Luke Bryan TV 2013! Ep. 22

When we are out on the road all the time, sometimes we have to find things to entertain us. LBTV.

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Автор Destiny Schimmel ( назад)

Автор nicole broussard ( назад)
Looking good Michael! Your so handsome/cute :)

Автор dogzrmewith23 ( назад)
Just watched this again on my friend's new 55 inch T.V. screen! My
computer didn't do the scenery here justice! OOOOHHH LA LA!

Автор Jordan Donahue ( назад)
Wheres Waldo? Where's Luke haha love Carter

Автор Beth Vinson ( назад)
Omg I live in Arkansas it is so beatiful here

Автор Beth Vinson ( назад)
Omg I live in Arkansas it is so beatiful here

Автор gracewilliams14 ( назад)
OMG if he had said that to me as I was walking the other way, I would turn
around and just scream...

Автор Allison Maring ( назад)
Lol howdy fello hikers they didnt even notice him

Автор Angela Owens ( назад)
lol ya'll are so funny love you guys! wish I could make your show on
October 19th but it sold out in five minutes damn! 

Автор sandra poisson ( назад)
Can't wait for this Saturday in Phx...C'mon over Luke 

Автор Jazmine Magana ( назад)
Happy birthday Luke!!!!have a good one!!!;)

Автор Jazmine Magana ( назад)
How did they not recognize LUKE BRYAN!!!!!;)

Автор Cheri Ann ( назад)
Luke is sooo fine looking in this video! Love Black Mike's cross tattoo!
Very sexy.

Автор Susan Hutto ( назад)
He knows he is sexy, Can we please have more shirtless Luke? Goodness his
Momma and Daddy did good!

Автор Corena Webb ( назад)
I just LOVE luke bryan. 

Автор samantha crivaro ( назад)
He is so perfect, and hilarious. I just can't.

Автор Shaina M ( назад)
i think i would too lol

Автор Stephanie Sheehan ( назад)
what's better than Luke Bryan with dry hair?? Luke Bryan with wet hair!!
OMG so sexy! And Black Mike is pretty hot too!

Автор Leah Stivers ( назад)
Cheer up, Luke!

Автор Jeannie Hartley ( назад)
I think I'd pass out also if I walked by a shirtless Luke Bryan!!!!Black
Mike looked pretty good also!!!

Автор Shelbo28 ( назад)
Country Fest in Dauphin this weekend! Can't wait to see you LBTV!! 

Автор Nikki Eyraud ( назад)
I agree ... how on earth would somebody walk by and not be like "heyyyyy
ya'll!" ??? Also ... I love Michael. I think his jokes are the funniest on
here. "Don't go chasin waterfalls, ya'll!"

Автор Casey Roberts ( назад)
Oops wasn't done posting!! Lol this would be a great segment for a video!!
Please come back next year!! Oh and add Casey Donahew Band to your concert.
They would get the crowd pumped for you!!!

Автор Casey Roberts ( назад)
I walked that path but didn't pass Luke!! Did you see the taller waterfall
on down the stream?? That was very pretty!! I think you sho

Автор Caitlin M ( назад)
Whoever disliked this video must have a sad life.

Автор Gabriela Shimizu ( назад)
You all look really sexy, guys! 

Автор chevykisses66 ( назад)
I'm sorry but my fave part is 4:33. Oh Black MIke! ;)

Автор Becke McCoy ( назад)
Where is this? I wanna jump. Lol

Автор Haylie Gourley ( назад)
You guys should have went to Heber Cliffs. They are so much more fun, not a
2 mile hike,and higher up. Too bad next time y'all are here it'll be
October and cold!

Автор Brenita Davis Evans ( назад)
Got the corny joke haha! But damn half naked guys bro (;

Автор Danielle Smith ( назад)
Oh dear. Luke not having a shirt on is very distracting. Love LBTV!

Автор Hannah Geasey ( назад)
Did those girls just pass a HALKF NAKED LUKE BRYAN and not freak out and
hug him ect?!?!?!?!??

Автор music1997sk ( назад)
I would love to have been them girls walking.

Автор Boo Bear ( назад)
Awesome and funny and luke bryan 3 best things ever!

Автор Jennifer Figorito ( назад)
Awesome! Love watching you guys just being guys!! Wonder if those female
hikers coming up the trail knew who they just said hello to. Some how I
don't think so. Man, I would have loved to have been them!! Thanks for

Автор telsah1 ( назад)
When they jumped into the water. How did they know it was deep enough? or
safe enough? I mean what would we do without LUKE BRYAN or HIS CREW !

Автор dogzrmewith23 ( назад)
Wow! Thank You.......Very Much! Can you guys do this again next week? 

Автор Nina Kay ( назад)
When they said "where's luke" in the beginning he was meeting my friend!!!

Автор Tanya West ( назад)
Great job on the video...love Luke's music with it! I still can't get over
the ladies walking by & just saying hey...excuse me that is Luke Bryan!!!
Even Men know who Luke Bryan is! Michael is so funny talking about jumping
off the cliff...Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye...haha! Loved his reaction to when
the bug lands on him!! Of course the whole crew is so fun to watch!! I look
forward to Thursdays 4 LBTV!! Can't wait to see yall in Raleigh!! Hoping 4
better seats to be released...pretty please!

Автор lindsey benson ( назад)
I can always count on luke bryan and his crew to make me laugh:)

Автор Hannah Harmon ( назад)
If Luke Bryan was to just walk by me in the woods, i would freak out and
start crying. Those people are so stupid how do you not say anything and
keep walking!?

Автор Frecca. ( назад)
Ummm, obviously those people live in the forrest with no knowledge of
country music and luke bryan.....because If I were to see him shirtless and
walk by me.. call 911, because I would fall over LOL

Автор slowdowncrazy ( назад)
Yes. This. I need more of this. 

Автор Nina Kay ( назад)
It would be so fun to be on the road with you guys, I wish I was famous
sometimes, if you ever need another fiddle player let me know haha been
playin for 6 years

Автор Nina Kay ( назад)
This is my favorite lbtv

Автор Nina Kay ( назад)
WOULD CRY RIGHT THERE. and then take as many pictures as possible. And then
probably throw him off the cliff into the water just to be able to tell
people "hey I threw luke bryan off a cliff"

Автор trinity pifer ( назад)
If Luke passed me omg!!!! And can I join y'all

Автор trinity pifer ( назад)
He is so dang hot when he comes up out of the water!!!

Автор trinity pifer ( назад)
I live in Arkansas. I bet they were talking bout Thunder on the mountain!!
I ddnt get to go! :(

Автор AbsolutelyDazzling ( назад)
Black Mike <33333 He needs more camera time. lol

Автор junegirl2005 ( назад)
This is my favorite LBTV ever!! 

Автор Andrew M. ( назад)
5:40 Kevin shit stain

Автор cheetah wwe ( назад)
5:48 - 5:54 what was that? that was nature! haha.

Автор bubby32698 ( назад)
id do it...im talkin bout the jump ladies

Автор Justin Taylor ( назад)
Welcome to my back yard boys! Yall come back we can show you some better
places than that!

Автор Deborah Root ( назад)
Ya'll need sun on your skin!!!!

Автор Tracey Anderson ( назад)
Can I come and hang out with ya'll ? Looks like awesome fun!! 

Автор Shelbyy Best ( назад)
This has prolly been my favorite episode of LBTV because who doesn't love a
shirtless Luke Bryan!? 

Автор Sara Greer ( назад)
Seriously? Those hikers were like...oh hey....I pass shirtless Luke in the
woods? I'd be a screaming fool!

Автор Turice Peterson ( назад)
"Chasing waterfalls", "Kiss tomorrow goodbye", and "lukewarm". Ah, Carter.
Your puns, they crack me up! :)

Автор Gizelle Madriaga ( назад)
Love me some Black Mike!

Автор Aimee Lowe ( назад)
Hes adorablee

Автор Hope Kap ( назад)
i like how those people just walked by you... DONT THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE

Автор weidow1 ( назад)
Awesome.... Come check out my original country songs when you can Luke :)

Автор aschaefer18 ( назад)
Lovee <3

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