How to get lower ping in CS 1.6

A quick tutorial I made with my iPod on how to get lower ping in Cs. Please post a comment. My name on Cs 1.6 is Kodeth101 or it's Wife Thinks I'm Checking Email. xD Make sure to comment, rate and subscribe for more howto's. Kodeth101 out!

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Автор Haikal Abf ( назад)
Ty it working now my ping 24 thank so much

Автор pradip mudavari ( назад)

Автор . DarkAngel ツ ( назад)
Soo Cool!:)

Автор Shah Saud ( назад)
i call this dislike

Автор Dhruva Gupta ( назад)
3rd class video never watch please waste of time.

Автор Black Edition ( назад)
fucking video !!

Автор Vandiminion Farnese ( назад)
omg this must be from 1970 video

Автор MrSkyo ( назад)
Who fucking created ping? Thats just bs.

Автор Jez ( назад)
Do you Have Screen Recorder??... -_-

Автор Sven Allmere ( назад)
you are RIGHT fuck the others how thing its wrong :D

Автор Sven Allmere ( назад)
TNX A LOT my Counter-Strike 1.6 is FAST now but on some maps it still lags
but tnx my CS 1.6 IS FRIKING FAST because I but console : cl_cmdrate to 10
now its FAST TNX

Автор Randomiz8or inator ( назад)
use adblock works like a dream

Автор KenKira “SOFA” Ace ( назад)
It's called screen recorder. (hehehe xD)

Автор rohan64bit ( назад)
its called the dislike button :)

Автор Nemesis “Official” Channel ( назад)
watch?v=LqwvKRPw4tY make your ping low and your fps higher

Автор Povel Forsare Källman ( назад)
man ur so wrong for example you can call up your ISP and tell them to
remove your pingfilter or interleave rate and ur ping will instantly fall
down, tho u cant do this if u have a TV that runs through your ISP because
ur TV then need to have a speciall bandwidth so the tv picture dont get
blur. And there's a lot of more things you can do. sry for bad english and
maybe some words are (sweinglish sins i'm swedish) /i haven't even watch
the vid i just saw this comment and felt a need to reply :))

Автор [poz] kodeth ( назад)
Yeah, I was a dumbass and forgot to change that. I was like 9 when I made
this video. This account was hacked, for some ungodly reason, I don't see
why anybody would want this piece of shit account.

Автор majed8192 ( назад)
i try more good way for ping and its work it give youunder 100 for sure 

Автор majed8192 ( назад)
you right cause i play in romania server and all romaina people get under
50 ping

Автор alkbeer khales ( назад)
fuck what is this the man who make this video is too flush fuck your ودى
تحية من المصرييييييين كس امككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككك يا
ابن الشرموطة يا عرس

Автор [poz] kodeth ( назад)
@Hack3rscap3r1 I have Camtasia now.

Автор [poz] kodeth ( назад)
@alinawidz Why you mad though? This was made in 2010. Good luck getting a
video with 17k views, faggot.

Автор Ali Imran Nawawi ( назад)

Автор Arnab Dutta ( назад)
@shabilad7 even u got ur ping high

Автор RandomStuff ( назад)
21 people just got theyre ping higher 21 pipol just got tehr pingk hayher

Автор [poz] kodeth ( назад)
@Duk3N0k3m2 You're a total fucking dumbass. You're telling me to go to
school, yet you don't realize what I said.

Автор [poz] kodeth ( назад)
@dragonballzrocker Hey, I'm the video owner, my account was hacked. I have
Camtasia now.

Автор Mohammad Nizar Suaidi ( назад)
thx it work gonna subscribe

Автор abareemo82 ( назад)
@viccymiccyjo u are a fucking idiot. it helps you.

Автор Naveed Ahmed ( назад)
pause the video do not movement there use democreator for desktop recorder
ur video guid is good but recording is bad

Автор I.AmOlstar ( назад)
@runescapeganger its the internet fool xD if ur internet is slow ur ping
goes up

Автор I.AmOlstar ( назад)
@viccymiccyjo going too fast is called pause button? haha dude go to school

Автор asds dsdsas ( назад)
get a fucking SCREEN RECORDER O_O

Автор Shawndizzy Cabron ( назад)
@runescapeganger thanks for the advice that'll help me

Автор I.AmOlstar ( назад)

Автор Farid Fouzy ( назад)
nice video men thank you

Автор dlowe204 ( назад)
Downloada gui from cs-gui.c o m how hard was that

Автор Aman Choudhry ( назад)
@viccymiccyjo hey man thanks alot .. the game booster thing actually worked
.. i think the stuff u say in this video wub also work if wasnt such a noob
.. may be u can make an other video which is alot clearer.. any ways thnx
mate .. 

Автор Aman Choudhry ( назад)
@viccymiccyjo seriously man i dont knw much abt this stuff so u have to
elaborate a little but of exactly how to do stuff .. thnx .. 

Автор Aman Choudhry ( назад)
doesnt work for me .. 

Автор sancurious ( назад)
dude i got banned for 1 hour due to this.......

Автор Princejabba ( назад)
@Princejabba i mean hypercam 2 =D fraps is for games

Автор Princejabba ( назад)
is it hard for u to aim a camera? i recomend fraps

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