How to speak belfast / northern ireland

funny video telling you how to speak northern ireland / belfast

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Автор David Cam ( назад)
This is great

Автор Ellie Watkins ( назад)
" my da's on the brew" 😂😂

Автор lee morrow ( назад)
God I done some laughing at this

Автор Alexander Lee ( назад)
this video is spot on hye

Автор Dan Lester ( назад)
I am confusing the shit out of myself because, I'm Northern Irish, I live
in Australia, I speak "Northern Irish" in Australia but in an Australian
accent. What the fuck

Автор IGlitchForFun ( назад)
Im from belfast and this is soo funny and soo true

Автор Sockapus ( назад)
As someone from Northern Ireland, I find this halarious and very true.

Автор Kieran Mageean ( назад)
giz two vadkas!

Автор FFM0594 ( назад)
Loyalist sectarianism!

Автор Audio Freak ( назад)
Tiocfaidh ár lá

Автор Vizionz HD ( назад)
hahaha lol

Автор Vizionz HD ( назад)
I am fucking crying

Автор 648lb ( назад)
ulster Scots is the best 😂😂

Автор 648lb ( назад)
ulster Scots is the best 😂😂

Автор thewiseoldsagebrush ( назад)
*how till speak

Автор Lucy Mckaig ( назад)
this is so true omg

Автор tanya is flawless ( назад)
Ats a pure new lodger me😂

Автор Bernard Doyle ( назад)
Best one was

would you see my mate?

Автор Bernard Doyle ( назад)
This is acurate af I know I'm a belfastie myself

Автор Peter ( назад)
Up the uda! No surrender👌👌👌👌

Автор Ming Sin Wong ( назад)

Автор Yvonne Breen ( назад)
His accent is class

Автор Lynn Woods ( назад)
im northern irish and im proud of it

Автор eddieranks ( назад)
We say "dear" to mean "expensive" in Jamaica too!

Didn't know it was Irish...

Автор Skeletor Baggins ( назад)
wow this is actually a perfect translation

Автор It's Just a Plank Bro ( назад)
UP the I.R.A! The Prods surrendered in 98! :)

Автор MakeItSimpleSuperfan Iheartadam ( назад)
May I speak to you for a moment should be - mere love I have a bone de pick
wey you

Автор davidrfc _1872 ( назад)
no surrender

Автор Georgia Bailie ( назад)
I'm from northern ireland and most people watching this are, also most
northern irish people watching this will be offended and I'm fucking
pissing myself😂😂😂

Автор jmpmcd ( назад)
+away an buck yerself ya wee fuckin eedjit ...= please go away .

Автор Paloma Castro ( назад)
The best phrase was: "I'm pregnant" xD

Автор Girl Gamer ( назад)
So true I'm from the new lodge aka a part of Belfast and every girl there
is such a milly plus u was laughing the whole way thru it I didn't find it
one bit offensive at all it's just too funny and true

Автор Johnny N ( назад)
Belfast circa 1974?

Автор mr awesome270500 ( назад)
funny as shit

Автор Ivan Drago ( назад)
Hahha this is fucking class.

Автор Dara Mc Gonigle ( назад)
So true 😂

Автор . HeyThereYoutube ( назад)
I'm northern Irish and I'm cracking up rn 😂😂😂

Автор Shona Mcguigan ( назад)
it's irish people from West Belfast talk like that so at means mee x

Автор cnogueiraharper ( назад)
It's funny because its true 😅

Автор John Dillon ( назад)
up the RA

Автор Gamer Lass622 ( назад)
2:59 made me laugh really,really loud XD

Автор Darcy The Flower ( назад)
Omg this is literally what it's like being English in N.I. It's brilliant!

Автор Daniel Taylor ( назад)

Автор Zozeebear Xx ( назад)
Not all of us northern Irish people speak like that! 😆😵

Автор JinxDraws666 ( назад)
I would say this is offensive, but its so true XD

Автор Socialist Guerrilla ( назад)
tricolour shouldve been there

Автор Smore17 ( назад)
kinda sad how true this is XD

Автор Jordan Lyttle ( назад)
I speak Northern Irish.

Автор amy may ( назад)
im from belfast yeoooo no surrender uppa pellers

Автор Hen Smithers ( назад)
Did you collect for this boney??

Автор Plumbum ( назад)
Class... 😂 I'm from N.Ireland 👌🏼

Автор SuperScarecrow33 ( назад)
Polish people rules Belfast.shankil road in our now.;-)

Автор RomanAtwood Fanclub ( назад)
Hahahaha cant stop laughing at this!

Автор Carter WInslow ( назад)
Lol I think we should get married "I'm pregnant"

Автор Grace DIY ( назад)
This is insulting to people from NI

Автор Rosalind Chiang ( назад)
Love it , love belfast , love Northern Ireland !

Автор WhyDoIEvenBother? ( назад)
I was born in the wrong country.

Автор Deathly Badger ( назад)
It's lovely to see the people of my country, the nationalists and the
unionists, at war again over a fucking boarder, even on the Internet. I
haven't even read a tenth of the comments and I've already seen enough 'Up
the Ra' and 'No surrender' scumbags comment that shit enough times to make
feel sick. It's good to know that the nationalists support a group of
radicalised lunatics who murder innocents and have committed atrocities
worse than those commited by Bin Laden and who like to call themselves the
'Irish' Republican Army. The fact that they dare to say they represent the
Irish disgusts me. The unionists are no better. 'Oh look! Those nationalist
bastards went and up the Shankill and killed innocents. Let's respond by
breaking into a pub in Greysteel and killing more innocents and saying that
justifies what the IRA did!' Do you seriously believe that breaking into a
bar and massacring innocents justifies the murder of even more innocents?
Don't even get me started on the Sean Graham Bookmakers Massacre. Unionists
and nationalists should just take a big long look at there history and
think about what has happened. This is our chance to leave behind that dark
sludge of sectarianism NI so do it and stop letting your 'identity' get in
the way of it. People have died because of our idiocy and it needs to stop.
Propaganda from DUP and Sinn Féin wankers has gotten to our heads and
corrupted us. The fact that the IRA, UDA and UVF still exist (to name but a
few) is utterly disgusting. Why do we even persist in this 'struggle'? Is
it to do with your identity? Think of it this way: more than 3000 people
died because of an imaginary boarder and no matter what you believe it
wasn't even worth one life, not one. If you managed to read all of this,
thank you for putting up with my rant. I'm just sick of children supporting
groups who stole what they had no right to steal: the lives of innocents.
Anyway, thanks for reading this and I hope you agree.
From a 16 year old boy whose granny was shot by an IRA terrorist and whose
grandad was blown up the UDA whilst he was driving a school bus. RIP to all
of those lost in the Troubles. It wasn't worth even one life.

Автор BigCheese409 ( назад)
Jesus, there's so many people NOT from Northern Ireland here acting as if
they're experts telling us that we're Irish or that we're British.And it
doesn't help that the people on here who are actually from NI seem to be
illiterate morons calling each other taigs & huns. If you're are from
Northern Ireland you're Northern Irish, the same way that if you're from
Scotland you're Scottish, you can't deny that and if you do then you're an
idiot.But you are also British or Irish,the same way that English people
are also British and people from Eire are Irish. This is because NI is part
of the UK, which is a country of four countries where people from each
country have their own nationality depending on whereabouts in the UK
they're from these are; English,Welsh,Scottish and Northern Irish. But
collectively they're all British. But in Northern Ireland's case, as they
are situated on the ISLAND of Ireland they can also be recognized as Irish.

Автор Blanaid Stevenson ( назад)
I'm from Down and loads of people speak like that

Автор just a person ( назад)
If I'm getting married I'm pregnant

Автор Matt Todd ( назад)
no surrender fuck the IRA

Автор pure galaxyskittles ( назад)
your offensive to me I'm from belfAst

Автор matthew nash ( назад)
It's surprisingly very accurate......

Автор Fran and Coll ( назад)
Lol lol lol lol lol lol😂

Автор Iain Marklow ( назад)
rangers rules

Автор Lone Wanderer ( назад)
Can someone explain to me why six counties of Ireland hate the rest of the

Автор TheGutterSpeakGamer ( назад)
This makes me proud to be from Mourned 😅😅😅

Автор Jack Rann ( назад)
eye give us a fag

Автор stevemcgee99 ( назад)
Fuck all that. No surrender!

Автор alex ferguson ( назад)
hahaha aw jes......I haven't laughed out loud so much for a long
time.......thanks and a wee song my granny taught me........."holy mary I
am dying, just one wish before I go.....set the pope upon the table, and
ram a poker up his........holy mary I am dying repeat until someone tells
you to fuck up!!

Автор Nathan Hardy ( назад)
doche BAG

Автор Not Usin ( назад)
I'm from Belfast EOOOOO

Автор Jadzia Menham ( назад)
LMFAO hilarious the guy speakin northern Irish sounds like me granda

Belfast Rules!

Автор Lupy Lewis ( назад)
I'm subbing just for 'Fuck that!No Surrender'

Автор J Wall ( назад)
Hahaha class

Автор Hæther Talks Too Much ( назад)
1:39 to 1:45 OMG XD XD XD XD :D :D :D :D :D so true haha!

Автор Emerald Èire (1399 лет назад)
This is embarrassing especially since im from the north.

Автор xOmq ItsAoife ( назад)
Why 'ere a England flag on this video MARK MY WORDS ITS GREEN_WHITE_ORANGE.
Belfast Has Their Accent. So does every other town! Who cares if we curse

Автор Shane Seacroft ( назад)
Celtic we love u we do

Автор Shane Seacroft ( назад)
I talk like that

Автор total random cow ( назад)
im from belfast you are racist

Автор Conor Boucher ( назад)
Fuck u thats racist assholes

Автор Flame Fox ( назад)
I love how people think we talk like that we are humans to genius . We dont
say potato in an akward way and those who say luck of the irish read a
history book 

Автор WeirdRascals ( назад)
Fuck the Brits

Автор DJ OK ( назад)
Look at the foken state of this place

Автор tony t ( назад)
It's hi t spake belfast norn irn, or i`ll nack year ballicks in,!!!😀

Автор Boris Conlon ( назад)

Автор Seecondchance ( назад)
Can someone post a transcript of this?

Автор GibsterGFX ( назад)
"I think we should get married soon"
"I'm pregnant"

Автор GibsterGFX ( назад)
This is incredibly relatable

Автор David Goodwin ( назад)

Автор Jamie Coffey ( назад)
makes me proud to be Irish :)

Автор M. Barry ( назад)
How to speak with a belfast accent?

I'll tell ye.
First be a thick fuck that rides his sister,
Scream about how ye are british (using yer charming irish accent) throw in
a few no surrenders and then sit back on the dole with the salty taste of
the queen's cunt.

Автор Lewis Mcgill (1412 года назад)
even online we still fight haha

Автор SilvaSnowWolf ( назад)
Oh god this is very accurate, i hear people like this everyday.

Автор Strobez ( назад)

Автор Patrick PlayzTheGames ( назад)
Retarted ur all Irish

Автор diamondInLava ( назад)

we are irish and british in NI

politically we are British ( DEAL WITH IT )

but we are also irish being from ireland soooo.......yeah

WE ALSO have to kinda respect britan cause they are keeping us running. if
we were invaded without britan....well lets say...WE WOULD HAVE NO ARMY

so stop whining ok?

Автор Abbie Videostar ( назад)
Oh aye luv it👍

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