Halo EOD Helm in Pepakura

EOD perm helm, in pepakura.
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Автор Brock Carlson ( назад)
I tried to do this but failed, now i have recon.

Автор Larzark ( назад)
como carajos le has hecho para que quedara 

Автор vrogy ( назад)
@MaxleeClark3 0/10.

Автор Alex Clark ( назад)
This sucks mines better

Автор exin101 ( назад)
who is this one by? supertaco, slyfo, or soulless sin? cause i like it alot

Автор Alex Clark ( назад)
Mines better

Автор XxSpyyx ( назад)
EOD is my favorite helmet. Only other one is Security, but the visor is way
to big for that.

Автор Herp Derpington ( назад)
we need a scout chest 

Автор Herp Derpington ( назад)
i just built mine, took me the whole 13 hours, and I found some safety
glasses that have perfect lenses for it, and it only takes cardstock,
super-glue,resin,paint,and the glasses for the lense, oh, and fiberglass

Автор Herp Derpington ( назад)
i just built mine, took me the whole 13 hours, and I found some safety
glasses that have perfect lenses for it

Автор Remington Smith ( назад)
you do it in mm mesuring from your chin to behind ear than to middle of the
top of your head

Автор BlueFlameStudios ( назад)
@MoonblazeInc i made a few 4 mt lego figs

Автор Nabil Aziz ( назад)
@MoonblazeInc You might have printed it on 'Portrait' when you need to
print it in 'Landscape'.....hope this helps.

Автор Pysko Punks ( назад)

Автор zikuzaka ( назад)
compared to the mark 6 helmet, how much harder is this one

Автор Dooya Evanlift ( назад)
Thats the first time I heard of a paintball visor method. Thanks for the

Автор Gordon M ( назад)
they have the model just no1 realy makes it

Автор Slaughter619 ( назад)
i am soooo makeing this one, then, im guna fiber glass it, plaster it, and
fill the eyes with orange paintball visor and airsoft mesh (mesh beind
visor just in case. and if i make it strong enough, i am soooo wearing it
airsofting lol

Автор TrueAiR ( назад)
use cardstock

Автор Zeta Beta ( назад)
how did you keep the paper so sturdy?? plz someone mssagem back

Автор TruthBrothers ( назад)
it is in plast

Автор vrogy ( назад)
it's in pep somewhere.. you just enter the overall built height in mm

Автор Cristian U ( назад)
card stock

Автор Sneblot ( назад)
Hey dude I use 160 GSM card stock its alittle thin as ideally you should
use 175 to 210 GSM card stock but hey 160 is what they get at work and as
Im not paying for it I win.

Автор vrogy (1002 года назад)
I made this one and put it on about 3 years ago.. it's 1/16" galvanized
steel, european 4-in-1 pattern chainmail.. 1/4" ID rings, unriveted. kind
of neat how shiny crappy old galvanized steel can get.

Автор XxTheApprenticexX ( назад)
Nope. They havent.

Автор vrogy ( назад)
Opinions vary. Say, have they finished that Charter yet? Officer elections
in place? Armor standards? Official groups, local and national? My guess is
they're still running their secret forums, and still keeping the lid on the
recasting that the founders did.

Автор XxTheApprenticexX ( назад)
Wow... why? You did a great jb on the helmets, and you seemed like a very
awsome guy, so why did they ban u?

Автор vrogy ( назад)
tact! you do not have it! But, yeah, that's me. BANINATED and PROUD.

Автор XxTheApprenticexX ( назад)
Oh your that guy that got kicked off the 405th

Автор vrogy ( назад)
get off your ass and google.

Автор ravi ( назад)
use SUPER GLUE it's great in bonding and it dries in 5-10 minutes

Автор vrogy ( назад)
sure, pal.

Автор merbear19 ( назад)
Got the idea from Halo Kid didn't ya?

Автор xninja ( назад)
damn, that shit musta took forever

Автор vrogy ( назад)
no idea. you can most certainly try it, though.

Автор LabRatKing ( назад)
Im curious, Can you do a helmet on normal paper then papier mache it and
THEN resine it?

Автор vrogy ( назад)
nope, cardstock.

Автор Drawlestia ( назад)
no I think it is cool.

Автор LoneShoe22 ( назад)
interesting, thanks though.

Автор vrogy ( назад)
about an hour. super glue.

Автор LoneShoe22 ( назад)
Jesus Christ that probably took hours to make! Did you glue the flaps or
tape them? And how long did it take you to cut the stuff out?

Автор jokeboxproductions ( назад)
I like the card stock version of the EOD really detailed but in the game
ahhh I were it here and then.

Автор NintendoVG13 ( назад)
right you are!

Автор Sekunda 1 ( назад)

Автор Andrew W ( назад)
This is Sweet. I'm lazy, but after about a year I finally finished the
pepakura part of this helmet today. I like, but somehow I messed up the
right side of the face. So, while mine is a little deformed yours is
awesome. Keep up the good work and see you on the forums! :)

Автор Andrew W ( назад)
I belive he used cardstock and no you would not need a special printer for
cardstock. :)

Автор S1l3ntV1p3r ( назад)
The lines are SUPPOSED to be black, not colored. It is already configured
to black lines.

Автор vrogy ( назад)
all the information is publicly available. get off your ass and find it,
I'm not here to serve it to you on a silver platter.

Автор Kevin ( назад)
how about, YOU SHOW US HOW TO MAKE IT!!!!!!! jeez!

Автор setchiel ( назад)
Wicked job brother... keep up the great work... "Plaster" and "kitty hair"
that puppy...

Автор vrogy ( назад)

Автор vrogy ( назад)
YOU CLICK THE LINKS. WITH YOUR MOUSE. sorry, but... c'mon, folks. It's not

Автор BL8DRUNN3R ( назад)
that's crazy

Автор SNIPERone18 ( назад)
Is that from supertoco?

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