Baby Doesn't Like Mommy's Singing

My baby girl can't stand when I sing the intro to steve miller's 'swing town'... and with my voice, who blames her?

The camera was close to my face. I wasn't actually very loud. Sarah is 4 years old now. She has perfect hearing, and thinks this video is hilarious.

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Автор Leah Mitchell (6 месяцев)
Am glad for the baby 

Автор LNER Mallard (13 дней)
Her singing made me cry too :(

Автор It'sallaboutpewds. (4 месяца)
I think it the baby was crying because it sounded like the mom was singing
loud. Not the actual singing. 

Автор Janmarithe Delapena (7 месяцев)
So cute

Автор iszel mori (4 месяца)
Maybe he thought that you were shouting..

Автор KamenRider bopit (2 месяца)
Anyone else think she was gonna sing the themesong to kyouryuger?

Автор RICKHANSON (2 месяца)
then you should sing it 24 hrs day to the baby

Автор HANNAH Dale (2 часа)
Company halt in love

Автор sengthor84 (8 месяцев)
This is part of being a parent. When you have your own kids especially when
the baby is at this level of cuteness, you just wanna make the baby cry
because its adorable. You kids don't understand what its like to be a
parent so stop with all the rude comments. 

Автор rod garrett (5 месяцев)
Idiot mother.

Автор TheBABYinme (1 год)
very cute baby .. ur singing isnt bad .....

Автор SexiCoolWIL (1 год)
lol..mommy you cant sing

Автор Suoo Ahmed (10 месяцев)
poor mum! :( <3 you'r baby is cute :*

Автор Emilie Simon (9 месяцев)
C'est pas gentil sa :( le(a) pauvre

Автор CANDY POP (1 год)
Waaaaa mommy stop torchering me plzzzz

Автор scorpiosxylady1 (11 месяцев)
Baby Simon; "Mom, that is awful. Do you hear yourself when you do that? I
can't call that singing." Lmao. Beautiful baby.

Автор emem heiheiFin (1 год)
THE MUSIC..lol...

Автор anitra martinez (1 год)

Автор Johanna Palomar (1 год)
I think you injured it!

Автор Samket Gebre (10 месяцев)
Is someone getting defensive? Lol. There's no denying you're the fool here.
Thank goodness I'm not the only one who's noticed it. But yeah, let us know
how it goes, k' kiddo?

Автор angel scott (10 месяцев)
Poor baby must be saying wat tha f***k is that lol

Автор AcanLord (10 месяцев)
baby thinks you suck at singing.

Автор crystal wiita (9 месяцев)
you do you like to mack your baby cry that rilly mean

Автор aleksandra zdrzalik (10 месяцев)
Mamo nie śpiewaj mu już więcej!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jdoit Naike (10 месяцев)
Haha, this is not X factor, thats only a family scene.

Автор Dusk Shine (1 год)
Your picture made me hit my computer screen =.=

Автор Eleanora Retif (1 год)
With comments like those, we can say exactly the same thing (and more!)
about you.

Автор Elaina Paradissis (9 месяцев)
you idiot!

Автор runMEmySHIT (1 год)
that voice scared me too lol

Автор superdude azhar (9 месяцев)
Noooo.....dont d torture

Автор lalala (10 месяцев)
you're the fucking bitch

Автор PeeAir T. (1 год)
Your voice is just FINE ! It's just that the song sounds like someone
crying and you don't want your mother to cry...

Автор bluebell kolodziejczyk (1 год)

Автор Catbug (9 месяцев)
You need a spell check and a grammar check.

Автор Enigma w (9 месяцев)
the baby is just being honest lol ...

Автор Tibby0707 (1 год)
0:21 is she moaning? LOL

Автор Golden Rush (11 месяцев)
this is called torture haha

Автор deltalima168 (10 месяцев)
stupid cunt, you make that shitty joke cause you certainly have nothing to
teach it even for some good things....

Автор maryam18071999 (11 месяцев)
You are an ideot

Автор Halim sadi (1 год)
A mom that can't sing is an Awkward moment

Автор Raykel White (10 месяцев)
No, that baby still has purpose but I think your usefulness to society is
questionable. Go get sterilized.

Автор ukia Stardoll (1 год)
@Easy Cindy your goona do domething bad to the baby!

Автор 1985natterz (10 месяцев)
so its abuse by singing to a baby? you complete idiot, you know nothing
about kids

Автор SophieintheBurbs (10 месяцев)
Adorable baby but my dog just left the room!

Автор sven tydeman (1 год)
poor baby i fell kina bad for him

Автор Paul Berrington (9 месяцев)
I would cry too,poor baby It was to loud

Автор S.W (1 год)
omg! stop singing!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Автор MisoMichelle (1 год)
It's more the tone that this baby is afraid of, you can tell it startles
her~ :-(

Автор piinksparklesjr (1 год)
Lol love it hehehe you suck at singing

Автор AjdinFejzicc (10 месяцев)
A new uprising Simon Cowell :3 hursh and honest.

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