How to speak belfast / northern ireland

funny video telling you how to speak northern ireland / belfast

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Автор Lohan Dawson (19 дней)
"I think we should get married soon."
"I'm pregnant."

Автор sarah alexander (1 месяц)
This Is offensive!

Автор SuperDeansWorld (3 месяца)

Автор LobsterPVP (2 дня)
"Fuck off an give my head peace", Makes me proud to be from belfast

Автор Tasha Porter (3 месяца)
im just gonna state a fact here, im seriously getting sick of catholics
saying we are irish ffs lads seriously, we are fucking british not irish,
in my fucking eyes you catholics call ur self irish but us prods call our
self british, dont fucking like it?? then fuck away off

ps i have nothing agents catholics so no im not being mean or saying
anything hateful till ye's but yeah if ye wanna think that then so be it
but im just putting my point of view out there

Автор ObsessedWithTvDisorder (5 дней)
I'm from holywood n.i and we don't talk like that but that is so Belfast

Автор bluekirky (8 дней)
Amazing, laughed all the way through :)

Автор Tonyo1221 (4 месяца)
What's with the old N Ireland executive flag from 1971/72?? That flag
represents the past where Catholics couldn't even vote in local elections.
. . . Go on, put up something more representative like a big green flag
with the harp on it, you know you want to . . :):)

Автор Beth Garrett (11 дней)
I feel like I'm allowed to laugh cause I'm from here 😂

Автор Borntoamaze Nicole Caitlin (11 дней)
I'm from Northern Ireland and we r not like that at all
We don't even curse that much 😡😡😡

Автор Ryth's Randomness (14 дней)
Wooooww...... (sad Face)

Автор Lois Greenlees (14 дней)
Gay hankies 

Автор Martin Wolfe (16 дней)
Bloody Brilliant lmfao.!!

Автор Paddy Ninja (17 дней)
Im from N.I Divis and this is fucking accurate as i was into your may

Автор coxevents1 (18 дней)
Hah, surprised how much this reminds me of people round glasgow. Similar
way of speaking, some different slang of course. But I struggle with dublin
a lot more for example.

Автор Nathan Moore (18 дней)
This is actually how we speak btw

Автор General Cabbagehead (4 месяца)
As someone living in Scotland, can someone please explain to me why the
Ulster Banner used the St. George's cross in their flag? Why not at least
use a St. Patrick's cross? Surely even the loyalists think that is stupid.

Автор elfa cat (3 месяца)
funny thing is i live in irland but i dont talk like that lol

Автор SurveillanceXGamingX (6 месяцев)
He's fucking British not Irish you gimp

Автор JoshPlays (1 месяц)
WATP <3!

Автор tornadocapoeira (1 месяц)
love this

Автор Scott Verner (1 месяц)
Yeo this is mean im from Belfast thats only east Belfast and ards

Автор Jacek Mielcarek (4 месяца)
Ooo, ale się uchachałem przed daniem kolejnej szansy Belfastowi.
Chyba się nie dogadam ;)
No, może po jakimś "bushu"...

Автор Tommy McCreight (1 месяц)
lolol im from northern ireland and this is soooooo fokin true

Автор Tiwaking Tiwaking (1 месяц)
0:50 Fuck Shit Wake Up?

Автор Green Lava (2 месяца)
"Thon yoke's brave and chape" - Translation: "That car is rather

Автор Nakita Tourish (5 месяцев)
My dad on the bru

Автор Harry Poole (2 месяца)
So stereotype but still funny

Автор MM the Man (2 месяца)
This made me crack up, settle the kettle lads, this is some funny shite.


Автор Jay Dee (2 месяца)
unfortunately i have said or heard every one of these phrases irl... its

Автор WiseUpLaura (2 месяца)
I from NI but this was hilarious, I've already had a bit of banter with a
couple of my mates!

Автор Dapper Mccers (2 месяца)
Oh for fucks sake. Just read the other comments. Hey! Nationalists! We're
not Irish! And don't even get me started on Unionists. Britain is England,
Scotland and Wales. The UK includes us but not flipping Britain. We are
Northern Irish, dammit.

Автор Mary Smartt (2 месяца)
only old men that smoke sound like this

Автор Brecconable (2 месяца)
Teacher: I think we should get married soon. Norn Iron: I'm pregnant. LOL

Автор Eammon Campbell (2 месяца)
Hahahahahaah this is brilliant

Автор TheCurseLife (2 месяца)
Oh lord, subtitles would be useful

Автор Michelle Hill (2 месяца)
Lol, not only people from belfast who speak in this dialogue. Few sayings
are familar to me and im from mid ulster. Cant see who are so easily
offended with slang words used by ourselves. Maybe there werent enough,
holy marys or mother of god being used for some likings. All languages have
slang words that only locals know. Ive a friend from scotland and I have
usually to ring her when she writes or texts as I havent a clue when it
comes to translating her dialogue, but that is part of reason I love her so

Автор Robyn Browne (2 месяца)
I'm from Belfast and lots of people talk like that 

Автор ShogunGaming (2 месяца)
My friend who is a protestant in Belfast says this video is very accurate
to how he talks with sland, but with half of what this dude is saying in
the video, I can't help but think my friend might be trolling me like crazy
at the same time XD

Автор Greg Norman (2 месяца)

Автор Warren Jay (3 месяца)
The northern Irish speaker sounds like a fucking savage.

Автор Ava Lawrence (5 месяцев)
Omg everyone saying this is a stereotype and exaggerated duuuh that's the
point its a jookkee. Wow.

Автор Fangirlingoverutube (3 месяца)
this is so accurate. most of the people i know talk exactly like this..

Автор stephanie hall (3 месяца)
Offensive -.-

Автор Christine Singh (3 месяца)
I´m glad my left eardrum was punctured by a Portadown Bomb Explosion in the
90s, so I couldn´t hear it clearly. It sounded awful enough, but only a few
people speak like that.

Автор Jamie Calvert (3 месяца)
Uppa uvf 1690 

Автор Badger Gaming (3 месяца)
So true Norn Iron

Автор Joanne Moore (3 месяца)
Clearly a prod man

Автор Dapper Mccers (2 месяца)
Hell yes! This is perfect!

Автор KobraPlays (3 месяца)
Haha I'm from N. Ireland and this is so accurate 

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