Noah Cyrus - Make Me (Cry) ft. Labrinth

Noah Cyrus Feat. Labrinth 'Make Me Cry' Official Video
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I never needed you like I do right now
I never needed you like I do right now
I never hated you like I do right now
Cuz all you ever do is make me

Gave you up 'bout 21 times
Felt those lips tell me 21 lies
You'll be the death of me
Sage advice
Lovin' you could make Jesus cry

When I hearyou sayin' darling
Your kiss is like an antidote
I'm fightin' like Im Ali
But you got me on the ropes

I never needed you like I do right now
I never needed you like I do right now
I never hated you like I do right now
Cuz all you ever do is make me

Couldn't hear the thunder
But I heard your heart race
Couldn't see the rain
We're too busy makin' hurricanes

Love ain't easy when it ain't my way
But it gets hard when you ain't here makin' me crazy

Baby say the word darling
You know just how to hold a sucker down

So I'll see you in the morning
I can't watch you walk out

I never needed you like I do right now
I never needed you like I do right now
I never hated you like I do right now
Cuz all you ever do is make me


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Автор Msp Art ( назад)
she kinda sounds like her sis....

Автор winter snow ( назад)
my friends told me this was a really good song and i did not believe them
and then i listened to it and its my second fav song

Автор Rosalie Foster ( назад)
Love it

Автор Jimmy Lopez ( назад)
i love her . her vocie is great way better then miley i really hope she
doesnt turn out like miley. is she 16 or 17 ?

Автор Brandon Mojica ( назад)
oh wow another Cyrus is singing(miley Cyrus is better) just my opinion :)

Автор BitchFaceMcgee ( назад)
This is trash

Автор Rhonda Baker ( назад)
ok people, yes that's Mileys sis, but what I wanna know is the boy sleeping
Austin Butler? kinda looks like him

Автор Paige Lange ( назад)
spitting voice of her sis

Автор Kgothatso Vlogs ( назад)
Noah is better than Miley

Автор Jasmine Cheart ( назад)
he sounds like John legend

Автор iLikePotatoes ( назад)
Yo what the fuck I had my headphones on and I forgot about the train sound
at like 0:48

Автор Oliwcia Jestem ( назад)
http://liveeyourstylee.blogspot.com/ welcome!

Автор Mimi MSP ( назад)

Автор Amma Libii ( назад)
WAY better then miley

Автор Maria “purplex” ( назад)
The annoying drop,train..etcs ruined this for me!

Автор Adamari Hernandez ( назад)

Автор Sona ( назад)
I would like hear Miley singing this song :D

Автор Kenai_loves_emojis 22 ( назад)
I don't see why there is so much hate. If you don't like the song then
don't listen to it

Автор Bob ( назад)
He has a great voice

Автор Anajandria Jimenez ( назад)
She is better than Miley

Автор michelle khaimov ( назад)
shes better than mileyyy

Автор Ruluk ( назад)
These comments have made my day.

Автор Natasha alexiou ( назад)
for me is she better like miley

Автор Ruluk ( назад)
The buildup from 2:40 to 3:05 asked so much for a massive drop and it
didn't happen. I felt so disappointed, lol!

Автор Sophie Feller ( назад)
she sounds so like miley

Автор markét k.b. ( назад)
👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌i love you 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Автор Karen Estrada ( назад)
sounds like Miley

Автор Melissa Lamphere ( назад)
The sound effects are horrible. LOL I liked the song but the video is
comical instead of dramatic. I thought the ploink sounds were bad until the
demon express rolled in. Wtf was that? The little train that could finally
said frick this I can't?

Автор Martyna Warzyńska ( назад)
when fans of old Miley Cirus came here for just to be happy.

Автор msp girly ( назад)
she sound exactly like miley omg 💕💕

Автор Rana Maowia ( назад)
0:48 my mom saw my phone flying in the air 😂

Автор Niamh Egan ( назад)
she sounds like Lana del Ray in some parts

Автор Zoe Paddick ( назад)
fuck the haters i love this❤👑

Автор Steven Naeyaert ( назад)
cool song

Автор Dan L ( назад)
I had a seizure at 0:48

Автор Selin Can ( назад)
She is so ugly!!!!

Автор Hudda Arab ( назад)
I actually like the sound effects lool

Автор Natalian Sweet ( назад)
she deserved more than 100,000,000 views 😘😍😍😍

Автор Görkem Sarıoğlu ( назад)
its very nice. I like this song ♥

Автор Lindsay Clabaugh ( назад)
shes sooo good good at singing and shes so cute she looks older then 17 but
she is its amazing tho

Автор Hannah Brown ( назад)
Listening to the other version so I don't have to watch the 30 second
freakin ad

Автор Theoo ( назад)
this is so fucking confusing

Автор Natalie Cuevas ( назад)
Am I the only one concerned that she's like 15-16 and in some guys house a
half naked?

Автор Brandon Hall ( назад)
let's hope this one stays normal

Автор TastyKakes Rico ( назад)
Yeah... The Cyrus clan has issues....daddy issues.

Автор Pececito Gordito - Karen ( назад)
Completamente obsesionada con Noah

Автор Michèle Blum ( назад)
Your are sou cool Noah❤️💋😍😘💪🏻👈🏻👍👍👍😎😎😎

Автор Denise Perez ( назад)
amazing she sounds kinda like Miley. Her face hasnt changed.

Автор Michaela Bauer ( назад)
she sounds like miley

Автор Maryam Hasan ( назад)
where are the experssions 😕

Автор Veronique Nguyen ( назад)

Автор Geoffrey Williams ( назад)
whens the next song coming

Автор Mathilde Caron ( назад)
Sounds like when you take a shit

Автор Eleanor Wiliams ( назад)
She looks like Steve Aoki.

Автор Keysha Lodia ( назад)
First time I saw her i was like " Lol, someone photoshopped Miley's nose to
be smaller and it looks jokes " and then I realized she was her sister and
I was like " Ok, nevermind, you look fine... " no offense at all so if
you're triggered, just go to bed peacefully.

Автор Paige Revell ( назад)
far out I can't sop listen to this

Автор Pelin Petek Bergin ( назад)
shut up she's not miley's something she's Noah Cyrus as her, rate her by
her music not her relatives

Автор BYS Quimera ( назад)
What an awful song! All you do is to make me (a drop) hhahahaha whaat

Автор Boss Johnny Bravo RBLX ( назад)
in 0:48 look like the evil train lol

Автор honey nikki ( назад)
Hi, everyone! Do you mind checking my cover of this song? That would mean a
lot. :D

Автор Alexa Indie ( назад)
Noah plz don't turn into miley

Автор Gabriella leoda ( назад)
seriouslyyy!! this is the best song everr

Автор Sarah r ( назад)
0:48 what the frick frack crack rack apple back sack wack was that demonic

Автор Şeyda Dursun ( назад)
be quite, they will wake up

Автор Miss.sweet Madsen ( назад)
Bra sang

Автор lower sach ( назад)

Автор Ariana Mejia ( назад)
okay don't like the Cyrus name but this song is actually good.. and sad and
relatable.. D x

Автор Süper İkililer ( назад)
God song is gorgeous noa I love you I love you so good

Автор Italia K. ( назад)
This family has so much talent I'm shook

Автор Italia K. ( назад)
I have contributed at least 100 views to this video

Автор jenna wheating ( назад)
People and there negative ass comments. Get a life.

Автор Josh's Broseph ( назад)
i remember the first time i heard this song and 0:48 scared the shit out of

Автор Edgar Allan Morales ( назад)
She sounds like and look like Miley Cyrus. Even their singing style is
kinda similar -- the twang, the tone, the nasality, and range (during
Miley's early years). Nice song, by the way. I hope she shines because of
her talent, not because of her sister. :)

Автор Don't Have A Cow Man ( назад)
didn't she have an underwear line or something?

Автор danie Desire ( назад)
ya haters talk to much shit she so good no jokes I love her voice sound a
little like her big sis her voice thicker tho beautiful love the song
that's my 15th time

Автор Nelson Leonard ( назад)
I know your sister style makes you cry

Автор Kya mae ( назад)
Didn't think I would like this song but I can't stop listening to it now 😊
I think I'm obsessed now. I wish she would make more songs. She's an
amazing singer and needs more attention.

Автор orange.circles ( назад)
This is… really good

Автор exploring and playing madden mobile with Hunter ( назад)
0:47 scared the living shit out of my boiling fearful ass

Автор Zo Tluangpuii ( назад)
i am loving dis song so many time

Автор Reagan Kinman ( назад)
If you watch the video with no sound it just looks like they are really
upset cuz their partners won't wake up

Автор Ian Rugg ( назад)
she's a great singer

Автор B3aut1ful_Naya ( назад)
She sounds like Miley. And that's not bad, it's kinda cool tbh

Автор leelee reid ( назад)
Love this song 🎶 good work

Автор Boomshine ( назад)
"Cause all you ever do is make me..."

**runs to the toilet, yanks pants down, sits down and releases one small
hamster turd into the toilet water**


Автор Sarah T ( назад)
what's the water drop sound for?

Автор gos pela ( назад)
that music on 0:48 what's kind of sound is that....though lyrics was nice
....music seems to be alittle bit ignore...it was not my type

Автор Shayonce ( назад)
miley who

Автор anal leakage ( назад)
all you do is make me drip
wet afff

Автор Lexie Rachard ( назад)
hey Noah how is Miley

Автор Lecia Alane ( назад)
Genetics. Her tone is similar to Miley cause they're sisters. She's not
copying. Shit just happens.

Автор clarissa Ritchie (choco) ( назад)
all you do is make me 💧

Автор rachelle ( назад)
this is a good song and stuff but w the sound effects it sounds like a
discounted Melanie Martinez song tbh

Автор Kristy Marshall ( назад)
Headphone uses 0:48

Автор Johnathon Speer ( назад)
she's beutiful people need to stop comparing her to Lana del Rey and miley

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