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Автор Cera The Simmer (3 месяца)
He reminds me of Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in this
video. XD

Автор Clifford Santillan (1 месяц)
censorship ..

Автор Kinzlee Watson (3 месяца)
I just thought of when... When.. panic! Breaks up

FUCK! It's going to be MCR all over again..

Автор Moises Aguilera (1 месяц)
Holy fuck, I was seven-years-old when this album was released.

Автор Kimberly Coffman (3 месяца)
I remember I saw this video on TV when I was little and I was just so
fascinated by Brendon....

Автор Georgia B (2 месяца)
I remember listening to this song in my early teens and didn't understand
the music video but I liked the song.. now I watch it again and I get the
meaning behind it.

Автор Aasta Jaeger (1 месяц)
This video scares me.

Автор Ronnie Radke (3 месяца)
let's go to sleep after a little moment of day dreaming with panic at the
disco . 

Автор Bands, Hearts, & Souls™ (1 месяц)
#suggestedsongsunday Since it's Brendon's birthday, this is the suggested
song for this week! ^-^

Автор OhMyTimelord (2 месяца)
Basically me when my family doesn't listen and leaves the door to my room

Автор Dakota Deathly (13 дней)
+Patrick Stump Pie That one song about closing the god damn door.

Автор Sarah Lehrer (3 месяца)
Casually trying to find comments that aren't about the censoring...

Автор Paula Jeffery (18 дней)
I just love this video. Anyone else?

Автор kevin minion (28 дней)
Haven't you people ever heard of..closing a god damned door!

Автор Brittney Brown (10 дней)

Автор Zoe Howell Way Lester Sheeran Iero (3 месяца)
Long lost cousin of Anthony Padilla

Автор Ainslie Hunter (1 месяц)
Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Anthony Padilla? (Sorry don't
know lead singers name, new fan of Panic! At the Disco

Автор carl grimes (20 дней)

Автор Guy McGuy (1 месяц)

Автор SuicidalSnowflake TheKiller (5 месяцев)
Is it bad I want this song played at my wedding?... if I ever get get
married.. cx

Автор J Fraz (1 месяц)
so you guys can say "whore" but not "god damn" .... OK

Автор Chandler Carlton Riggs' (20 дней)
come on i cant be the only one addicted to Panic at the disco 

Автор Mari Scar (9 дней)
Funny and sad video.

Автор Alice Esck (1 месяц)
Panic at the disco ^_^

Автор Fantage BGLO (1 месяц)
0:38 walking into the club like

Автор Sammy Wilson (2 дня)
+Chandler Carlton Riggs' lol i LOVE panic! at the disco

Автор mad mitchie (3 месяца)
the groom has drop dead gorgeous eyes~

Автор Ayase Chihaya (1 месяц)
The groom looks like Shande Dawson o_O

Автор I'm Not An American Beauty, I'm An American Psycho (2 дня)
I showed my friend this song, and she thought it was by Fall Out Boy.. I

Автор Simply Monserath (18 дней)
+Abbigale Gomez Im actually starting to like them x:

Автор the american idiot .Shadow Striker. (1 месяц)
God damn there I said it, that's right I don't believe in god.

Автор Nolight Modarkness (12 дней)

Автор Mistress Death (2 месяца)
~<3 this song.

Автор Ava Diaries (1 месяц)
Brendon looks like a mix of Dan Howell and Anthony Padilla 

Автор Echo (7 часов)
The way I stumbled into this fandom is so freaking weird. I remember years
ago when my little cousin would say "Close the door!" So one day when I was
absurdly bored, I typed this and here I was. :'D man am I glad I did that.
Thanks to panic, I have discovered some of my other favorite bands like
fall out boy and MCR. 

Автор Livvy Sykes (14 дней)
3 year old wen this was realeased😂

Автор iiRainbowPuppet (5 часов)
My New Favorite P!ATD Song <3

Автор EternalSunProductions (12 дней)
Is it just me or would Brendon look amazing with a pair of vampire fangs
and black pin-striped cloak?

Автор RubikRem (1 месяц)
They censored God, but not Whore
sure sure wp

Автор Michael Robinson (7 месяцев)
Are you fucking serious? They censored out the word 'god'? I mean sure god
is the most fucked up thing mankind has ever come up with but for fuck

Автор Miss Andrea (13 дней)
Does anyone know this song?

Автор Kitty McCookies (9 дней)
Do you guys not get that you aren't supposed to say god in a church.

They are in a church -_-

So they censored god. ._.

Автор Fermate il mondo. Voglio scendere. 🚽 (1 месяц)
oggi pensavo di non mettere nulla e invece il destino ha voluto che anche
oggi dovevo scassarvi i coglioni :)

Traccia 108 - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Panic! At The Disco


Автор Summer Parker (1 месяц)
why is God censored out?

Автор Kylie Rundle (11 дней)
The video was posted on my 6th birthday. I first watched this video when I
was 10. It literally took me four years to notice. what.

Автор Autumn Asters (1 месяц)
Still none of my favorite videos of all time

Автор Sydney Bannach (1 день)
Check out this video on YouTube: +rebecca ferrell WHAT A SHAME WHAT A SHAME

Автор Rodrigo Mortari (19 дней)

Автор vincent purple guy (1 месяц)
i like this song for some reason

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