BIRTH OF THE DRAGON Trailer (2016) Bruce Lee Movie

Birth of the Dragon Trailer - 2016 Bruce Lee Movie
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About Birth of the Dragon
Young, up-and-coming martial artist, Bruce Lee, challenges legendary kung fu master Wong Jack Man to a no-holds-barred fight in Northern California.

Birth of the Dragon is an upcoming American martial arts biographical drama film directed by George Nolfi and written by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J. Rivele. The film stars Billy Magnussen, Philip Ng, and Xia Yu. The true story revolves around the young martial artist Bruce Lee, who challenges kung fu master Wong Jack Man in 1965 in San Francisco.

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Автор Vladimir Makarov ( назад)
So that's it, huh? We some kinda Birth Of The Dragon...

Автор Jacob Icard ( назад)
So I have to watch a add for a movie before I watch an add for a movie...

Автор minicopilot1 ( назад)

Автор Anonymous Anonimity ( назад)
bruce lee looks more like an amigo, not a chinese, can you imagine that?

Автор Andrei Tudusciuc ( назад)
this is bullshit.

Автор noko59 ( назад)
The problem in making a real movie about Bruce Lee is you could not find
anyone that could do it. As in ability, speed, timing, total control of not
only his motions but everyone's else's. On top of that, his actual
personality, his quickness of wit, mystic and utter gravity he had with
others that would draw them to him. CGI would even be worst. So you end up
with a circus wire show instead with characters that could never achieve
what is portrayed with their attitude or outlook. People today still can't
see how awesome his ability truly was . Just think, if it was just hard to
duplicate Bruce Lee then there would have been hundreds that could do a
replica like movie - none exists. No one yet has mastered what Bruce Lee
taught or shown.

Автор Jay Storm ( назад)
How much of this will be complete bs. Yes Bruce lee was a very cocky and
arrogant young man fighting in a gang on the streets probably made him that
way. The fight between Bruce and Wong Jack Man lasted approx 20 mins and
ended in a draw with both men unable to carry on. But according to Tom
Bleecker the fight didn't even make 5 mins and ended with Bruce lee losing.
Wong Jack Man went to work the next day with a tiny scratch under his left
eye and that was the only visable indication he was ever involved in a
fight. But yet 3 days after the fight Bruce Lee left the Wing Chun kung fu
style and developed his Jeet Kune Do, as he was less then pleased he
couldn't beat Wong.

Автор eViL jEsuS ( назад)
bruce Lee beats high altitude Cain 17 times outa 20...

Автор Boyish Coffee ( назад)
It hurts my heart to see a legend have his awe-inspiring life exploited by
people that have no understanding behind the philosophy and practice of
Wing Chun. Uhh so cringe. Who the fuck is this white boi?

Автор Simon Frederiksen ( назад)

Автор Sociallama ( назад)
Fucking white men again..

Автор Valentin Burkhardt ( назад)
I Hope nobody sees this Movie, so Hollywood learns that we don't want such

Автор Arkanamus ( назад)
Does this trailer make Bruce Lee look like the villain?! Well...fuck this
movie and everyone involved in it.

Автор red and white decendant ( назад)
Dragon The Bruce Lee story is better....Jason Scott Lee is better and looks
and moves more like Bruce

Автор Andrew G ( назад)
Did this movie ever come out?

Автор hashigo skater ( назад)

Автор jeff “ufcfanatic” rosenberg ( назад)
for people who bitch the Bruce Lee story was way more BS. They had Bruce
being crippled in the fight with Won Jack Man and we all no that was BS. So
quit your trolling dmbfcks.

Автор Khiro Khiro ( назад)

Автор Mike Nike ( назад)
bruce lee kicked Chuck norris ass, revenge taken america

Автор PewDieDuck ( назад)
I can already tell that I wouldn't want to watch this

Автор Cool beans Club ( назад)
This is not Bruce Lee at all

Автор Mikhail Kala5h ( назад)
wow..shit crazy lol

Автор Mikhail Kala5h ( назад)
wow..shit crazy lol

Автор Derek K ( назад)
is this ever coming out

Автор stoikes ( назад)
Looks like utter bullshit.

Автор nasirshahzad akash ( назад)
great film

Автор Tenger Od ( назад)
bruce lee just turned in his grave

Автор Peter Faka ( назад)

Автор Curtis Cook ( назад)
I just wanna know when is this coming out

Автор Neil Lawson ( назад)
So when's it out everyone lol

Автор CloudsBeyond ( назад)
The first Bruce Lee biopic to tell 100% truth! Previous efforts like
'Dragon The Bruce Lee Story' exaggerated or made things up but 'Birth Of
The Dragon' is 100% the truth and historically accurate.

Автор Luke Weyers ( назад)
Bruce Lee trained Steve McQueen, on whom the 'white guy' is most likely
based - he even has the same swagger and look as McQueen. All you SJWs
freaking out about the 'fictional white guy' can just chill, for god's

Автор Koo Baa ( назад)
Bruce Lee sucks he's an actor.

Автор Johnathan Ortiz ( назад)
chuck Norris cries in a corner quietly.

Автор Cristal Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор Shahbaz Jutt Drive ( назад)
My best hero

Автор Vithoune Vignarath ( назад)
Hollywood, the biggest fucking bullshitter of all! They always cry about
how American are always racist and all but can't even cast an actual
Chinese man to play the legendary Bruce Lee, instead, they cast a white
guy, make ups and making him look asians and thinks it's okay?????i mean
seriously???what a fucking joke!!!!! Maybe next time Hollywood you should
pick a white Guyver that actual has at least chinky eyes!!!!!mother

Автор Joe McCrory ( назад)
Is this out yet

Автор Khadeem The Introvert ( назад)

Автор Joshua Nowak ( назад)
everybody on here is complaining how about this movie being such a disgrace
to Bruce Lee's name and so on apparently you aren't true martial arts film
Fanatics because I have seen probably over a hundred and forty movies
that's a the lead character is Bruce Lee and the guy so it looks like Bruce
Lee and I have seen these horrible movies that not only make fun of his
martial art style but also him as a person and everything else this is
nothing new... Most of the movies were B grade movies at best and not a
single one was remotely close to actually portraying his style or his
character and most of those have been around since the late 1970s and early
80s but no one's complaining about those trying to get those pulled off the
market or anything else dot dot dot a man's reputation won't be squashed by
a single movie it's so the hundred and forty movies that I've seen
portraying to be Bruce Lee would have destroyed his memory by now... And
also if this is about when Bruce Lee's first opened his first school around
that point in time in his life he was known to be a little cocky and
arrogant along with self-confidence and all. That was until he was injured
and he re-evaluated himself and became more patients and more noble and
more is the Bruce Lee that is embedded in all of our minds today... So you
all need to learn your history and before you start making random arguments
about shit that you know nothing about just because you seen one or two of
the biggest movies that the man made before most of you were born

Автор jetliFAN ( назад)
"Inspired by actual events"? What events? What's real here? it's all made
up BS.

Автор jetliFAN ( назад)
Why do I think that Bruce Lee is the bad guy here? When did Bruce Lee ever
say anything about Kung Fu means to "kick ass" or for "street fighting"?
Bruce Lee's Kung Fu was philosophical, nothing to do with who wins fight
the fastest.

This movie really makes the legacy of Bruce Lee look bad, it laughs at
Bruce Lee. It's a spit in the face of Bruce Lee and his fans. For those who
don't know who Bruce Lee was and them being their first time hearing about
him through this movie, those people will think he was an asshole.

Автор SonOfJudah ( назад)
Shiiieeeeeeet im goin to chinatown, apparently thats where the lit niggas

Автор Zongkor Xiong ( назад)
Love how they turn something that actually happened into something
fictional, with almost everything being a lie. The actual story was that
Bruce came into america because he would constantly get into street fights.
One day he got a little over himself and got into trouble for doing
something and so his family had to send him off to America where he would
be safe. After that Bruce Lee had to find a way to survive so then he
taught people how to dance to make some money. Along his way in America he
started teaching Americans Wing Chun, which is the martial arts that he
learned. Bruce Lee was the only master who would teach Americans. Once a
Chinese school discover that Bruce Lee was teaching this to American
people, they were outraged and confronted him. The threatened Bruce Lee
that there would be consequences if he continued to teach Americans Chinese
martial arts. Now Bruce Lee thought that martial arts should be free and
anyone should learn and understand the meaning of martial arts. Bruce Lee
wanted to teach everyone, and because back in Hong Kong he was always
oppressed by the British, when his own people did this to the Americans
because they were not Chinese, Bruce refused to listen to them and
continued teaching his students. Bruce Lee taught everyone regardless of
their race.
In the movie, Hollywood wanted to bring in a white guy because then the
American people would understand and be able to connect more to the movie.
In Hollywood's understanding, American people can't relate to the movie if
there is no white protagonist. This movie has nothing to do with Bruce Lee,
Hollywood didn't want to their research and just wanted to focus on the
fight between Bruce Lee and Wong Jackman. the actual story goes, because
Bruce Lee didn't listen to the other Chinese martial arts schools about
teaching american people Chinese kung fu, they were going to send Wong Jack
Man to teach him a lesson. The day of the battle Wong Jack Man was thrown
around like a rag doll and was no match for Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee easily
defeated him. Now Hollywood said that they wanted an interracial
relationship in the film, but they could have done it with Bruce Lee and
his wife. Believe it or not for any one who doesn't know this, but Bruce
Lee's wife is white. They just couldn't be together for some time because
there was ban on interracial relationship/ marriages.
All in all, Hollywood is being lazy and didn't do any of their research.
Hollywood is literally destroying a legend that continues to inspire so
many people. Hollywood doesn't care about the image of a legend that
inspires people, all they care about is money. Plus this movie is about the
student telling how his supposively "Master Bruce Lee" is just a cocky
person who knows no morals or anything about martial arts. Funny how they
set this as the birth of the dragon. I can assure you that the dragon was
born way before this. by that I mean if its really the birth of the dragon,
they should have start the story when Bruce first met his master. That
would be more appropriate, because at this time, Bruce Lee is already
skillful and wise. But of course when it comes to another person who isn't
really american its ok to twist around for Hollywood, as long as they make
that money. Hollywood shows no respect for Bruce Lee and no justice.
Hollywood argues that they made this movie base off of the fight and had to
add a fictional student in order to make it last longer. But I assure you,
if you watch this movie, it's most likely going to be 2 hours of his
student having a relationship with an asian girl and talking about how
Bruce Lee isn't master and knows nothing about martial arts at all.

Автор Red Ericson ( назад)

Автор rohail khan ( назад)
Where to watch this movie ???

Автор B.L.W. ( назад)
they aren't doing bruce lee justice by making this movie.

Автор Erik Kaiser ( назад)
aids give estimate xlmldb analyst breath moment week stop rescue.

Автор NonFat Booger ( назад)
Whatm is this poo.

Автор santiago gimenez ( назад)
almost truck just aim after queen winter

Автор very DARKCHi1D ( назад)
fuck this movie. What a fucking joke. Bruce Lee as the cocky douche....and
centered around a white guy trying to get down on a Chinese girl.

Автор James Rich ( назад)
Bruce weak af in this

Автор LovesTheGash ( назад)
What an insult to the man himself, the idiot youth of today probably think
he's some fictional character like batman or some shit

Автор Yeng Yang ( назад)
Even in death. They are still trying to ruined Bruce Lee.

Автор CLARK KENT ( назад)
How did this even happen it's bullshit. Yes BL was cocky when he was in
China before he came here but he wanted to show the beauty of king fu that
movie insults his skill and character of who Bruce Lee was. One orther
thing Bruce Lee never called him self a master. Or would act in that

Автор Amanda Hugginkiss ( назад)
this is garbage. Just like the steve jobs movie. im digusted

Автор J. Aust ( назад)
Nice joke haha, this is a joke right?.....

Автор slim shady ( назад)
this is shit.

Автор Cpt. Kisaragi ( назад)
Hollywood needs to STOP

Автор jeff alvarez ( назад)
ok... i stoped watching at 3:04. that fall was too much for me. i have no
words to explain how i feel now.

Автор Azhar Shah ( назад)
i barely watched any bruce lee movies, will get to watching them all. and
this already looks like a bs money laundering movie. good day

Автор uZ! ~~~========〉 ( назад)
This is an insult to Bruce Lee.

Автор Alexander Nilsson ( назад)
Oh boy. No one in the comments seem to know about Steve McQueen. Real sad.
All this crying about "the white guy" when he's CLEARLY based on Steve

Автор PaintedW0LF ( назад)
I wonder how much they're going to skew and exaggerate reality in this one.
As if the Jason Scott Lee movie wasn't fictitious enough.

Even worse, people will watch it and actually think all this stuff really
happened, like the aforementioned movie.

And then of course there's the typical Hollywood racist bullshit. Bruce Lee
fought so hard to fight discrimination against Asians in Hollywood and what
does Hollywood do to honor his legacy? Make a movie based on him but with a
fictional white guy as the main character. Even in his grave Hollywood is
still screwing him over.

Автор 47chromeAKs ( назад)
thanks for the free movie

Автор Dave H ( назад)
They make Bruce out to be cocky. He was confident yes, not cocky. They also
(by the trailer) appear to downplay the fact that Jeet Kune Do was also a
philosophy and not just "kicking ass". For an action movie it looks fine
but as someone who appreciates the art, not so much.

Автор Bayezid Al Samir ( назад)
guys...can someone please tell me...where can i find this movie online.this
movie was released in 2016 and i still cant find it.not in putlocker and
not evern in fmovies.please guys let me know.

Автор Phil Moufarrege ( назад)

Автор Caitlin Young ( назад)
brilliant language exclusive nevertheless because motion manner.

Автор Melvin Hermann Channel ( назад)
The trailer looks good. Not sure if the movie can live up to it.

Автор marco zr ( назад)
its 2017 i cant find any torrents of this movie

Автор Ji Ahn ( назад)
I am genuinely sad seeing this trailer and how it reduces the image and
legacy of Bruce Lee. White Hollywood, what more can you erase?

Автор Ballantyne ( назад)
Get canceled

Автор Lord Vader ( назад)
Still can't wait to see this movie, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
They must be holding it back because of all the negative backlash from all
the people that haven't seen the movie yet somehow know it's trash or its
white washed (with over half the cast being Asian) or it's inaccurate. I've
even seen someone's comment that said since Shannon Lee and Bruce Lee's
family didn't approve of it, then they weren't going to see it. Sorry, but
I like to watch a movie, THEN give my opinion about it. I don't understand
how you can give an opinion on a movie you haven't seen yet.

Автор CaptnButtonSmash ( назад)
In 50 years Hollywood will produce Bruce Lee vs Marvel superheroes movies,
or else they'll buy the intellectual rights and CGI him in everything, if
they believe it'll make money.

Автор Валентин ( назад)
Хуйня дешёвая с не похожим главным героем. Сделайте компьютерного Брюса !!!

Автор Jason Lopez ( назад)
Not sure about this film. It looks like Hollywood is turning a legend and a
real person like Bruce Lee into some kind of comic book hero character.
Damn u Hollywood.

Автор Ubeydillah Alas ( назад)
White guy perfecting kung-fu really reaaaaĺly fucking Hollywood

Автор G. Daniel Hollingsworth ( назад)
Wasn't Bruce Lee more humble than he's portrayed here....

Автор Van Vu ( назад)
What the fuck is this? They should be jailed for this. X-Men movies are
fuck crap

Автор MrNwn007 ( назад)
the guy acting bruce lee looks like asian justin bieber...WTF
what a low budget peace of shit movie. is it even legal to mention bruce
lee in this?

Автор ichimich 75 ( назад)
I'm watching this because I have to not because I want to. we all know the
results of the real fight. The movie is obviously made to give credit to
wong jack man for representing the old traditional ways but Bruce proves
that times must and always do change. Don't care about the acting or the

Автор Rick Deckard ( назад)
Every single time they get an actor to portray Bruce Lee it comes off like
a bad SNL skit, a parody a farce, when will they learn, there's only one
Bruce Lee enough with the campy screwball impersonations please.

Автор nordstromamich ( назад)
This looks so dumb

Автор vietorkoreen ( назад)
Whitewashing...they tried the same white guy shit with Forbidden Kingdom.
Also hate that they're trying to turn Bruce into the latest X-man.

Автор k_milo_Dara Cruz ( назад)
ti ka ra katica ti ka....

Автор epic style ( назад)
It is just a movie.. Bruce would have had a good laugh about it...!

Автор hypercatjohn ( назад)
This looks abysmal, can't wait to watch it

Автор Sarra Rosnick ( назад)
Wen is the movie coming out ?

Автор the blood sucker lol ( назад)
at least if you die you meet this master in the other side

Автор Eammon Wright ( назад)
Isn't the real story that Chin ese Immigrants hated the fact Bruce Lee was
teaching whites and blacks the secrets of Kung Fu (Jun Fan Gung Fu) and so
brought a Kung Fu master over to the US to fight Bruce Lee as he'd
repeatedly ignored their threats to stop? Maybe it's only white people that
can be racist? I love how open and accepting Bruce was even though he got a
shit load of crap from racist whites, blacks and anyone else who was either
a moron or mistook him for Vietnamese or Korean. Bruce himself had either a
white father or grandfather, though I forget which.

Автор Hi-Tech China ( назад)
I've been living in China for more than 6 years and Ive experienced the
martials arts here specially Kung fu in a shaolin temple Bruce is not a
match for what a shaolin monk can do.sorry guys it I've seen it and Bruce
will loose that's for sure.

Автор CEEEEEEEEENA ( назад)
What a lame bunch of bullshit lmao .

Автор fese corpiz ( назад)
ohhhh nooooo!!!! are they going to ruin BRUCE LEE's legendary image?! for
money?!!!!! it's insult us.

Автор Harsharaj Bhattacharya ( назад)
frankly monk accepting a challenge?😂😂😂 the writer must be on pot

Автор Char Aznable ( назад)
Bruce Lee is rolling in his grave.

Автор Madara Uchiha ( назад)
this is disheartening don't ruin bruce lee plezzzzz

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