Dominick Cruz -- Here's the Thing ... Cody Garbrandt Is Dumb As Hell | TMZ Sports

The barrage of smack talk between UFC fighters Cody Garbrandt and Dominick Cruz continues ... with Cruz telling TMZ Sports the only thing emptier than Cody's threats are his head ... 'cause he's dumb.

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Dominick Cruz -- Here's the Thing ... Cody Garbrandt Is Dumb As Hell | TMZ Sports

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Автор hai tran ( назад)
lmao cody is the champ now

Автор Turtlefoot69 ( назад)
remember people called nate dumb but be beat conor and now cody beat cruz
conor and cruz both lost this mind battle

Автор Tom Huffnpuff ( назад)
TMZ are the same liberal left-leaning white-hating cock-gurgling scumbags
like TYT.

Автор harambe ( назад)
this dude got his ass beat

Автор Dora The Explorer ( назад)
We got a new champ lol

Автор Gamer Singer ( назад)
I don't know how smart he is but his fight IQ must not be lacking
considering how he out-Cruzed and even dominated Dominick Cruz himself.

Автор WAFLCHUNK ( назад)

Автор takanoritoriyama ( назад)
Description fail. Are his head

Автор gazog1 ( назад)
I put my money on Cody,

Автор Nasir Mo ( назад)
And new

Автор DesignStuff ( назад)
He really is

Автор yougle ( назад)
Cruz p4p top 5 easy

Автор Jitendra Kumar ( назад)
He atleast talks what he thinks , unfortunately for me .. He doesnt think
at all and just talks ..


Автор Urban Chaos 2.0 ( назад)
I agree. Cody Garbrandt is really fucking stupid. He's irrationally

Автор C C ( назад)
Lol Dom is awesome

Автор Jose Jalapeño ( назад)
Cody "no dad" Garbrandt

Автор Trappedinmymind_ ( назад)
Guy on the top resembles Dom

Автор Factual Free Thinker ( назад)
Conor and Dom might be P4P #1,2, or 3 in terms of fighting and trashtalk.

Автор ReerBaadia ( назад)
this dude's trash talk is on another level.

Автор Nad Mil ( назад)
Dom really thinks he's smart using slightly big words in every interview
all he does is try to say how stupid his opponents are haha good job you
still suck as an entertaining fighter your just a scared boy who earned his
belt by moving around the ring really fast trying not to get hit while
throwing popcorn at your opponent and if they land one tiny punch he goes
for the takedown

Автор Artem Lobov ( назад)
imagine if this was another Mcgregor vs Aldo

Автор Georg Saint Pierre ( назад)
Conor vs Cruz would be a trashtalk on a new level

Автор Linda Mvungi ( назад)

Автор Loh Ryder ( назад)
Can't wait for Dom to demolish the school boy.

Автор bt465 ( назад)
is Dominick gasping for air here??

Автор DJ CS (ChallengerriderVC) ( назад)
Dominick so sarcastic 😂😂😂

Автор Narcissus ( назад)
Dominick is a hypocrite. He says Garbrandt is insecure for talking about
looks before a fight but he did the exact same thing when he said the other
guy looked like Pee Wee Herman lol

Автор Bobs Black ( назад)
Cruz vs Demetrius Johnson pls next after Cruz wins on friday

Автор Natelostgetoverit CryBaby ( назад)
Cruz kills them with words... no cursing too :)

Автор Brian Thompson ( назад)

Автор AndreH ( назад)
I feel the same way as Conor McGregor does about tmz reporters

Автор Firstwd Lastdd ( назад)
You guys are all jerks just like dom, bagging on a kind hearted guy like
cody, look what he's done for that kid who had cancer. Dom is a jerk
because he's an arrogant know it all. He thinks he's better then everyone
else INCLUDING Conor Mcgregor...
I hope you win Cody, YOU CAN DO THIS DUDE! 

Автор The MMA Crypt Show ( назад)
Cruz is getting slept!

Автор GraveyardDave19 ( назад)
Yea the tmz reporters are simply well paid Rats

Автор Leo Rodriguez ( назад)
If Cody doesn't win within the 1st two rounds it's going to be a bad night
for him.

Автор sandeep9k ( назад)
Cody Garbrandt is tough and a good Boxer, he got KO'd before. It's the
fight game.

Автор Drew Tipp ( назад)
yeah dog. stupid azz

Автор EarthSurferUSA ( назад)
The fact is, people in most sports, are not considered smart, (accept by
I would not think combat sports would break that rule.

Now Cody may not know the square root of 64, but he may be a mastermind in
the octagon. We will see, because he is up a against a mastermind in the
Octagon, but it does not make either of them smart, (accept for in the

Face it,--Americans are under educated (with proper education, that makes
us smart--which is all but gone).

Автор Roderick Hoggs ( назад)
Cruz is going to win this and make it look easy

Автор Mel Diaz ( назад)
But Cody is still cute

Автор Anonymous808 ( назад)
Cody Garbrandt? WHO THE FOOK IS THAT GUY!?

Автор Danny Bell ( назад)
I would love to see the trash talk between Dom and Mcgregor if they fought
lol I honestly don't think Mcgregor could get in his head

Автор Eternal entropy ( назад)
Cruz McGregor. That is all I want.

Автор TransientClassic ( назад)
Big fan of Cruz and Garbrandt. Cruz by unanimous decision.

Автор Donald Samuels ( назад)
rekt much, damn

Автор Never Mind ( назад)
Damn Dom. Take it easy on the poor guy.

Автор Titanbrah Cunt ( назад)
Tmz is cancer

Автор Pineapple Soup ( назад)
I hope Cody beats the crap out of this tosser.

Автор Mesogreat ( назад)
Cruz may be one of the worst people on the planet. if you told me he
punched baby kittens I would believe it.

Автор Zabir Mehmood Khan ( назад)
mini brain 😂😂😂

Автор Work-Hard-Play-Hard ( назад)
Cruz will be destroyed! Guaranteed first round knockout brutal

Автор Rob K ( назад)
Everyone always laughs when they talk trash about each other because Cruz
and Garbrandt are EXACTLY THE SAME PERSON. Only difference maybe being that
Cruz is slightly more emotional and Garbrandt is slightly more stupid.

Two idiots with beards saying "your beard is dumb", "no, YOUR beard is
dumb!" or "your tie is stupid", "no, YOUR TIE is stupid!"

Автор Langit ( назад)
Dominator gonna show no love 💔

Автор Omid Trance ( назад)
best trashalker of all time

Автор Mystic Mac ( назад)
im down with Dom !

Автор Irwin Klink ( назад)
decisionator with his boring ass fights

Автор BrandonHeat92 ( назад)
Damn.. after Conor, Dom is possibly the Best talker.

Автор Hey! Free Thinking ( назад)
Cruz shit-talking is on another level. I think he's better than McGreggor
but not as loud.

Автор chet michael ( назад)
god dom has such a douche face, tj also beat him so I don't consider his
dull ass as champ, I hope cody breaks this bitches face, also when cody
said "i don't have to chase pussy" dom had no idea what he meant....whos
the real moron? Id say cruz

Автор Steven Forde ( назад)
I love Dom and want him to win but I've had this sneaky feeling every time
I see the these videos that Cody's gonna catch him...well find out soon

Автор Sam Blasian ( назад)
Cody is not ready for Dominick Cruz, he's needs more experience.

Автор Dendi Face ( назад)
TMZ sports gave me aids and cancer

Автор ISMAIL ( назад)
Dominick is the master of complinsult 😂

Автор MrOasis316 ( назад)
How can ya not love Dom the guy is a fucking boss.

Автор Lester Faapaiaga ( назад)
I know this most likely won't ever happen but I want the battle of the
movement's, Connor vs Dom

Автор Steve Carmen ( назад)
Cruz is the fucking man. dude is a fight genius.

Автор chinese302 ( назад)
No lies told

Автор Paul Walters ( назад)
Cruz is getting destroyed. Can't duck Cody like he did Barao. Cruz has a
boring style of trying to avoid a fight. I can't wait til Cody knocks him
into next year and he will. Cruz's sad ass time is over..........and NEW!

Автор AL Gonzalez ( назад)
dominick cruz is the greatest fighter next to muhammad ali

Автор Zak Hughes ( назад)
Dom is a jedi master. My favorite athlete

Автор Draven BBS ( назад)
Cruz is a savage

Автор moneyxl00 ( назад)
how does Dom know how many times Cody had a concussion? Lol

Автор Grant Franchey ( назад)
I would vote for dom if he ever ran for president.

Автор shair00 ( назад)
Dominick is going to school Cody so good, his new nick name is going to be
the professor...

Автор Hector Burgos ( назад)
Fuck TMZ lmao talking about he dissed your beard. Like dude they're
fighters stick with covering the celebrities

Автор Brandon Bassani ( назад)
Tom Cruz is my favourite bearded trash talker

Автор Bravo Smith ( назад)
Power beats Precision and Speed beats timing. #AndNew No love with the KO

Автор Timothy S ( назад)
Cody ChildLove Gaybrandt is a convicted child rapist. He neeeds to be
locked up

Автор Issac Tisnado ( назад)
Damn I hate TMZ but I couldn't resist watching cause of Dom!

Автор fumbles 12 ( назад)
I like cruz but dese tmz guys are lame

Автор Pizza Dude ( назад)
TMZ the master of instigation

Автор rahim benmounah ( назад)
pre fight press conference will be a nightmare for cody lmao!!

Автор dubnation Warriors durant curry ( назад)
Ronda Rousey is back

Автор Sea Level Cain ( назад)
I like my boy Cruz but he is about to get ko.

Автор Syler Sarg ( назад)
Dom is the best at trashtalking

Автор Sawyer Ng ( назад)
damn he destroyed him

Автор M J. ( назад)

Автор Tony Ferguson ( назад)
little cody is an emotional lesbian

Автор ethiopianeyes ( назад)
yeah i dont see this guy beating dom tho. uriah did rear naked chokeout dom
in wec tho.

Автор Angel villeda ( назад)
foot work and speed always beat power i wanna see gardbrant get ko

Автор Glow Man ( назад)
The dominator will dominate another alpha fail he will remain champ for a
long time Cruz bless!

Автор Popcorn Chicken ( назад)
Dom is a boss!

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