Carla Underwater 2

CHECK OUT NEW VIDEO - CARLA UNDERWATER BABY SWIMMER. Carla underwater at the age of 5 in a swimming pool. This was filmed in Florida in the Keys in January 2012. One year after the video Carla underwater. Filmed with Panasonic TZ-7 and waterproof case.

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 1:59
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Автор queen bee (22 дня)
that looks funnnn!!

Автор Climy Land (24 дня)
Parece un pulpo medio gamba xD 

Автор Kaelyn Collins (1 месяц)
You are amazing!

Автор MonsoonPhilly (8 дней)
Well done.
Very nice pool.
Thank you.

Автор Taylor Gillen (3 месяца)
How is this popular? xD

Автор Monnie Tew (27 дней)
How old is she

Автор chaimae chaymae (2 месяца)
What's the whit thing on her feet ??

Автор Vitória Bianco (10 дней)
Quantos anos você tem

Автор Lili Dragibus (1 месяц)
J'adore la piscine ! x)

Автор Kawaii Love (6 дней)
no entiendo solo pone ala nena nadando pero la casa es re linda creeo que
es su casa pero parese que es millonaria o algo asi pero yo conosco una
casa igual que la de ella solo que tiene un quincho una pileta grande pasto
y tiene unas habitaciones preciosas el banio esta decorado con color verde
agu que es mi color fagorito me encanta tu casa es re preciosa me
encantaria tener la igial que voz

Автор Castaway (7 дней)
Boring shots of kid's clumsy swimming, but, the pool is GORGEOUS! 

Автор Nazear Brown1223 (3 месяца)
Oh we'll it's popular and if you don't believe then believe it because the
number is your face

Автор Faerie Bauer (2 месяца)
That child needs a mermaid tail.

Автор Imane Ben Abbib (2 месяца)
Vous parlez en Français ? ( You speek en French ?)

Автор Ashly Terry (1 месяц)
Carla is so ugly lol in your face

Автор Sofia Gomez (22 дня)
Is that your pool if it is that's so awesome!!! And she is very good

Автор Childrenofworld2014 (2 месяца)
cute girl

Автор 4 super CouSins! (24 дня)
are you a french?

Автор Tutoriale Roberto (1 месяц)
lol ce praf

Автор юля позитивчик (1 месяц)

Автор Gage Chambers (2 месяца)
how can she see underwater with no goggles?

Автор skye hiroki (4 месяца)
How old is she 2014

Автор Abigail Payne (5 дней)
Why is this so popular shes just swimming in a big pool

Автор Sheila Archfall (2 месяца)
0:44 she had too many tacos :o

Автор Mariah Espinoza (1 день)
I want to be her she's awesome I'm serious I'm not

Автор J. Pulidz (6 дней)
I bet millions of viewers were watching mermaid vids then clicked this lol

Автор lucila asinari torres (1 день)
noooo para que le hacen video yo se nadar mucho mejor que ella las piernas
las mueve para todos a lados se parece a un pulpo las piernas y los brasos
un desastre

Автор Brithanie laplante (7 дней)

woow :)

Автор Bora Rossi (8 дней)
Holly molly!! my niece looks just like her, she also redhead, i showed her
the video is she was like...OMG!!

Автор diceon1 (7 дней)
She is dramatic

Автор karol flores herrera (3 месяца)
Que ese vídeos es tan padre

Автор Hector Caguiwa (1 день)
Haha poon

Автор นุชดา ศรีนิล (2 дня)

Автор Hamza Sries Max (7 дней)
good Carla

Автор Ellie Grace (5 месяцев)
How old is she

Автор yulieth martinez (12 дней)

Автор Jaylin Jones (15 дней)
That water is awesome

Автор Teodor Dimitrov (10 дней)

Автор Ahtziri Pezlo (7 дней)

Автор TheAxIV (13 дней)
She looks stupid

Автор zapanta maryjane (11 дней)
your so cute i wish to you you are a be a swimmer you are a good swimmer




●○●○●○shapes it's like you are super duper cute 

Автор 0 lpsMonykaGirl (16 дней)
Мило я тоже так могу

Автор Alissa Chen (14 дней)
omg cool

Автор maria sol Binnier (11 дней)
quiero esa piletaa y el maar (L)

Автор Megan Sears (16 дней)
One question,why is a 5 year-old wearing a bikini?

Автор tasha cooper (15 дней)
looks right

Автор emir yiğit yalçın (9 дней)

Автор Larissa Araujo (11 месяцев)

Автор Girl Ninja (11 месяцев)

Автор Don Horner (11 месяцев)
I hope your eyes did not brun

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