Dave Chapelle - Police Scanner

Dave avoiding police altercations by maturbating out his window when trouble sparks accross the neighborhood.

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Автор notsure ifsrs ( назад)
"Calling all cars, calling all cars... be on the lookout for a black male
between... 4'7" and 6'8"..." LOL HAHAAHAHAHAH

Автор David Dangcil ( назад)
Yes, humor for the perverted! And the picklemachine.

Автор 818hyko818 ( назад)
You have so much information about Dave Chapelle. Im going to subscribe.

Автор melissa gibbs ( назад)
Hmm...not funny

Автор David Dangcil ( назад)
Was that humor?

Автор eggzeck ( назад)
Agreed, Dave is my favorite comedian!

Автор liltunechi4eva ( назад)
chappelle is way better than alot of comedians today

Автор Payal J Gorasia ( назад)
LOVE his white-man voice

Автор Mike Love ( назад)
standing on a clock, holding a calendar AND today's paper!

Автор Ralph Muskinyaar ( назад)
2.35 to 2.37

Автор bokocrew ( назад)
I love this guy fucking awesome !

Автор M4Mons ( назад)
Hahahaha lawl~

Автор kbotpop ( назад)
so he was holding a clock, holding a calendar, and masturbating? does he
beat off with his toes or sumthing? wtf

Автор funnyvideotvdotcom ( назад)
cool thanks... added to our channel

Автор chi wong ( назад)
lol 4'7 - 6'8

Автор Yomamas Nekst ( назад)
lool 2:35 to 2:37 thats only 2mins

Автор smashsmash24 ( назад)
staying in the crib tonite

Автор RCGshakenbake ( назад)
Dave's "white Guy" voice is awesome!

Автор maylea mineyourbusiness ( назад)
we miss you come back

Автор MikeyB TV ( назад)
Lol I was listening to the police radio app and it said some guy was
masturbating on the porch was that you?

Автор undrtakr900 ( назад)
@shrilayt That's why I never read the comments until I watched the video
because the top comment is always the punchline.

Автор combatarms08 ( назад)
1 person didn't have a alibi..

Автор shrilayt ( назад)
will u asses stop posting lines from the sketch and spoiling it for the
rest of the public!!!!

Автор iamwolver ( назад)
lol this is funny hahaha

Автор TJG7 ( назад)
I respect Dave a lot cause he barley re uses his jokes

Автор IndigoR ( назад)
Damn Dave Chappelle was holding both the newspaper and the calendar while
masturbating. He is a masturbation champion!

Автор rbx22 ( назад)
from 02:34 to 02:37 HAHAHAHAHA

Автор deswolfe ( назад)
With his facial hair, he looks like the black version of a Guy Fawkes mask.

Автор Nhzharuthopar ( назад)
@bobhemalta Yes he did, in 1997

Автор Klone Da Mystiv .™ ( назад)
Look at his Mustache :q

Автор Nhzharuthopar ( назад)
Yes. June 2004 @ the Filmore in San Fransisco.

Автор lambofgodfan21 ( назад)
was this from the stand-up he did in frisco?

Автор PeachesOhoulihan ( назад)
black male between 4'7" and 6'8" hahahaha

Автор surferdudette19 ( назад)

Автор machedari ( назад)
lol "officer , dave chapelle couldn't have done that i saw him masturbating
on his window at 2:35"

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