Baby Doesn't Like Mommy's Singing

My baby girl can't stand when I sing the intro to steve miller's 'swing town'... and with my voice, who blames her?

The camera was close to my face. I wasn't actually very loud. Sarah is 4 years old now. She has perfect hearing, and thinks this video is hilarious.

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Автор Harold Young ( назад)
why do you like to make the baby cry

Автор fresh cash mir ( назад)
the baby is afraid of the high-pitched voice

Автор Faith Jenkins ( назад)
That poor baby

Автор Brissa Landin ( назад)
I love the song

Автор Assunta Alfano ( назад)

Автор SugarTomAppleRoger ( назад)
Sarah has a natural musical ability. She might be able to give you some
singing lessons.

Автор The Emo Indominus Rex Girl ( назад)
Baby baby baby cuuuuutiiiie baby baby baby oooooh so cute

Автор Trey Taylor ( назад)
Man! No offense, but at the end what was that for?
Seriously what the heck man?
Or woman?

Автор Jeff McLeod ( назад)
baby scared of songs

Автор imad omda ( назад)
he thinks that you are crying he is sad for his mom 

Автор อัฐชานนท์ เจริญสุข ( назад)

Автор Gil Yun ( назад)
babies are so unfiltered in their emotional expression, they show us
exactly how they feel so we can stop hah

Автор Kirigaya Kazuto (1220 лет назад)
Awful singing, bragged about robbing a bank on YouTube

Автор Gabby Young ( назад)
Damn stfu u scaring him

Автор muffin ( назад)
i feel so bad when i laugh at babies trying to hold in their tears with
faces like 0:03 

Автор Tiffany Martin ( назад)
Poor baby I even started to cry!!

Автор Trial by voyeurism ( назад)
Even I can't bear the mom's voice. Stop mommy.

Автор HANNAH Dale ( назад)
Company halt in love

Автор Spaghettios ( назад)
Her singing made me cry too :(

Автор Captain Marvelous cosplay ( назад)
Anyone else think she was gonna sing the themesong to kyouryuger?

Автор iszel mori ( назад)
Maybe he thought that you were shouting..

Автор It'sallaboutpewds. ( назад)
I think it the baby was crying because it sounded like the mom was singing
loud. Not the actual singing. 

Автор rod garrett ( назад)
Idiot mother.

Автор Leah Mitchell ( назад)
Am glad for the baby 

Автор Janmarithe Delapena ( назад)
So cute

Автор TheOne ( назад)
This is part of being a parent. When you have your own kids especially when
the baby is at this level of cuteness, you just wanna make the baby cry
because its adorable. You kids don't understand what its like to be a
parent so stop with all the rude comments. 

Автор superdude azhar ( назад)
Noooo.....dont d torture

Автор Lee Cosmic ( назад)
She's not bad. :/

Автор ui Smn ( назад)
C'est pas gentil sa :( le(a) pauvre

Автор Catbug ( назад)
You need a spell check and a grammar check.

Автор Christina Sexton ( назад)
That's so sad. And sad at the comments. It was loud to the camera not the

Автор Christina Sexton ( назад)
That's so sad. And sad at the comments. It was loud to the camera not the

Автор Karen Lacey ( назад)
Great, now who's gonna sing the lullaby's???

Автор zendaya95 ( назад)
Just chill everybody has done this before so stop with the rude comments
and you people commenting can't even spell soo check your self before you
try and correct someone else

Автор keri Raymer ( назад)
My daughter hates you are my sunshine, go look at my video lmao...

Автор Brian Reeves ( назад)
I wish we could treat babies like the Spartans did... get them training
from day one!

Автор Enigma ___ ( назад)
the baby is just being honest lol ... 

Автор crystal wiita ( назад)
you do you like to mack your baby cry that rilly mean 

Автор Clarizaa Villatoro ( назад)
& that bitch still continues to sing ...

Автор Paul Berrington ( назад)
I would cry too,poor baby It was to loud

Автор Elaina Paradissis ( назад)
you idiot!

Автор Elaina Paradissis ( назад)
Mom Shut Up Your Bad Bad Little Mom So Will You Shut Singing And Just Play
With Him Or She

Автор Tahera Siddiqa ( назад)
Aw, this reminds me of my cousin! Whenever he heard the ringtone of a baby
crying, he'd start crying too!

Автор Paula Cirulnick ( назад)
I think its a cruel thing to do to deliberately make a baby cry. don't
think its funny at all.

Автор deltalima168 ( назад)
stupid cunt, you make that shitty joke cause you certainly have nothing to
teach it even for some good things....

Автор Evayana SE ( назад)
mommy is a tertible singer,baby says XD

Автор aleksandra zdrzalik ( назад)
Mamo nie śpiewaj mu już więcej!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Автор Dipper and Mabel ( назад)
No offence your singging completely sucks but that sure was fun

Автор 1985natterz ( назад)
so its abuse by singing to a baby? you complete idiot, you know nothing
about kids

Автор Alisa Dodson ( назад)
asdfghjkl hahaha

Автор Hannah Cregg ( назад)
Wow she's good n my opinion

Автор wiktoria biala ( назад)
Thas lowsey 

Автор Taylor Hagans ( назад)
Omg stoppp

Автор AcanLord ( назад)
baby thinks you suck at singing. 

Автор Mayra Hernandez ( назад)
I wouldn't either -.-

Автор Mayra Hernandez ( назад)
I'd be

Автор Marianne T ( назад)
Adorable baby but my dog just left the room! 

Автор Bekka White ( назад)
How cruel to continue to do this! 

Автор ExtremeAnalDischarge ( назад)
That is a good looking baby.

Автор thatsilly ( назад)
Um, the description says it's a little girl.

Автор NataliMounira ( назад)
ahhahahaha even my cat is getting upset by her singing

Автор Robert Arnott ( назад)
That baby is a good judge of talent! ;-)

Автор Tami Jennelle ( назад)
why the frig did u do it a second time if u knew the kid didnt like it? i
swear i cant wrap my head around the logic of some people. seriously smdh
over here 0_o

Автор You Hate Kids ( назад)
n8tt3rz, weak comment attack. That's all you have to say? You're a useless
turd troll like the baby in the video lol

Автор You Hate Kids ( назад)
my comments obviously did, otherwise you wouldn't have replied to defend
the ugly troll in the video lol. 

Автор lalala ( назад)
The only troll here is you sweetheart, your pathetic comments dont offend
me so keep hating away

Автор You Hate Kids ( назад)
LOL! Look at you protecting these useless baby trolls lmao. We were all
once a baby, but it doesn't mean everyone likes them you idiot. And not all
babies are created the same. Most grow up to be useless people like you. I
bring something to society, unlike shitbags like you.

Автор MrXelium ( назад)
Why do you even bother replying to such a bitch... .

Автор lalala ( назад)
your mother should have had an abortion you waste of space, you were a baby

Автор lalala ( назад)
you're the fucking bitch

Автор keeblerelves133 ( назад)
im trying to decide if that was funny or mean... LOL

Автор Paus ( назад)
Can't blame the kid. My dog started barking when I played this video.

Автор Suoo Ahmed ( назад)
poor mum! :( <3 you'r baby is cute :* 

Автор Rhonda Ouwenga ( назад)
ouch i would cry too! lol

Автор kimmykimko ( назад)
Baby's got a point...

Автор You Hate Kids ( назад)
defensive over what? Nobody is getting defensive other than you and the
rest of the baby lovers here lol. Who's the one replying to my comments on

Автор Abyssiniya ( назад)
Is someone getting defensive? Lol. There's no denying you're the fool here.
Thank goodness I'm not the only one who's noticed it. But yeah, let us know
how it goes, k' kiddo?

Автор You Hate Kids ( назад)
yea, let us know how your appointment goes

Автор Lauren Cooney (LaurenAndFlicksLife) ( назад)
"My baby girl can't stand when I sing the intro to steve miller's 'swing
town'... and with my voice, who blames her?" that's the description of the
video... the baby is a girl not a boy.

Автор You Hate Kids ( назад)
awww, you're a baby lover. I feel sorry for you. You probably have one of
these trolls too. This is why you're so miserable. 

Автор Ray White ( назад)
No, that baby still has purpose but I think your usefulness to society is
questionable. Go get sterilized. 

Автор Athe Ismo ( назад)
The Baby's right. Mommy's singing is horrible!

Автор Brookiee ferguson ( назад)
Go burn in hell .. It's a baby .. i'm sure you love your kids (if you have
any) more than anything in the world .. so why are yours soo different from
this one ?? Children are the best thing in the world .. they change you to
an adult and teach you responsibility .. 

Автор You Hate Kids ( назад)
stupid useless baby. She should have had an abortion

Автор Ferndust ( назад)
Awww cute. Actually, you have a very nice voice.

Автор angel scott ( назад)
Poor baby must be saying wat tha f***k is that lol

Автор IHaveNoName ( назад)
You kids don't know why the mother does this to the baby. When babies cry
like this is when they are at their cutest point. It's soo adorable. You
guys and gals won't understand until you have your own kids.

Автор TheSupremeLocust ( назад)
I agree. Trolling and foul language have no place in the cute baby section
of youtube.

Автор geminiloves ( назад)
lol, poor baby 

Автор MD T ( назад)
if my mom sound like that when she sing, i would cry too..

Автор Tanya Wilson ( назад)
the baby was probably saying mom you sound horrible stop

Автор ennis570 ( назад)
LOL he cant take it lol lol hilarious

Автор Angelica Castillo-Perin ( назад)

Автор TheSchizoPsycho ( назад)
haha. that's so cool..except for the voice...might work on that. :/ 

Автор Trixie Robinson ( назад)
I agree

Автор bloodriotiori ( назад)
Bout the same reaction I had to her singing.

Автор scorpiosxylady1 ( назад)
Baby Simon; "Mom, that is awful. Do you hear yourself when you do that? I
can't call that singing." Lmao. Beautiful baby.

Автор IReview Stuff Just For U ( назад)
The poor kid probably thought that his mother was mad and yelling at him.
She was singing pretty loud...

Автор jaydxn moore ( назад)
i dont know who i feel bad for, the baby or the mom

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