Noah Cyrus - Make Me (Cry) ft. Labrinth

Noah Cyrus Feat. Labrinth 'Make Me Cry' Official Video
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I never needed you like I do right now
I never needed you like I do right now
I never hated you like I do right now
Cuz all you ever do is make me

Gave you up 'bout 21 times
Felt those lips tell me 21 lies
You'll be the death of me
Sage advice
Lovin' you could make Jesus cry

When I hearyou sayin' darling
Your kiss is like an antidote
I'm fightin' like Im Ali
But you got me on the ropes

I never needed you like I do right now
I never needed you like I do right now
I never hated you like I do right now
Cuz all you ever do is make me

Couldn't hear the thunder
But I heard your heart race
Couldn't see the rain
We're too busy makin' hurricanes

Love ain't easy when it ain't my way
But it gets hard when you ain't here makin' me crazy

Baby say the word darling
You know just how to hold a sucker down

So I'll see you in the morning
I can't watch you walk out

I never needed you like I do right now
I never needed you like I do right now
I never hated you like I do right now
Cuz all you ever do is make me


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Автор Mad Music ( назад)
i'll never give up until this video has 100m views

Автор Mad Music ( назад)
noah and labrinth have an incredible harmony they need to do more collabs

Автор EDM PROJECT ( назад)
LMAO in 0.46 second :D,jumpscares

Автор Nehir Kaya ( назад)
Noah sings like Miley

Автор Frazzy Roblox ( назад)
"Your kiss is like an antidote" that made me cringe

Автор Neil McLarren ( назад)
whats up with that train horn

Автор justine12 Mineskey ( назад)
Thisnsong made me cry

Автор justine12 Mineskey ( назад)
I love this song fuck

Автор LoveRoro8 1980 ( назад)
o.m.g.shocking i thought it was MC

Автор Caffeine ( назад)
That noise at 0:48 seconds scared the shit out of me the first time I heard the song

Автор Ava-Marie Johnson ( назад)
i hate the loud noise but stuff it i love this song

Автор Dubzzy EDMer ( назад)
Anyone here from marshmellos remix and just wanted to here the original?

Автор Kat Karson ( назад)
luv dis song

Автор Saffire Kittie ( назад)
@0:54 why did she say "love" twice? it kind of sound like an audio clip that shouldn't be there.....😂

Автор Mikaila Johnson ( назад)
she sounds just like miley. kinda looks like her to.

Автор Jemmie Chinje ( назад)
It shouldn't say Noah Cyrus.... it should say Miley Cyrus

Автор Sandylovesu Luis ( назад)
Fu*k a hater...I LOVE THIS SONG 😍😍😍❤😘

Автор Natalie Arellano ( назад)

Автор Natalie Arellano ( назад)

Автор LydiaPYang ( назад)
her voice 💜💜💓

Автор Hey Peeps ( назад)
her voice is beautiful she is beautiful this song is amazing and this is definitely my favorite song right now she is amazing for 16

Автор 21 crybabies at 5seconds of Panic! ( назад)
plz dont follow miley!<3 i love miley but you are amazing as is!<3

Автор Little_dreamer Bella ( назад)
Noah and Miley Cyrus need to do a duet....ASAP! Sister power lol

Автор Eliza Vicaretti ( назад)
This is such a good song! 💖

Автор Adriana Martinex ( назад)
las man

Автор Lanayshyaa Lee ( назад)
This song sounds so stupid, it is stupid

Автор odessa allal ( назад)
odessa 😄😄😄😄😄

Автор Ronald Jenson ( назад)
so dramatic. wish i had a love like this

Автор charvi maheshwari ( назад)
are you Milyie Cyrus's sisster

Автор Maya Symonds ( назад)
i love this so much!🌹

Автор Alexis Juarez ( назад)
I thought this was Lana del rey I was hyped she was on the radio but it's still a nice song

Автор Angie Momo ( назад)
Oh shit she kinda sounds like Zella Day

Автор Aryana Jackson ( назад)
let them sleep man

Автор Flutt3rDashie LPS ( назад)

Автор Lilly Guppy ( назад)
She's so pretty

Автор Jishwa and Tyjø's Blurryface ( назад)
Wait, Miley has a sister?

Автор Amal Asna ( назад)
Muhammad Ali :' )

Автор Ella Rempel ( назад)
I literally dropped my sandwich at 0:48

Автор Karlie Mayes ( назад)
i love this song

Автор CLOROX BLEACH ( назад)
I honestly think that the marshmello remix is better ( MY OPINION )

Автор Katelyn Wagner ( назад)
@0:47 pissed myself damn

Автор Dorsa Fluff ( назад)

Автор Emilia Azamat ( назад)
c'mon people give Labrinth some credit! He did write the song...

Автор Dayana Ramirez ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Shaylen Dolan ( назад)

Автор Molly Todd ( назад)
Like my stuff please I have no likes

Автор Gabriela Ibarra ( назад)
liki si esta chingona

Автор Jalette Ramirez ( назад)
She sounds like Milly Cyres misspelled it

Автор XxTheAmazingTacoxX ( назад)

Автор Reminisce102 ( назад)
This is so sad 😭

Автор Lucy Dragneel ( назад)
Wows she's so much prettier then her sister

Автор YAMEN EDEL ( назад)
No damn lyrics -_-

Автор Tamaira Kirby ( назад)
did u get a nose job

Автор Adriana Ruiz ( назад)
I want to listen to this song like a thousand times

Автор Dakota Wilkie ( назад)
Sounds just like her big sis!!

Автор Noelle Hayes ( назад)

Автор Noelle Hayes ( назад)
let's hope she don't end up like her sister please don't up Like her please dont

Автор Emily Witham ( назад)
oml this is my fave song

Автор Reiley A. ( назад)
Are you Miley's sister btw I love this song 🤔🤔🤔🤔😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Patricia Jiménez ( назад)
Un like los latinoamericanos 👑

Автор Claire Marisol ( назад)
So peaceful I can just fall asleep right now

Автор Julian Gamer ( назад)
Noah kinda sound like Miley Cyrus.

Автор Derpy Candy ( назад)
noah looks so cute

Автор SunshineGirl 091 ( назад)
Everytime I hear the water drop effect I bust out laughing but this song is addictive.

Автор Dayhane Vazquez ( назад)
best song ever

Автор Mia Playss ( назад)
0:46 damnn i jumped and hit my arm on my chair ;-;

Автор Amy Mcclemens ( назад)

Автор ❤MysticColorz AJ❤ ( назад)
Is that the guy from the Shannara Chronicles?

Автор Maria Victoria Pollini ( назад)
its so bad

Автор Norym Powell ( назад)
i didn't like this song at first but its soo addicting

Автор McKenna Starling ( назад)
That girl is never coming to my house when I'm trying to sleep

Автор Lillian Glenn ( назад)
1:50 and I was crome casting it was loud

Автор Yocelyn Carbajal ( назад)
finally found this song!

Автор DanielleTakesPics ( назад)
Are the ones in the bed real people or just dummys

Автор meehplaysgames A ( назад)
Love this song

Автор Nika Niyazova ( назад)

Автор Jired Payes ( назад)
I love this song wait how loves jake Paul because I'm a jakepauler

Автор TheCass220 ( назад)
Um my question is why does she say all you make me do is and then stops and it sounds like the last drop of water falling in the tub

Автор blindfoo ( назад)
statutory rape much

Автор duele ser mexicano en estos tiempos Ramirez ( назад)
make me cry...

Автор duele ser mexicano en estos tiempos Ramirez ( назад)
make me cry...

Автор Adriana Magallanes ( назад)
asi me veré igual de loca que noah? 😦

Автор Anonymous Girl ( назад)
This is Miley's sister 💕

Автор The_Addison _Show! ( назад)
I was watching this and I was like stop making a ruckus they are sleeping geese

Автор Truman Barge ( назад)
This is teddy 🐻

Teddy says hi

Teddy says clap your hands

Oops teddy died

1 like= one more person to attend his funeral you could be that person

Автор Breshawn McCloud ( назад)
0:47 I dropped my water on my laptop.

Автор Mark tafua ( назад)
I didn't even know miley had a sister wtf

Автор Vicky Panchoosingh ( назад)
Noah and Miley need to do a duet !!

Автор Alex Vause ( назад)
so what IS up with the train sound?

Автор Mutant Ninja ( назад)
Noah Cyrus looks like Miley Cyrus

Автор Donald J. Trump ( назад)
i should put this song for mexico because I'm building a wall for them.

Автор Made you Look ( назад)
I love the vibe of this video

Автор kitten lover101 ( назад)
get Maddie Ziegler in your next music video!!

Автор Ashley jesseline ( назад)
I got this  song stuck in my head ever sense it came out!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Shawn Capozzi ( назад)
omg who just dued when we herd voice becouse i was it sounds so much like mylie cyrus

Автор Jennifer Lopez-Alvarez ( назад)

Автор Rain Drop ( назад)
Their harmonies bring tears to my eyes ❤❤ so fricken beautiful! They should put an album out together

Автор Andres Dominguez ( назад)
I love this song

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