Behind The Scenes Of When Smithy Met The England Team!

Have a sneak peek of smithy meeting the england team!

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Автор Sean Meredith ( назад)
I like it when he does the Steven Gerard impression

Автор TARDIS andPORTKEY ( назад)
First song is Kill The Director by The Wombats and then it's Life In Technicolour by Coldplay <3

Автор karllattimer1 ( назад)
Sorry this is late, but thanks!! I havent been on this channel in ages and was rading the comments section

Автор Pararparaver ( назад)
what was said around 2:45?

Автор Craig Walker ( назад)
i love when smithy shakes crouches hand - THE ROBOT!!!!

Автор 0AdRiaNleE0 ( назад)
@EthanHanna Coldplay Life In Technicolor

Автор 0AdRiaNleE0 ( назад)
Life In Technicolor !!!by coldplay

Автор manulito2 ( назад)
@karllattimer1 " Með blóðnasir" by Sigur Rós

Автор borofalcon101 ( назад)
@oiyou15 ha ha thnaks

Автор oiyou15 ( назад)
@borofalcon101 Haha, it was funny, she just tight

Автор karllattimer1 ( назад)
whats the song that comes in at 2:03? :)

Автор accebernosam ( назад)
@borofalcon101 well it wasn't funny

Автор borofalcon101 ( назад)
@accebernosam Just kidding LOL

Автор accebernosam ( назад)
@borofalcon101 :O shut up

Автор borofalcon101 ( назад)
@accebernosam Well back the bush

Автор accebernosam ( назад)
i would back the beard... but i'm not a guy

Автор Ethan Hanna ( назад)
@SoulButNotSoldier It's from Cold Play's Viva La Vida album... but I can't remember which one. And the second one, i'm not sure of..sounds like Sigur Ros.

Автор Naomi Elliott ( назад)
What are the songs in the background?

Автор Naomi Carter ( назад)
@allch71 corden btw

Автор CleeGuy2009 ( назад)
Smithy should be in the election for Prime Minister, or better, Head of the FA.

Автор allch71 ( назад)
It's That not funny guy James Coldon

Автор townsjim ( назад)
Thanks for uploading this

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