killing dumb ass mo fo's lol they were getting angry expecialy this guy called ABC NIGHTMARE he didnt see the funny side to it lol

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Автор blunts069 (6 лет)
the hacker program is called cod4hook WARNING!!!! stay away from servers
with admins ENJOY :)

Автор blunts069 (6 лет)
cool i play on the cracked AUS server

Автор IternalKetzer (6 лет)
cheater noob

Автор tchágo tavares (6 лет)

Автор nal719 (6 лет)

Автор mymessup (6 лет)
i know u... ive played with u

Автор joshhua5 (4 года)
time for a new computer and what's ther servers IP? if it's NRNp 2 bad i
got banned for my Aimbot : (

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