Carla Underwater 2

CHECK OUT NEW VIDEO - CARLA UNDERWATER BABY SWIMMER. Carla underwater at the age of 5 in a swimming pool. This was filmed in Florida in the Keys in January 2012. One year after the video Carla underwater. Filmed with Panasonic TZ-7 and waterproof case.

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Автор Sofia Rizzotto (7 дней)
Isso é uma piscina de nadara mesmo?

Автор theresa tyree (2 месяца)
Is this urs or is it like a hotel?

Автор Ika Elyana (2 дня)
Is that your house or it is a hotel??

Автор Bluelight Spike (1 месяц)
Why does this video has so may views?

I mean, it looks nice and all but, shit, not 27 million nice.

Автор raffaella widjaja (2 месяца)
This is a popular vid but she is just swimming in a pool and her moves of
swimming isn't even wright her legs supused to going straight not flexy and
.... Bad swimming for me to say

Автор Ihaspippycon (14 дней)
Does it heart when opening your eyes underwater?

Автор David Smith (9 дней)
Im not being rude or anything but Dont you guys think she is showing off a
bit to much I mean I can do better swimming and dance moves underwater than

Автор queen bee (2 месяца)
that looks funnnn!!

Автор Climy Land (3 месяца)
Parece un pulpo medio gamba xD 

Автор marie amelie laurent (1 месяц)
Comment elle set ou faire les yeux

Автор MIAU DIZI (2 месяца)
carla entra dentro da pisina e fique en pe

Автор Zach1271TV (10 дней)

Автор Kimberley Menezes (3 дня)
She wasn't even swimming she was just showing off in the water

Автор Kaelyn Collins (3 месяца)
You are amazing!

Автор MonsoonPhilly (2 месяца)
Well done.
Very nice pool.
Thank you.

Автор pri silva (11 дней)
no goste

Автор Shrek DCUO (15 дней)
1:61 nip slip

Автор Shem Rose (20 дней)
Taylor your a asshole she swims better than u

Автор Taylor G c; (5 месяцев)
How is this popular? xD

Автор sanook xiexie (26 дней)

Автор Monnie Tew (3 месяца)
How old is she

Автор Giovanna Batista (1 месяц)
How many years will be that she has?

Автор nosabe s mi nombre (1 месяц)
is so beatifull the pool i like it very much 

Автор Lauren Does mc (3 месяца)
She's to young for a bikini

Автор Vitória Bianco (2 месяца)
Quantos anos você tem

Автор Lili Dragibus (4 месяца)
J'adore la piscine ! x)

Автор Bob Eikhout (2 дня)
Dis my sisster

Автор Un colombiano. (3 дня)
Nice, and the pool is really amazing.

Автор Faerie Bauer (4 месяца)
That child needs a mermaid tail.

Автор hevdais walker (2 дня)
She isot that good

Автор Imane Ben Abbib (4 месяца)
Vous parlez en Français ? ( You speek en French ?)

Автор mariana raigoza Duque (4 дня)
ella respira bajo el agua

Автор Olle Löfstedt (1 день)
I'm a diver myself, started at the age of 5 to actually practice regularly,
and i love it. by the looks of it, Carla will be a diver one day, Good For
Her! the diver community is really awesome! Btw if she wants to swim more
effortless you should consider practice the rapid dolphin kick and the
underwater breast stroke with her. Good Luck:)

Автор sharon castro (3 дня)
la renacuajo jajajajajajjjajajaj

Автор Isabella Rojas Hewitt (6 дней)
Why is she being so dramatic

Автор Sara Niemi (4 дня)
no no carla

Автор Raphael Zanon Bastos (4 дня)
I really really really really really really really love it 

Автор hamid samadani (3 дня)
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:útil sismo. Melina

Автор Ashly Terry (3 месяца)
Carla is so ugly lol in your face

Автор Diana Ciobanu (10 дней)
I've seen a baby do this. He was 1 year old;

Автор Bibs Bi (6 дней)
Nao gostei

Автор Grisu Keller (4 дня)
wow - what camera do you have? and she looks so nice ...

Автор daniel palacios (5 дней)
Parece fuente

Автор Cesar Medina (15 дней)
Que presumida

Автор Maya T (5 дней)
0:31 Ariel.

Автор Georgie Ball (14 дней)
how is this popular?;)

Автор Shady Iassm (14 дней)
بسم الله ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن الرحيم

Автор ปวิตรา โยธาพล (10 дней)

Автор allen rich orca (10 дней)
Pano niya nagagawa yon parang ang hirap 

Автор Uğur Mustafa Köylü (10 дней)
Kötü. Neden. Açılmıyo

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