Good Boy - De Phazz

Good Boy (manmachineman remix) from the album "Plastic love memory (2002)" by De-Phazz

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Длительность: 7:21
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Автор celil gurur (1 месяц)
Bu nasıl bi sound abiler:) Tüyler diken diken:)))

Автор Arkansiel75 (7 месяцев)

Автор NZ .Traveller (6 месяцев)
Riddim wise is the name of the track from the same album

Автор Alf Abet (5 месяцев)

Автор Vladimir Gradov (1 год)
De Phazz - Good Boy

Автор DJ Deliria (1 год)
This is chillingly funky.

Автор Ned M (1 год)
As usual, another outstanding track from De Phazz
How can you not love Pat Appleton???

Автор braddah shano (10 месяцев)
Jazziliciously funkilicious ;)

Автор Ilya Dolgirev (1 год)
Paul Kalkbrenner use this sample for Castenets

Автор JJ Boogaloo (1 год)
Who's the lady on the picture?

Автор irgendwannimaugust (1 год)

Автор Giannis manos (8 месяцев)

Автор Pierre Grs (4 года)
Who's the girl?

Автор ababolita7 (5 лет)
sonidooo... me encanta esta canción!! la amoo... es tan penetrante!!

Автор voyageur pilu (4 года)
viaja, mucho

Автор Meg Smith (4 года)
i love it <3

Автор MisterAviate (4 года)
she's beautiful :)

Автор lamed1974 (2 года)
Anyone who knows where to find this song's lyrics? Thanx a lot!

Автор Lotte Nichols (4 года)
this one is so fun to dance to.

Автор Saryna the strange (4 года)
I love this kind of music

Автор Lotte Nichols (4 года)
this one is so fun to dance to. get your butt on the floor. life is short.
you don't want to die remembering how you never danced. dance while you can.

Автор frfsolrac77 (4 года)
I hate it when chicks pluck their eyebrows into lines or completely & just
draw them in.

Автор Orchydee64 (4 года)
great great tune...!!!

Автор TheYannickOne (2 года)
genau das.

Автор MsRodolfo79 (4 года)
muy buen sonido soy de mexico y me gusta escuchar de lo bueno. slds.

Автор dementedpuppy (1 год)
Or damn, that's what I call a fat beast?

Автор LichkingArathas (5 лет)
<3 this song

Автор TherealMarcomanRedux (6 лет)
The song called De-Phazz - Good Boy (Manmachineman Remix), it´s a bonus
track from their album Plastic Love Memory.

Автор Rostro (3 года)
@MsRodolfo79 me da gusto saber que no soy el unico...todos los demas son
unos pend....

Автор silvesterde (4 года)

Автор sonopsedebel (1 год)
paul kb was sampled yo

Автор vidkween (2 года)
Oh daymn... This makes the domme in me wanna come out and spank....

Автор VerdePantene (6 лет)
Thanks. I couldn´t find a good video of this song so I uploaded it. Enjoy ;)

Автор ninjabushcutta (4 года)
yeeeah........naughty and grooooovy........snigger

Автор Rodolfo RudiRod (5 лет)
from UK to Germany...trip hop still lives! Amazing I love Pet Baumgartner!
ipnotyc amazing cool

Автор Re△Love∞ution (4 года)
I'm strarting to be interested by Germains ! I'm gone be a fan for sure !!!

Автор Cherokaa (6 лет)
i lowe this song, my favorit from de phazz, beast mix is this :)

Автор almakg (4 года)
@sainka2 hmm... for some reason my google doesnt find any site containing
these lyrics. If you found any, would be really cool to share them! :)

Автор Undogmatic (5 лет)
Damn, that's what I call a fat beat!

Автор sainka2 (4 года)
@sullynewyork09 use google: de-phazz good boy and you'll get them...

Автор lukas witalij (4 года)
good staff!!!!!

Автор EMIRIANOROCHA (4 года)
IT ISNT A 2002 SONG - Good Boy is a1997 song from the Album Detunized

Автор lukemtesta (6 лет)
Some serious samples being used. I rate De phazz how they've made it their
own. Nice one

Автор Get High Productions (2 года)
pwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww o xristos kai h panagia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор fairtradenow (6 лет)
Will you please tell me which album this track is on?.. Many thanks for the
posting! Superb!

Автор Milena Tomic (3 года)

Автор logout1 (2 года)
wait. Good Boy - i thought it is from album Detunized Gravity. tack #8. ?!?

Автор DearSirOrMadam (4 года)
@Shalott6 Right.

Автор Groovy (1 год)

Автор Issa MK (4 года)
Do you still have the picture? If you do, could you please give it to me?
Thank you ^^

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