BIRTH OF THE DRAGON Trailer (2016) Bruce Lee Movie

Birth of the Dragon Trailer - 2016 Bruce Lee Movie
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About Birth of the Dragon
Young, up-and-coming martial artist, Bruce Lee, challenges legendary kung fu master Wong Jack Man to a no-holds-barred fight in Northern California.

Birth of the Dragon is an upcoming American martial arts biographical drama film directed by George Nolfi and written by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J. Rivele. The film stars Billy Magnussen, Philip Ng, and Xia Yu. The true story revolves around the young martial artist Bruce Lee, who challenges kung fu master Wong Jack Man in 1965 in San Francisco.

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Автор Macnos Mutano ( назад)
I'm amazed at how there's always got to be a white actor even in movies where you wouldn't expect one. You making a movie about Africa? Make the white guy the main character. You making a movie about Japan's last samurai? Make the white guy the main character. You making a movie about ancient Egypt? Make every character white.

Автор SW20 ( назад)
This looks truly horrible.

Автор Mr.凡仔 ( назад)
Fuck U Hollywood. How dare u shit on Bruce Lee after u murdered his only son? You think Asians are scared of white domination? You seek a fight or a war? We will give both to u one day.

Автор Sergio DS ( назад)

Автор DeezRMyDays ( назад)
Hmm too much English no subtitles. =P

Автор Martin Perrier ( назад)
did any one of you saw this movie? if yes how did you watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор wikichris ( назад)
Is lee played by Ashton Kutcher?

Автор HomicideHenry ( назад)
Looks like a good action movie.... Unfortunately it's virtually 100% bullshit.... The showdown between Lee and Wong Jack Man never was like that and all living witnesses (with the exception of Lee's wife) said that Man came in as if it were an exhibition, sparring, and Lee came in as if it were a real fight, and it ended more or less in a draw....

Автор Fault401 ( назад)
'face palm'....no just no...

Автор Nico Angelo ( назад)
Yo wtf is this bs?!

Автор Kylie Smith ( назад)
I found her Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/jordanrachelx

Автор الم الحياة ( назад)
What hero name. ples

Автор the combation ( назад)
Yay jackie chan is back

Автор XzBionicRamZx ( назад)

Автор Yadev K ( назад)
Did they seriously use wires for this movie?


Well, I suppose this is how legends turns into myths.

Автор Armando Lopez ( назад)
Bruce was not of this time or this world. he came here and shows this world something new and suddenly dies of some rare condition. well that in the mind of a child would be accepted. Bruce is still here, just in another form. he touches us and inspires us with his art and wisdom.
he should be respected and not insulted like in some cases that have been done.
he is part of this world's history and deserves better. peace be with you little dragon.

Автор Aaron Sherpa ( назад)
bullshit why they after bruce lee !!! he was a legend and will be a legend forever they aint no ip man n this one looks so fake ....wat a loser n flop movie

Автор Tadligaming AQW ( назад)
Kung fu isnt born after taking acid and shrooms. You start at young age (1-12 years old) and you develop skills from teenage years. You start fighting well at the age of 18+ when your body fulyl develops not when you take shrooms and acid. Fuck this junk movie

Автор Tez Bot ( назад)
I'm asian and it looked weird with the white dude but, it looks good though

Автор D.J. Final Commander ( назад)
when this movie come out

Автор zack worrell ( назад)
What garbage!

Автор Sunny Beach ( назад)

Автор Achote671 ( назад)
M E T H E R. F E C K E R. Remember that greatest gung fu story ever told. Well now it's in a well produced/directed/ and acted. All in one bad ass movie. Cash me outside-ha bout dat

Автор Achote671 ( назад)
M E T H E R. F E C K E R. W O W ! Remember that best story ever told. Now it's in a well produced/directed/acted movie. Awesome. Cash me outside-ha bout dat

Автор bruceliem ( назад)
I like this movie. He represents Bruce Lee better than Bruce Lee. He's both rock Lee and Bruce Lee all in one

Автор asas ( назад)
have any of you guys played pvp with chinese dudes online gaming? they cocky af lol..

Автор TheZezombiekiller ( назад)
Is this movie even out because if it is the people who make it can go fuck a dead cat

Автор Adam Caldwell ( назад)
why can't we find this movie anywhere?

Автор Christian charles ( назад)
This is kinda insulting.

Автор nikhil kaushik ( назад)
Bruce lee was never cocky

Автор Neillusion ( назад)
LMFAO what the fuck is this poopoo

Автор Loll Cat ( назад)
At 0:20 "One day I discovered littering, which I think is what really cool people do when walking down the sidewalk."

Автор Amber Walker ( назад)
Damn can we get an actual GOOD biopic for Bruce before we start telling other stories?! Hollywood is the fucking worst! Who green lighted this shit?!

Автор SunjayVanGrero Lee ( назад)
Is this movie out? i cant find it, if not what's the release date.. when i google search it comes up with the old movie.

Автор Digital Illusion Entertainment ( назад)
Fuck that shit....
This is a DISCRACE to mr lee.
NEVER was he looking for a fight and NEVER was bruce so arrogant as this wannabe bruce lee.
Plus a shaolin monk would NEVER EVER go a guy like this to 'accept' a challenge.
A monk will ONLY fght you if you FORCE him.... that is what they learn in the Shaolin Temple!
The 'gwei lo' once again show that they have ABSOLUTELY no fucking clue what they are talking about.
But yeah 'from the martial arts team of X-men.... nuff said...

Автор Scott MacPherson ( назад)
anyone else see that guy in the gorilla suit?

Автор Sina Abedi ( назад)
the guy who played bruce in ip man 3 was so much better

Автор Richard Flood ( назад)
every single comment is negative.... as usual

Автор Buc917 ( назад)
I wonder when is this film scheduled for release. It looks like it is going to be a great film (about the best who has ever done it). That's remarkable  when you truly think about it, that we all refer to Bruce Lee as the best who has ever done it because he is, even after more than 40 yrs. after his death. We all should be, so lucky, so talented, so dedicated, so blessed. R.I.P. The Legendary Bruce Lee - You are forever Immortalized in pictures and etc..

Автор Digital Creative Front ( назад)
"So lets jump off a ledge and land in a way that looks like they cut us with photoshop and landed us... that will look so different from what they are used to right?"
"Yeah, I like it, so unreal. Do it."

Автор Herry Kardjono ( назад)
he doesn't even look like Bruce Lee !!!

Автор Adam Johnson ( назад)
As a long-time study of Lee, JKD, and so on... I find this both ridiculous and honestly a bit insulting to Lee's memory. Plus, just unnecessary.

Автор Valentin Corona ( назад)
Wow this sucks bro... I'm not even playing this is a fraud

Автор Jean Carlos Magars ( назад)
blockbuster fail before it even comes out!!

Автор MellowMadnessRMX ( назад)
wow this is embarrassing.

Автор Leandro Ruel ( назад)
not chinese... damn son... how you want make movies about the master with a random white guy

Автор MagicianFlip69 ( назад)
A good friend of Bruce Lee. Also a Legend is still alive. Chuck Norris. That is a scene I want to see. Bruce & Chuck

Автор Edward Muise ( назад)
dam cant they leave the bruce lee legacy alone.

Автор Hal Yorke ( назад)
he looks nothing like Bruce Lee and he's trying to do his voice but sounds nothing like him

Автор Fire Ice ( назад)
I am the future and your the past and you know it .

Автор Mohammad Yasar ( назад)
I want to see this movie... Pls give me any link for this movie

Автор Mohammad Yasar ( назад)
I want to see this movie... Pls give me any link for this movie

Автор Everyones Grudge ( назад)
Is the white guy supposed to be Chuck Norris before he grew the beard?

Автор Maton acevedo ( назад)
how can i watch this movie

Автор Spinxo ( назад)
W T F I S T H I S S H I T ????

Автор Supreme Clientele ( назад)
Jun Fan Gung Fu (Jeet Kune Do), not Kung Fu... one would at least put the correct martial arts

Автор Alan Carr ( назад)
White people always find a way to have a kissing scene in a movie LOL

Автор Kevin M ( назад)
Awesome movie! There's nothing wrong with this and you people only see negativity in things. I just see a good Martial Arts movie made for entertainment. No reason to take it the wrong way. Just enjoy and move on with life. Quit trying to make some statement with it.

Автор Mektek19 ( назад)
WTF is this smh.

Автор WeWatchedAMovie ( назад)
But.....people would pay to see a real movie about Bruce Lee still. Why this?

Автор strickery khan ( назад)
bruce lee wasnt an asshole douche that thought he was the shit but everyone knew he was the shit. bruce lee greatest

Автор Boom Boom Bear ( назад)
Bullshit fabrication or not..?

If a movie keeps the Bruce Lee name alive for a new generation of kids?

My Brother saw DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY a couple of years after it came out.
He loved and watched it so much, my family joked, that we hoped the VHS tape wouldn't break! Lol
Due to that movie, he discovered the real Bruce Lee, became involved in JEET KUNE DO, Bruce Lee's personal martial art. He's studied JKD now now for 20 years, he has met his Lee's Widow, Linda Lee and Dan Inosanto Lee's best friend and Martial Artist, on numerous occasions, having traveled from the UK to America numerous times to meet other people with the same shared passion and love for Bruce Lee

And it all started with a fabricated movie...

Автор Illusive. ( назад)
Disgraceful, Distasteful

Автор Ziyi Miyi ( назад)
what A DICK!!

Автор Steven Vu ( назад)
This is a insult to Bruce Lee

Автор SOFIA NARKISSA ( назад)
s o where we can get this sci fi movie? coz definitely is not original bruce lee

Автор carlos garcia franco ( назад)
bruce lee unico

Автор StaticDreamsEntert ( назад)
I'm still going to watch it and probably like it too, fuck you guys. <3

Автор random mhinda ( назад)
where can i watch this for free

Автор K S ( назад)
Ofcourse, Hollywood wants a white cunt to have an important role in an asian inspired movie

Автор Fidèle Lasolitaire ( назад)
it's a pity, you missed the Afgan Bruce Lee, he's exactly like Bruce Lee

Автор Derty Herry Films ( назад)
How did they make a movie of this plot? this fight happened but the truth is unknown. One side is that bruce won, and another that won jack man severely beat bruce? plus I thought this fight was setup by those who did not approve of lee teaching Kung fu to americans

Автор Andres Perilla ( назад)
Wheres chuck norris in al of this? LMAO

Автор CastleGhost ( назад)
y'all just playing with people's emotions, YouTube. keep showing pop-ups in the middle of the screen, and then keep offering YouTube red. hmmmm....... not nice, man. not nice. you're selfish, youtube, just selfish

Автор Ali Mehdi ( назад)
is it out yet?

Автор Zacahary Evans ( назад)
has anyone seenvthis movie yet ??

Автор BruhPlaysGames ( назад)
Thats not bruce lee i can tell by the looks and bruce lee didnt know so good englisch and had an accent

Автор Nash Knowlden ( назад)
I'm so glad so many people hate this in the comments

Автор Kiran higa ( назад)
Makes Bruce lee look bad.

Автор dantles1992 ( назад)
I dont like it, I hate it

Автор Travis Bevan ( назад)
Read the interview between Bruce Lee and Black belt Magazine...

Lee gave a description, without naming Wong explicitly, in an interview with Black Belt.

"I'd gotten into a fight in San Francisco with a Kung-Fu cat, and after a brief encounter the son-of-a-bitch started to run. I chased him and, like a fool, kept punching him behind his head and back. Soon my fists began to swell from hitting his hard head. Right then I realized Wing Chun was not too practical and began to alter my way of fighting."

Автор Richard Ku ( назад)
Bad casting, horrible acting, retarded storyline. These guys' acting careers are now F*cked thanks to this aids movie

Автор WyyzNoLeg ( назад)
cant don't fucking make any bruce lee movie again ?????

Автор Marcos Esquivel ( назад)
really fucking bull shit this is a joke

Автор Najjad Shoman ( назад)
This is bullshit!!! A true disgrace and an insult to a Legend!

Автор dchen345 ( назад)

Автор ʕ•益•ʔ RcGc Reapers ( назад)
mabey if they had Jason Scott Lee and took out people who helped make x men this movie would probably be better

Автор Chuck Coulter ( назад)
Simply terrible. Anyone who has read Bruce Lee would see this as total nonsense, trading on his name to turn a buck - the arrogance: that wasn't even part of the man's philosophy, and look online at Amazon. There are books with his thoughts, his words. This film is over before it starts.

Автор Hunter Graves ( назад)
This is disgusting, the movie itself. Did they have to put a fictional white guy in this role, make money off of Bruce lee, make him look stuck up and just have cheap ass story plot...honestly this movie gonna be garbage

Автор Randy Phillips ( назад)
shouldn't bruce lee be the humble dude?

Автор Jose Sanchez ( назад)
what country is this movie made in ?

Автор DemoLegends ( назад)
Hollywood Logic

_Last nigga on earth_

*_Starring Tom Cruise_*

Автор Silvian Raccoon ( назад)
why a "white" guy as the main character in a bruce lee movie?

Автор Mana Kefu ( назад)
Wow wtf is goin on with movies these days

Автор E 10x ( назад)
I Most Definitely Have To Check For This Movie!!

Автор IMA Bull ( назад)
Fuck you and fuck american tv!! fuck u!!!!!

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