How to play "Trouble" by Coldplay on Piano with Synthesia

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Learn how to play Coldplay - "Trouble" on the piano. http://youtu.be/0FOWP22OC04?list=PLIRQ2cakmJFzPJgh_heK0ivS6VfSfXZJZ

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Автор Julian Ramirez (1 месяц)
Thanks! Really helped!

Автор Anuka Patel (3 месяца)
paradise by coldplay

Автор Madeleine Merritt (1 месяц)
Can you do can you dig it from iron man 3? Thank you so much great job

Автор JermHD (1 месяц)
can you please do Nas - Queens get the money

Автор Carlos Cortez (2 месяца)
I would really like an updated version of this one please!! 😄

Автор Hugues Charriere (1 месяц)
what about the pedal ?

Автор Allison De Marco (8 месяцев)
why are some people so whiny i mean, if you want the whole song pay for the
sheet music

Автор BrundleFly (11 месяцев)
the sharp/flat notes look like cucumbers. it's distracting me to be honest.

Автор Nicolas Goussault (6 месяцев)
Thank you so much !!!

Автор beejblud (11 месяцев)
i hate it when some make tutorial for one section of the song mainly the
famous riff it has why ????? do the whole song ffs 

Автор Selcuk Ozer (9 месяцев)

hello can you also listen to my new piano song from this link?

Автор Jordan Faulkner (1 год)
Teach postcards from far away please !

Автор MJChang91 (3 года)
he touched Bb... is that part of the song?

Автор sergio andres pineda (1 год)
Thank u! Thank u! Thank u! SO much!!!!

Автор vincentweb (3 года)
i just cant get my usb piano keyboard.

Автор lovestruck199 (3 года)
thank you so much it realy helps me :D i realy love this song !

Автор MrFluus (3 года)
Nice video, it helps a lot. Thanks!!

Автор luket12 (1 год)
Wow man, i have literally been playing piano for 2 days and I found this
quite easy to learn, playing at full speed now and feel like a fucking pro.
Thanks man.

Автор ysiehd (3 года)
Wonderful¡¡ I have a question How I can configure the Synthesia to have the
letters on the keys?

Автор jorge ochoa (3 года)
man you really helped me out, i like your lessons, thanks...

Автор Yuubinhaitatsuin (3 года)
hey, how do you get that program you are using?

Автор David Veenstra (3 года)
you know, there are people who like to play more of a song than just the
intro -.-'

Автор coleslaw871 (3 года)
@marta1983able some people like to act stupid when theyre bored and click
the thumbs down cause they think its fun. thats all it is really. cause
watching this video i dont see any reason what so ever anyone can give it a
thumbs down

Автор enad58 (3 года)
@marta1983able Because he teaches 16 bars.

Автор moonieman2 (2 года)
Can you do apologize by One Repbulic. No one else's covers are as easy to
understand as yours. Thankyou

Автор Žygis Canyon (1 год)
Great tutorial. AWESOME make more tutorials like this

Автор blondyfeatemily (2 года)
Do you have the full tutorial?

Автор melside (1 год)
I cant get the timings right, any tips?

Автор Paulo Arthur (2 года)
Does synthesia have the option to record music played on piano?

Автор Michael Boland (2 года)
any chance of the whole song?

Автор ToMmEsTeA (3 года)
ups sorry LOL 1:39 :-D

Автор Reyhana Badarani (1 год)
May I request gypsy bard? no one else actually teaches you how to play..

Автор midicrime (3 года)
nice but why didn't you teach the complete song?

Автор jck1993 (3 года)
63 people disliked this video.

Автор PainInDa bunns (1 год)
oh... let me find the easiest parts of songs and show newbs how to play
them so then they can be TRUE PROS TOO!!

Автор ollie robson (3 года)
people who disliked this video (66) shame on you, this is a great tutorial
for a great song!

Автор soakitinjess (2 года)
you sound like James Franco..

Автор Danielo99o (3 года)
wie er das macht mit dem piano das kann man alles erkennen :DDD

Автор k3nnyrul3s (3 года)
on the second chord on the left hand i like to play a B and E at least i
think it sounds better. Thumbs up up plz so ppl can see.

Автор Spencer Plante (2 года)
i have a request! post the actual hard parts of the song?

Автор Charlie135i (3 года)
Easier than I expected, thanks!

Автор David Engle (1 год)
what kindof software are you using here?

Автор Joao Marcos (1 год)
what keyboard/piano are you using?

Автор Diogo Carvalho (1 год)
well that's the main riff...the rest you can figure out by knowing the
chords...not a big deal

Автор einsteindrieu (3 года)

Автор Tonymat1 (3 года)
@Marta, I find the double keyboard and the guitar hero bullshit
distracting. Other than that it's a good lesson,

Автор Chris Badonkadonk (3 года)
@SM0KELESSCIGAR Yes, but this is teh area of the song which most people
have trouble with.. Im sure if you listen realy closely you can pick up the
chords needed...

Автор azpa714 (2 года)
@Cheesedevourer You spelled you and what wrong.

Автор ThePhenix236 (3 года)
does he have Bruce Hornsby's, The Way It Is piano tutorial?

Автор Maximo Aliff (3 года)
and where is the rest of the song?.. smart guy

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