Maria Kochetkova Esmeralda variation

Seoul International Dance Competition, 2005
Ballet Senior Ladies 1st prize

I can help you if you want to purchase a DVD copy of this competition. It has clearer picture quality, and without commentary if you prefer.

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Длительность: 1:47
Комментарии: 57

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Автор preciousbash ( назад)
She is the first female dancer that I have seen that I can say would have
made a great pairing with Misha. I would love to have seen him dance with
this one in his prime!! She is the absolute last word!!! TREMENDOUS!!!!

Автор Angela Bartuseviciene ( назад)
that's so beautiful, literally cant take my eyes off her when she dances so

Автор роза сафина ( назад)
1.22-1.34 ой-ой-ой какая мощь!

Автор shirley leah ( назад)
She is stupendous!

Автор Valerie Green ( назад)
I think she is a gorgeous dancer, but she could be a bit stronger with it,
and more confidence.

Автор gono rreias ( назад)
i think she wasnt, the problem is that the video is not in sync with the
music.. you can see in the end when she strikes the tamborine with her
point, the sound its not at the same time

Автор hector hernandez ( назад)
elegante interpretacion de esmeralda....bravo maria...

Автор Shay Edden ( назад)
this is one of the most powerful, Feminine, hard variations that was ever

Автор mlballerina ( назад)
Haha the commentary made me feel like I was watching the Olympics only I
couldn't understand it! Excellent job though!

Автор lakenvelder0pandora ( назад)
Yes, you're right, but let's consider a few things: she obviously chose to
emphasize the plie rather than hitting the tambourine (probably so she
could land that hit on the knee musically). I know when she performed in
the Prix de Lausanne she had to refine this variation at night by herself
because her school didn't support her competing; and while this video isn't
of that performance (which she won, by the way), it is annexed to that same
level of dedication. Now she's a principal.

Автор blossomingballerina (602 года назад)
I thought so too, but if you look closely, she kicks the tambourine, then
there's a delay, then the tambourine rings. So either the camera man was
far enough from the stage that he/she had a delay in soundwaves or the
audio is slower than the video or Maria had a defective tambourine.

Автор Jessica ( назад)
Haha the Korean in the background

Автор gabriel manferdini ( назад)
quel metrise....bravo

Автор rainonline1 ( назад)

Автор Sylvie Vagonva ( назад)
0:38 not behind her. but apart from that really good! (: x

Автор Ballerina Balca ( назад)
She is dancing!

Автор Ballerina Balca ( назад)
She is dancing! Beautiful!!!

Автор librandancer ( назад)

Автор Louis Leger ( назад)
<3 so beautiful

Автор tedsler ( назад)
I wonder if anyone who has commented on the fact that she is late at
certain points have taken into account that sometimes the video and the
sound on Youtube aren't sync'ed...just saying...

Автор Moria Glaus ( назад)
the sound was a bit off with the dancing, but she did wonderfully!

Автор lizzykingsman ( назад)
i think the sound audio was off in the video, because in the end she is
exactly one count late, and i'm sure she wouldn't do that, ever. If the
audio here was a bit off, it explains why the tambourine doesn't make the
noise right when she hits it and why she seems a little off

Автор Ellen Gunn ( назад)
my idol

Автор Saffron ( назад)
dam she's good

Автор Amy Clark ( назад)
I think the image may be a bit late at the end, that's why it looks as if
she weren't hitting the tamborine to the beat, if you listen well you can
hear it being hit on time but the leg hasn't risen up yet..I don't think I
was clear enough explaining, but I hope you get what I'm saying haha

Автор NienyalieAgain ( назад)
She's amazing, she makes everything look soooo easy.

Автор yulpany ( назад)
the music is off!! :(

Автор Sierra Randall ( назад)
guys, the music is not in sync with the vid. she was spot on, the vid just
didn't work.

Автор Ale ( назад)
her performance was so clean and controlled, but also graceful, she's

Автор 26LGL26 ( назад)
She is my favorite Esmeralda with Osipova. She is so controlled and

Автор Tymbre Zoe ( назад)
such gorgeous feet

Автор Alyssa Marie ( назад)
I wish I knew what the people were saying sooooo bad!

Автор Grace ( назад)
thats gorgeous! ^^ i hope i can dance like her someday (soooon. ;)

Автор sassylatina808 ( назад)
@Lyndybop I agree.

Автор N Neal ( назад)
@inspiredbysnowx3 I think that was the video-- the tambourine made a sound
before her foot hit it at the end

Автор Laura Panameno ( назад)
Wonderful!!! -3

Автор xXelectrisXx ( назад)
SO PRO!!!!!!!! :O

Автор inspiredbysnowx3 ( назад)
She was a tad off beat with the tamborine...

Автор LaTonia Harris ( назад)
Best ever

Автор french7chic ( назад)

Автор Francisco Seoane ( назад)
She's out of music at the final diagonal, the rest is amazing!!!!!

Автор lakenvelder0pandora ( назад)

Автор missolive10100 ( назад)
How old was she here? 20? 21? She's so graceful and gorgeous!

Автор qortnwjd92 ( назад)
도는걸 잘하는것같습니다 도는거요 ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Автор TheRoxanneTango ( назад)
Her legs are beautiful!!

Автор barbieguirl ( назад)
her feet :/ i wish

Автор Ianca Campêlo ( назад)
Gorgeous! Ballerina pretty accurate!!

Автор Stacey Doj ( назад)
she is so so beautiful. her lines are gorgeous

Автор Letícia Koczicki ( назад)

Автор 0scar ( назад)
So clean!

Автор pfefferminzprinz99 ( назад)
She´s amazing :D

Автор DropjeJulius ( назад)
The control she has is amazing!!

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