Jeep Quadra-Drive II in snow

Just a "demonstration" of the Jeep Quadra-Drive II system on the Lefthand Gulch trail (not the slaughterhouse gulch trail as stated in the video) near Boulder Colorado. This was a very easy trail but for those people who are interested in seeing Quadra-Drive II doing something this video kind of shows the system working on a steep icy trail.

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Автор Billy HW ( назад)
Now put some studded Nokians on that thing and listen to Mother Nature
scream for mercy.

Автор eolovento ( назад)

Автор alik68meltser ( назад)
Diflate to 10psi, you'll do fine.

Автор chandawg (247 лет назад)
My 93 corolla can make it up that hill.

Автор mrdickpito ( назад)
Pice of shit tires plus u don't know how to drive in snow

Автор Jake ( назад)

Автор Gopinath Sritharan ( назад)
I LOVE JEEPPP i have a 4.7 L Grand Cherokee Laredo JEEP ROCK ON

Автор sirtubemaster ( назад)
Good video! CRAP MUSIC

Автор robert schabowski ( назад)

Автор deloera1414 ( назад)
@1ownjoo2 Watch the response video. It shows my buddies jeep having a
pretty hard time doing what mine did with ease.

Автор Mylovelycars ( назад)
@1ownjoo2 ..well. For example: at 2:21 it is very obvious that most 4x4
systems would result in wheel spin on the right front wheel, it has
virtually no grip at all. This does not happen, instead the system cut off
the power to this wheel, and distribute to the others.

Автор BOB SMITH ( назад)
Nice demonstration, however the music is terrible

Автор Mylovelycars ( назад)
@1ownjoo2 You are not so technical are you? If you understand how 4x4
systems works, and the differences between different system - then you can
appreciate this kind of videos.

Автор Chad Qualls ( назад)
I cant wait for snow in Kansas so I can have fun with my 06 Commander!!!

Автор deloera1414 ( назад)
The video response video shows the difference between open diffs in the
wrangler and the system that my jeep uses.

Автор deloera1414 ( назад)
I should clarify that in the last clip the transfer case is in High range
and thus the axles are not electronically locked. The abs based traction
control system is doing all of the work here.

Автор sledforpeace (2030 лет назад)
I have a 5.7 Grand Cherokee with Quadra-Drive || system. The only time that
i got stuck was because the all 4 wheels where on the ice!!! Incredible
4x4!! I towed a 3000 lbs trailer in 2 feets of snow and no wheel-spin!!!

Автор iVlog ( назад)
@staxripa @staxripa I see your point, however Ive owned the ZJ GC and the
WH/WK.... and with the same tyres....WK is much more capable....off road
and in deep snow (2 feet) I was honestly disappointed when IFS came to the
2005> model - but the on road and off-road manners and ability have not
suffered. Lets face it, the HUMVEE has independent suspension all round.

Автор staxripa ( назад)
jeep ruined the GC with the IFS

Автор deloera1414 ( назад)
Its a 2006 Limited 4.7 liter

Автор Kelby Coffelt ( назад)
what kind of GC is that , a limited?

Автор alejandro55127 ( назад)

Автор amtrobia ( назад)
Sweet!!! Quadra-Drive II system work good

Автор deafdude6 ( назад)
you drive like pussy. my subaru can drive thru like those trail no problem

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