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Автор Worldfreerfid (3 дня)
It's all good that's a painless way to die. Better then taking the mark of
the beast and going to hell for eternity 

Автор Jeff Motter (3 месяца)

Автор John Smith (6 месяцев)
REVELATION 20:4-15 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them , and
judgement was given unto them : and I saw the souls of them that were be
headed for the witness of jesus, and for the Word of God, and which had not
worship the beast, neither had received...

Автор 1972njr (4 месяца)
Not really sure what to think of this but it's quite intriguing and may
worth the 8 minutes of your time.

Автор Brett Sullins (2 месяца)
Noahide laws are how they chose whos getting beheaded in the nwo future was
what my sources told me

Автор Bluesky Gladue (1 день)
Sure it's painless at that point, but watch, they will torture a whole lot
of christians, they want everyone possible taking the mark, 

Автор Wladyslaw Warnenczyk (2 месяца)
Are you sure these are not for Alien Invaders whom FEMA/Obama knows are

Автор DrepDeAndre (2 месяца)
lol WTF Seen Ancient Alien much ?

Автор shauna sikorski (1 месяц)
can we just get it over with already? raping every American citizen first
seems too dirty, and yet here I am.

Автор Chuck U. Farley (1 месяц)
Lol. I just wish someone, somewhere, sometime would post one single shred
of evidence that this is true. This rumor has been around since the '90s.

Автор Pieter Teakezn (3 месяца)
Crazy and stupid negative propaganda. How stupid you must be to see Obama
this way? He's the greatest, most human president the US ever had till now.
Slowly he's making us (Europe) believe that there are well thinking people
in the US too. A message like this is scaring and so very stupid. Brrrr.

Автор Ludvig Wallman (1 месяц)
Omg.. The bullshit is real!

Автор Sandy Lemer (3 месяца)
That's a lot of Christians.

Автор marie tahergorabi (5 месяцев)
NAZIs in America!

Автор Misato Katsuragi (1 месяц)
This is a false rumor. You can tell cuz all these deceptive videos always
use computer generated voices.

Автор Shun Jackson (4 месяца)
The devil is a Lie, and will lie woo? 

Автор SWANYAWN (1 год)
Revelation 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was
given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the
witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the
beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their
foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a
thousand years.

Автор anisuthideyakoindu (11 месяцев)
uh, except in case you are a native, you wouldn't have been in America if
your forefathers would have thought the same way! If I were you, yes I
would claim the land firmly and try to chase these gangsters out, but if
nothing helps I would look for a safe place - I wish you all the best

Автор 1973Saved (10 месяцев)
I'm ready, are you? 2 Corinthians 5:8 We are confident, I say, and willing
rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.
Defenders Notes >> Let's use the time & resources we have here & now to
bring Him honor & glory.

Автор kg2679 (6 месяцев)
Hmm...GMO's, Chemtrails, Vaccines, radioactive everything, feces in our
meat, fluoride in the water, etc etc and Christians still want to make it
about their religion. Um they are killing us all so fuck your religion and
wake up.

Автор Connie Crouch (1 год)
For the speaker's SAFETY, what else???

Автор Joe Doe (8 месяцев)
They need to start chopping the heads off of convicted felons serving 10+
years in prison. Then they can move on to the Bloods, Crips, and every
other domestic terrorist gang in this country. America would prosper and

Автор Joni Weaver (8 месяцев)
evidently you don't read the bible.

Автор slape237 (8 месяцев)
To add to what was in this video there is a clause in the obama care act
that references microchip implants in humans. A way to track people and a
way to access or wipe financial information. This would give the government
and whoever comes to power total control.

Автор Hilux244 (1 год)
When it hits there will be no hiding place upon the face of the earth. This
is coming very soon and most are fast asleep. Jesus is the one and only
answer. Getting your head lopped off is only momentary. And is far better
than spending eternity suffering in the lake of fire.never ever ending pain
and suffering engulfed in flames. Anti-christ will sonn appear and mandate
his mark. Take the mark or off with the head.

Автор OTheognostos (10 месяцев)

Автор Ronald Wilt Arlington (6 месяцев)
watch the Roger Dommergue interview (especially part 4), it's crazy who
rules over us, especially since they pose as the eternal victims.

Автор Ronald Wilt Arlington (5 месяцев)
Correct. I'm surprised that someone know that, the ADL makes sure that this
doesn't get out in the open (they even succeeded in preventing
Solshenizyn's last book from being published - apparently he talked too
much truth). Anyways, have you watched the Roger Dommergue interview? It'll
blow your hair back, especially his explanation of this certain event world
Jewry sells us (and is milking whole countries because of that)...

Автор nathenism (1 год)
hey i know there's god running the show. i just dont think we can rely on
him sending someone to save us from the mess we made. dont be too sure cuz
maybe no one will come...

Автор Donnellnumber1 (10 месяцев)
Are you positive that believers will not be here for the tribulation? Are
you sure that Jesus will return before the tribulation? Do not listen only
to your pastors. You need to know the truth for yourself. Please read in
Revelation and Matthew concerning the Trumpets. Jesus comes on the 7th
trump. 1-6 take place prior to his return. Know the truth.

Автор Kim Boe (1 год)
a little suspect to the actuality of the event. it sounds like a scene from
a tv/movie. i'm always a bit leary of the computer generated voice..but
scripture does back it up, millions will be beheaded.

Автор letsleepingdogs lie (8 месяцев)
It would make more sense to me if they started with the unmanagable
criminally insane. Once you see a drop in prisoners that should give you an
idea if the new world order is being enacted. At least thats what I think!

Автор Storm Raven (1 год)

Автор Tammy Blythe (9 месяцев)
You are very misinformed go to Jesus.. revelation said we will be
presecuted for his names sake and we we stay the course and we will be
overcomers the Lord will take us up there is nooooo mention anywhere in the
Bible of Rapture Im sorry but you make wont to strengthen your faith for
what is to come for the believers yes we will be beheaded and a host of
other things but the Lord said we are in his shadow we will not feel this

Автор 2012nugget (1 год)
So he was on the run and you called him ? On the run from who, the paper
boy ? If he was running from any sort of law enforcement or government and
had a working phone on him..... Well you fucked this one up with your own
lies. You proved or gave no real evidence of anything.

Автор rasamanjari (9 месяцев)
i pray for you, sir. "guillotines for organ harvesting. transhumanism
experiments and developments requires a severed human head to facilitate
the mixing of humans and animals into one sentient being. DARPA robots will
have human heads after the initial purge and subsequent executions. Satanic
rituals require severed human heads and we know the global elite are indeed

Автор uncheckers (6 месяцев)
"Perfect love cast out fear!" If you have personal relation-ship with Jesus
Christ who is PERFECT LOVE, then no fear (fear is a spirit and he's the
devil, demons, evil spirits) CANNOT come near you! Man...it's time to get
your soul right! Very little time left! Sincerely repent to God thru Jesus,
surrender your life to Jesus n be free from all fear! Trust me; I did so
and Jesus set me free! Now I have confidence.."for greater is He (Jesus)
that's in me than he (satan) that's in the world! GBU!

Автор Rune saki (8 месяцев)
I actually do.

Автор Liberty Lackey (1 год)

Автор racerx82big (1 год)
better to be shot fighting than restrained and decapitated.. i just read
this whole law.. its there

Автор Beatrix Phocas (9 месяцев)
30,0000 for the Christians that will not deny Jesus Christ and cannot be
brainwashed to worship the anti-christ. I know a few who would deny their
God tomorrow if Obama told them to.

Автор Greg May (1 год)
Twelve years ago I watched a documentary on The History Channel about the
guillotine. At the end of the documentary, the announcer said, "Have we
seen the last of the guillotine?" 'Martial Law' is referring to the
Tribulation and if you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you
will be caught up in the Rapture and will not endure the terrible times of
the Tribulatiorn - the new world order.

Автор Vox Mundi (6 месяцев)
Four years. And i never found this in all of that time.

Автор Jesse Jackson (6 месяцев)
For the first time in my life I'm afraid.

Автор timothy evans (1 год)
If this is true then the Builderbergs are behind this. They are the
greatest evil of post WW2 and it is my opinion that the Builderbergs will
be the primary power scource of the one world govt. A govt that will be
under Satin's control. But that one world order will be destroyed when the
Lord Jesus Christ returns from the heavens with his angels in power and
great glory.

Автор Jam Moran (9 месяцев)
there are many references to a rapture.. off the top of my head daniel
12:1-2, first and second timothy also hold key passages..

Автор nathenism (1 год)
2000 years ago christians were saying the same thing they are saying today,
that jesus was coming any day now. they waited and waited and guess what?
he never came.

Автор CalisthenicTraining (5 месяцев)
Ha. Im 17 and this week I had to study about first and second world war.
Geez! Lots of propaganda and fake history damn. I hate it. I love history,
but only REAL history. Not the twisted one. I havent watched the roger
dommergue interview, I might look at it next.

Автор jerri Van Ellen (7 месяцев)
I did with a 9mm and was never checked

Автор daveme7 (1 год)
Can youn tell us where on Ft Lewis these guillotines are stored. Can you
even point out where the 75th Ranger Bat is at?Feel free to use Google
Earth or Bing. Do you even know what kind of units are stationed at Ft
Lewis? You really dont know what you are talking about. The person that
made this video is a habitual liar and devoid of truth.

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