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Автор Alex Franklin (2 дня)
How does anyone dislike this? This is a great tutorial! Thank you!!!

Автор The Zig (1 месяц)
Thanks mate great lesson

Автор victoriao43 (2 месяца)
Easy to follow, and easy to learn! Thank you for posting; I enjoyed it very

Автор Julian Ramirez (6 месяцев)
Thanks! Really helped!

Автор jay masterflash (3 месяца)
Wow dude thanks. I actually got the pattern down. Just its a bit slow.. I
just need practice. Im gonna ask a friend for piano lessons soon either way

Автор pam lee (1 день)
So Easy ¡¡¡ thank U :) im happy

Автор JermHD (7 месяцев)
can you please do Nas - Queens get the money

Автор Anuka Patel (8 месяцев)
paradise by coldplay

Автор Kyle Ritz (4 месяца)

Автор ÖZLEM zenginyurek (4 месяца)

Автор Hugues Charriere (6 месяцев)
what about the pedal ?

Автор Selcuk Ozer (1 год)

hello can you also listen to my new piano song from this link?

Автор Carlos Cortez (7 месяцев)
I would really like an updated version of this one please!! 😄

Автор Allison De Marco (1 год)
why are some people so whiny i mean, if you want the whole song pay for the
sheet music

Автор Madeleine Merritt (7 месяцев)
Can you do can you dig it from iron man 3? Thank you so much great job

Автор Nicolas Goussault (11 месяцев)
Thank you so much !!!

Автор BrundleFly (1 год)
the sharp/flat notes look like cucumbers. it's distracting me to be honest.

Автор beejblud (1 год)
i hate it when some make tutorial for one section of the song mainly the
famous riff it has why ????? do the whole song ffs 

Автор Jordan Faulkner (1 год)
Teach postcards from far away please !

Автор MJChang91 (3 года)
he touched Bb... is that part of the song?

Автор sergio andres pineda (2 года)
Thank u! Thank u! Thank u! SO much!!!!

Автор vincentweb (4 года)
i just cant get my usb piano keyboard.

Автор lovestruck199 (3 года)
thank you so much it realy helps me :D i realy love this song !

Автор MrFluus (4 года)
Nice video, it helps a lot. Thanks!!

Автор luket12 (2 года)
Wow man, i have literally been playing piano for 2 days and I found this
quite easy to learn, playing at full speed now and feel like a fucking pro.
Thanks man.

Автор ysiehd (4 года)
Wonderful¡¡ I have a question How I can configure the Synthesia to have the
letters on the keys?

Автор jorge ochoa (4 года)
man you really helped me out, i like your lessons, thanks...

Автор Yuubinhaitatsuin (4 года)
hey, how do you get that program you are using?

Автор David Veenstra (3 года)
you know, there are people who like to play more of a song than just the
intro -.-'

Автор moonieman2 (2 года)
Can you do apologize by One Repbulic. No one else's covers are as easy to
understand as yours. Thankyou

Автор Žygis Canyon (2 года)
Great tutorial. AWESOME make more tutorials like this

Автор melside (1 год)
I cant get the timings right, any tips?

Автор Paulo Arthur (2 года)
Does synthesia have the option to record music played on piano?

Автор Michael Boland (2 года)
any chance of the whole song?

Автор ToMmEsTeA (4 года)
ups sorry LOL 1:39 :-D

Автор Reyhana Badarani (1 год)
May I request gypsy bard? no one else actually teaches you how to play..

Автор midicrime (4 года)
nice but why didn't you teach the complete song?

Автор PainInDa bunns (2 года)
oh... let me find the easiest parts of songs and show newbs how to play
them so then they can be TRUE PROS TOO!!

Автор ollie robson (3 года)
people who disliked this video (66) shame on you, this is a great tutorial
for a great song!

Автор soakitinjess (3 года)
you sound like James Franco..

Автор Danielo99o (3 года)
wie er das macht mit dem piano das kann man alles erkennen :DDD

Автор k3nnyrul3s (4 года)
on the second chord on the left hand i like to play a B and E at least i
think it sounds better. Thumbs up up plz so ppl can see.

Автор Spencer Plante (2 года)
i have a request! post the actual hard parts of the song?

Автор Charlie135i (4 года)
Easier than I expected, thanks!

Автор Bebeaification (4 года)
thank you so much! it's very helpful and besides i come from germany and
for me it's difficult to understand what the other thousands uploader say
well i can speak english but if they start to talk i have to concentrate
(?) of the thinks they say and often they speak very fast and sometimes
with a dielect i don't understand so I#m very happey for the 'thing' whats
on the top of the video where i can see it and i really understood it and
so it's much easier for me than before! thank you so much!!

Автор David Engle (2 года)
what kindof software are you using here?

Автор Joao Marcos (1 год)
what keyboard/piano are you using?

Автор Diogo Carvalho (2 года)
well that's the main riff...the rest you can figure out by knowing the
chords...not a big deal

Автор einsteindrieu (3 года)

Автор Tonymat1 (3 года)
@Marta, I find the double keyboard and the guitar hero bullshit
distracting. Other than that it's a good lesson,

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