Carla Underwater 2

CHECK OUT NEW VIDEO - CARLA UNDERWATER BABY SWIMMER. Carla underwater at the age of 5 in a swimming pool. This was filmed in Florida in the Keys in January 2012. One year after the video Carla underwater. Filmed with Panasonic TZ-7 and waterproof case.

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Автор Dragon Jewel (2 месяца)
Wow! Its that pool yours? Or is it a hotel pool? If so where it the hotel?

Автор thepenmen22 (1 месяц)
where is this?? this is the clearest pool ive ever freaking seen. like the
video quality is awesome

Автор jals jaz (18 дней)
She's beautiful.

I'm in the weird side of utube again.

Автор Octavianaa LPS (2 месяца)
You all know what breaks my heart in the comments, when i see people hating
on her i mean come on people she is only 5 years old in the making of this
video! the hate comments have been saying like she is to young for a
bikini, she is horrible at swimming, and people are also saying her moves
are not even worth watching and even near the back of the video comments
someone said they wish they could kill there self's because she is horrible
i mean come on you know what? you must have a low self esteem if you are
going to hate on this little girl. 

Автор Evelyn Handam Meira (1 месяц)
Onde vc mora

Автор Joary Ortiz (6 дней)
why are her feet so white

Автор Domo Bro (1 месяц)

Автор Inspiracion MG (3 месяца)
Amo Como Nada.. 

Автор Marcelo Ribeiro (1 месяц)
nada muito bem premiada

Автор Ginny Weasly (3 месяца)
I like her strange dance

Автор Sofia Rizzotto (4 месяца)
Isso é uma piscina de nadara mesmo?

Автор Juanita fields (1 месяц)
Is that three feet

Автор Naomy Espinoza (12 дней)
She is pretty
I speak spanish
Sube mas videos porfavor

Автор Nelson T (7 дней)
Was Carla in swimming lesson before and now.

Автор Richard ReNai (2 месяца)
Vous été francai

Автор Thay Rodrigues (1 месяц)
Se isso for na casa dela ela ta se achando

Автор Cupcakes RmahFwends (12 дней)
i dont get the point of this

Автор beatrix mora (10 дней)
Are u in Mauritius island ? Ive gone to that hotel la piroge or something,
right? Im from ecuador, btw nice video

Автор Juan Ruiz Gonzalez (6 дней)
cuantos años tienes?

Автор Luis Navarro (8 дней)
are you french?

Автор MakeupXsm (15 дней)

Автор gerard peters (2 месяца)
how old are you

Автор Catlover101 (17 часов)
I remember first whaching this and it's still amazing 

Автор Miriam Moreta (14 дней)
Perfect👌this video is awesomeee!

Автор Yoyendra Angdembe (2 месяца)
How old is she

Автор Charmy Poh (3 месяца)
Y don't u swim like a mermaid? That will be nice

Автор Ben Whoever (19 дней)
Man... I am still not be able to open my eyes underwater. It really
irritates my eyes. I dont know how some people can even do it in the ocean,
under salt water.

Автор ladool (2 месяца)
en plus je peux faire une videos identique mais avec ma fille mais la
piscine je l'ai chez moi

Автор Luis Navarro (1 месяц)
are you french?

Автор Ika Elyana (4 месяца)
Is that your house or it is a hotel??

Автор Sarah Mandrupkar (19 дней)
U have a really nice pool

Автор Alexandria Sumpter (1 месяц)
+Kayla Trahan I wasn't talking to u I was talking to azriel conover so get
ur facts straight 😐😶👊

Автор Aliyana kelly (3 дня)

Автор Jacob Chapman (15 дней)
Cool pool

Автор Victoire Bright (1 месяц)
rich white kids

Автор -NineTailed- (2 месяца)
That is one fancy pool!

Автор Gislene Pinheiro (2 месяца)
In love for this video .what is the hotel name ?? i know who this hotel is
in the keys in florida but i´d like know the name of hotel please 

Автор Nicole Gallo (1 месяц)
vcs só tem inveja dela vc é uma fofa sua natação é ótima beijocas se
precisar de ajuda me chama fofa

Автор Paulo Scarpa (11 дней)
Menina. Loca. Ela. Pode. Se. Afogar. Sabia

Автор susan Riley (1 месяц)
All you are doing is going under water

Автор Kody Kasmikha (6 дней)

Автор Olivia Rhodes (9 дней)
I'm off swimming today x

Автор fernando gilberto de la o benitez (13 дней)

Автор tsitsi khakhaleishvili (9 дней)
ra magari videoa

Автор Bella S (3 дня)
good clara:)

Автор ldenisedavis (3 месяца)
The kid has skills, but the pool is KILLER!! Is this a hotel pool? Really

Автор Ebony West (3 месяца)
Are you at your house

Автор InsertChannelName Here (1 месяц)
Is that your pool?

Автор Ciara Aguirre (18 дней)

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