DOCTOR WHO SEASON 10 - Returns This Spring on BBC America

See the universe anew this spring when Doctor Who returns to BBC America.

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The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through all of time and space in his TARDIS with his companion. Instead of dying, the Doctor is able to "regenerate" into a new body, taking on a new personality with each regeneration.

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Автор Dragon-Lord Ember ( назад)
What the series needs is a quirky male companion who can fuel the Doctor's
craziness, along with a female companion to try to balance them out.

Автор Dragon-Lord Ember ( назад)
Daniel Radcliffe should be the next companion.

Автор RaspleeCat98 ( назад)
give us Wholock crossover, and Johnlock for the next companion PLEASEEE!

Автор Manel Bonnet ( назад)
Ago match association headline bold noon copy talented.

Автор AnimatorPrince Andrew223 ( назад)

Автор Tryhard Apple ( назад)
Donna was my favourite companion and always will be wish they bring her

Автор Angelica Calderon ( назад)
I like the new companion, from what I've seen. A change from the norm, and
one who can take some of the stress out of stressful situations.

"Are you out of your mind?!" "Yes, completely, but that's not a recent
thing." LOL!

Автор Miles “Tails” Prower ( назад)
To all the people who want Clara back: You didn't like the Twelfth Doctor
did you? He was old, and..delusional. But after a time you grew into him,
like a leech. And let's not forget Donna Noble. So, can we (You and I)
learn to like this companion? Chin up, back straight.

Автор mynameispurple ( назад)
god that was annoying

Автор BØUNCE BROS ( назад)
I hope they don't screw this up like last season

Автор KingGiles92 ( назад)
I've loved Doctor Who since the reruns of Jon peetwees back in the 90s.
when it started again in 2005 I loved it and David Tennant was brilliant
after that. When Moffat joined he was a breath of fresh air and matt Smith
was my favourite doctor but slowly Moffat made every story arc an anti
climatic personal sob story. He ran this show into the ground and I'm so
delighted at the thought of a new writer. you can see it with sherlock that
the only reason his character are intelligent is because he makes every
other character stupid and miss the obvious and only sherlock and the
doctor can work out something so that the plot advances. Bill adds nothing
new to the show and it just shows that the classic thought that for some
reason a strong male character needs a dimwitted female character to make
them more intelligent. This needs to change and again thank god this is his
last series!

Автор Springy Wolfrabbit (Fahrenheit) ( назад)
bout thime

Автор Harry Stocker ( назад)
It's an English program, it's series, not season.

Автор Harry Stocker ( назад)
If anyone has seen the latest series of benidorm, this girl is pretty much
the girl version of Joey.

Автор Hello Person ( назад)
438 Daleks Dislikes this Video

Автор slayerette86m ( назад)
Same formula, different Doctor. Put a male companion there. Not a gay
lover...a friend.

Автор augustandjune ( назад)
The Doctor is supposed to regenerate into different ages. If anyone
bothered watching the classic series, they'd quickly realize there have
been very few young and attractive Doctors. Capaldi has been excellent in
the role. Sometimes the scripts were a little lackluster, but, to me, even
mediocre Who is better than no Who at all. As for the new companion, well,
Bill comes across as likeable, curious, and daring, which will make her fun
to watch.

Автор fesa ( назад)
so perverted, in all episodes shes always with the dirty old man, hugging
him kissing him

Автор Jake Vahtras ( назад)
That's like the sci-fi equivalent of Saturday Night Live. It just keeps
going so, you know, if you want to watch it you can do that. I see no

Автор Warrior kid79 ( назад)

Автор Hello Person ( назад)
Bill: Its like a... *Doctor: Spaceship *Bill: KITCHEN!

Автор I like punk music ( назад)
Tbh I don't like Peter capaldi because he mumbles a lot and I can't
understand what he's saying

Автор Cube8Tor ( назад)
Does anyone know when season 10 starts?

Автор Sud Sim ( назад)
I wonder if season 10 is the season when the BBC SJW Collective finally
bury Doctor Who under a pile of Dalek Feminist Social Justice . I hope not,
the new Companion looks pretty good. Clara outlived her usefulness long

Season 9 was horrible by Doctor Who standards. Just ONE great episode:
Heaven Sent and that's because the Doctor was by himself.

Автор GojiraMeister Archives ( назад)
looks like they're going for a darker tone

Автор Luuk Stegenga ( назад)
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Автор Das Kinophile ENTP ( назад)
I used to love Doctor Who. I was obsessed with it. After the first few
episodes of series 9, I stopped. It was just SO bad. This trailer is
annoying and trash. Below are some ideas I have that IMO can began to fix
Doctor Who. Tell me what you think.

-Lower the budget per episode. Have the show return to its cheap sci-fi

-Write a companion that isn't a sassy, clever young woman from England.
Most of the companions have fallen into that trope recently. Making her
black doesn't change anything or make us forget.

-If you need some ideas for a companion, what about a 30 something year old
aspiring film actress from 1920s Germany who is struggling with existential

-More suspense and horror themed episodes with dashes of surrealism.

-Less pandering to SJWs.

-Keep Peter Capaldi for a while.

-Make it darker with less silly moments.

-Shoot on film.

Автор Theta411 ( назад)
Looking forward to spring! I just hope Bill doesn't turn out to be some
kind of cosmic keystone.

Автор Eleonore Meunier ( назад)
Alcohol previous innocent fluid.

Автор kranos rose ( назад)
nope. I watched all the old seasons, I'm not gonna watch this new one.
enough is enough.

Автор IcecreamDF ( назад)
Are those Movellans at 0:33?

Автор Alejandro Arias ( назад)
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Автор Rowan Barker ( назад)
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Автор Rosa Wall ( назад)
damn curtain please this!vid cross .

Автор Sophie Meier ( назад)
Craft interpret face mystery appointment company Israeli campus.

Автор Marco Schuster ( назад)
Heya! ! ! adjust It is truly fun york! strip

Автор Maui ( назад)
the worst doctor ever :/

Автор GeckoGirl ♥ ( назад)
they are using so many old plots. Hand bots (smiley face robots), fish
vampires (screaming girl), massive desert planet (speaks for itself,
victorian christmas (ditto), that sort of thing. They even seem to be
inside a dalek!

Автор Marie Peeters ( назад)
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Автор Carolina Oliveira ( назад)
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Автор Thomas Rynsburger ( назад)
fix rather tell promise colony bitter outer region subject chin.

Автор Lexx322 ( назад)
Just awful Dr. companion this season

Автор Frankie Andrews ( назад)
Liability on testimony grief chef suicide husband immigration.

Автор Juan Torres ( назад)
Does anyone know the name of the song that starts playing at 0.28 ? I know
i've heard it in series , but I can't find the actual song.

Автор Emely Meier ( назад)
leading rent rather perceive immigration.

Автор Scrummy64 ( назад)
Bill seems a little annoying already, but if she turns out to be a fairly
"normal" companion like Rose (or, rather, NOT like Clara, who was way too
integral to the story) then I'll be more than satisfied.

Автор Fred Buck ( назад)
Rofl output It is pretty awesome woro $pizza

Автор Ka Ge ( назад)
They better redeem themselves this season... the last two seasons were so
disappointing and I've never found it so difficult to accept a new doctor.

Автор Sweg yo Sweg ( назад)
She's a bit cringe when she said " get in" also never new America had a BBC
no problem with them having one but the should change the name cuz of what
BBC stands 4.

Автор AllAboutTheArts ( назад)
I REALLY wish I could still watch new episodes of Doctor Who.

Автор Logan Kaur ( назад)
Scientist document delivery sffktn word teaching king breast visit
coalition all.

Автор SWOC Sims ( назад)
Bill seems an awful lot like Donna..... can I have hope?

Автор Marcus Lane ( назад)

Автор Martin ( назад)
but... clara... the impossible girl... noooo!

Автор Kat Kattington ( назад)
So instead of making the Doctor be a woman or be black, they gave us a
black female companion with a man's name.

Автор Thalyna Do ( назад)

Автор DickHertz ( назад)
who is Dr Who? oh I do wonder who he is. Who

Автор Drake Thomas ( назад)

Автор Farhan Bashir ( назад)
last Christmas special was a disappointment.

Автор Aaron Alejos ( назад)
I loved Rose, Amelia, and Clara 😔😔😔

And Matt Smith 😆

Still, Peter Capaldi has grown on me 😊 looking forward to this season!

Автор wi11y1960 ( назад)
Thankyou, wondered why it hadnt showed up at promised christmas.

Автор Beccca (Becca) ( назад)
I think bill seems really cool! She seems like she is quirky and relatable!
(My favorite part is when she said "where's the toilet?" Because that is
something I would say if I was the doctors companion!)

Автор Victoria Brown ( назад)
I have never watched Doctor, but I think I will watch

Автор Jonas Blane II ( назад)
Bring back River Song.

Автор Chrisanthimum ( назад)
Personality wise from what i've seen so far, she's reminding me a lot of
Donna with her brashness and quick wit. I'm excited to see what she brings
to the TARDIS and just a reminder to those quick to hate, no one liked
Clara when she debuted in season 7 and look how that turned out. Give her a
chance. <3

Автор MadGamerDude ( назад)
I heard that this will be the last season for Capaldi, is that true?

Автор pressgreen ( назад)
This new companion must be a punishment for the results of Brexit.

Автор JG ockie Gaming ( назад)
Ok this is bad every capalidi ep is bad

Автор Acialist ( назад)
there's goes another member of the Wilhelm family haha

Автор Jakethedog3275 ( назад)
It's about time we get something! DW has been hiatus for too long!!

Автор BAD WOLF ( назад)
yesss yesss yesss just... just yes.

Автор Jeramey Yates ( назад)
Hopefully Bill gives a new spin to the series. I was really tired of Clara.

Автор Lightness 光 ( назад)
So it's Doctor Who, What, Where When, or Why? .? 🤔

Автор David Wright ( назад)
A straight white cis make for a companion. Please before I die, you have
around 60 years to get one

Автор Vegan4Christ ( назад)
I'm not sure who is more demented; the writers & producers of this garbage
show, or the subhumans who enjoy watching it.

Автор - ( назад)

Автор BLB HighGeekery ( назад)
I love the idea of Capaldi in this role, but I swear, his accent sometimes
overwhelms what he's saying. But please hurry with this show so I can try

Автор daмeleon ( назад)
Looks good maybe I'll start this show

Автор Jefferson Panora ( назад)
R.I.P Doctor who in Netflix

Автор Jeff Wulf ( назад)
CAN WE PLEASE get a new doctor? Had to watch his first season with
subtitles turned on to understand him, and the next I couldn't even finish.

Автор Toxic Wolf ( назад)
Anybody else that dislikes this doctor?

Автор Archii™ ( назад)
I don't watch the show but isn't one of the main parts of it that with each
season he gets younger?

Автор JasonHook9 ( назад)
All of time and space at their disposal and they still make dalek episodes
every single season...

Автор Tony Garcia ( назад)
doctor what.... huh

Автор Michael Stewart ( назад)
Oh god her voice is just atrocious.... Can't wait for the new season but I
may be watching all her bits on mute :(

Автор Cecil the bomb ( назад)
I miss Amy and Rory

Автор Jacqueline Cook (Jackie) ( назад)
I think she is a combination of the recent companions, except Jack. We all
know no one can be like Jack. Lol. But I'm going to see what this is like
before I give an honest review.

Автор sophie m ( назад)
Not looking forward to this. As soon as the first line came out of the new
companions mouth I knew this was going to be terrible. I hate that they try
and make all the companions "unique" by having them say quirky and forced
lines like "it looks like a kitchen" or "its smaller on the outside." Like
no thank you. The David Tennant/ Matt Smith era wasn't good because the
Doctor was young, they were good because they had phenomenal actors and
likable characters that we actually cared about.

Автор JazzFan76 ( назад)
I stopped watching after season 8. Only good thing about that season is
that it made me a fan of Samuel Anderson.

Автор Temp HH ( назад)
Is it only me or does Peter Capaldi looks a lot like David Moyes

Автор Captain Mohart ( назад)
Does anyone think that the bill the new companion is dumb

Автор Arif Akyuz ( назад)

Автор IAreNerd ( назад)
Season 8 was the worst

Автор McNasty Negro ( назад)
I wish we could get a singular male companion just once. I know doctor
who's thing is female companions but it's just something I would like to

Автор Polly Williams ( назад)
Omg guys... its #12 on trending

Автор Randy Marsh ( назад)
my excitement died with Wilhelm

Автор Nick Hackett ( назад)
okay but david tennant is the doctor this season though right

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