CANON ROCK - Guitar Lesson ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

CANON ROCK Played on TWO Guitars: https://youtu.be/n3xYEduDjug

My guitar lesson website: http://www.bobsguitarlessons.yolasite.com

500+ VIDEOS! In this video I show how to play Canon Rock, the popular guitar arrangement on Youtube. Guitar lesson with step by step method with easy to follow tabs in the video.

TABS for this lesson available on my guitar lesson website: http://www.bobsguitarlessons.yolasite.com
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Длительность: 11:59
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Автор Argiecoc Boyet ( назад)
the worst conon rock !!!

Автор bulwul1 ( назад)

Автор licks n kicks ( назад)
Every time I listen to you play this it gives me goosebumps. You play so
beautifully! It's enough to make a grown woman cry! lol

Автор licks n kicks ( назад)
Hey Bob, Lnk from Toronto Canada! lol This is a beautiful lesson. Takes a
bit of practice but sounds like the angels singing. This is by far the
best lesson on YT for this song. Love it and thanks for taking the time to
make this for us! Out of all your lessons I like this the best!

Автор Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy ( назад)
New guitar lesson video: 100 POPULAR ROCK RIFFS https://youtu.be/EJSz2QxB5oo

Автор christine grace Torcino ( назад)
how do you make this seem so easy to learn

Автор brandon fullmoon ( назад)
Hi,could you put on youtube the intro guitar tabs of Dammerfarben
Einsamkeit?Thank you i can't find it

Автор airborn flappy ( назад)
how to find the description plsss..!!!

Автор alexisdavid florestorres ( назад)
y la tabladura te la metiste por el ollo ?

Автор Jaymark Ramirez (1759 лет назад)
Hey Men I Cant Find Your Canon Rock Tabs At Your Link Can You Show Me Where

Автор Nurul Hidayah ( назад)
keren banget

Автор EDUSVIDEOOSXD ( назад)
Love Youre vids

Автор axel L ( назад)
con tus putas morcillas no se ve a cual le das

Автор sebastian pacheco ( назад)
Where are the fucking tabs

Автор NightSky Gamers ( назад)
Hi im bobby crispy 😭😭

Автор Ráüł Badulkhan ( назад)
Im sleepy now c:

Автор gilmar martins ( назад)
I liked it more or less want to know not liked

Автор gibsonplayer8 ( назад)
Nice lesson. I am looking to post a video of my own. How do you ad the
tablature sheet to your video? Is there special software I would have to
buy. Thanks for posting.

Автор Joseph Ashe ( назад)
Can you tell us the fret numbers pls 

Автор Myo Myo ( назад)

Автор Darth riuk ( назад)
q orrible

Автор Ayif yukie ( назад)

Автор Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy ( назад)
My guitar lesson website, 450 videos with tabs:

Автор Kiat Kantiya ( назад)
Thank you.Very Good

Автор Joachim Aguila ( назад)
What pedal did you use ?? 

Автор ade rhamdani ( назад)

Автор Jerard Avenido ( назад)
i want to download your video cant seem to do it =(

Автор Jerard Avenido ( назад)
man, been hearing about this canon rock thing, but haven't tried it,
because was so busy with my own music, but as a first time canon rocker,
you gave a good first impression of the song, nice tutorial =) nice
epiphone =)

Автор SumTingWong00 ( назад)
Mr. Crispy,

Would that be a Gibson Les Paul Studio in worn cherry?

Автор ABLE2OVER ( назад)
Too bad you don't play your songs through 1st at the beginning and at the
end twice

Автор Rao Diilang ( назад)

Автор opriady purba ( назад)
thanks for the tutorial :-D

Автор GuitarMania ( назад)
Song isnt hard but must learn it fast and thats hard!!BTW very nice video
and very helpfull.!

Автор mhaerul anam ( назад)
cool o.O

Автор Daniel Müller ( назад)
great lesson!!!but can you pu he tabs to the description please

Автор ixihuape666 ( назад)
songs aren't hard, they are just not easy, but it depends how well the
instructor teaches you....that's what no one thinks about

Автор Gamez Artz ( назад)
How do u pick

Автор GalaxyMessier31 ( назад)
Bobby's a genius! 

Автор michelle chua ( назад)
thanks for the tutorial :D but i've wasted my time just by taking down
notes... hope u put the tab in the description :( but thanks anyway im
grateful ^_^

Автор 2 ( назад)
Cause you suck at guitar

Автор eerror hisham ( назад)
it;s fukennn hard why i cant lern dimmm :(

Автор Risal Saverino Wijaya Siahaan ( назад)

Автор Fad Fadhil ( назад)
what is this............. ?????????????

Автор Taylor John ( назад)
It's so easy

Автор akahana raiko ( назад)
So Hard

Автор shawn s gutierrez ( назад)
2:23 so hard to play .. its too fast !

Автор Jodi Christo ( назад)
Now it is..

Автор julienguitarre ( назад)
what is this is not the JerryC version not great sry

Автор Merry Lim ( назад)
i can't see your right hand

Автор sweetmetalchic ( назад)
ups...found it....sry i was looking for it before lol.....FANTASTICO ;) THX

Автор Moltas Karlberg ( назад)
To fast to lern but thanks :)

Автор สมิงพงษ์ ระเบิดถังเข้ ( назад)

Автор Dicky Kurniawan ( назад)

Автор muhammad yusri ( назад)
thanks brother...

Автор rellekc1986 ( назад)
Question if you see this Bobby, or anyone who may know...are you finger
picking one of the two notes in the same vertical column on the tabs?

Автор Erick Rezfectoor ( назад)
i like it

Автор Michael WS ( назад)
Thanks, good trainer...

Автор maz ils ( назад)
thank you.

Автор zany monnie ( назад)

Автор lovemelove chuenchuem ( назад)
thank you

Автор I Katariashi I ( назад)
One problem...I have bad net connection if you can please give me tab :D

Автор piotr piekarczyk ( назад)

Автор guitarshopDY TH ( назад)

Автор JV Malvar ( назад)
love the worn cherry faded les paul studio :)

Автор licksnkicks ( назад)
This is beautiful!

Автор Farhan Johari ( назад)

Автор Ysabelle Verzosa ( назад)

Автор Ysabelle Verzosa ( назад)
i love CANON....forever

Автор ricky robby ( назад)
i like

Автор john jayson ( назад)
thats my ephipone lespaul :) studio !!

Автор BeatsDetoXShark ( назад)

Автор TheEpicPivotCookie ( назад)
You Can distort the sound of your guitar to make it sound like rock

Автор GutenTag231 ( назад)
Up till 1:26 he teaches the intro (like normal canon) which you normally
don't play. Then he starts with the real canon rock! You should watch more
than 30 seconds ;) Good tutorial thanks a lot!

Автор mapleleaf123456789 ( назад)

Автор Justin Levi Nudalo ( назад)
thanks man

Автор M. de k. ( назад)
sorry didn't expect someone thumbing it up :S

Автор kilhwan chung ( назад)
whatha f this comment sucks and doesn't make sense. :!

Автор kilhwan chung ( назад)
whatha f

Автор kilhwan chung ( назад)
whatha f do u mean?

Автор genjii takiyaa ( назад)

Автор genjii takiyaa ( назад)

Автор GLYDR ( назад)
you need to turn the distortion on

Автор chitownmonkgm ( назад)
Wow bobby this is wonderful, GREAT cover!

Автор chitownmonkgm ( назад)
Cripsy creams Crispy creams Oh bobbys crisppyy <3 LOL

Автор Angga Pradipta ( назад)
Thanks you..

Автор Shyo ( назад)
The jerry c version is Canon Rock -_- and no one wants to learn Canon rock
without the Rock in it... this is basically the regular Canon In D -_-

Автор psychedelic14 ( назад)
this is the most beginner-friendly canon rock... the jerry c version was
nice but its not that easy to practice... nice job bobby crispy!

Автор speartacus ( назад)
Neither does this.....

Автор Z ( назад)
NO :nomeme:

Автор Fongy kanyarat ( назад)
thank you, you teach very well : )

Автор MrJesz26 ( назад)
It's more difficult to find "n" when you type in "N" in the search bar..
just type in "mmmmmm"

Автор Allyssa Bee ( назад)
This is not canon rock this is canon

Автор slash3r25 ( назад)
How to find the "n" on the top comment: Press and Hold "Ctrl and key F"(on
the keyboard) then Press "N" (on the keyboard). Gets?

Автор Pneuma Espiritu ( назад)

Автор Rosa Ruiz ( назад)
this lesson helped

Автор peter peter ( назад)
it cool :-)

Автор Trafalgar Law ( назад)
the top comments sucks! it doesnt connect to the video assholes

Автор Isaac Messner ( назад)
found it 3rd row 4th letter

Автор angels77100 ( назад)
That's what the tabs are up there for dude. Bobby's spoon-feeding you
Pachelbel's Cannon in D, you're not gonna find a better lesson on youtube.

Автор angels77100 ( назад)
I love this guy. I swear if I win the lottery I'm gonna set Bobby up with
his own state of the art studio,equipment, babes, booze whatever he wants
he's got it. I've learn more from Bobby in 3 months than I have in 5 years
jamming with other bands.

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