs (11 дней)
fucking video !!

Автор Vandiminion Farnese (3 месяца)
omg this must be from 1970 video

Автор Kodeth (2 года)
@dragonballzrocker Hey, I'm the video owner, my account was hacked. I have
Camtasia now.

Автор majed8192 (1 год)
you right cause i play in romania server and all romaina people get under
50 ping

Автор Ali Imran Nawawi (2 года)

Автор viccymiccyjo (3 года)
@chamanullah Try Game booster or Advanced SystemCare

Автор Kalle Sundell (3 года)
get a fucking SCREEN RECORDER O_O

Автор CrazyVideos945 (1 год)
u cant low ur ping because if u have a internet faster ur ping is to low if
u have a slow internet ur ping is too high!

Автор Sven Allmere (1 год)
you are RIGHT fuck the others how thing its wrong :D

Автор Kodeth (1 год)
Yeah, I was a dumbass and forgot to change that. I was like 9 when I made
this video. This account was hacked, for some ungodly reason, I don't see
why anybody would want this piece of shit account.

Автор Kodeth (2 года)
@alinawidz Why you mad though? This was made in 2010. Good luck getting a
video with 17k views, faggot.

Автор khanshoiab098 (3 года)
it dosnt work

Автор sevenfold3070 (3 года)
should i write it so mutch or onlly 1necs?

Автор Shawndizzy Cabron (3 года)
@runescapeganger thanks for the advice that'll help me

Автор viccymiccyjo (3 года)
@solddr99 I know huh. Lol. You're welcome. And thanks for commenting. on't
forget to sub >.> Have fun with your Cs 1.6 now.

Автор rohan64bit (1 год)
its called the dislike button :)

Автор viccymiccyjo (3 года)
@khanshoiab098 No problem man. I just wanna help.

Автор Aman Choudhry (3 года)
@viccymiccyjo hey man thanks alot .. the game booster thing actually worked
.. i think the stuff u say in this video wub also work if wasnt such a noob
.. may be u can make an other video which is alot clearer.. any ways thnx
mate ..

Автор viccymiccyjo (3 года)
@abdullahvideocuts :D

Автор I.AmOlstar (3 года)

Автор dlowe204 (3 года)
Downloada gui from cs-gui.c o m how hard was that

Автор Famous29007 (1 год)
Nice Job It Worked thx ;)

Автор Arnab Dutta (2 года)
@shabilad7 even u got ur ping high

Автор viccymiccyjo (3 года)
@sevenfold3070 For all of the rates put 10. Unless the server asks you to
change it then put them to 20. Make sure rate is 25000

Автор samko19966 (3 года)
get hypercam 2 screen recording program and its free :P

Автор viccymiccyjo (3 года)
@khanshoiab098 Try reinstalling 1.6 then.

Автор Kodeth (2 года)
@Duk3N0k3m2 You're a total fucking dumbass. You're telling me to go to
school, yet you don't realize what I said.

Автор RandomStuff (2 года)
21 people just got theyre ping higher 21 pipol just got tehr pingk hayher

Автор Egert Willer (2 года)
Lol. You are writing with one hand as you are holding iPod with the other
one? Hmm... Am I blind or stupid? When the video starts, everything is
already written.

Автор Mohammad Nizar Suaidi (2 года)
thx it work gonna subscribe

Автор viccymiccyjo (3 года)
@Princejabba It's hard when I'm gaming. In this it was fairly easy.

Автор OlLImarsel (3 года)
fuck you it doesnt work

Автор khanshoiab098 (3 года)
thnx it works

Автор Bonden Dan Anders (2 года)
I cant 1,2,3

Автор viccymiccyjo (3 года)
@abdullahvideocuts I only eat paper towels. Asshole.

Автор adrian1996emo (2 года)
@Duk3N0k3m2 that's why they made a pause button.

Автор majed8192 (1 год)
i try more good way for ping and its work it give youunder 100 for sure

Автор Naveed Ahmed (2 года)
pause the video do not movement there use democreator for desktop recorder
ur video guid is good but recording is bad

Автор Aalu Kony (1 год)
use adblock works like a dream

Автор edin zukic (1 год)
watch?v=LqwvKRPw4tY make your ping low and your fps higher

Автор viccymiccyjo (3 года)
@sevenfold3070 If your computer is good, put the values higher. If it is
bad (Like mine) lower it. Keep developer 1 on and the fps_max 101 should be
either lower or the same depending on your computer. Same with cmdrate and
updatrate. Also type in "rate 25000"

Автор viccymiccyjo (3 года)
@MehPwnSomeNoobs It's not that bad O.O

Автор I.AmOlstar (3 года)
@runescapeganger its the internet fool xD if ur internet is slow ur ping
goes up

Автор solddr99 (3 года)
thank you very much you are the best it works soooooo cooooool

Автор Farid Fouzy (3 года)
nice video men thank you

Автор viccymiccyjo (3 года)
@runescapeganger Inavlid arguement. You lose.

Автор nino7337 (3 года)
@runescapeganger u live in NY

Автор Medo0EGY0FREEDOM (2 года)

Автор Josef jezreel castillo (11 месяцев)
Do you Have Screen Recorder??... -_-

Автор Povel Forsare Källman (1 год)
man ur so wrong for example you can call up your ISP and tell them to
remove your pingfilter or interleave rate and ur ping will instantly fall
down, tho u cant do this if u have a TV that runs through your ISP because
ur TV then need to have a speciall bandwidth so the tv picture dont get
blur. And there's a lot of more things you can do. sry for bad english and
maybe some words are (sweinglish sins i'm swedish) /i haven't even watch
the vid i just saw this comment and felt a need to reply :))

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