ponsness warren 900 Size-O-Matic

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Длительность: 4:59
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Автор robert8192 ( назад)
It would be great to have on a skeet shooting range..

Автор 4x4American ( назад)
that thing beats the hell outta my mec 250! 

Автор wick5449 ( назад)
Always found these to be impressive looking outfits. After awhile my arm
would look like the Hulks.

Автор lebnane1 ( назад)
this video was not a documentary video, I just wanted my brother to see it
overseas. and you're right I need to fasten that bench (LOL)......

Автор Raymond Moreno ( назад)
Hey, brother...you should have spent a few minutes explaing all the parts,
and what they do. (Not all shotshell reloaders work the same way). And
while you're at it. fasten down that bench. Your shot and powder charge
will be better.

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