Danny Moeskops - 175g. Steyning 17 June 2012

This is how to hit a 175g! This cast measured 261m in a cross court wind

On the previous day Danny measured casts of 286m - 100g and 274m - 125g. Also 271m on the 150g on the sunday.

Not bad! lol

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Автор Tunahuna ( назад)
its amazing how anyone can design and build a fishing rod to take that much
power and force without breaking! even more so its amazing that a pregnant
person can cast so far! Top caster Danny!

Автор NoOneImportant556 ( назад)
For the guys who cant fish, or make the Olympic hammer throwing teams. lol

Автор 종완 임 ( назад)
sin ji ra re nai u so da.

Автор MonoRacer ( назад)
i am wondering if it is possible to get a 100m cast out of a revo toro 61
nacl with a 80gram good casting lure, can annybody give me a good answer
please? thx

Автор stephen lewis ( назад)
The best caster ever

Автор scannerman film ( назад)
what a cast, incredible speed for 175g!

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