How to speak belfast / northern ireland

funny video telling you how to speak northern ireland / belfast

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Автор Sam Bunker (3 месяца)
To sort out confusion in the comments,
Geographically - People from NI are Irish cause they're from the island of
Politically - they're British because NI is part of the UK!

Автор KobraPlays (8 месяцев)
Haha I'm from N. Ireland and this is so accurate 

Автор Ciarán Uí Néill (2 месяца)
Most of this is spoken throughout the island. Therefore this vid should be
titled Irish.

Автор Billybob Bong (2 месяца)
this video is very stereotypical. I mean not everyone speaks like that. I'm
from East belfast and you will hear people swear like that if they are
teenagers or drunk or something like that. Most people from hear are well
mannered but are accent is like that. If you are not from Northern Ireland
and you have watched the video don't think that if you come here that's
what everyone will say because they won't. Don't get me wrong but some of
the phrases we say are quite funny and if you were not from here you
wouldn't understand them. Btw give my head a peace means be quiet

Автор Partiasan Nemeses (17 дней)
why is there a disgusting flag i want to burn

Автор Rian Connolly (4 дня)
I'm Northern Irish and I actually find this funny!!

Автор Darragh Loughran (2 месяца)
Northern ireland isn't a country. It's a province of the united kingdom and
it's not british but if you have a british passport then you are legally
british and the same goes for irish passports

Автор muscle hut (17 дней)
and just like sam bunker to ciaran ui neil (the fucker that doesn't know
geography) Ni is in the UK and people from the main land do talk like this
as well you ass

Автор AncientPurpleDragon (1 месяц)
The only thing you can say in a Belfast accent is 'I know where you

Автор eireanns random videos (9 дней)
This is amazing im northen irish too 😏

Автор Tasha Porter (8 месяцев)
im just gonna state a fact here, im seriously getting sick of catholics
saying we are irish ffs lads seriously, we are fucking british not irish,
in my fucking eyes you catholics call ur self irish but us prods call our
self british, dont fucking like it?? then fuck away off

ps i have nothing agents catholics so no im not being mean or saying
anything hateful till ye's but yeah if ye wanna think that then so be it
but im just putting my point of view out there

Автор Paddy Mushroom (6 дней)
There's no human intervention needed God is an Irish Republican, it shows
because the last cencus in March 2011 showed that only 58,332 more
Protestants than Catholics, that's only an average football stadium size,
and that is nearly 4 years ago, that majority has dwindled down to under
40,000 now and by next census in March 2021 a Catholic majority will be in
the occupied six counties of Ireland, the orange order in 1965 at its peak
was 70,000 in 2012 it has dwindled down to 34,000 they are dying off at a
rapid rate as I said God is a Irish Republican.

Автор Binweevils herbie49 (6 часов)

Автор Harry Finn (1 месяц)
I believe cookienight. That is racist. I know this because i live in
northen Ireland 

Автор SuperDeansWorld (8 месяцев)

Автор Jude Trainor (3 месяца)
We need the country version. Being from the south of Down we have our own
wee sayins and words. Still, I hear all this shite near enough every day

Автор Faye Harvey (29 дней)
I'm from Belfast and some people talk like this this is a very very strong
belfast accent it depends were you live to have an accent like this

Автор Billybobjoejr #Patrick (1 месяц)
Here guys I am from Belfast but if you live in Northern Ireland you can be
northern irish I Irish or British does it really matter let everyone be who
they want btw I am irish 😉

Автор Matthew Richmond (1 месяц)
Right all you jealous taig pricks. Northern Ireland is a country, which is
part of the United Kingdom. Ulster is a province(a bloody good one at that)

Автор x-Hardstyle -T-c (1 месяц)
"i think we should get married soon" am pregnant hahahaha pure lethal

Автор muscle hut (17 дней)
im from northern Ireland and i can say this is 100% accurate 

Автор Connie galway (20 дней)
The falls just the falls

Автор Daepicduck 9 (19 дней)
To true

Автор Paul Dunne (4 месяца)
Alot is the same as what inner city Dublin people say the same wording, but
with a different accent. 25/9/2014. Irish time 5:16am. Thursday. 

Автор Ryan Darcy (18 дней)

Автор aly tricky (1 месяц)
So true tho 

Автор TheEmeraldViking (1 месяц)
This doesnt sound like people in NI cause im from there

Автор Lohan Dawson (5 месяцев)
"I think we should get married soon."
"I'm pregnant."

Автор Aidan Laird (1 месяц)

Автор theprettyreckless987 (4 месяца)
This is just a very strong verison of a northern irish accent though but i
do know people who speak like that and sometimes
My dad would say some of the things in the video

Автор Emma McCaughan (2 месяца)
This isn't how all northern Irish people flipped talk I'm from Bangor which
is just thirteen miles from Belfast BTW NOT ALL OF ARE DIALOGUE IS FLIPPEN

Автор patrick jackson (28 дней)

Автор KA1 (3 месяца)
this is pretty embarrasing really - too strong and sweary...N Irish people
don't swear that much as most are pretty well brought up.
If anything, it might sound a bit East Belfast but it just sounds like
some dullard trying to act hard.

Автор Abbie Fitzsimmons (2 месяца)
I live in Belfast and if you're confused no one really talks like this
there is a "Belfast accent" which like 1/10 people have that people make
fun of but hardly anyone has it

Автор ChallengeAlfie (4 месяца)
No surrender and all this is pitch bloody perfect like

Автор ItzDesk (5 месяцев)
"Fuck off an give my head peace", Makes me proud to be from belfast

Автор Magnificent Sarah (3 месяца)
It's funny as a joke but god help anyone who sees this who isn't from NI.
They'll think we are actually like that 😂.

Автор Cookieknight 864 (3 месяца)
racist... I hate the people who just use stereotypes.. But honestly, that
it's only DRUNK 45+ Northern Irish.............

Автор Flame Fox (1 месяц)
F*cking racist 

Автор Tommy McCreight (6 месяцев)
lolol im from northern ireland and this is soooooo fokin true

Автор MM the Man (7 месяцев)
This made me crack up, settle the kettle lads, this is some funny shite.


Автор Caitlin WatchesVideosSometimes (3 месяца)
This is painfully accurate XD

Автор Shooter Blaze (4 месяца)
There is no such thing as Irish there's only southern Irish and Northern
Irish. Two different countries has been since 1922!!!

Автор TheEmeraldViking (2 месяца)
Im from Northen Ireland

Автор Dee Dee Nolan (3 месяца)
That's funny but racist.

Автор karmapeach (3 месяца)
It make us sound stupid.

Автор stuka05 (3 месяца)
Is that even English...

Автор Ellie Mcgregor (4 месяца)
Leave Northern Ireland alone wer not all bad everyone just thinks about the
bad stuff that happened over her and never the race for life or the flash
mobs it annoys me so much

Автор Laura Mitchell (3 месяца)
We don't speak like that!!

Автор Jay Dee (7 месяцев)
unfortunately i have said or heard every one of these phrases irl... its

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