PC - Spear of Destiny (Project Eisenritter) - Level 18

What it is: A gameplay video of Spear of Destiny mod Project Eisenritter Level 18, and the final boss battle of the game.
Check here for download http://www.wolfenstein3d.co.uk/adds_PQR.htm
Done in a single run, from a pistol start, and on Death Incarnate difficulty, taking 100% on the three bonus categories. Game was invoked with -hard -tedlevel 17 parameters for this.

How was it done: Emulated and recorded with DOSBox 0.73, the resulting AVI file with the ZMBV codec was decompressed using Virtual Dub 1.9.4 and later recompressed again with Windows Movie Maker in WMV format with a 512 KBits Bitrate.

Additional Info: The level itself isn't that hard considering that you have plenty of supplies to handle well the five different battles that you are going to do (One for each of the big rooms and the one with the Iron Knight itself). Though anything can go wrong anytime, should I have to mention where I died the most, it was against the four Hans Grosses (Even when facing them one by one) and the final wave with the 12 Cyborgs because almost always they get inside the rooms on the sides of the boss room and they don't come out easily, and when they do, is usually when you're walking in the middle of the room and you have nowhere to run for cover. The turrent at the start of the level also ruined me several times, though I lose just 15 or 20 seconds that not so far from 10 minutes.

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Длительность: 9:54
Комментарии: 35

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Автор Sick Bastard ( назад)
This ChainGun sound is the very cccool!Link please on this sound...

Автор mateus1491 ( назад)
I don't know why! This game is always slow in any PC I buy , what the
problem with this thing?

Автор Der Wolfenforst ( назад)
What exactly do the robots say when you encounter them? And what do they
say when they die? I cannot understand them.

Автор MrSkulltag ( назад)
Found the music:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSh-KULfg_Q&list=PLoAK1QeFCYZ34_vZnXWWnf04xafXXSqx-&index=7 Thanks

Автор Piter432 ( назад)
Final Boss of this game was here and disliked the video.

Автор Cindy Henry ( назад)
Some one should make a sound track of this song

Автор Cindy Henry (1688 лет назад)
This level is hard mainly cause of the third room.

Автор Lyne Taperz ( назад)
The wolfenstein 3-D engine default synthesis module is Ad Lib.

Автор 1codcod ( назад)
we are waiting for the SDL version, WSJ ! :)

Автор Vid-szhite ( назад)
@888MikeM888 Use DosBox. No one can play Wolfenstein nowadays without it.

Автор FokkerPlane ( назад)
How do I use these mods?

Автор GeorgeCostanzaTheMovie2: TheGeorgeCostanza-ing ( назад)
K I have it working but on this level the music is the same but its way
more, 8-bit sounding than this. What audio devise are you using?

Автор NightslayerLing407 ( назад)
hey ummm can you post the video with this music?

Автор NightslayerLing407 ( назад)
You are a good gamer. i swear this level looks impossible but you did it!!

Автор GeorgeCostanzaTheMovie2: TheGeorgeCostanza-ing ( назад)
@888MikeM888 dude*

Автор GeorgeCostanzaTheMovie2: TheGeorgeCostanza-ing ( назад)
Seriously dud, is there some way I can get this music? I cant download the
game because my computer wont let me play it.

Автор Natureworld1986 ( назад)
the music rules !!!

Автор GeorgeCostanzaTheMovie2: TheGeorgeCostanza-ing ( назад)
I love that music! Hey do you think you could make a download link or
something for the OST of this?

Автор The7thOne ( назад)
This isn't spear of destiny.

Автор Lucas Hidemi Komori ( назад)
@TheMammoth88 "Heil the führer", I think.

Автор Mátyás Kovács ( назад)
Sorry for lame question, but what does the iron knight yells before it

Автор Lokih7 ( назад)
Nice gameplay. By the way, it's not a Spear of Destiny's mod but a
Wolfenstein 3D's mod.

Автор Kinathax ( назад)
that quote from 5:48... its from Hexen (are you ready to die?) Wonder if
anyone else picked that one up..

Автор Kidacekfull ( назад)
Very nice .... 

Автор The Yes Man ( назад)
@Diamondus123 there are only 18 lvls...

Автор greatguy200 ( назад)
At 8:10, that scared me when the player went up close to the Iron Knight,
especially watching this vid in the dark.

Автор RichterBelmont12 ( назад)
The Music Is from Corridor 7

Автор Rami Safadi (JikissGamer) ( назад)
Wow! This is very impressive! Well played Zirblazer!

Автор DixieHB ( назад)
I like your guts. Although the boss itself is REALLY not hard (He only has
strafeable projectiles) my biggst problem is fighting the last room before
the boss, with all the cyborgs and stormtroopers. that's the killer for me.
And since you did s nice, Death Incarnate and practically RAN into the
rooms killing everything, I admire your skills. Grats dude, that was my
fave mod ever and I'll tell WSJ about your videos.

Автор Chris Staples ( назад)
holy shit

Автор zeroGasfiterTV ( назад)
This level is VERY COMPLEX. Very great gamer, zirblazer.

Автор AgentVamp ( назад)
That level music rocks

Автор Diamondus123 ( назад)
lol, i played all 60 levels on 1 day. fucking epic. even better than the

Автор DavincstyleGames ( назад)
Damn your good !

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