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Автор BlueheadedPants -Youtube ( назад)
Am I the only one that gets pissed off when they sensor words, especially
"god" I mean for gods sake.

Автор jujuaful ( назад)
I did not mean u

Автор jujuaful ( назад)
perhaps just came to do coke

Автор jujuaful ( назад)
@ madonna

Автор jujuaful ( назад)
I like the name panic at the disco

Автор John rodri Cal ( назад)
is it just me or does he look like Anthony from smosh

Автор Nighctore ( назад)

Автор Chloe Palmer ( назад)
why the fuck is the word "god" censored

Автор Jose Rocha ( назад)
u all should try listening to some STRFKR or Saints Motel or Vivian girls
or maybe Le Sera... that sh*t-(in a good way) will make you happy.

Автор jaime mendez ( назад)

Автор Canadian Sugar ( назад)
"With a since of One Direction Melody" that's what I thought it said before
I saw the lyrics....


Автор Canadian Sugar ( назад)
Why did they block out' God ' and not 'Damn'

Автор Sonny Semple ( назад)
me i am watching this in 2015 and its October 6😝

Автор Sam Vinagre ( назад)

Автор BrianGriffin Lover Forever ( назад)
The singer is hawt af.

Автор Lasanga Toes ( назад)
is anyone else wandering who raised these lyrically gifted people??

Автор Roberto Correa ( назад)
emo Anthony from smosh
the guy with the top hat

Автор Kayla Daugherty ( назад)
all the way to 0:46 is all I know lol

Автор PopcornLover1226 ( назад)
I would pay a lot of money to have this played at someone's wedding XD XD

Автор CC Higgins ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks that in the beginning he looks like Dan Howell

Автор HiitzJenna Roblox ( назад)
When this shows up in your suggestions on a very mainstream pop song's
music video and you're there like "WHAT THE HELL IS ONE THIRD OF THE HOLY

Автор George Holland ( назад)
yes boyss

Автор KandiKid💜💙 ( назад)
the singers kinda cute (1st time listener

Автор Nathan Gamez ネイサン ( назад)
What a shame the poor grooms bride is JOHN CENA!

Автор Bridie McCann ( назад)
Literally my husband 😍💖👰

Автор Charlotte Ijewere ( назад)

Автор JigglyPuff :] ( назад)
ok idk thiis was made when i was 1

Автор California Girls7395 ( назад)
I love this song! I also listen to black veil brides!!

Автор Kassandra makes Vlogs ( назад)
almost 10 years💖💖 panic at the disco!!!

Автор Nicole Di Angelo ( назад)
It's called Panic! At the disco not Brendon! At the disco.
Get ur facts straight ladies.

Автор Vergil Devall ( назад)
is panic at the disco still together?

Автор Vic&Jye ( назад)
That was a ugly wedding dress...like boii✋🏾😂

Автор The Funny Jedi Games ( назад)
"Yes, but what a shame, what a shame the poor groom's bride is JOHN CENA."

Автор Afiq Ishaq ( назад)
2:33 it`s hard? Is it hard to loyal to someone? fake ass bitches

Автор JustFizzyDance ( назад)
I hate how they bleep out the G-word like everyone in the world's a devout

Автор liz angela ☽ ( назад)
im just getting into this band help

Автор Lolli_Gone_Wrong ( назад)
Here cause of Fina Dubois

Автор Vanessa Shantae ( назад)
I love this song.... Omg if I only found a pale white guy with mascara that
writes sins not tragedies

Автор Mr.MinnesotaGaming ( назад)
why do they cut out god in "god damn door," instead damn?

Автор Batman 2005 ( назад)

| |
| ♤ |

Автор Ciara Everett ( назад)
1:39 - 1:40 that shoulder shake lol SASSY!!!

Автор Camila Lara ( назад)
Que buen tema👏👏👏👏👏

Автор Joseph Olivas ( назад)
most people are here because there emo posers,they want good music

Автор Sonilia Davis ( назад)
American Horror Story anyone?.... no just me...well, okay...

Автор Jaylene Hake ( назад)
You can say "W---e" on Vevo but not "God"?

Автор EATITTV ( назад)
I'm just glad the fad for this band is gone!

Автор Lpssplattertv ( назад)
Yes I love this band 😀

Автор Ju Plays ( назад)
When he dances at 1.41, I think of Dan Howell for some reason

Автор Aingeal Jackson ( назад)
I feel like im watching Nicole talk Perry out of marrying Annabel... Damn
it Mr.D get out of my phone!

Автор Peyton Schatz ( назад)
Dan! Don't crash Phil's wedding!! Haha

Автор Karen Cirqueira ( назад)
just clicked in this video for the ramen

Автор Fizzy Mew ( назад)
current mood: 2:11

Автор the cookie ( назад)
omg it's Anthony from smosh

Автор Trixie loves Yaoi ( назад)
My favorite part was 1:10.

(the singer's name) should've fell in love with the groom. :l Don't judge
me. :l

Автор Dylan Sellers ( назад)
again weirdo in a top hat suit

Автор Taylor Roberts ( назад)
1:03 I love his eyes!

Автор nightpulse ( назад)
I still think that its hilarious that the word God is apparently more
offensive that Whore.

Автор Misty DWing ( назад)
lol i just noticed that the guy jumped over the seat to go make-out wit the
bride 2:01

Автор 3Ma913 ( назад)
This song about a marriage in which everyone knows isnt right or as in the
couple arent compatible yet everyone wants it to be "perfect". The clown
faces are a metaphor for how people are fake in supporting the wedding and
just want everything to be picture perfect when it isnt. They are poking
fun at the idea of a "perfect" marriage

Автор Joe Bates ( назад)
10 years old...this song, this music video, the album this song is on, is
10 YEARS OLD. Let that sink in my fellow P!ATD fans!

Автор Sollux Captor (Felix the Homestuck Fan) ( назад)
su memelord and closing the damn door meme brought me here tbh

Автор Aya Inafuku ( назад)
Daren Criss + Anthony Padilla.

Автор Hector Medina ( назад)
Is it me or this video is famous again?

Автор r.osemarixx xx ( назад)
New favorite song

Автор ConfettilpsTV ( назад)
Yes, but what a shame, what a shame the poor grooms bride is a meth addict.

Автор Dustin Joyner ( назад)
Who is watching this in 2015?

Автор Maximus&Logan ( назад)
Panic! At the Disco: I write sins not tragedies(featuring Anthony Padilla)

Автор Brooke Does Stuff ( назад)

Автор Courtney Vonner ( назад)
I remember first listening to this song and it had a couple of thousand
veiws now it has 107 million!!!That's amazing!!

Автор iWander ( назад)

Автор Sky D ( назад)
listening to this with earphones is amazing. well it's amazing no matter

Автор Cathie Cure ( назад)
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

Автор Carly Huffman ( назад)
god I 💜 brendan urie

Автор mariela samayoa ( назад)
This finally got recognized

Автор Meghan Galaxy ( назад)
is it just me or at 2:40 he just.. looks.. like.. .he's trying to hump the
air or something... uhh :3

Автор Nicole Clarkson ( назад)
Earbuds Fall Out
Doesn't Notice
Continues Singing

Автор JoceParadox ( назад)
It's weird to think that I was only 11 years old when I first saw this

Автор Tune Sketch ( назад)
*Guyliner. Guyliner everywhere.*

Автор Sky D ( назад)
My escape song/band❤

Автор Fatboy Kyle ( назад)

Автор Jonathan Molina-Ortiz ( назад)
I'm 16 now in 2015, and I remember watching this video on TV with my
sisters about 9 or 10 years ago. when did this come out? its been so long

Автор eva tronina ( назад)
Tonight we are victorious, champagne spilling over us, all my friends were
glorious close the goddamn doorious

Автор macktehduck ( назад)
I literally just ran into my sisters room with this on full volume because
she didn't close my door XD

Автор lileinstein104 ( назад)
Wait so they censor "Goddam" but not "Whore"....


Автор William Pagel ( назад)
i love it

Автор the_amazing_tardis_is_not_on_fire ( назад)
Awwwwwww Brandon seems so protective and caring person in this video like
"you fucking whore you are not fucking sorry"

Автор ThatDudeBrian ( назад)
He looks like Brent Rivera. Anyone else agree? Lol

Автор Rayden Terwilliger ( назад)
the poor groomsmide is a JOHN CENA!!!!

Автор ThatOne X GamerKitty (ThatOneGamerKitty) ( назад)
pause at 0:13 for the best screenshot ever

Автор totallynotkatie ( назад)

Автор Martina Gierszał ( назад)
"The song about closing the goddamn door" 😂

Автор ashes9607 ( назад)
A lot of people have a hard time with Brandon's videos but the meaning
comes easy to me...

Автор hicksyboi1 ( назад)
me and laursaur

Автор Soleil Medina ( назад)
The people wearing the costumes are The Lucent Dossier Experience if you
wanted to know

Автор Anzie sheep ( назад)
I love P!atd videos they are so much more interesting and weird than normal
videos xD

Автор Alexia Newman ( назад)

Автор Nicole Ferguson ( назад)
God this song is so good

Автор Ete Bile ( назад)
And I thought Fall Out Boy's music videos were weird and strange...

Автор Sophibear Is Silliness ( назад)

Автор infinite-koalas ( назад)
donèt kill me but when i was young and everyone talked about them i never
heard them say they were a band so i thought panic! at the disco was a

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