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Автор Donald Caldwell ( назад)
so are the fema coffins or ebola coffins? if it's not a conspiracy then why
do they keep changing and updating the dates and info on this stupid shit
lmao. people are so stupid. if our government was gonna kill us off in mass
numbers then why not build a trench or whatever and burn us nazi style?
these conspiracy nuts are rediculous lmao. I know our government does some
fucked up shut but come on lmao.

Автор Pat S ( назад)

Автор Piggsy Lamb ( назад)
There going to feed the bodies to the giants or the prisoners to turn you
into demons, start self policing your neighborhood as the more you do
yourself the less you rely on government. Vote for a party that can in
writing reduce the military by half not double as your voting for this
blood bath.

Автор Chris Cestaro ( назад)
Look up Obama Care Code :icd9e978

Автор J.R. rouse ( назад)
Lol this fool said go to Greece he must not know about the new PM

Автор George Gallagher ( назад)

Автор Darrell Waters ( назад)
Sir/Ma'am, please enable comments on your video where you say Jesus warmed
us that the Apposlte Paul is our enemy. Again I have one more thing to
say, then I think I'll hush. If I need to be corrected by other Christians
on here, you have my permission. I hope I don't say this to strongly, but
If I hadn't read David Wilkerson's book The Vision, I might not believe
there was anything to either vid about the guilitines in U.S. The
synthesizer gives some of the same info. in both vids. I say I think I
might doubt what you say because you claim the Apposlte Paul was our
enemy. I'd probably think you're nothing but an alatmist and cult leader.
Mabye you're not a cult leader. 

Автор Darrell Waters ( назад)
Sir/Ma'am, have you ever read Romans 9, 10, and 11 and what the Appostle
Paul says about Israel? Do you still think he's our enamy as Christians?
What do you think he means when he says, "For many walk, of whom I have
told you often, and now tell you even WEEPING, that they are the enemies of
the cross of Christ." (Philipians 3:18)?

Автор Darrell Waters ( назад)
Sir/Ma'am, if you call yourself a Messianic Jew and you believe that Paul's
writings aren't inspired, please tell me what you think Jesus, Yeshua,
meant in Rev. 3:9?

Автор Darrell Waters ( назад)
Sir/Ma'am, do you not beleive ALL the New Testament as well as YES, ALL OF
THE OLD TESTAMENT IS THE WORD OF GOD? I'm not all capitalizing the
previous words to be rude, but for emphasis and to let you know I believe
ALL the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS are the Word of God. Do you believe one of
Peter's epistles isn't from God where he says that Paul was a beloved
brother and wrote things "Hard to be understood" and talks about people
twisting those and other scriptures to their own desstruction, not the
exact quote. (See 2 Peter 3:16) I hope you're not a cult leader or
involved in one.

Автор Darrell Waters ( назад)
Mr. Kalamata, I'm not trying to be ugly or unChristlike, or antisemetic
toward you, but how can you say that Paul the Appostle was our enamy as
Christians, even after he was converted on the Damascus Road? I know you
have the right to believe anything you wish and promote your beliefs, but
what you say on a vid about Paul and the fact you don't allow comments on
that paticular vid, makes this and the vid about the same matter with 2014
date seem less credible. 

Автор Darrell Waters ( назад)
I figured it out. This is a different video with much of the same info.
but there's more info. on this video, but the other video still exists and
hasn't been changed. 

Автор Darrell Waters ( назад)
Why does this continue on today after teh statement, "We partted him the
next day." Yesterday, right after that statement they showed 2 men having
a conversation about what had just been shown? So why is this video
different today with that senthesizer sharing more info. and that man to
man conversation deleted?

Автор Darrell Waters ( назад)
Why wasn't all this info. about arresting and stuff that they didn't have
on here? Yesterday they had 2 men talking about this but not all this. 

Автор big Cahuna ( назад)
Beheadings are mentioned many times in the Bible. This is how "religious"
, power mad people prefer killing their political opponents.

Автор TFfolkes ( назад)
I hardly doubt anybody is going to believe any moron they just met on a
bus. Get serious

Автор Matthew Mccoll ( назад)
what a load of bullshit

Автор the great p ( назад)
get the foil hats on!

Автор CalisthenicTraining ( назад)
Ha. Im 17 and this week I had to study about first and second world war.
Geez! Lots of propaganda and fake history damn. I hate it. I love history,
but only REAL history. Not the twisted one. I havent watched the roger
dommergue interview, I might look at it next.

Автор Dragon Monk ( назад)
Choosing Christ was the best decision I've made in my life!

Автор Ronald Wilt Arlington ( назад)
Correct. I'm surprised that someone know that, the ADL makes sure that this
doesn't get out in the open (they even succeeded in preventing
Solshenizyn's last book from being published - apparently he talked too
much truth). Anyways, have you watched the Roger Dommergue interview? It'll
blow your hair back, especially his explanation of this certain event world
Jewry sells us (and is milking whole countries because of that)...

Автор CalisthenicTraining ( назад)
its not advertised or recommend.. youtube works like that they promote g$y
music and gunz

Автор CalisthenicTraining ( назад)
bolshevik are jews, arent they religion,nazism,communism,capitalism all the
same shit

Автор CalisthenicTraining ( назад)
TRUTH christians return to god, but infact they should face the problems
and deal with it now before everyone is no longer..

Автор Vox Mundi ( назад)
Four years. And i never found this in all of that time.

Автор uncheckers ( назад)
Very sad indeed! No Jesus means hell...that's the truth! Hell is a real
place...Jesus showed it to me in my dream! The most scary dream I had in
all my life...I changed 180 degrees and sincerely repented to God and
invited Jesus into my life! The best decision I made all my life! Today I'm
so happy only b'coz of Jesus! He has blessed me so much especially...such
PEACE, LOVE n JOY in my heart! Now whatever should come, I can face
it...coz I'm NOT alone to face it! I've the the ALMIGHTY in me!

Автор uncheckers ( назад)
"Perfect love cast out fear!" If you have personal relation-ship with Jesus
Christ who is PERFECT LOVE, then no fear (fear is a spirit and he's the
devil, demons, evil spirits) CANNOT come near you! Man...it's time to get
your soul right! Very little time left! Sincerely repent to God thru Jesus,
surrender your life to Jesus n be free from all fear! Trust me; I did so
and Jesus set me free! Now I have confidence.."for greater is He (Jesus)
that's in me than he (satan) that's in the world! GBU!

Автор Ronald Wilt Arlington ( назад)
You obviously don't understand. You might don't like religion (as it has
many negative aspects), but the ones who run big business, especially who
control our money supply, belong to a tribalist religion. Also if you think
about it, the whole concept of paying interest on money (something they
produce out of nothing), is a religion in itself.

Автор kg2679 ( назад)
Hmm...GMO's, Chemtrails, Vaccines, radioactive everything, feces in our
meat, fluoride in the water, etc etc and Christians still want to make it
about their religion. Um they are killing us all so fuck your religion and
wake up.

Автор Ronald Wilt Arlington ( назад)
Learn the history of the Bolshevik take-over of Russia. An estimated 67
million people died, mostly Christians. Of course you would not know about
that, since hollywood is busy pouring holocaust propaganda on us. Also
mostly informative: Roger Dommergue interview part 4, jump to 1min58sec.

Автор Ronald Wilt Arlington ( назад)
watch the Roger Dommergue interview (especially part 4), it's crazy who
rules over us, especially since they pose as the eternal victims.

Автор Jesse Jackson ( назад)
For the first time in my life I'm afraid.

Автор Cassie Marcos ( назад)
I'm not a Christian, and I never will be. But I would defend your right to
be one to the death of me. I'd probably die as well; but die fighting

Автор kg2679 ( назад)
probably because I actually pay attention and share all the BS they do.
While Christians parrot what the news tells them too. oh look a Muslim he
must be a terrorist. Thats y I wrote what I did.

Автор john michael vanOs ( назад)

Автор John Castlegrande ( назад)
No they R gonna kill more than Christians. They R gonna kill the letter
that comes after T

Автор carlos armando sanchez vega ( назад)

Автор carlos armando sanchez vega ( назад)

Автор carlos armando sanchez vega ( назад)

Автор carlos armando sanchez vega ( назад)

Автор Greg May ( назад)
About twelve years ago I watched a documentary on either A&E or The History
Channel about the guillotine. At the end of the documentary - and I will
never forget these words - the announcer said, "Have we seen the last of
the guillotine?" Martial Law is pertaining to the Tribulation when those
left behind that do not take the Mark will be guillotined for their belief
in Christ.

Автор micky mondo ( назад)
The black plastic coffin liners are for use with the guillotines, look at
the size of the wicker baskets that sit beside the guillotine and are used
to dump the body in after beheading in footage of guillotine use. There are
several vids on youtube showing actual guillotine execution footage. The
black plastic coffin liners are the right size for this purpose.

Автор DucatiQueen ( назад)
That's a bit impractical dont you think !? Lol and dated !

Автор Kathrine Paulk ( назад)
You can if you have clearance.

Автор jerri Van Ellen ( назад)
I did with a 9mm and was never checked

Автор onepunch66 ( назад)
This is complete bs and just another method to spread hysteria to get
people to jump on board

Автор meatloafzombie ( назад)
1st part is BS as it's not possible to travel on the bus (greyhound) with

Автор Joni Weaver ( назад)
why do you think the Russian troops are at the Fema camps

Автор Alexander Guerra ( назад)
I actually do.

Автор Joni Weaver ( назад)
evidently you don't read the bible.

Автор Bobby Martin ( назад)
Unless this Marine was a complete piece of shit and if he knew this
classified information he would have been told not to even tell his wife or
even parents, so he wouldn't tell a stranger on a bus or agree to a
statement like that so this is complete bullshit and this asshole is not
being hunted down by anyone

Автор Steven Zaepfel ( назад)
you know... the Bible does mention the followers of Christ being beheaded
under the AntiChrist

Автор Joe Doe ( назад)
They need to start chopping the heads off of convicted felons serving 10+
years in prison. Then they can move on to the Bloods, Crips, and every
other domestic terrorist gang in this country. America would prosper and

Автор Thensolomonsaid ( назад)
While i know Fema camps do exist.Guillotines ????? i think they could find
a more efficient way of killing.

Автор slape237 ( назад)
To add to what was in this video there is a clause in the obama care act
that references microchip implants in humans. A way to track people and a
way to access or wipe financial information. This would give the government
and whoever comes to power total control.

Автор Alexander Guerra ( назад)
I smell this as bs cause of the part saying that all the Christians are
gonna get kill.

Автор kg2679 ( назад)
While the guillotines are true I wonder why Christians try and make
everything about themselves. They are going to kill every Christian, LMFAO.
Chistians are the most ignorant, sheepish people in the US why would you
think the Gov would kill you...it's all comes down to you WANTING to be
victims. You heard me.

Автор Jam Moran ( назад)
there are many references to a rapture.. off the top of my head daniel
12:1-2, first and second timothy also hold key passages..

Автор America Best ( назад)
Its no different the others who conceal their identity, their afraid! Its
all top secret and their not suppose to know.

Автор America Best ( назад)
While I believe what you say in certain terms, you must understand heads
are being cut off around the world and it has been happening regularly!
Obama comes from the same background of behavior.

Автор rasamanjari ( назад)
i pray for you, sir. "guillotines for organ harvesting. transhumanism
experiments and developments requires a severed human head to facilitate
the mixing of humans and animals into one sentient being. DARPA robots will
have human heads after the initial purge and subsequent executions. Satanic
rituals require severed human heads and we know the global elite are indeed

Автор Tammy Blythe ( назад)
You are very misinformed go to Jesus.. revelation said we will be
presecuted for his names sake and we we stay the course and we will be
overcomers the Lord will take us up there is nooooo mention anywhere in the
Bible of Rapture Im sorry but you make wont to strengthen your faith for
what is to come for the believers yes we will be beheaded and a host of
other things but the Lord said we are in his shadow we will not feel this

Автор RLECOMPTENTERP.84 ( назад)
was a vietnam vet/he was with reserves for a while/he saw a crate fall out
of a convoy via rail spur/guilotines!this was about 12 years ago/WHAT DO
YOU THINK?richard was a soldier in 1967,and a friend .hes never lied to me/

Автор victor4truth ( назад)
You are living in a dream world blinded by your faith. I do believe in God
but if you think that only the unfaithful will be subjected to this horror
you are sadly mistaken. You are going to loose your mind when you find out
that you are wrong so prepare to deal with that.

Автор Mega TrueTalk ( назад)
Do Not Take the Mark No way Back to God

Автор Jennifer Thelen ( назад)
Don't believe everything you see people and don't be deceived. Be wise and
trust in Jesus. If any of that happens it would be for people left behind
after Jesus takes his believers to heaven. Read revelation 20:1-15 But they
have a chance during "The Tribulation" to except God as their savior. Watch
Dr. Ed Hindson on youtube who has a website also called

Автор Jennifer Thelen ( назад)
If it happens it's only for those who are left behind and who aren't saved.
Read the scriptures 1-3 and 5-15. This happens when christians are already
gone from the earth.

Автор nathenism ( назад)
why do you use such a ridiculous and annoying voice? whats the point?

Автор The One ( назад)
guillotine's! what a joke! so prove it smart guy!

Автор The One ( назад)
This video is the biggest crock of shit ever! IV been to both bases and no
such thing exists. Sounds like more Alex Jones bullshit that is used to
scare American people for profit. He can't even use his own voice. he can't
even use a human voice.

Автор teargardens ( назад)
That's why "THEY" have BIO WEAPONS, scalar weaponry, DNA specific weapons,
war, riots, man made earthquakes, fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes etc.
etc. Considering there aren't that many REAL "CHRISTIANS" here in
USAcorp/Sodom & Gomorrah it wouldn't be hard to do. And in fact would be
BEYOND easy. Unless you're covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ & are in
the Lord's Plan, NOTHING CAN KILL/STOP US! Ephesians 6:10-20

Автор Mike Lashewitz ( назад)
Sadly the American military will be asked to do these things. That or the
foreign troops brought into our country will be asked to instead. However
this story told above is a lie. Why? Because American military are not
allowed to carry weapons while transferring on civilian transport. We do
not carry guns off base and we are not casually allowed to carry knives

Автор Beatrix Phocas ( назад)
30,0000 for the Christians that will not deny Jesus Christ and cannot be
brainwashed to worship the anti-christ. I know a few who would deny their
God tomorrow if Obama told them to.

Автор Mark Yale ( назад)
And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to
them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness
to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his
image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands.
And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.”Revelation
20:4 Salvation through Christ John 3:16-17 is still here. Catch 22 is that
AFTER THE Rapture you still can accept christ or die

Автор 1966BOBBY ( назад)
Typical American military - yeah, we got guillotines - but i thought they
innocent, you know, for beheading Iraqi's or something humane like that -
but oh my God, for Americans???? -That's inhuman. Christians my fucking

Автор little klein ( назад)
Were you drunk or are you just stupid? If you are going to make sweeping
statements like these then please please pretty please at least learn to
spell correctly.

Автор cometblazt ( назад)
the blood of the world is in the hands of americans millkitary or not.
minions of the NWO pushers zionist jews. TYE HAND OF JEWS IS OVER
EVERYTHING. All federeal banks r under jew control, US gvmt, agencies under
their hands & their minions masons. know this: all supporting Obama & this
gvmt evil agenda have their hands tinted with innocent blood all over t
world. when US military has destroyed all opposers 2 jews they will turn on
am-er-ci-c-a using a false flag as they always do

Автор BizarroWorld ( назад)
Crap, not wanting to believe any of this.

Автор Jozef Figa ( назад)
The guy is a threat to national security. The joke he is telling is deadly
and, if blasted through megaphone to soldiers, may result in these soldiers
dying from laughter.

Автор Jozef Figa ( назад)
It occurs to me the more than 30,000 guillotines are needed to get rid of
Christians in America.

Автор little klein ( назад)
Scary stuff.

Автор keyakku reaper ( назад)
no longer highly classified....fuking bastards, why america...why...then
bring it m.f's, you can kill me but i aint gonna go there

Автор dmhtuber ( назад)
Matt.24:29-30 is clear that the Lord will not return until after the
tribulation in those days. Also the coming of the Son of Man will be like
the days of Noah and the days of Lot....these were very evil times and yet
people went about marrying, working, and living ordinary lives in the midst
of such wickedness. We are doing that now as same sex marriage is being
accepted world wide, abortion is rampant, etc.

Автор 1973Saved ( назад)
At least some of them will repent.

Автор 1973Saved ( назад)
Um, what chapter & verse did you find that information? Just wondering.

Автор 1973Saved ( назад)
Move to Greece??? From what I've been seeing on the news, Greece is in a
bigger mess than we are.

Автор 1973Saved ( назад)
I'm ready, are you? 2 Corinthians 5:8 We are confident, I say, and willing
rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.
Defenders Notes >> Let's use the time & resources we have here & now to
bring Him honor & glory.

Автор mrbitch0981 ( назад)
LOL you are one delusional fuck

Автор Bill C ( назад)
Use your freakin voice.....this computer generated shit is just
that....shit! Half the words are completely impossible to understand.

Автор William Bolton ( назад)
Read your Bible, Christians are supposed to stand against the antichrist,
not fly from him.

Автор William Bolton ( назад)
Use detcord to destroy implements of this type. Simple and effective.

Автор William Bolton ( назад)
I salute the other red flag people that are considered enemies by the
corrupt political criminals that have come to rule our nation by fraud.

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