Brave Men Building the Trump Tower (1930)

Brave Men Building the Bank of Manhattan Trust building (now Trump Tower) which was completed in 1930.

In this Pathe News clip, men can be seen without safety ropes, precariously balancing on girders nearly 1000ft off the ground. Not a job for someone who suffers from vertigo!

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 0:51
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Автор Troy Easson (2 месяца)
This video would make EU 'Health & Safety' bureaucrats have a nervous
breakdown. I'm nauseas just watching it.

Автор James Steeber (4 месяца)
Why would Trump come into play, when Trump himself wasn't even born when
this future acquisition was being built? Bank of Manhattan - yes. Who
cares who bought the property later?

Автор Hermanos Orozco Cristalerias SA (11 месяцев)
*Construyendo el Empire State Building (1930)*

Se tardaron 410 días en construirlo, con 3.400 trabajadores de los que 5
perdieron la vida en accidentes.

Se inauguró en Mayo de 1931 durante la Gran Depresión, lo que unido a una
mala localización provocó que muchas de sus oficinas permanecieran vacías
durante más de 20 años, con lo que el edificio se ganó el apodo de *Empty
State Building*

#arquitecura #historia 

Автор Dini Zee (3 месяца)
Well, I guess YOLO.

Автор TheV8mad (3 месяца)
Whatever they were paid was not enough!

Автор 94GTX94 (4 месяца)
Am I the only one who would love to work like this?

Автор Karl Wilger (4 месяца)
question. did some fall?

Автор Trinity Martin (11 месяцев)
"Brave" is not really the word I would use to describe these men.

Автор виталий яковенко (11 месяцев)
Руферы?Нет,не знаю.

Автор ishouldwinagrammy2 (1 год)
Guy on the right at 0:30 is insane

Автор Grendelmonster8u (9 месяцев)
British Pathe, that is not the Empire State Building--it is the Bank of
Manhattan Trust building (now Trump Tower) which was completed in 1930. You
can tell because the windows are two-five-two across unlike the Empire
which has windows straight across with no spaces in between, and it's not
the structure of the Empire. The tiers at the top are different. It was the
tallest building until the Empire was completed in 1931. It surpassed the
Chrysler building (which you can see in the background). Besides the fact
that it says it in the beginning, it is obvious that it is not the Empire.
You can check Google images and Wikipedia has photos and explanations. It
too had a plane fly into it just as the Empire had the same.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/40_Wall_Street (Bank of Manhattan Trust

Автор Miguel do O' Neto (11 месяцев)
This is very scary and very dangerous. Nothing safety.

Pós - Gestão e Governança da Tecnologia da Informação - SENAC

Автор aBitterMelon (11 месяцев)
Yep thats actually the Trump tower, NY or 40th wall st.

Автор Paulo Erison (9 месяцев)
Brave? Crazy man xD

Автор siletsahar (5 месяцев)
Wow, I would never do something like that!

Автор SabiMad Proyectos y Obras (11 месяцев)
*Construyendo el Empire State Building (1930)*

Se tardaron 410 días en construirlo, con 3.400 trabajadores de los que 5
perdieron la vida en accidentes.

Se inauguró en Mayo de 1931 durante la Gran Depresión, lo que unido a una
mala localización provocó que muchas de sus oficinas permanecieran vacías
durante más de 20 años, con lo que el edificio se ganó el apodo de *Empty
State Building*

#arquitecura #historia 

Автор Víctor A. Zampa (11 месяцев)
Solo como historia

Автор Kelly Magalhães (11 месяцев)

Автор NONI ROSESCU (11 месяцев)
*Construyendo el Empire State Building (1930)*

Se tardaron 410 días en construirlo, con 3.400 trabajadores de los que 5
perdieron la vida en accidentes.

Se inauguró en Mayo de 1931 durante la Gran Depresión, lo que unido a una
mala localización provocó que muchas de sus oficinas permanecieran vacías
durante más de 20 años, con lo que el edificio se ganó el apodo de *Empty
State Building*

#arquitecura #historia 

Автор teentitans0789 (1 год)
my balls tickle

Автор 360Athletes (7 месяцев)
local # 1 baby.............niiiice

Автор bradley fischer (10 месяцев)
don't make anyone mad up there they prob would of just pushed u off and say
that u fell

Автор Jason Hixon (9 месяцев)
You say brave, I say lunatics. 

Автор Haggy58 (11 месяцев)
Made my hands sweat and had a weird feeling in my legs just
watching....incredible nerve, I'd have to starve rather than do that work.

Автор Union Services Agency (1 год)
Amazing Labor Video: Ironworkers building the Empire State Building in

Автор Curtis Hartland (4 месяца)
we should all respect these idiots 

Автор phoeniximperator (11 месяцев)
brave men my foot! these men had solid balls of steel!!!

Автор Rockwell Rhodes (1 год)
The caption reads: "Final steelwork completed on *Bank of Manhattan*,
world's highest building." Not the Empire State Building. It was
completed in 1930.

Автор martin redmond (4 месяца)
Not trump tower

Автор Ilias Ili (1 год)

Автор Tarn Sand (1 год)
I thought there would have been a greater death toll of workers. Obviously
skill played a huge role. I admire steel workers especially in this era.
They didn't even have hard hats.

Автор M Williams (1 год)
This is mislabeled. It is not the Empire State Bldg. but instead the bank
of Manhattan Bldg. a forerunner to today's Chase ( Manhattan ) Bank. It is
not even in the same area as the Empire State which is in midtown. I love
when the video itself tells you what it is and still some rube mislabels it

Автор John Stromboly (11 месяцев)
my first thought was "Laurel & Hardy"...

Автор letzsee9 (1 год)
Wow.. I wonder how many people fell off the building

Автор Rascier Raymnier (1 год)
(●̮̃•) I would wish have been there, look so exciting!!!

Автор Wayne Kerr (11 месяцев)
Back in the days before safety became an industry.

Автор hovnanian (1 год)
Didnt anyone died ??

Автор mick62mick (1 год)
The bravery of these men, is astounding!

Автор redradiodog (1 год)
No way could I get up there and do that. I hope they all had their steel
toe shoes on!

Автор jure lesar (1 год)

Автор Ville John (11 месяцев)
imagine working on this with hang over

Автор Berufskletterzentrum (1 год)
Höhenarbeit anno 1930. Echt verrückt, zum Glück hat sich viel verändert...

Автор Scahoni (11 месяцев)
Five men died in the making of the empire state building ...

Автор saad almojel (2 года)
wow they have strong balls

Автор Bille994 (1 год)
homo sissi boy agenda brainwashing...............

Автор Liam Hughesy (2 года)
men wit ballix of a tiger!!!!

Автор inedibleobject (3 года)
Crazy stuff, not for all the money in the world could I do that.

Автор Surb McKenzie (2 года)

Автор pipthemakem (3 года)
health and safety my arse!

Автор WWII Pilot (2 года)

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