How to Make #2 Copper into #1 Copper

Always use safety equipment! Here is a demonstration how to cut the pieces off of #2 Copper tubing to create #1 and make a lot more money! At Rockaway Recycling we live by Fair Weight, Fair Price!

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Автор Matt Wernerspach ( назад)

Автор stopper jordan ( назад)
love your videos keep it up

Автор icreepi ( назад)
OR you could just de-solder the joint and file down the solder to have
three pieces of #1 copper http://youtu.be/SR_6B1Cul0o

Автор Double Dare Fan ( назад)
You coulda cut a few inches off the other end of that L pipe thing to get
more #1 Cu.

Автор Rockaway Recycling ( назад)
Generally it is an industry wide thing...yes.

Автор Rockaway Recycling ( назад)
Safety first!

Автор Steven Watson ( назад)
I know, I was just telling him. Always wear a helmet when around machinery,
because you never know what could happen.

Автор Steven Watson ( назад)
the saw catches and rips it from his hand and slams into his head. It's

Автор Matts Madness ( назад)

Автор ATCRyderX© ( назад)
Ketchup? Like Heinz?...

Автор Sunshine Johnson ( назад)
Oh wow man. Brilliant! I always just just gave away big money for no reason
before this enlightenment. 

Автор dandy smith ( назад)
how can that pipe hit ur head????????

Автор fwbrc51 ( назад)
saw, glasses, and hard hat. no ear protection???????

Автор savagenomore ( назад)
wash it with a mixture of vinegar and salt or diluted muratic acid, works
for me...

Автор Rockaway Recycling ( назад)
Hey thanks for watching! To take the tarnish off you can use a
grinder....but sometimes it is not worth the time. You also have to see
what is inside of the pipes...it there is contaminants, it won't be worth
the time. 

Автор revanravia ( назад)
does anybody know how to ge the tarnish off copper to make it #`1 

Автор Rockaway Recycling ( назад)
@savagenomore Great to hear! We are here to help you so keep checking in
for more videos! Thanks for the subscription!

Автор savagenomore ( назад)
@RockawayRecycling cool, that would help cause I'm sure many are like me
and have a crooked yard ripping us off cause we aren't sure what's really
going on, your videos have helped me a lot and I subbed so I'm looking
forward to more..

Автор Rockaway Recycling ( назад)
@savagenomore We will work on this and as soon as we have it up, we will
let you know! Thanks for the request!

Автор savagenomore ( назад)
can you do a video with wire, I know you have the one showing different
types but are there different grades for stripped vs burned and some wire
is different colors, like some has a red tent while others have an orange
tent, whats the difference...thanks

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