Blink-182 - All The Small Things

Blink-182 live at Sydneys "Big Day Out 2000" playing "All The Small Things" from their album "Enema of the State".

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Автор kevin surya ( назад)
tom sounds like a fucking girl

Автор Joseph Moon ( назад)
2:13 you can see how much Tom and Mark used to love each other, just look
at that.

Автор emo hobbit ( назад)
I was 3..

Автор Abi HiOrHey ( назад)
they did not come to argentina :'c

Автор James Fourman ( назад)
The way he says it is the best
All the small tings

Автор Minato Uchiha ( назад)
sou o único BR que ouve Blink-182?

Автор Philly Nation ( назад)
Looks like an amazing concert so sad that phones have ruined shows lol
people don't even look like they are enjoying concerts nowadays just trying
to get something for their snapchat story LOL

Автор Zio Gaghi ( назад)
my ears are crying

Автор Z ( назад)
00:48 did that girl just fall lmao

Автор Z ( назад)
love how phones didnt exist 10 years ago

Автор tygarr dark ( назад)
Juan Bonnett your childhood rocks man..

Автор Bárbara Santos ( назад)
the shirts flying tho

Автор leYoutex Minecraft ( назад)

Автор Juan Bonnett ( назад)
Our childhood, our childhood...

Автор HigherGrounds ( назад)
You can really see the bromance between Tom and mark in this clip

Автор 3rdMLKid ( назад)
Badass drumming 2:01

Автор Andrew Wang ( назад)
I still remember hearing this song being performed at Long Beach in Bixby
Park when I was at a festival that took place there, but it was not
performed by Blink 182. I then heard this song again in Long Beach once at
Admiral Kidd Park.

Автор TheWizdomBanana ( назад)
Blink at their prime, Tom in his prime.

Автор Schmidteren ( назад)
awful band. but great songs. :D

Автор Destination Unknown ( назад)
They're amazing! And the jokes at the end omg XD

Автор Andrew Xymind ( назад)
Cuando Tom no tenia la voz destruida

Автор Tim Robin ( назад)
Wow, Travis can't keep the tempo for shit here. 

Автор Andy Bales ( назад)
back when tom could sing... poor guy.. he is still awesome but he lost is

Автор Legalize It ( назад)
All the people complaining about how "bad" some bands are live obviously
have never been at a concert. Yeah bands are different live, but not bad.
For example: I really enjoy the way tom sings live. I even like that he
doesn't hit every note perfectly...

Автор Stas Akulenka ( назад)
Nice song, I made an acoustic cover of it on my channel. Would be great if
you check it out and leave your comment.

Автор Punk Rock and Laughs ( назад)

Автор Mark McMahon ( назад)
Tom's guitar sounds horrible and awful. His voice was good though 

Автор Ashley S. ( назад)
good song

Автор jihoon park ( назад)
it sounds like he is saying "all the, small "TINGS"... . 

Автор Epictemptation7 ( назад)

Автор alteye1 ( назад)
if your name is Tom Delonge you can rightfully fuck up any song you want.
That shit's got to be earned.

Автор Ross Donoghue ( назад)
all the.. awful recording

Автор codmaster1456 ( назад)
Best tune Eva

Автор MCMen101 ( назад)
they sucked this concert

Автор drMINDdamage ( назад)
Just reading the comments and you people are FUCKING RETARDED! Blink fuckin
rocks btw!!! FUCK YOU ALL!

Автор Aeolian ( назад)
thats why people love them. no studio magic here!

Автор tiro vino ( назад)
They don't know to sing! 

Автор Jens Meudt ( назад)
Immer wieder ein knaller 

Автор Colleen Sullivan ( назад)
Like if you really used to like Blink 182 but not so much anymore......

Автор Admirable Snackbar ( назад)
I can definitely understand how you see it that way. I like the sound of
his shitty vocals on this performance, but I do think he should have
practiced his guitar parts more.

Автор Admirable Snackbar ( назад)
Sometimes, it's those flaws that make it sound great. It has that very
human aspect. They sound good instrumentally and I like how shitty the
vocals sound. Not defending them, Tom's voice totally sucks in this video,
but I like how it sounds.

Автор Austin Hartman ( назад)
The last live video of this song i watched had his voice cracking alot so i
went to a different one

Автор Ajax ( назад)
Your English sucks in live

Автор Aoshima Roadster ( назад)
You're right, this isn't bilk 182. This is Blink 182.

Автор Skkiper ( назад)
hijos mios dejen el traducor ya xD

Автор worriorzach ( назад)
Boo this is not bilk 182

Автор ey b0ss ( назад)
I don't know they didn't sound half bad

Автор Douglas Andrade ( назад)
O kara deu maior arroto oaksoaksoaskoaskoaskaosk ele e o kara !!!

Автор AdorableRabbit ( назад)
Worst. Live. Band. Ever.

Автор Michael Toyota ( назад)
Thibbs0402 you're a fag blinks really good live you fucking homo you're
probs some 30 year loser who lives at his moms house and pretends to be a
rock star in the mirror blinks really good kinda why they're super famous

Автор FullMetalWhiteboy ( назад)
This is a song... About Matt's penis

Автор ENDIMOLA ( назад)
I got a naked boobie version on my channel :-D

Автор Shady Bites ( назад)
A7x sound like they do on album when they play live

Автор Shady Bites ( назад)
Actually your wrong. Bands like scenes

Автор DanielConley ( назад)
of course they suck live, thats what makes them awesome unlike all the
other autotuned or playbacked concert 'musicians' of today

Автор Shady Bites ( назад)
Blink is amazing live

Автор Kristian13 ( назад)
I miss You Blink 182

Автор Matthew Clark ( назад)
"No no no, I think they wanna hear more jokes." Lol

Автор Garibaldi (Garibaldi) ( назад)
Go, fuck yourself

Автор Shady Bites ( назад)
U suck live

Автор green morales ( назад)
omg. fuck you. 

Автор Epilef Zepol Setneup ( назад)
omg they sucks in live 

Автор Zumoari ( назад)
take that back@merijnmusic12 

Автор merijnmusic12 ( назад)
what a shit music

Автор Jan S. ( назад)
yes, a troll or a total retard...neither speaks for a normal social live
that he/she (probably he, white, nerdy and lonesome) should have ;)
sometimes it's hard to spot a troll, most are too obvious though

Автор DRACHIR88 ( назад)
the new generation crowd are boring

Автор Jay Ainsworth ( назад)
hahaha the bouncers just casually lobbing people back in the crowd

Автор vikito yeptho ( назад)

Автор Han ( назад)

Автор Adriano Andrade ( назад)
muito bom...

Автор Sebá Alves ( назад)
olha eu laaa kkk 

Автор Cooler Kanal ( назад)
AWESOME, almost as in Germanys Next Casting Disaster HAHA :-))))).

Автор Naiara Santos (Nay) ( назад)
muito bom 

Автор casperjas ( назад)
Is this a troll? 'Cause they were the original artists of this song.

Автор Mike Hawk ( назад)
I know right? And they're not even good..

Автор tia subastian ( назад)
Fuck you

Автор AlpineHawkMusic ( назад)
tune that guitar

Автор Ovidiu Hosu ( назад)
the crowd seem to be having the best fuckin time of their lives 

Автор Penelope 777 ( назад)

Автор Nikko Oliver Arevalo ( назад)

Автор liro lazaro ( назад)
no,its not,,.it was cool kid...

Автор pudden7777 ( назад)
That was so boring! They need to do something on stage

Автор SodaPopVilSki ( назад)
You do know he's a troll, right?

Автор drklenk ( назад)
ah, yeah. true :D

Автор orlando pacheco ( назад)
is from the still waiting music video 

Автор vincent w ( назад)

Автор Fɘed Back ( назад)

Автор Eve Bailey (evebailey772) ( назад)
omg theese guys are a total ripoff of jedward

Автор Endry Himawan ( назад)
this 2013, i miss tom's voice in this video...

Автор nauti pace ( назад)

Автор RR19996 ( назад)
Well this is misunderstanding 101...

Автор TheOffspringsRadio ( назад)
Ahhhh (mid-late-90's) and early 00's all the good Music ex Blink 182,The
Offspring Green Day and all that i miss it :( especialy Blink and Offspring

Автор Eduardo Resende ( назад)
thought the same thing poor girls living their lives at its fullest back in
those days now they're probably married and have children, but they were
nice teenagers

Автор Justmmmm ( назад)
lol at the end of the song hahahaha

Автор Azzen Loewe ( назад)

Автор Lucky & Ayleia ( назад)
Wait no I never wrote that im not even 40! some hacker got into my acctont
and started writing the most prevted things im not really like at.

Автор wafflecopter3 ( назад)
You're 40, and fucking 5 year olds??? Gross!!!

Автор Sebastian Kroll ( назад)
there they just were good live ...

Автор Lucky & Ayleia ( назад)
Hey man, I'm 40 fucking 5 years old.............this never gets
old....never! When you guys feel old call me.....beat your meat!!

Автор Efreet Kotori Itsuka ( назад)
fuck this song this is the best song ever hahahahah fucking devil shit

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