Gopi Krishna and Sandhya Dance

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Автор Thabadcat ( назад)
magnificent....Hot Damn!!!! Both Vy & Gopi K are superb....

Автор rafi uddin ( назад)

Автор Alka Rastogi ( назад)

Автор Bashir Qureshi ( назад)

Автор Sandra Bissoon ( назад)
Spell Bounding performances!!!!!

Автор Sushama Dhawale ( назад)
Malu won!

Автор Suryakumari Inampudi ( назад)

Автор Asen Stojnev ( назад)
Gopi Krishna and Sandhya Dance: https://youtu.be/vPyVVDM5gLQ

Автор Smruthi palli ( назад)
super master pice .... god gift

Автор Joselynromantica123 ( назад)
bellisimo el ultimo baile!!

Автор Joselynromantica123 ( назад)
a la michi el primer chico que aparece bailando parece muñequito de cuerda
de tanto sapateo wow

Автор The Creator ( назад)
Sir, while Gopi Krishna is correct (Jhanak Jhanak payal baaje), the lady
dancer is Vaijayanti mala from Aamrapaali.

Автор আমার আনন্দ ভূবন (Pramathesh) ( назад)
My fev - Gopi krishna is the best in kathak

Автор amiren jaan ( назад)
Gopi Krishna na penda borro, dani ya mukundu yake

Автор amiren jaan ( назад)
wow gopi krishna was a big khadro

Автор Midori iro ( назад)
Too nice. Thank you.

Автор Sairaj Kumar ( назад)
This is not Sandhya but Vyjayanthimala. spellbound performance by Gopi
Krishna's dance; I had heard of him but not seen much. However, from the
performance that I had seen just now, I will say he was a powerful and
flexible dancer and his spins were so perfect!!

Автор Ruplina Bhowmik ( назад)
This is not Sandhya but Vyjayanthimala in the first place and she is of
course an amazing dancer... but I was spellbound by Gopi Krishna's dance;
had heard of him but not seen much. However, from the performance that I
had seen just now, I will say he was a powerful and flexible dancer and his
spins were so perfect!!

Автор Abdul Qudus ( назад)
You have to hold your breath while watching this. I am speechless.

Автор Abdul Razzak ( назад)

Автор Indu Puri ( назад)
vaijayanti mala ji ka ye nritya 'aamrapali' se liya gya hai. wo graceful
lgti thi unke nritya me bhaav swabhavik roop se ubhrte dikhte hain
natkeeyta ka put km hai . waaah!

Автор Indu Puri ( назад)
waaaaah ! do do legends ek jagah pr.........kamaal ke dancers hain dono.
gopi krishna ji ko nritya me mahaarat hasil thi to sandhya ji ke paanwon
me bhi ghoonghru bijli si gti paida kr dete the.

Автор bistiknaw ( назад)
impossible in nowadays standards *tsk,tsk,tsk*

Автор Tamil vanan ( назад)

Автор atul vyas ( назад)
awesome dance of VAYJANTIMALA....

Автор Pithoi Waikhom ( назад)

Автор ‫הדס שמואל‬‎ ( назад)
excellence on screen!! Hadas

Автор GAUTAM MAZUMDER ( назад)

Автор cahaya afian ( назад)

Автор zain alhussaini ( назад)
oooohhhhh my this is vaijantimala she dance so amazing i didn't know that
before great performer but the dance quit so fast is the dance actually
like that or what

Автор Avtar Singh ( назад)

Автор paradise1711 ( назад)
Mix up of two movie video clips. Title incorrect

Автор ASHOK DHINGRA ( назад)

Автор Irina Bleotu ( назад)
mesmerizing :)

Автор Anand hi Anand ( назад)
I think it is Sandhya and clipping is from Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje up to
2.39. And from 2.40 it is Vaijantimala from Amrapali.

Автор Kshitiz Kz ( назад)
You can see Sandhya at 2:10 I think

Автор yashwant rathod ( назад)
no comparison with sandhya and vaijanti both are artist and has own value
without compare thankful to those

Автор 'Abdullah Shibli ( назад)

Автор 3Marron ( назад)
wow. just wow. beautiful!

Автор Satyaveer Kundu ( назад)
Yes. This dance is performed in Hindi Film-Amarpali. Not only dance is so
beautiful but film is also so beautiful and historical. Last week in March,
2913 it was telecasted in Doordarshan and I enjoy it very much. Although I
have VCD of this Film but it separate delightful to see it on Doordarshan.

Автор seven7045 ( назад)
She is the beautiful and God gifted dancer Vjyantimala..... extremely
beautiful performance. Must say a Rajni Kant style performance from
7.35-7.58...ha ha ha very beautiful video indeed.

Автор Baishali Kanjilal ( назад)
i agree! Oh God so to the point!

Автор Trichur Krishna ( назад)
how sad it is to see that our own people tried to follow MJ and all other
fuckin ideedsfrom west where as we had such a wonerful performers who knows
about pandit gopi krishna who is responsible for this our own people who
didnt respect these versatile and mindblowing perfomers even though i dont
understand anything about kathak i loved the performance of pandit gopi
krishna may god blesss himmmm

Автор Sunita Bhalla ( назад)
A beautiful dance movement from a very old indian movie by a dance maestro

Автор Rovingscot ( назад)
This is a mixture of dancers superb are there any dancers like these pairs
and Whida Rehamn and her snake dance Superb sensual artistic and classy I
wonder if today's dancers and producers can match these two sets of dancing

Автор TheUniversal8 ( назад)
I wish Indian directors/producers would find women and men that are even a
little close to these old stars. I feel so sad looking at nowadays Indian
movies. They have stupid story lines and cheap looking actors and

Автор ramji yahoo ( назад)
நடனம் from 2:36

Gopi Krishna and Sandhya Dance

Автор Seema Ashrafi ( назад)
yes she is not Sandhya she is Vaijayanthimala picture is AMRAPALI

Автор Pawan Agnihotri ( назад)
It's a pity that we have forgotten our rich dance culture by aping west....
I wonder when will be returning to our roots?.....

Автор Jessica Badeaux ( назад)
This is Vyjayanthimala being amazing as always.

Автор Arjun Narayanan ( назад)
Vyjayanthimala is still performing when she is well past 75. Come to
Chennai during the Decemebr music and dace festival and u can see the likes
of Birju Maharaj and Vyjayanthimala on stage

Автор రమణా రావు ముద్దు ( назад)
both jhanakjhanak payalbaje and Amrapali movies are mixed in this dance
sequences,featuring Gopikrishna and Vyjayantimala.But who is the other
dancer who competes ?-Ramanarao.M.V.

Автор Rahul vinal Narayan ( назад)
i loved the last dance..the one with the two ladies competing...

Автор job lonappan ( назад)
gopi krishna a legend...too good 2 resist his movements....female dancers r
good but not up 2 a real level of dance...

Автор rohan bajpeyi ( назад)
till 2:37 its sandhya and gopikishan at 2:38 clip changes to that of

Автор Harold Sankar ( назад)
Very true...

Автор piyaal7up ( назад)
नटराजश्री गोपीकृष्ण का नृत्य तो नििश्चत अननुकरणीय रहे वैजयन्तीमाला और उनके
साथी दोनों ही लाजवाब है । परन्तु सन्ध्यावाली Dance का पता नहीं चला ! शायद
फुटेज की शीर्षक बदलनी पड़ेगी ? - तुयू भाजु

Автор kvisualtree ( назад)
I wonder what would be the thought behind this awesome jaw dropping
choreography ??

Автор Bajaury ( назад)
Excellent dance but there is no sensuality. Good moves but not the ones
that captivates man's imagination. For that Waheeda rahman is unbeatable.
She is like a swan floating on water. Her dance "the fabulous dance of
Waheeda Rahman" is for the ages. If they get 10 stars, I would give Waheeda
15 stars.

Автор Swatantri B ( назад)
Thanks a tonne Jashanji for the upload!! I'm gracing blissful divine
moments having watched The Great Master Gopi krishna's
performance.Vaijayanthimala has given her best,being an actress.

Автор Rajesh Bhargava ( назад)
hello, this is not sandhya, she is vaijantimala and the movie is Amrapali,
you can see Sunil Dutt also in the background, of course the first clip was
gopi krishna. i saw no trace of sandhya. amazing dancers both of these.
vaijantimala was crazily known for long shots dancing. a true talent

Автор Raja Mohan ( назад)
I think movie is Jhanak jhanak Payal baaze......

Автор Sunil Tambe ( назад)
Certainly no doubt about that !

Автор Sunil Tambe ( назад)
Choreography, energy level were not known to Bollywood in those days and
dances were based on Indian traditions. What more women stars could earn
fame as dancers without being half naked !

Автор rajathi rojapoo ( назад)
Gopi Krishna is astonishing.

Автор shubh sandesh ( назад)
eko aham dwitio na asti......sirf aisa nritya kewal hindustaan me hi ho
sakta hai dusra kahi nahi.....wowwwwwwww

Автор Kanwaljeet Kaur ( назад)

Автор TIRYAKOUN ( назад)
Thanks for this masterpiece !

Автор TIRYAKOUN ( назад)
When Indians was themselves !

Автор Missy Rabbit ( назад)

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