How to speak belfast / northern ireland

funny video telling you how to speak northern ireland / belfast

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Автор LiveLifeLikeEllie ( назад)

Автор BrandonRedMan ( назад)
hand me the gun this guy is making fun of me 😂

Автор Thomas Norton ( назад)
I'm from Carrickfergus

Автор Charlie Turner ( назад)
Crazy cat why do u not like that

Автор William Mcgreevy ( назад)
oh aye mate grab es a barnbrack and a bag of spuds!

Автор MansOutHereCuz ( назад)

Автор Frost Byte ( назад)

Автор Crazy the cat ( назад)
We don't talk like

Автор Ollie Curran ( назад)
I live in Belfast and I talk nothing like that

Автор willy boye ( назад)

Автор DaseZombie 123456789 ( назад)
Gerry the bitch

Автор We jay vlogs ( назад)
As flag shouldn't be in Ireland

Автор We jay vlogs ( назад)
Dick heads

Автор Ira Gershwin ( назад)
what do they say during climax?

Автор DerpyKoala ( назад)

Автор Kai reid ( назад)
I'm from taughmona

Автор Fionnuala xx VideoStars ( назад)
I was born in Belfast but I live in Carnlough ni

Автор The Diamond Hunter ( назад)
I am from south Belfast and most of that isn't true

Автор Graham Fitz ( назад)
fuck up

Автор Adam Cullen ( назад)
Best accent in the UK🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧❤️

Автор Ellie quinn ( назад)
Belfast 🇮🇪🇮🇪💚💚

Автор White Lion ( назад)
Holywood lad

Автор P.E.I. Man -Canada- ( назад)
Im glad I landed at this video. I was in tears laughing over this. Oh my

Автор cameo 153 ( назад)
thumbs up for red hand of Ulster

Автор cameo 153 ( назад)
da pealers is Northern Irish for the police

Автор Mooser8585 ( назад)
As a Northern Irish person from Belfast, I find this hilarious.

Автор StupidSquad Challenges ( назад)
Im from ballyclare and everyone sounds just like that except we dont swear
as much as people think we do u bunch of faggotts

Автор George Colhoun ( назад)

Автор JBcaptian ( назад)
some of the words like ticket man and phrases were correct

Автор That guy RDM ( назад)
Sounds just like home 😄

Автор Stella washere ( назад)
but i'm from round sydenham and the 1 u missed is
normal= i dont really like that man
me= hes a fuckin wanker

Автор Stella washere ( назад)
im from east belfast and some of this is true but not all of it

Автор Wardyvlogs HD ( назад)
Im from North belfast

Автор Adam Watters ( назад)
Eyyaaa up N.I

Автор sean kerr ( назад)
state of the accent

Автор sean kerr ( назад)
state of the accent

Автор The McZilla ( назад)
Since The People in This Comment section cant Decide if we Live in The
North of Ireland of Northern Ireland lets just say We Live on an Island in
the Irish Sea beside to the left of The isle of Mann in Europe

Автор OscarThe Alpaca ( назад)
I'm from Bangor

Автор Aimee undertale person ( назад)
I live in Belfast.....

Автор Pikachu Sam ( назад)
I'm from doillingstown in NI

Автор Kenneth Moffett ( назад)
I'm from Northern Ireland and this is true it's how my dad speaks

Автор Korin Dempster ( назад)
So east Belfast

Автор Willimations ( назад)
Not actually how we talk

Автор Shinigami Trash ( назад)
Accurate 👌🏻

Автор Alex's Gaming Channel ( назад)
I'm From Carrick Everyone REound me talks like this im in wrinkles

Автор Dany Walter ( назад)
i love northern ireland ! .. i'll move to thereeee after graduation school

Автор Maz Dallas ( назад)
my boyfriend is from Belfast and this is horribly accurate oh god

Автор Neinassassin115 ( назад)
I'm from larne

Автор caoimhe Mccay ( назад)
I'm from Armagh in the North of Ireland.

Автор Cara Mulholland ( назад)
I am from polglass and everyone is like this

Автор Jay Kilbride ( назад)
I'm from norn Ireland so true

Автор Arran Barr ( назад)
this is true

Автор Arran Barr ( назад)
this is true

Автор Rosebud231 ( назад)
So true

Автор little illuminati is up the hoods ( назад)

Автор A Meme-Artist ( назад)
Nice meme bro ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Автор SepticplierForever ( назад)
2:15 all i hear in my class

Автор Cillein Earl-Collins ( назад)
Sounds about right unless your a nationalist llf

Автор Gerry ( назад)
funny video horrible flag

Автор 明根飛奎人(ACCOUNT INACTIVE) ( назад)
this is way too accurate oml

Автор Daniel Taylor #534 ( назад)
thay is not fuckin how norn iron pepole speak edjit

Автор gremlinuk1968 ( назад)
give my head peace,,!!

Автор ChloBow ( назад)
This is THE most accurate thing I've ever heard. Speaking as someone from
East Belfast! So hilarious

Автор Joshua Johnston ( назад)

Автор lewis clarke ( назад)

Автор Gladiator Girl ( назад)

Автор bradso Da ladso ( назад)
im from North Belfast anyone visited titanic quarters

Автор Peter Evans ( назад)
yeoooooo West Belfast

Автор Patrick McAuley ( назад)
Fuck the Brits up the RA

Автор JonnyTheAlpaca ( назад)
This is so true me and my friends/family talk like this all the time

Автор ldz vlogs ( назад)
you could have used my dad

Автор Moustacho Games ( назад)
It's so accurate though

Автор Toxic ILLuZi0nZ ( назад)
Lol im from belfast

Автор aimeelindajones ( назад)
It just shows how much we swear

Автор Itz James O'Kane ( назад)
Iss is aktualy de wey we speeck ded on m8

Автор keith butler ( назад)
so offencive but still true


Автор Joshua Estler ( назад)

Автор Paul Graham ( назад)
This so reminds me of my Dad sounded just like him when he got pissed off.
When I was a kid I had to interpret what he said for my friends his accent
was so strong. Miss him dearly.

Автор pink roses ( назад)

Автор Golden gamer 360 ( назад)
I'm from Bangor everyone is like this

Автор David Camley ( назад)
This is great

Автор Ellie Watkins ( назад)
" my da's on the brew" 😂😂

Автор lee morrow ( назад)
God I done some laughing at this

Автор Alexander Lee ( назад)
this video is spot on hye

Автор Tara F ( назад)
I am confusing the shit out of myself because, I'm Northern Irish, I live
in Australia, I speak "Northern Irish" in Australia but in an Australian
accent. What the fuck

Автор Sockapus ( назад)
As someone from Northern Ireland, I find this halarious and very true.

Автор Red Machine Kieran ( назад)
giz two vadkas!

Автор FFM0594 ( назад)
Loyalist sectarianism!

Автор ? ( назад)
Tiocfaidh ár lá

Автор TS M4ST3R ( назад)
hahaha lol

Автор TS M4ST3R ( назад)
I am fucking crying

Автор 648lb ( назад)
ulster Scots is the best 😂😂

Автор 648lb ( назад)
ulster Scots is the best 😂😂

Автор eim ( назад)
*how till speak

Автор Lucy Mckaig ( назад)
this is so true omg

Автор tanya is flawless ( назад)
Ats a pure new lodger me😂

Автор Bernard Doyle ( назад)
Best one was

would you see my mate?

Автор Bernard Doyle ( назад)
This is acurate af I know I'm a belfastie myself

Автор Peter ( назад)
Up the uda! No surrender👌👌👌👌

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