How to get lower ping in CS 1.6

A quick tutorial I made with my iPod on how to get lower ping in Cs. Please post a comment. My name on Cs 1.6 is Kodeth101 or it's Wife Thinks I'm Checking Email. xD Make sure to comment, rate and subscribe for more howto's. Kodeth101 out!

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Watch this video in full screen then you will understand better and you will see my ping in speed test less your ping . change setting in modem...
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in this video ill show u how to lower u ping in counter strike 1.6......the download for the file is...
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How to lower your ping/latency in CS 1.6
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download link : http://www.mediafire.com/?rqwhrapgx2l5ad6
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https://www.facebook.com/besplatandownloadfreedownload Nasa stranica.. ;) Tu mozete naci i Download Link za patch.. ;)
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hey people i need help in lowering my ping watch my video if you help me i would pay back and i would do anything you want
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| 1 sifra je net_graph 9 2 sifra je FPS_max 101
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Episode 1: http://youtu.be/MwfzhXM1J1k FIRST TIP: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled netsh int tcp set global...
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Read me............if u don't want to see the video the download link http://uploading.com/files/bm3fd82a/config.rar/ the new link...
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Ako nesto nije u redu pitajte vo komentar :D like and subcribe
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how to reduce your ping in cs 1.6 SIMPLE
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This is just a remake of one of my other videos, this tutorial tells you how to decrease ping/latency in games and make your system all together....
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Step 1 Download and install the latest Graphics Driver. ATI User go here: www.ati.com nVIDIA User go here: www.nVIDIA.com Note: Do not simply...
Counter-strike 1.6 Fps 100.
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How to do strong fps in counter-strike 1.6
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Cette Vidéo vas vous montrez comment avoir un meilleur Ping jusqu'a 4 MS , vrément ^^ OK maintenant Plz Faites vos commentaires
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I'm not sure if this work.
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just watch the video and here the cfg file link http://www.4shared.com/file/RqrUobA8/ping.html and for wall and aimbot mp 5 and cd hack check...
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Ok so here is whats happening to me when i play CSGO and i still have a very low ping the first min is the worst then the lag seems to go away...
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How High Can my Fps Be on Cs 1.6?

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