How to speak belfast / northern ireland

funny video telling you how to speak northern ireland / belfast

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Автор Freya Baldwin-Stuart ( назад)
Oh no! It's true!

Автор SL PLAYZ ( назад)
Up the ra

Автор Elias O'Neill ( назад)
Lol soooo funny 😂

Автор sean oloan ( назад)

Автор Shallibodhran ( назад)

Автор Emma Galloway ( назад)

Автор Indy A.M. Drew ( назад)
PS. It'd be cool to have a script for it as well! ;)

Автор Indy A.M. Drew ( назад)
Brilliant! I wish I've seen it sooner!! :D

Автор Louisgames 123 ( назад)
I'm from Northern Ireland but this is racist

Автор Sophie Kelly ( назад)
This is dead on. Flag is.....

Автор Aaron Stewart ( назад)
The west Belfast lingo

Автор juan antelo ( назад)
it would be gorgeous with good subtitles

Автор DeXx PlayZz ( назад)
Aye mates that is so true

Автор Jack McGeown ( назад)
Most people from Belfast don't talk like that and don't swear so much

Автор EvieyChicken ( назад)
my uncle sounds like the irish guy

Автор scorpio 18 ( назад)
this is so true

Автор robbielobsterify ( назад)
I'm from NI, this is bloody amazing

Автор Starry Scarlett ( назад)
i take offence to that

Автор AGENTSNAPPY DOG ( назад)
So funny an true. Ye fuckers

Автор wolfie19362 AJ ( назад)
Sometimes i dont realose i say noren irend isntead of Northern ireland lol

Автор wolfie19362 AJ ( назад)

Автор wolfie19362 AJ ( назад)
Noren Iren lads say F*** specially the lads in my class like 😂😂😂

Автор Lara Mcmaster ( назад)
as I am from northern Ireland I find this soooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор yuki Pop ( назад)
we say so much bad words lol

Автор yuki Pop ( назад)
I am from northern Ireland and this made me lol

Автор [Anonymous] Retro ( назад)
even as a republican this is relatable and funny as fuck

Автор Eimear mcgeown ( назад)

Автор Atomic GamerHd ( назад)
Im from Belfast Feck Off

Автор Riona Muldoon ( назад)
here ive got a question WHY THE FUCK DO U HAVE THAT FLAG AMD NOT TRI-COLOURS!!!!😱😱😱 That just put me in a fucked mood😡😡

Автор megan ( назад)
this is so true, I'm from Belfast and we go on like this AHAHHA

Автор Har0ldPlayz And vlogs ( назад)
I'm from Northern Ireland Antrim is where I live

Автор JAAshard ( назад)

Автор Artur Homoki ( назад)

Автор Paul Payton ( назад)
this is about right ha ha ha ha paul payton England I love it

Автор Aaron BlackSmith ( назад)
i am from northen ireland this video is so true 😅lol

Автор Asmr Relaxations ( назад)
Yeoo from uppa ballysillan

Автор sazzles k ( назад)
This boy sounds like my da! XD

Автор The_Jumping_Bay ( назад)
I'm from Northern Ireland, born and raised and I talk to my friends all the time like this.... they think the way I talk is funny cause they're wee townies and I'm a farmer so.... farmers you know my troubles.

Автор MIA Skinner ( назад)
Brits out

Автор toxic dragon 562 ( назад)
All this link does is refresh your page! Try it. https://youtu.be/unGtpBP83as

Автор Julia Karbowiak ( назад)
thats so fucking true haha good 1 m8

Автор Riona Muldoon ( назад)
this is so fucking accurate it acc cracks me up 😂😂😂 im acc scundered for my self

Автор Mrladybug. Super ( назад)
Look seriously...

Автор Rasonic Gaming ( назад)
I'm from belfast this is spot on😆

Автор Purple Panda ( назад)
ahhhh "i think we should get married" <> "im pregnant" 😂😂😭

Автор Gina Ashwood ( назад)
funny shit

Автор The Actual Gamer ( назад)
lol its soooooo true

Автор \\Aesthetic Fairylights// ( назад)
This is so fucking true 😂😂

Автор The Real ToddieMc ( назад)
3:21 is funny

Автор Crazy Kev ( назад)
that sounds just like my cousin and my uncle

Автор be frank ( назад)
cant stand northern irish accent

Автор Charley Donnelly ( назад)

Автор Melo Beano ( назад)
Yeeooooooo from Bangor

Автор glenn Devine-caldwell ( назад)
proud prod

Автор Grainne Scullion ( назад)
Don't forget the importance of ending your sentences in "the fuck', for example:

Come here please: 'Mon the fuck
I'm going to leave now: Here lads I'm away the fuck
Please get out: Get the fuck

Автор Frankie allen ! ( назад)
I live in Northern Ireland

Автор Dillon Coop ( назад)
what am I listening to?

Автор mez dupa ( назад)
Ha ha chris and handy Andy? x Class! Been ears lashing this in Liverpool. Scouseland this.... Funny as forkin basket.... I am home sick now! I have the taxi drivers, for Delta on their ipods, playing this.......You should charge commission! Darina.

Автор Melissa Logan ( назад)
'I think we should get married soon' = 'I'm pregnant' Holy fuck I'm dying 😂😂

Автор Melissa Logan ( назад)
Anyone from Ballyclare ?

Автор CruesMissile ( назад)

Автор Jamie Cush ( назад)
I'm from belfast

Автор LG ( назад)
Antrim squad

Автор Vlogs gaming and more ( назад)
I'm from Belfast

Автор trevor phillips ( назад)
Thon's a fuckin' head the ball

Автор rAwR xD ( назад)
I ain't from Belfast but this is so true omlll I can't even

Автор Caoimhe McGuinness ( назад)
Best a craic here

Автор Ewan White Dinomite ( назад)
so true

Автор FlareNimbus ( назад)
Funny and accurate!! He sounds like one of my dad's mates

Автор Jazzletheunicorn 97 ( назад)
Weee baii

Автор coronzo killme ( назад)
i think we should get married soon: "im pregnant"

Автор Cillian Murphy ( назад)
Im from Belfast in Ireland

Автор Katye Louise ( назад)
That's more how people from the Newlodge speak like me lol😂

Автор Elijah COLGAN ( назад)
Fuck the pope

Автор Tom Campbell ( назад)
Any non peasants here? #northdown

Автор Kronix ( назад)
Oh my word best vid ever hahaha btw from County Armagh

Автор rhino4721 gaming ( назад)
so true hai lmao

Автор toxic dragon 562 ( назад)
I live in Northern Ireland and i can confirm this is very true

Автор A1mee20 ( назад)
I'm from Derry 😘

Автор glen atkinson ( назад)

Автор Sergey Lukin ( назад)
lol I wouldn't survive a day in Northern Ireland

Автор Flynn Robinson ( назад)
I'm from Belfast

Автор Aidan Hughes ( назад)
The funny thing about this is that its so accurate 😂😂

Автор Mia Taggart ( назад)
so fuckin true

Автор Ben Finlay ( назад)
What's the craic

Автор RealYOLOBR ( назад)
tbh being from NI myself you should have added " you going to watch the bands ? " and then " you going to the twelfth ? " and funny how people say about " irish people " talk like that , but ive talked to many and bearly any of them talk like this with the accet REMEMBER N.I. AND IRE ARE DIFFERENT

Автор kyle walker ( назад)
you owe me a tenner dickhead

Автор Britishladuk ( назад)
Made laugh me Arse off and I'm living in England

Автор triangulated ( назад)
me das on a brew €: shut your bake wee lad

Автор Adixnnx. mcmurrxy ( назад)
who's from Antrim

Автор thewizardjunior Gaming ( назад)
I'm from belfast

Автор thewizardjunior Gaming ( назад)
dead on

Автор Cillian Murphy ( назад)
Belfast 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇵🇸

Автор Cillian Murphy ( назад)
As someone also from Belfast in Ireland this is so funny!

Автор FlareNimbus ( назад)

Автор M37t Lightning ( назад)
I'm from Belfast

Автор M37t Lightning ( назад)
I'm from Belfast

Автор Paulina Obuchowska ( назад)
"WOULD YOUS ALL FUCK UP?!?!" bloody hell James McDonald

Автор Paulina Obuchowska ( назад)
Hahahahaha you missed one. " You on the bucky lad!" I should know.
Reply to this comment if you live in northern Ireland xx

Автор Paulina Obuchowska ( назад)
I live in northern Ireland in portadown and I'm pissing my self like. Fucking brilliant video mate

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