How to play "Trouble" by Coldplay on Piano with Synthesia - Piano Tutorial

Learn how to play "Trouble" by Coldplay!
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Длительность: 3:49
Комментарии: 424

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Автор bere fiore ( назад)
Gracias por tu tutorial!!! es genial!!!

Автор Lightning_Acid ( назад)
OMG 7 years ago wow

Автор Cristiano Ronaldo ( назад)
Lol im practicing on an ipad app

Автор HDpiano ( назад)
This is an ollllllld lesson! Check out our updated version here:

Автор roni18412 ( назад)

Автор roni18412 ( назад)
Wow I dont even know how to thank you guys this is the best and my favorite
channel for piano tutorials!
Somehow I found here tutorials for every song I love and your tutorials
helpes me a lottt keep doing this great work on your videos ❤❤

Автор Adrian Garcia-Marshall ( назад)
Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Автор reneeh8891 ( назад)
What happend to the 2nd part of this song? I can't find it on your website.

Автор pam lee ( назад)
So Easy ¡¡¡ thank U :) im happy

Автор Alex Franklin ( назад)
How does anyone dislike this? This is a great tutorial! Thank you!!!

Автор The Zig ( назад)
Thanks mate great lesson

Автор victoriao43 (1802 года назад)
Easy to follow, and easy to learn! Thank you for posting; I enjoyed it very

Автор jay masterflash ( назад)
Wow dude thanks. I actually got the pattern down. Just its a bit slow.. I
just need practice. Im gonna ask a friend for piano lessons soon either way

Автор ÖZLEM zenginyurek ( назад)

Автор Kyle Ritz ( назад)

Автор Hugues Charriere ( назад)
what about the pedal ?

Автор Julian Ramirez ( назад)
Thanks! Really helped!

Автор JermHD ( назад)
can you please do Nas - Queens get the money

Автор Madeleine Merritt ( назад)
Can you do can you dig it from iron man 3? Thank you so much great job

Автор Carlos Cortez ( назад)
I would really like an updated version of this one please!! 😄

Автор Anuka Patel ( назад)
paradise by coldplay

Автор Nicolas Goussault ( назад)
Thank you so much !!!

Автор Allison De Marco ( назад)
why are some people so whiny i mean, if you want the whole song pay for the
sheet music

Автор Selcuk Ozer ( назад)

hello can you also listen to my new piano song from this link?

Автор BrundleFly ( назад)
the sharp/flat notes look like cucumbers. it's distracting me to be honest.

Автор beejblud ( назад)
i hate it when some make tutorial for one section of the song mainly the
famous riff it has why ????? do the whole song ffs 

Автор Chris Juneja ( назад)
haha! nailed it.

Автор cfails22 ( назад)
You should do the hardest part by coldplay

Автор Joao Marcos ( назад)
what keyboard/piano are you using?

Автор melside ( назад)
I cant get the timings right, any tips?

Автор Jordan Faulkner ( назад)
Teach postcards from far away please !

Автор LegitCal1 ( назад)
some of the left hand is wrong, here I will a video soon showing you how to
play the whole song right to the end :)

Автор Reyhana Badarani ( назад)
May I request gypsy bard? no one else actually teaches you how to play..

Автор TheJoxert ( назад)

Автор jal vum ( назад)
what name this progam?

Автор Zach Yenor ( назад)
Teach the full live version of paradise please by coldplay

Автор Sergio Andrés Pineda ( назад)
Thank u! Thank u! Thank u! SO much!!!!

Автор Sanghoon Jeong ( назад)
so sad

Автор Žygis Canyon ( назад)
Great tutorial. AWESOME make more tutorials like this

Автор PainInDa bunns ( назад)
oh... let me find the easiest parts of songs and show newbs how to play
them so then they can be TRUE PROS TOO!!

Автор Hellen Creftinger ( назад)
Dude I've been begging you for 4 years to do the rest of the song PLEASE!!!

Автор S. Elise Kazar ( назад)
Not that difficult. Just learned it, btw thanks

Автор Diogo Carvalho ( назад)
well that's the main riff...the rest you can figure out by knowing the
chords...not a big deal

Автор David Engle ( назад)
what kindof software are you using here?

Автор luket12 ( назад)
Wow man, i have literally been playing piano for 2 days and I found this
quite easy to learn, playing at full speed now and feel like a fucking pro.
Thanks man.

Автор J Newbound ( назад)

Автор E& A ( назад)

Автор lipdublfl ( назад)

Автор MrChivitas11 ( назад)
do the second half

Автор Spencer Plante ( назад)
i have a request! post the actual hard parts of the song?

Автор melanieshortell ( назад)
2:33 ball scratch?

Автор Paulo Arthur ( назад)
Does synthesia have the option to record music played on piano?

Автор xkawaii45 ( назад)
Please do Good time-owl city ft Carly Rae Jepson or Live while we're young
by One direction please i really need it! and you really help me

Автор ricardo loquendo ( назад)
thanksss youu

Автор Ryan Heerdt ( назад)
my head already hurts..

Автор drovid008 ( назад)
:/ i was hoping for professional tutorial.. wtf is this?

Автор Luana Garnica Copa ( назад)
it seem dificult, but is not parece difícil pero no lo es

Автор aldo diaz ( назад)
niceeee thanks you ,,,,,,,

Автор Feer correa ( назад)
manito arriba si hablas español ...xDD

Автор Archloop ( назад)
It's pretty easy actually...There aren't any arpeggios later, so... just
chords will do.

Автор reifsneider ( назад)
hey this was awesome., just got it down in like 5 mins. great
guide.....what a gnarly program

Автор Michael Boland ( назад)
any chance of the whole song?

Автор Trejuan Simpson ( назад)
Thanks it's really helpfull

Автор moonieman2 ( назад)
Can you do apologize by One Repbulic. No one else's covers are as easy to
understand as yours. Thankyou

Автор christian hughes ( назад)
the arrow points to watch later not full screen...

Автор kim vera ( назад)

Автор MeaganandHudson ( назад)
You missed the rest of the song

Автор george t ( назад)
Do one on Second Chance by Shinedown.

Автор ChrisGeenius93 ( назад)
get off your lazy ass and learn it by ear!

Автор CamillaHj8D ( назад)

Автор Anouk Mudde ( назад)
Dude, your videos ROCK! ;P

Автор bryansohigh62111 ( назад)
The best Tutorial ever !! NOT BEING SARCASSM

Автор André Hernandes ( назад)
@oOsillyrabbitOo yes, but with 88 buttons :P

Автор Sebek Jasiorkowski ( назад)
Świetne stary-It's perfect dude ;D thx very much

Автор Fatima Alves ( назад)
Issso eu consigui tocar!

Автор LoneWolfMOH ( назад)
lol ed at captions!!

Автор Lisa Leitgeb ( назад)
trouble is one of my favourite songs, i am so going to learn that!!! <3

Автор A.J Pocan ( назад)
pretty good tutorial.. I was hoping for the whole song.. But I found it
funny that your username is "HDPiano" and the video is only in standard
quality :)

Автор soakitinjess ( назад)
you sound like James Franco..

Автор Jonathan Perez ( назад)
is synthesia like guitar hero but with piano?

Автор pataponete ( назад)
Thank you I love this song so much :)

Автор xXFIFA LEGANDXx ( назад)
man ur 2 goooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор James W ( назад)
@7658anto u spelt what wrong. =)

Автор Michael Brown ( назад)
Piano hero

Автор Zehra Fasih ( назад)
.....this only taught me how to play the beginning.

Автор Markus Haldorsen ( назад)
Awesome toturial, but not the hole song ...

Автор Easy rider ( назад)
thanks a lot , I am beginning to learn how to play keyboard and with this
video i learned the intro to this song :) thanks a million ,... good
tutorial video ..

Автор Toby Grylls ( назад)
The intro. idiot.

Автор Eduardo Vargas Romaní ( назад)
Very easy thanks

Автор Leo Bachinsky ( назад)
i always watch the top of the screen

Автор Slightly Blighty ( назад)
This is actually the basics of piano. You don't need to be able to play the
full thing to be able to know how to play the piano. If you can play this
you can tell your friends that you CAN play the piano.

Автор PikachuEvolie ( назад)
how i made a video of the thing they synthesia show me i don't find a
button to film it^^ ore what program i need to film that?

Автор David Veenstra ( назад)
you know, there are people who like to play more of a song than just the
intro -.-'

Автор Tonymat1 ( назад)
@Marta, I find the double keyboard and the guitar hero bullshit
distracting. Other than that it's a good lesson,

Автор Juan Salazar (1524 года назад)
If you could comfortably numb I will literally jizz, please make it happen

Автор Andres Felipe ( назад)
Hello, I have a organeta and wondered how I connect the program ... I saw
somewhere that said that midi-usb cable but to have that cable connection
is sought in the organeta? and how to configure the program

Автор J.Elizabeth Rodriguez Betancourt ( назад)
Gracias, esta genial!

Автор Chris Badonkadonk ( назад)
@SM0KELESSCIGAR Yes, but this is teh area of the song which most people
have trouble with.. Im sure if you listen realy closely you can pick up the
chords needed...

Автор Ramy Kamal ( назад)
can u please play road to chicago

Автор ThePhenix236 ( назад)
does he have Bruce Hornsby's, The Way It Is piano tutorial?

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