Musicological Profiles (part 1) -- Solo e Pensoso-- Luca Marenzio

Musicological Profiles
With Donnie Richards
A five-sided interpretation of Luca Marenzio's classic, Solo e Pensoso, as seen through the lens of modern musical genres.

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Автор Matt Houston ( назад)
is that the bad plus at the beginning?

Автор ktbiotch ( назад)
ahahaha can you come to Baldwin-Wallace and teach Hist. and Lit!?!?! that'd
be great.. thanks.

Автор Janno Kondrashev ( назад)
This is quite good! :) I love being entertained and on the subject of
musicology is an excellent idea! Good job!

Автор joninho22 ( назад)
your Italian is horrid. Try saying marenzio puttin the accent on ren
maRENzio as opposed to marenZIO and your 20h century examples are
ridiculous. You could have been much better with it, sorry. its a nead
idea, but requires more thought, which you seem to be lacking

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