Panic! At The Disco: I Write Sins Not Tragedies [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Well imagine,
As I'm pacing the pews in a church corridor,
And I can't help but to hear,
No, I can't help but to hear an exchanging of words:
"What a beautiful wedding! What a beautiful wedding!" says a bridesmaid to a waiter,
"And, yes, but what a shame, what a shame the poor groom's bride is a whore."

I chime in with a
"Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!"
No, it's much better to face these kinds of things
With a sense of poise and rationality.
I chime in,
"Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!"
No, it's much better to face these kinds of things
With a sense of...

Well in fact,
Well I'll look at it this way,
I mean technically our marriage is saved
Well this calls for a toast
So, pour the champagne
Oh! Well in fact,
Well I'll look at it this way,
I mean technically our marriage is saved
Well this calls for a toast,
So, pour the champagne, pour the champagne

I chime in with a
"Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!"
No, it's much better to face these kinds of things
With a sense of poise and rationality.
I chime in,
"Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!"
No, it's much better to face these kinds of things
With a sense of poise and rationality again.

I chime in,
"Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!"
No, it's much better to face these kinds of things
With a sense of poise and rationality.
I chime in,
"Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!"
No, it's much better to face these kinds of things
With a sense of poise and rationality again.

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Автор Chip ( назад)
So sad that we can't listen to P!ATD without being called emos haha.

Автор Olivia ( назад)
If my friends don't aggressively perform this at my wedding, then I'm
calling it off until I get better friends.

Автор German Andrewartha ( назад)
este temaaa me encantaba de pendejoo <3

Автор Natalia García ( назад)
11 years, omg.

Автор Donna Thomas ( назад)

Автор Black Shadow ( назад)

Автор Pikachuisnotonfire ( назад)

Автор carol siggins ( назад)
im in love with this song

Автор Athena Chase ( назад)
The music videos by panic! At the disco are so random. Like and comment If
you agree.

Автор kittycatkit MSP ( назад)
Oh I get it all the songs put together make a whole story

Автор brit &marvel ( назад)
He's so hot i stg

Автор Dan's Chest Hair ( назад)
Panic! At the Disco music videos are almost as confusing at Fall Out Boy
music videos.

Автор cyniford ( назад)
So many fucking phandom children in this comment section. You can tell by
there shitty icons and there irrational thinking.

Автор honeybutterflyx ( назад)
You know you're getting old when you know precisely what you did the exact
day of this video's release and about 75% of people in the comment section
probably couldn't even spell their own name yet.

Автор GeorgiaIsTheBestLlama ( назад)
Wow, 2006?? So long and such a good song!! I love it so much, probably one
of my faves

Автор Katie Redhead ( назад)
I thought the lyrics were "a sense or poisoned rationality"
Never have I been so wrong.

Автор Aurora Grant ( назад)

Автор Charlie Kliebert ( назад)
I put this as my ringtone I went off in church and I got kicked out

Автор iamnotahumanbeing ( назад)
To this day, whenever anyone sings "what a shame poor groom's bride is a
whore" I remember Brendon saying "so fucking slutty" during a concert

Автор salome jananashvili ( назад)
what a shame the poor groom's bride is john ceeeeena

Автор Stephy Wolf ( назад)
How the frick did I get so old

I dedicate this song to my sister-in-law, that ordinary bitch, no one could
have closed the door.

Автор Jack Skellington ( назад)
This sorta reminds me of Corpse Bride when all the people from the dead
came back and crashed Victoria's and Lord Barkis' wedding. x)

Автор Angel Lester_ ( назад)
Brother: You actually like Panic at the disco? HAHA WHAT A LOSER!

Me: *scrolls through his liked videos and sees this song*
Also me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) boi you busted ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Wren B ( назад)
I love playing this song really loudly in the car then shutting it of at
"whore" so whoever I'm riding with screams "whore" really loudly

Автор Foxy the Pirate FNAF ( назад)
He was going to say closing the fucking damn door 🚪 •_•

Автор Andrea López ( назад)
Who the fuck dislikes this?

Автор TJ Playz ( назад)
why is God in god damn cut out

Автор Vinkle AJ ( назад)
It's bEeN 11 yEars


Автор Flaco will find you ( назад)
came here from lil dicky lol

Автор hitler desu chan senpai ( назад)
get the fuk out of my room im playing minecraft well didnt you know about
closeing a danm door

Автор miracle girl ( назад)
no this is my last time watching these sinning stuff I disliked

Автор Fluffypenguin50 ( назад)
I like how the door was actually closed

Автор Kya Whitehouse ( назад)
close the god dang door mom!jeeze

Автор Christian Abbott ( назад)
What the hell did I just watch?

Автор Alvaro Melendez ( назад)

Автор Hannah Grace ( назад)

Автор Emma Cole ( назад)
For Halloween my friend dressed up as Ryan Ross. She was wearing a red vest
that was very fancy with some red flowers on it (it looked so dramatic but
very spot on) and she had full on Ryan Ross stage makeup. I was very proud.

Автор Shannon Smith ( назад)
who's lising in 2017

Автор Ravenheart ( назад)
*me trying to understand what the hell is going on in P!ATD*

Автор Caydance Bowler ( назад)
Wait, so what happened to the "wife" after the people popped out?

Автор Kingkaydenplays ( назад)
Is it weird that this is one of my favorite songs

Автор London Stellenberg ( назад)
when your family has no sense of privacy:

me:haven't you people ever heard of closing a damn door

mom:please don't face this whith your sense of poison rassionality

me:but mom its much better to face these kinds of things whith a sense of
poison rassionality

Автор Alice Galaxy ( назад)
Crowd:what a shame the poor groom's bride is a Whore

Автор Katelynn Frese ( назад)

Автор tharrannee ngin ( назад)
This song is good 😭😭😭😭

Автор Katelynn Frese ( назад)
I feel like the more recent songs by panic! by the disco are worse I like
the older ones like this one MUCH better

Автор Izzyia AJ ( назад)
ahh.... I love Panic! At The Disco

Автор Ela panicking! at the playdate |-/ ( назад)
i chime in with a...

Автор Kate Minder ( назад)
Imma start playing this song when someone leaves my room without closing
the door!!!

Автор Rosyllama AJ ( назад)
this video was made in the year I was born jesus christ

Автор i love girls and i am one ( назад)
i love this song

Автор Julia Treble ( назад)

Автор Lps brøken smile ( назад)

Автор GlitteryHopefulKarp 2 ( назад)
I like how God is censored but damn isn't

Автор GlitteryHopefulKarp 2 ( назад)
when someone leaves the door open when they leave your room

Автор InnocentNeko ( назад)
How awkward must it have been when Brendon was just standing in the camera
with his hat down mouthing the words silently

Автор Tiger clan ( назад)
wait didnt the groom have light blue eyes at the begginig of the vid but
now he has green?wtf

Автор bgoodrich1990 ( назад)
they dont mute whore but they mute god damn...really??

Автор Cerys Rose ( назад)
Panic ! at the disco is a drug . ADDICTIVE ❤️❤️😹😹

Автор janeth ortega ( назад)
well ...

welcome to the dark side..,

I'm in love with his voice I like how he sings😍

Автор Turminha Do Mal s2 ( назад)
Pse, depressão

Автор gothgirl aminelover like yeah ( назад)
doesn't he look like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Автор Alex Walsh ( назад)
i love this tribute to mr brightside by the killers

Автор Arubiix ( назад)
Who's listening in 2017??! =D

Автор Zeragonii ( назад)
it's sad that the word god is censored.. fucking american pussies.

Автор Anthony Vava ( назад)
wtf is this ?!?

Автор FLIP CHIGGA ( назад)
This guys lips are gross 😭

Автор Frank H ( назад)
I stopped listening to them my 6th grade year because I would get made fun
of by other kids in my grade. I felt like I needed to change. I am now in
my freshman year of college, have a beautiful girlfriend & lots of friends.
Moral of the story: do not try to change yourself for others. Do what makes
you happy & everything will be fine in the end.

Автор MinorAccident ( назад)
Ive seen comments saying that brendon looks like the amazing Dan Howell ~
in this video,
aswell as Anthony Padilla

Автор Your Gurl Muti ( назад)
the groom looks like Shane Dawson lol

Автор MinorAccident ( назад)
Love this song!

Is this video kinda like this guy finding a wedding that will turn out a
bad marriage then swapping their role with the 'groom' ?

Автор carl ( назад)
Haven't watched this since I was like 12. And I'm 25 now. This video is so
extra but I love it

Автор Chy Angel ( назад)
low key looks like Anthony from Smosh

Автор jack moore ( назад)
I chime in haven't you people ever heard of closing a godda#n door

Автор Lucero Hernandez ( назад)

Автор Cheann Chambliss ( назад)
I'm trying my best to be emo

Автор Anija Plays MSP ( назад)
Who is still listening to this in 2017? Because I am c:

Автор queenelsa016 plays ( назад)
the man thats singing looks like Michael jackson

Автор Caroline's Animations ( назад)
2:12 lol

Автор Caroline's Animations ( назад)
(locking my door)

Автор Terror Scopezzz ( назад)
Who's still listening to this in 2017? ❤

Автор My name is juff ( назад)
These guys are on Crack?

Автор Angie ( назад)
I love you :)

Автор Dave Skaggs ( назад)
*door handle breaks* are you happy now

Автор Wolflove1 Pack (wolflove1 productions) ( назад)
whose watching in 2017?

Автор cupake alley ( назад)
luv this song

Автор Mr Pad ( назад)
he looks like Anthony from smosh

Автор Micky Bokins ( назад)
this is what I say to the neighbors when I came in uninvited

Автор shadow flame ( назад)

Автор Cierra's Gaming ( назад)
So obsessed with TOP, P!ATD, Green Day, Fallout Boy, and MCR! <3 My Mom
says she's worried I'm going emo because I'm always listening to "emo
music" and wearing dark sweaters and jeans. 😂

Автор Luke Chenoweth ( назад)
Guys let's make Beebo a Disney prince! Just sign this petition:

Автор Karma Keiser ( назад)
My dad walks by * hi

Автор Ghost Eye ( назад)
The guy in the top hat looks like that guy from smosh.

Автор Chris Jackson ( назад)
Happy 10th B-day, I write Sins!

Автор Rose Miku ( назад)
This is the best song 2 EVER be made

Автор Joy Torrey ( назад)
i like turtles

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