BIRTH OF THE DRAGON Trailer (2016) Bruce Lee Movie

Birth of the Dragon Trailer - 2016 Bruce Lee Movie
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About Birth of the Dragon
Young, up-and-coming martial artist, Bruce Lee, challenges legendary kung fu master Wong Jack Man to a no-holds-barred fight in Northern California.

Birth of the Dragon is an upcoming American martial arts biographical drama film directed by George Nolfi and written by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J. Rivele. The film stars Billy Magnussen, Philip Ng, and Xia Yu. The true story revolves around the young martial artist Bruce Lee, who challenges kung fu master Wong Jack Man in 1965 in San Francisco.

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Автор Iamgodwhybecisaidso ( назад)

Автор tchlin ( назад)
For people who don't know Philip Ng is the real deal with tremendous martial arts skills. He worked on the ip man movies. Check out his movie on Netflix "Once upon a time in Shanghai" if you like martials movies.

Автор Sa Ul ( назад)
another piece of shit flick made by white idiots ...

Автор sappyfoot ( назад)
all the negative comments i don't care for, i seriously want to watch this

Автор Chris Whited ( назад)
campaign of rapid dominance...............i agree but also understand.............what is that?

Автор Wolf tK ( назад)
Pathetic how so many are quick to judge im sure 95% of you retards haven't even watched the fucking movie or know anything about Bruce Lee other than wtf yove read on wiki.

Автор Levi Smith ( назад)
ethan that is the stupidest video ever😁😁😁😁

Автор slim_ psycho ( назад)
this is bullshit, Bruce Lee was no way as arrogant as this, plus the choreography in this is shit, my six year old brother could do better Kung fu than this, anyone who liked this vid is full of shit

Автор nunya biznez ( назад)
Word on the street says... this is garbage and offensive to the memory of Bruce Lee. Apparently the director took great license in turning the bruce lee character into a fantasy that offends the Lee family.

Автор Tedbert ( назад)
A movie based on rumors and embellished tales.

Автор hutchie2468 ( назад)
Looks good

Автор EPSTomcat11 ( назад)
Hm... Is this film "endorsed" by Bruce Lee's family? It does not look very good from the trailer. Simplistic dialogue, cheesy lines... I appreciate any effort to celebrate Bruce and his legacy, but this doesn't look like a winner. The Dragon Story with Jason Scott Lee was actually pretty good.

Автор Dilson Silva ( назад)
filme bom

Автор Connor Middlemiss ( назад)
when is it coming to dvd

Автор Murat The Artist ( назад)
But he doesnt really look like bruce lee

Автор Haze_ Mounty ( назад)
This is a joke, bruce lee was never cocky and never said stupid shit, Lee would laugh at this then immediately hunt down the Writer/Director and slap the shit outta him, disgracful.

Автор Goodcat007 ( назад)
This looks fucking lame.

Автор Yօʊռɢ Jυdαн ( назад)
Fake Bruce heathen soon to be a slave LEE

Автор Salman Shaikh ( назад)
No one can replace him. Seriously this sucks big time.

Автор Youssef Tija ( назад)
I Love this movie

Автор Daniel M ( назад)
Bruce Lee was Japanese. He was from Yokohama.

Автор Eric Dizzy ( назад)
So is Bruce Lee supposed to be the bad guy in this movie?

Автор Top Form Fitness ( назад)
Aaaaaand... Bruce wins. The end.

Автор Pieces Multimedia Production ( назад)
It looks like movie for the kids and even kids will laugh about it lol

Автор uNiTy ( назад)
Okay for all you idiots that don't know any better, you should go read up on Bruce Lee's history instead of being ignorant retards

Автор Xenomanny ( назад)

Автор shadowfax1903 ( назад)
Bruce Lee must be turn kicking in his grave because of this stupid movie...

Автор Yeng Yang ( назад)
The Afghan Bruce Lee should of had this role.

Автор ampatau ( назад)
Well, have seen the 'spoiler' movie trailer, so no need for the movie.

Looks crap, anyway.

this is crap, they didnt study bruce lee's philosophy at all. He is teaching us to kick asses? what a crap

Автор Ryan Uopasarn ( назад)
seem like this movie will never come to light

Автор hoverlover2000 ( назад)
This is from Hollywood. Nothing from Hollywood is factual, including this film. It does look entertaining so I will go see it, and I will probably enjoy it. But I will not expect more than a little bit of truth in the movie.

Автор Emil Divaev ( назад)
That's offensive for Bruce Lee!!!

Автор RedGaming ( назад)
Even this new Bruce lee can't even guess the gender of his students, "this is not karate LADIES, this is kong fu"

Автор FierceKoolAid ( назад)
Looked good at first, threw up when I finished the trailer.

Автор MD. Shefaur Rahman Shakil ( назад)
They say all chineses look the same and then they failed to present a perfect look alike of Lee.

Автор Hehe xD Hehe xD Hehe xD ( назад)
What the fuck is this crap? It's like it was made for adolescents with no knowledge of Bruce Lee's life, just that he was a kung fu master.

Автор Fox Fire ( назад)
Bruce Lee is a half god, this movie make him lough

Автор Jeremy Johnson ( назад)
There are a lot of issues with this movie, not the least of which is crediting the other Chinese martial artist for Bruce Lee's whole philosophy. For attempting to be a biopic it's doing a poor job at portraying Bruce as anything but a caricature of himself. :-/ Deeply disappointing.

The old 90s bio film "Dragon" is better than this. Go see that.

Автор TheLorola ( назад)
Gay af.

Автор Ong Baka ( назад)
Anyone else think this looks really fucking dumb

Автор Raffi Tchakmakjian ( назад)
Don't think Bruce would approve.

Автор Thaeos ( назад)
Looks kinda crap tbh...

Автор JihadAeon ( назад)
The actual fight was seen by a bunch of Chinese Dudes dressed in 60's Polyester on a Basketball Court behind Ruby Chow's Restaurant.

Автор thechosenMOE ( назад)
has this even been released???

Автор Sirius V ( назад)
So this movie is about Bruce Lee's ego vs a shaolin monk?

Автор MisterCritch ( назад)
I normally ignore critics & make my own mind up.. but I've heard nothing but bad things about this & for Bruce's daughter to say it's bad. Well.. it's got to be bad!!! Shame .. was looking forward to this!

Автор Alde N ( назад)
How you gonna make a biopic about Bruce Lee, and have the protagonist be a cac?

C'mon son.

Автор The IronWolf ( назад)
"what limits?" LMAO

Автор business nhp ( назад)
when it out?cant wait

Автор lgatti54 ( назад)
Idk what looks worse this or the tupac movie.

Автор Pedro Jimenez ( назад)
Damn i just saw the whole movie looking at this trailer

Автор Heath Destroya ( назад)
I think it's safe to say that Bruce Lee has become a character of his own.

Автор Brian Witt ( назад)
Check out Glitter Dogs
On YouTube
70's style rock

Автор Ce-Reals Music ( назад)
really dope

Автор PuteBordDelux ( назад)
so i basicly just watched the movie lmao

Автор Surya Cakra ( назад)

Автор crysis4real ( назад)
Thanks for showing the whole movie !!

Автор Pocholo ( назад)
whitewash Bruce Lee. Get the fuck out of here. Fucking white people want the planet to believe they invented everything.

Автор christina panteli ( назад)
where can i found it to watch it ??

Автор arlley gonçalves ( назад)
esse bruce tah muito gordo kkkk ele era mais magro

Автор matt kylie ( назад)
Bruce lee was born to be a grand Jedi master

Автор Claude Dupuy ( назад)
I am not convinced about this film.... Not at all !!!

Автор smashedavacado ( назад)
I don't know how I feel about this movie

Автор Horwin Jia ( назад)
Just cuz he is asian doesn't mean he looks like Bruce lee

Автор Moin Moin ( назад)

Автор Dave Smith ( назад)
What! A movie that exploits Bruce Lee?!! Well! I never!

Автор Pretty Boy Flizzy ( назад)
Is it out yet?

Автор juan david Monsalve ( назад)
donde puedo obtener la película

Автор dirtyanimal - ( назад)
And one day mate i was wandering into China Town
and i discovered KUNG FU DAWG

Автор Best Of The Best ( назад)

Автор JImmy Boyle ( назад)
"Doing shrooms, acid n other drugs then I discovered Kung Fu"...
WTF kinda entry is this number1 bullshit into any Bruce Lee life type movie and the most part Wushu Kung Fu flying through the air nonsense. Bruce Lee would be angered and most likely embarrassed with the majority if not all of this!! smh. Still wanna see this though no matter, just so I've saw it.

Автор Sagar Sagar ( назад)
Abortion of the Dragon

Автор Jason Ferrara ( назад)
where or how can I watch this movie did it even get released in the U.S.a

Автор Michael P. ( назад)
I feel like I've just watched the whole movie.

Автор eugene davis ( назад)
Some fighters were raised in temples,others in small villages,mountains or in the hills(thats me) in bushland but Lee was raised on the streets,he fought anyone that makes him a better fighter,win or lose ,,he shared it too,didn,t keep in the circle of secrets the asians like to keep

Автор Orlando Johnson ( назад)
Lol these comments !!!!
Bruce was jus another guy ... Until he made it big in film! Now everybody wanna claim him!? He was a very gifted man with a lot of heart & wisdom !
We were lucky to see his craft/skills! For his size ,he was at that time, larger than life !!!
Kicking punching bags making them bounce from the ceiling(power!)... Heard he could bust soda cans open with his fingers!?
Slowed cameras to film him at times!? List/stories go on about this man!

Автор mel sercony ( назад)
Must crackajacks be in everything? You don't need white people to sell tickets. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon anyone? Won oscars and was an amazing movie with just Asians in it ijs

Автор Blue Celestus ENT ( назад)
Fuck this paedophile man he would have a kid.. I'm God messiah Yahweh.. Amen ra. Universe. Man I sent this dude to dungeon right from earth.the man is the most evil aka the devil.(Real talk) as a god and master psychic i see truth I know im seeing is real. Even had proof with 300 leonidas face shaped in cloud with helmit on next day after seeing him in vision on one knee as a light being. I study ppl .. Turns out Bruce lee the devil.. Eeew and a pedo yano.. I'm studying his every move.. like god do.. and my overstanding is he have a real young yout.. absolutely disgusting.. good job I'm quick to block him..

Автор Blue Celestus ENT ( назад)
Fuck this paedophile man he would have a kid.. I'm God messiah Yahweh.. Amen ra. Universe. Man I sent this dude to dungeon right from earth.the man is the most evil aka the devil.(Real talk) as a god and master psychic i see truth I know im seeing is real. Even had proof with 300 leonidas face shaped in cloud with helmit on next day after seeing him in vision on one knee as a light being. I study ppl .. Turns out Bruce lee the devil.. Eeew and a pedo yano.. I'm studying his every move.. like god do.. and my overstanding is he have a real young yout.. absolutely disgusting.. good job I'm quick to block him..

Автор Pandabearmadness ( назад)
I can't believe this shit what's next Bruce Lee playing ping-pong with nunchucks give me a break let the man the legend Bruce Lee legacy not be tarnished like this. it truly makes me sick

Автор Darth Marr ( назад)
Just CGI bruce lee instead of putting this guy here..

Автор lostn65 ( назад)
Was Bruce really that cocky?

Why do I get the feeling the Gweilo is the protagonist in this movie as usual? Who is he, and why is he important?

Автор Joey Mantka ( назад)
So many Millennials here getting angry of this movie.. they don't even know Bruce Lee.. LOL IDIOT Millennials..

Автор supereworld ( назад)
Why they even bother to make a movie of him, actor will never copy him a legend just let him be

Автор 0955interactive ( назад)
This is exactly why white people should leave Asian movies to Asians, especially if it's about kung fu.

Автор Jay duggy ( назад)
I don't think Bruce lee did much talking back n those days. This story doesn't add up

Автор Support Worker. ( назад)
this move should only be available at *Blockbuster*

Автор jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen ( назад)
is that for real,i will downloading it.

Автор Jonny Freeman ( назад)
Pardon me - but this is really disgusting and deceiving. Everyone who did actually get into the biography of Bruce Lee, who did study his character, philosophy and style , are going to agree with that.

Автор Cipís Peas ( назад)
Really ?? scifi movie not dragon

Автор nala o ( назад)
lol Yet another Hollywood movie with an irrelevant white man as the star.

Автор Eric Wong ( назад)
this si not wat Bruce Lee was like.......fck this shit im out this bitch

Автор happydragon5077 ( назад)
Master/Sifu Jack Man Wong was a waiter at that time....not some kung fu monk FOB (Fresh Off the Boat).

Автор Boy Santos ( назад)
Quando vai ser lançado no cinema? ou em locadora?

Автор Jay MacDonnell ( назад)
What a bunch of whiny homos

Автор Jamie Bond ( назад)
I thought there was a Federal mandate that all films made featuring historical characters need to have an African American portray the main character. This film is Illegal.

Автор Jamie Bond ( назад)
This has to be the most white washed Bruce Lee film ever created. Puke.

Автор Jamie Bond ( назад)
so ghey

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