GJ Tampa Muscle Growing

Flexing Muscle

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Автор lyksmusclemen ( назад)
sweet traps

Автор Dominic Hughes ( назад)

Автор Hayden Lunn ( назад)

Автор ajm355 ( назад)
hes also probably on steroids... im just a doubter

Автор KEN T ( назад)
You can find him on men for rent now.com

Автор slvforMscl ( назад)
This man is very hot. He's a muscleGod

Автор LuckYourPush ( назад)
damn he's really hot! @kennthlee89 thanks for sharing that wondeful site:
MusclesMaximizer. info (no space) it did a great job on my bf's growing
muscle! it did amazing!

Автор tampadude2011 ( назад)
Your look great guy I guess there is hope for a skinny guy like me.Great
job from a fellow Tampa, FL guy

Автор ZoeyBlunt ( назад)
can i have your call phone nomber please

Автор nishka76 ( назад)

Автор Molen ( назад)
wat een mannetje

Автор aurelius99 ( назад)
Blows me away to gaze up at your magnifient rock hard Pecs, Garry. And love
the way your Anterior Delts pump a bit when you flex your Pecs. And your
Back Lat Spread is to die for. Wish we could see some full body head to toe
shots. Mike

Автор fred thompson ( назад)
would luv to see youre biceps growing to 23" ! You could bend steel bars or
if you slid a 6" piece of pipe over your biceps and flexed hard your bis
could burst thru the pipe!

Автор johmyu ( назад)
would luv to worship you in nyc

Автор Mikanator113 ( назад)
@n2hotmen2 I sent him a message last month asking him when he'll make a new
video. This is the response. "Hey bud, i broke my arm in late January and
had surgery in Feb. Im on the mend, better as ever, just getting back to my
normal routine and strength after being out for almost 5 months. Look for
me in August, hope to have a video then, but i want to look good, not just
do a video to do one. Keep in touch, Garry" It's October and still no Garry

Автор Buffpussy ( назад)
@masalanyc YES! i would love to see ALL of you during one of your videos!

Автор aurelius99 ( назад)
More! More! More! AWESOME, Gary!

Автор KEN T ( назад)
Does anybody know where Garry is? Has anyone heard from him? If you have
please let me know if he is OK? thanks

Автор InitialDirt ( назад)
your too big for that room

Автор TheVaRproductions ( назад)
u have a bra now rite ?

Автор muscleteach ( назад)
You have a great body but need to work on the camera and light. Thanks
again. Awesome.

Автор Allan Rodrigo ( назад)
Véio ta precisando de sutiã? huahuahua

Автор Bomber ( назад)
wonderful video!!!!

Автор mumbo13 ( назад)
Your body is huge and perfect!

Автор ZetXardJormsot ( назад)
What can I say. A very good phisical shape and looks very powerful. Well
done, you did it.

Автор kevin johnson ( назад)
I'm 450lbs, 6' superheavy bb!!!!

Автор visigothsatthegates ( назад)
Love to muscle worship that gorgeous body

Автор parkmuscl ( назад)
do you compete?

Автор cub68134 ( назад)

Автор Mmuscle Feeler ( назад)
Hey Gary, man u look great! I'd love to meet u, but I don't get to Tampa
too often! I'd ask that u add a LOT more light when u make your vids...put
one to your left to fill in the dark areas. .Man, you spent hours sculpting
that BEAUTIFUL physique...PLZ shw it well so we all can appreciate its full
impact. maybe have someone help run the cam and step back to get the full
view, while keeping your anonymity. Keep up the GREAT work bud! Looking
forward to more & even better vids!

Автор visigothsatthegates ( назад)
Bodies like yours should be worshiped as the temples they are.

Автор beto cerv ( назад)
wow i would love to see glutes

Автор joe turner ( назад)
this has to do with great genes!!! if you dont have them.....forget it!

Автор crushingmuscle ( назад)
Damn Dude, You are incredible! Would love to feel just how powerful those
incredible muscles are! You must have an amazing body scissors (Your quads
look like they could crush bowling balls). Would love to feel the power of
your bear hug and full-nelson ;) Tim

Автор Aquacoon ( назад)
You call those muscles? i'm so buff that when I flex my muscles those
muscles flex their own set of muscles, and those muscles have their own set
too. Like in the cartoons. But for real. B*tches D:.

Автор Sohrab Hassani ( назад)
Your biceps need to be rounded up but other than that perfect for MR
olympia. by the way advice me on how to build my upper chest?

Автор wallacewithoutgromit ( назад)
Hey Gary J. Loved your presentation. Real sexy. Needs some shots of your
face with a pleasant inviting smile on it. Your neighbors and friends won't
care. In fact from my experience they'll act favorably to it. Check out my
wallacewithoutgromit youtube site. Those biceps side to side wriggling
rolls would look fantastic on your arms. You can make waves ripple across
your pecs in a similar way. Post reply on my web site. Love to hear from
you. Meantime keep blasting those muscles.

Автор lunei66 ( назад)
If nothing like steroids are involved with this, I'm really impressed :D

Автор Yogi Clark ( назад)
How much time do you spend working out per week?

Автор Tracker1978 ( назад)
Not only do I like what I see; I am amazed at what I see.

Автор Nathan Wolf ( назад)
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Body! A testament to hard work and dedication to muscle

Автор masalanyc ( назад)
yr just to damn sexy for yr clothes - please make a vid w/better lighting
and stand back from camera so we can see ALL of you you are sooooo HOT!

Автор Gary .Hermanowski ( назад)
Do I like what I see??? I'd like to give you a little more then a shout!

Автор gekfrog ( назад)
AWESOME stud !!! your body is incredible .should show off the handsome face
more too . WOW the total package

Автор hairyjock35 ( назад)
dude you are totally awesome...would love to see more of that body
especially the legs

Автор darkflamedra ( назад)

Автор MaxMarshal ( назад)
Magnificent Mature Gladiator You have a real killer body! Take it to the

Автор argeenyc ( назад)
first, can you be my trainer? Second, I'd like to see you standing up and
also see the whole spread of the double bis from the back you are huge man

Автор sizemorphr ( назад)
Oh man you look awesome!! Would love to see you standing over the cam
flexing.Way to grow man!

Автор tallfx35 ( назад)
You look great! I will be in orlando next month can you come train me?

Автор RDONNM ( назад)
I would love to worship this huge hunk of a man

Автор muscletraining ( назад)
NOT one of the best physiques on you tube.. YOU ARE THE BEST physique on
you tube, big man! You are amazing and a real inspiration. YES, a standing
one from the thigh up to the neck (I know you're a bit shy).. would be
fantastic. Post as much as you like. You have a ton of fans out here,
champ!! THANKS!!

Автор NitekMuscle ( назад)
Yeah, you should make a disceet video of yourself standing up. It would
display your powerful midsection and uppper body in full glory.

Автор LRBear ( назад)
you look amazing...love to see some full body posing with face...double
bicep poses...excellent!

Автор go big blue ( назад)
I love what I see! Your wearing me out.

Автор TT L ( назад)
i'd like to build a condo in your armpit.

Автор muscleviewer ( назад)
Gorgeous! Looks like your skin is stretched tightly over solid rock!

Автор Welsh Musclefan ( назад)
Great shape n size!

Автор Masculinewrestlernj ( назад)
Wow! Love to see you in a singlet flexing.

Автор Woodd43 ( назад)

Автор germanbuilder ( назад)
surely one of the biggest and best physiques here! amazing! such huge arms
and pecs and his abs are tremendous! is ist possible to grow bigger than he
already looks now??

Автор Ta'li Awohali ( назад)
Gary, you said if I like what I see to give you a shout. SHOUT! WOW! Man,
you're huge.

Автор gary martin ( назад)
what an incredible body. good luck with your bulking.

Автор MuscleMe Fort Lauderdale ( назад)
just GORGEOUS and what a sexy voice tooooooo

Автор intomuscjeff ( назад)
Massive, ripped, huge, gigantic, pumped, rock hard,rippling, and SEXY!

Автор argeenyc ( назад)
Great work Gary. What are your current stats? Saw you on bigmuscle too.
thanks for the great videos.

Автор tomdbsv8 ( назад)
u look fantastic, dude, lighting is great, shows all that mass and def.
when u do a back shot, raise the camera angle up so we alll can a see a
nice, double bi's shot. T.

Автор bigbruce1 ( назад)
Of course I like what I see...you're an amazing man...size and shape with
full muscles. Would love to see the wheels though.

Автор Brick House ( назад)
Here's a shout... I can't get enough...More, More, More!!!

Автор armymike ( назад)
OMG dude stand away from the camera and pose for us. We want to see more of

Автор phillypa ( назад)
nice work! keep the vids comin. You look great.

Автор pigfac ( назад)
You are awesome, lets see the whole body.

Автор Asadie Asadie ( назад)
lvoe it baby!

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