FN Vest Pocket

Another one of the Jet-Doctors guns. The FN Vest pocket. I really don't know what to call it it has Colt, FN, and Browning on it lol :) .25 ACP, shooting and info.

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Автор Miguel trombettoni pipinich ( назад)
Harry Potter are you??????

Автор GunCollector007 ( назад)
.25acp will certainly do the job if needed.

Автор Miguel trombettoni pipinich ( назад)
Beautiful!!!!! Magtech is good?

Автор JMan soto ( назад)
suertudo desgraciado muy bonita pistola tienes

Автор nathshoots ( назад)
Well done sir! Hickok45 would be proud. Good info, well presented.

Автор neffets kivøh ( назад)
i like that gun

Автор Jon Acord ( назад)
Such a great ;little pistol, surprising accurate. Do you know where to get
magazines at?

Автор mr bad example ( назад)
that's a nice one! i bought a precision small arms new baby browning a few
years ago, x-mas eve, i called the guy that owned the company and made
them! i picked my own serial number! i haven't fired it yet, i keep it in a
little otter box, the magazine is a bitch to release, it's a tight fit. but
if you're carrying it, don't plan on more than six shots anyways, i do have
like 1500 rounds of ammo for it, got a steal from CTD, $6 for 50 3 years
ago! bought 1000!

Автор David Rodriguez ( назад)
where I get the cartridges

Автор MrSHARP27 ( назад)
How old are you ?

Автор Anthony Spadaro ( назад)
I would be careful dry firing that gun so much. These little brownings have
a tiny firing pin and are prone to snap off during dry fires. Just had my
MAB brevete out the other day (same gun just made in franch) and it is
quite a little keeper of a gun. Yours has a nice bluing to it too. Take
care of it?

Автор Robert Warlick ( назад)
Be a man. Shit fuck a finger ..25 damnn good gun

Автор Cougar 6 ( назад)
Great Video! Well done! I have this pistol, too, and love it. A great
shooting piece.

Автор Valter Jose ( назад)
nice vid men ;)

Автор Richard Martin ( назад)
Great close quarters gun, fits great in the front pocket even with holster
on. Center mass, and I have confidence my Colt 25 for quick safe concealed
carry def

Автор Charles Wood ( назад)
I carry an almost exact copy of this weapon, the Astra 200 .I've been
robbed twice previous to carrying this weapon (I live in a bad part of
town, as it's the only place I can afford to live) and both times it was
very close. Guys with knives within a 5 foot distance. So I keep it where
someone would normally keep their wallet, so that if I get robbed again, I
can reach into that pocket and come out with my Astra rather than a wallet.
At that distance though, 25 is lethal and easy to mag dump.

Автор Andrey Semenov ( назад)
How much does it cost?

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
richard harrow would carry it in his vest pocket

Автор dave jones ( назад)
Damn....Thats such a fine little shooter... FN Browning, need I say more?

Автор neffets kivøh ( назад)
looks like a dangerous toy 

Автор melodication ( назад)
that is FN Browning 1906 not Colt 1908, I have one made in 1911 that means
my gun 101 years old but still work fine, and just the grips made by wood
because the original one are broken

Автор Kevin Cady ( назад)
excellent job birdshoot, I like your no nonsense info on the guns u show.
hope u make more videos soon. 

Автор DrZarkloff ( назад)
The Jet doctor sure has a lot of guns. He'd be someone to know if our
country were ever invaded. I used to have a .25 very similar to that one. I
took it to the range one day to play around with it. I fired it and found
that all I got was a small poof. The projectile was stuck in the barrel and
I couldn't get it out with damaging the gun.

Автор gunz-n-gadgets ( назад)
great video sir, i can see hickok45 is a big influance on you.

Автор isamtator ( назад)
@birdshot1911 I done that a lot not to reload, but to sell the brass, lost
my job a while back but never lost the want of shooting a gun. I picked up
at least 10000 shell casing I dug through the grass and dug some up, out of
the ground. I got around 200 dollars for the brass at a scrap yard was not
expecting that. 

Автор birdshot1911 ( назад)
@ipaintyou1 Thank you kind sir lol :)

Автор sixfteightinguy ( назад)
@birdshot1911 at first I was using my metal detector but wised up to use
the bigger tarp.

Автор birdshot1911 ( назад)
@sixfteightinguy Yup, that is exactly what I use the tarp for. It makes it
a lot easier to pick up the brass rather than having to dig through the
grass trying to find it lol :)

Автор sixfteightinguy ( назад)
do you use the blue tarp to pick up your empty ammo? I do that alot to
reuse them again, plus don't want all the brass in my back yard, lol!

Автор thesuperfan99 ( назад)
Why does anyone care about the order of responses? Add something meaningful
or say nothing at all. Thanks.

Автор Matttodd21 ( назад)
1st Like 2nd Comment 3rd View.... on a great video 

Автор ClassicSta ( назад)

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