Nicktoons Battle For Volcano Island Part 1

763.) Nicktoons Battle For Volcano Island part 1. Assisted by my bro at times. Check out my channel and other videos. Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Scsigs.

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Автор Montueweds ( назад)
Anyone remember the big ass sand monster? You had to kill that motherfucker
with this stone cannon, and that shit was a struggle.

Автор Teagan Long ( назад)
i remember waching this on my old acount good memories :)

Автор kevon wade ( назад)
I brought like 4 copies of this game I loved it

Автор i Zillies ( назад)
anyone else wish they make more games like this

Автор Amarradopeloopai 5 ( назад)
Heyder filho, Heitor e Felipe dias saudades de nóis 3 jogando esse jogo em
salinas 2009

Автор Matthieu Roux ( назад)

Автор Dapp The Possum (DapperOpossum63) ( назад)
I fucking loved this game, probably one of the actually good licensed

Автор Tamara Victoria Kesuma ( назад)
I miss this game so much :(((( and also Nicktoons Unit and Light, Camera,

Автор Sir Velociraptor ( назад)
my childhood game :(

Автор Ratchet1245 ( назад)
Oh ma god I just remembered this game thank god I found this

Автор ChadSesh ( назад)
omg this was my favorite game on gamecube!! i remember i played it so many
times over and over again

Автор Franky Estupido ( назад)
Recuerdo cuando moria por irme de ma escuela y acabarme el juego..
Que tiempos aquellos..

Автор Ryan Gimm ( назад)
These memories get me hard

Автор Castawwaayy ( назад)
The camp felt so cozy to be in

Автор John Basker ( назад)
Man i love this game

Автор Adonis Robinson ( назад)
That moment when you realize SpongeBob beat a multiversal villain...

Автор superjoer10rocksmega ( назад)
I wish i still had this game man I miss it

Автор Teneal m. ( назад)
the memories of this game.

Автор RoostaGaming ( назад)
Nostalgia af

Автор PXL3DG4M3R ( назад)
Nostalgia boner going on right now...


Автор Squid Army ( назад)

Автор GOD GAMES PS2 IN HD ( назад)
I love nicktoons i have all the games on ps2 you are a big fan scsigs ?

Автор Samantha Van Horn ( назад)
We want to listen to the Plato one do you understand what we are saying

Автор mohammed lamhani ( назад)
I need find my ps2 for play to this game and nicktoons attack of the
toybots and globs of doom

Автор Its Ratsapple ( назад)
I need to find my ps2 & this game, i miss this so much

Автор Ghost Cakes ( назад)
Oh the nostalgia! I remember how I always played as Danny, he was the best!

Автор TheTimon64 ( назад)
i would have loved to play this, too bad they reduced the nicktoons unite
sequel to 2 players when we are three -.-
I don;t see why they did that, not to mention the gameplay isn't as wacky

Автор Akalioun OFFICIAL ( назад)
I hated the army crab level and the rift level, the climbing was a pain in
the ass.

Автор Sonia Soares ( назад)
danny phantom my favorit

Автор Mia Ariana ( назад)
me too

Автор AlylovesDP ( назад)
I bought it for Danny phantom beat this game but not the first y?

Автор Roberto SS ( назад)
Me too...

Автор Vera Lee ( назад)
I used to play this so much as a kid, I need my ps2 back.

Автор Otakufreak712 ( назад)
ME!!! xD

Автор Nintuber ( назад)

Автор Skyver ( назад)
I came for the gba version

Автор Mihane Sabyake ( назад)
Anyone else only watching this for Danny Phantom? :D

Автор AlicesStudio ( назад)
Well.... Danny looked better in 2d >>

Автор Deanna Etienne ( назад)
The old why 2013

Автор Squid Army ( назад)
Those were good old days..

Автор 900keyblade ( назад)
this game was a hella fun!!

Автор cool kids don't dance ( назад)
Miss this game OMG

Автор Morgorath30 ( назад)

Автор Scsigs ( назад)
I was playing with my brother, so yes it is.

Автор cheffkitty123 ( назад)
Exactly just watch the other player (SpongeBob) it's really easy to see
that someone else is playing..........Although.... I could be

Автор xadmas19 ( назад)
I bet there's no cheat codes for this game! What's the point of having
cheats in the extra section if u can't even tell what the actual codes are
I mean really! *sighs* I can't believe I can't ever use it period! >:(

Автор KVLT IX ( назад)
I loved this game years ago

Автор katia osoria ( назад)
I wish I can find that game so I can play it

Автор GizmotheGamer ( назад)
but now if i get the game again it will be to easy

Автор GizmotheGamer ( назад)
aaaaahhh child hood memories this was fun

Автор Derpnaut ( назад)
Hahaha I used to play the hell out of this game when I was younger :')

Автор Roberto Villanueva ( назад)
if only zim was in this game

Автор C BO ( назад)
Chuck Norris did it in a fraction of a fraction of a millisecond

Автор Tony Lin ( назад)

Автор SpongyGirl ( назад)
Oh it's a two player game, if so, Maybe once I get it me and my sister can
try it out even though she's not a nick/nicktoons fan. She's more into
Icarly and Victorious

Автор SpongyGirl ( назад)
Haha the crab scared Danny and Spongebob. I think they look cute together
XD I don't mean to offend Spongebob haters but really, because I'm a fan of
both and seeing them two in a game is just so adorable, I used to draw
Spongebob til I drew him wrong and I used to draw Danny once til my style
of him became.....wrong. XD

Автор TheFlyingAdamGrayson ( назад)
I miss that show

Автор BritneeandWWE ( назад)
I remember this game! I loved it! too bad I don't have the game anymore :(

Автор Julio Moreno ( назад)
yeah me too i beat it en 8 hours

Автор JakandDaxter19988 ( назад)
lol i remember when my friend first introduced me to this game. Good times
playing co-op on this. :)

Автор loudkitjl ( назад)
You know, this game. I beat the game 4 times and getting to 5. Right now
I'm on the great carapace level

Автор loudkitjl ( назад)
I just set up my playstation2 and beat it 4 times! I'm gettin' up to 5!!!

Автор ohnhai ( назад)
your welcome :)

Автор Daniel Lopes Lima ( назад)
eu já vi seus videos do nicktoons unite e gloobs of doom

Автор OneGamer2EnvyThemAll ( назад)
When I rented this game for 1 week, I played and beat it everyday just
because I wanted to make the most out of it.

Автор Crystal Ortiz ( назад)
I love the game

Автор Nelson Garcia ( назад)
I loved this game when i was like 7

Автор Daniel Evans ( назад)
dude when i got this it took me 2 hours to find and beat everything

Автор Kingdom080500 ( назад)
man i grew up with this game ( and UNITE! and attack of the toybots). all
of these games made my childhood

Автор Adonis Leyba ( назад)
GameCube, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance

Автор felix bannister ( назад)
what console is this for?

Автор Red Pyro ( назад)
at 1:11 start looking at the blue crab. he doesnt blink :D

Автор Grandpa Harley ( назад)
I'm here for the dodo birds they keep killing every level.

Автор Scsigs ( назад)
@Nnaemeka obidimma GameCube

Автор Nnaemeka obidimma ( назад)
What system is this on?

Автор Scsigs ( назад)
Uh, I actually already did.

Автор elizabeth hayes ( назад)
i beat this game in 18:34:09 lets see who can beat my time

Автор Otakuloid13 ( назад)
i hav this game i play it all tha time i rock at it i know every line

Автор Otakuloid13 ( назад)
admit it you play danny all tha time cuz hes hot and he rocks

Автор Elionai32 ( назад)
ele nao e e a sandy

Автор Andrew Akers ( назад)
oh ya i almost forgot... how did u videotape ur gameplay?

Автор Andrew Akers ( назад)
love this ame. still play it!

Автор Rip Snorting ( назад)
Ifnyournplaying with a friend you had to be danny and sandy to win

Автор A depressed girl (MyZelda9) ( назад)
i have this game. it's so much fun. btw, nice playthrough. :)

Автор Haileny Malik ( назад)

Автор Crow Takamatsu ( назад)
Danny is the best character on the game

Автор Crow Takamatsu ( назад)
This game looks fun! I love Danny

Автор DannyRandyfan ( назад)
lol me to

Автор GillGamingPro ( назад)
not really obyious

Автор Fenton ( назад)
I came for Danny Phantom :D

Автор Theresa Andrus ( назад)
i take it back

Автор Theresa Andrus ( назад)
this is lame

Автор Georgina allpress ( назад)

Автор RuintedTundra97 ( назад)
Wtf is something wrong with spongebob

Автор Crow Takamatsu ( назад)
This looks awesome I'm asking for it for my birthday

Автор natasha dixon ( назад)

Автор RachelCop ( назад)
just wondering lol

Автор Scsigs ( назад)

Автор RachelCop ( назад)
is this for 2 players?

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