Learning to Play the Tin Whistle

Our first day learning to play tin whistles we bought at the Stottish Festival in Salinas this year (July 2008). This is our attempt at Scarborough Faire.

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Автор Jully Basilio ( назад)
Hahahaha amazing!!! I loved it!

Автор Alfredo Stefani ( назад)
can't be the first day, you're kidding us.

Автор Andreas Fischer ( назад)
yes "that was a pretty good one" ;-) well done ... funny video ... made me
keep trying on this tune, but i did need much more time to get my first
"pretty good one"

Автор Tom Muckian ( назад)
Nice decolletage

Автор wasserraketenfreak ( назад)
nice video :D but which song did you played together at 0:25 ?

Автор LindaJozephina ( назад)
I have a black whistle to!

Автор hack4100 ( назад)
not bad i just got mine & i killed it. i suck so bad its sad

Автор MAquaJJ ( назад)

Автор ladymoonlight38 ( назад)
brilliant. im trying to learn how to play one & my poor dog is cringing.
seems harder than the recorder.

Автор jim hale ( назад)
@kobi6538 amazon!

Автор Ariel ( назад)
do you have a book there with the score?

Автор Sean Miller ( назад)
i think the teacher is on the left as we view.but her student is at least a
second if not a third grade player.i have a tin whistle and that was a tune
i tryed to play,but could not work out the ending.thanks guys i think i now
get it.

Автор 588158 ( назад)
Pretty good for the first time; I have a long way to go to even get that
good. I have never played a musical instrument before.

Автор BLACKOUT951 ( назад)
mine was made in Ireland

Автор fireandice027 ( назад)
Actually the name was because people used to pay pennies to people who
played them on the street. But they're still pretty cheap though! D is the
most common and you can get them from pretty much any decent store that
sells musical instruments

Автор Simpsonfreak1 ( назад)
ebay is good they are really cheap anyways. thats why another name for it
is 'penny whistle'. there are different type ones you can get bigger ones
that are of a lower pitch or these ones and they come in different keys as

Автор juutTelcontar (521 год назад)
type in 'tin whistle' and 'shop' in google. I bet you'll get a webshop on
the fist page. :) This was also the first song I learned to play. Pretty
hard to do isn't it? :D

Автор Jim collinsworth ( назад)
dose anyone no were to buy these if u do please tell me thx

Автор Milgo Marly ( назад)
Rosemary and Thyme anyone?? lol

Автор yenny a (1708 лет назад)
that's nice :)

Автор Antidrugged ( назад)
Whahahahaa, I totally recognise this, I bought mine 3 days ago. And if this
doesn't work, and you get frustrated, just blow the darn this as hard as
you can. But it was pretty good!

Автор yabba234 ( назад)
hehe i loved your vid. im also just beginning to learn the tin whistle :p

Автор 0Sceadugengan0 ( назад)
Well done ,

Автор BlackShapeOfNexus ( назад)
Very nice, I too just got one. Some exact one has him.

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