Brave Men Building the Empire State Building (1930)

Brave Men Building the Empire State Building (1930). It took 410 days to build, 3400 workers to help construct, 5 lost their lives and for 40 years it stood as the world's tallest building. It opened in May 1931 during the Great Depression. However, due to its poor location at the time, many of the offices stood empty and for 20years it was dubbed the Empty State Building.

In this Pathe News clip, men can be seen without safety ropes, precariously balancing on girders nearly 1000ft off the ground. Not a job for someone who suffers from vertigo!

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 0:51
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Автор teentitans0789 (2 дня)
my balls tickle

Автор Rockwell Rhodes (5 дней)
The caption reads: "Final steelwork completed on *Bank of Manhattan*,
world's highest building." Not the Empire State Building. It was
completed in 1930.

Автор ishouldwinagrammy2 (5 дней)
Guy on the right at 0:30 is insane

Автор M Williams (4 месяца)
This is mislabeled. It is not the Empire State Bldg. but instead the bank
of Manhattan Bldg. a forerunner to today's Chase ( Manhattan ) Bank. It is
not even in the same area as the Empire State which is in midtown. I love
when the video itself tells you what it is and still some rube mislabels it

Автор Tarn Sand (2 месяца)
I thought there would have been a greater death toll of workers. Obviously
skill played a huge role. I admire steel workers especially in this era.
They didn't even have hard hats.

Автор Rascier Raymnier (3 месяца)
(●̮̃•) I would wish have been there, look so exciting!!!

Автор Union Services Agency (2 месяца)
Amazing Labor Video: Ironworkers building the Empire State Building in

Автор letzsee9 (5 месяцев)
Wow.. I wonder how many people fell off the building

Автор redradiodog (5 месяцев)
No way could I get up there and do that. I hope they all had their steel
toe shoes on!

Автор jure lesar (7 месяцев)

Автор Noah Gray (2 года)
The building of an icon:

*Brave Men Building the Empire State Building (1930). It took 410 days to
build, 3400 workers to help construct, 5 lost their lives and for 40 years
it stood as the world's tallest building. It opened in May 1931 during the
Great Depression. However, due to its poor location at the time, many of
the offices stood empty and for 20years it was dubbed the Empty State

Автор Vivian RODDE (2 года)
Great Video!

Автор mick62mick (5 месяцев)
The bravery of these men, is astounding!

Автор hovnarren (4 месяца)
Didnt anyone died ??

Автор Jose Antonio S.A. (1 год)
More about safety at work.

Автор saad almojel (1 год)
wow they have strong balls

Автор Bille994 (11 месяцев)
homo sissi boy agenda brainwashing...............

Автор Liam Hughesy (1 год)
men wit ballix of a tiger!!!!

Автор Surb McKenzie (1 год)

Автор WWII Pilot (1 год)

Автор fresky74 (2 года)
If the fall didn't kill them the smog did.

Автор MrMerlinVII (1 год)
Haha ok let's explain the joke: Those workers must have had lots of balls
(ie courage) He was making a joke about them having so much balls that the
building might have collaped under the weight of it.

Автор matthew alvarez (8 месяцев)
doctor who diakleks

Автор weatethemall (2 года)
What men

Автор attal7 (1 год)
brave man is also the guy who's filming at 0:20

Автор C Dreyer (1 год)
dawww youre a sweetie

Автор Thomas7159 (1 год)
Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain

Автор squirejohnmytton (1 год)
bugger that for a game of soldiers

Автор dino cali (1 год)
I am so fucking scared by watching this.

Автор Marc McCarron (1 год)
The man at 0.46 is pulling is balls up they are so big!

Автор handal1973 (1 год)
The top is scary !

Автор tomfy1979 (7 месяцев)
No,men are still men,this was just the days before worker safety came into

Автор Maideneer (7 месяцев)
What do you mean no OSHA?!

Автор Balázs Pethő (7 месяцев)
My great-grandfather worked on this building. He was metalworker and he
sent a letter for my great-grandmother to home: "I found job, I am digging
now, but the company will need my hands for metalworks as well. I am happy,
the sallary is very good. The building will very big, will be inside a full
city." -After 1 year he wrote again from Building:"I think Europe 100 years
later can not build this high building like this." 2013, London, Shard
building (just) 308 m. (Salute from Hungary)

Автор Will Ta (7 месяцев)
Well I'd have to pussy out on this one

Автор henerymag (1 год)
Jeez, a cold chill ran down my spine just looking at this. I truly admire
people who can do this.

Автор Brendan McGlinchey (1 год)
Props to your old man and respect .Sadly my dad wasn't so lucky.

Автор bob lackey (1 год)
You're lucky! I watched this about 3 months ago and I've been ball LESS (no
balls at all--where did that go?) since.

Автор landth78 (2 года)

Автор Lilly Lu (2 года)
Oh for the days when men were men *sigh*

Автор spitzbubezumquadrat (9 месяцев)
god damn they had nerves

Автор bob lackey (1 год)
you are right. I could see the Woolworth building (1913) just up the
street. Plus the top gives it away. It could be the Cities Service building
on Pine Street (1932) which was the tallest building downtown until 1970
when Tower One topped out but I think you are correct. Bank of Manhattan/40
Wall St (1930). The Chrysler was going up at the same time & they slipped
the spire in an elevator shaft & suddenly hoisted it up after 40 Wall
topped out, tricking 40 Wall & making Chrysler the tallest.

Автор 12Fucitolz (2 года)
@SuperLillylu :D

Автор whitewedge (1 год)
CGI in the 30's it better than people might think.

Автор cabbagesftw (1 год)
Back when people didn't give a fuck

Автор dino cali (1 год)
I have seen many pictures of construcing skyscarpers in the NY city
circa1930s or earlier. Those brave skyboys working without even basic
safety protections really frightened me away, they got guts.

Автор SliceFTW (1 год)
My head hurts!

Автор GrahamChapman (1 год)
All in a day's work back then: From the perspective of the rich, a lowly
worker's life wasn't worth the shit he shat... It still isn't, but these
days the lowly worker stand up for himself and pretends that it does, and
the rich play along so the worker won't rebel.

Автор raulsg188 (1 год)
yeah, I think I get your point, but when that posed to that photography, he
could slip his foot and fall to his death at any time, even if he´s not
afraid of heights. I think those men where not afraid of death either.
That´s my point.

Автор Tavo Suarez (2 года)
Damn those were some ballsy dudes.

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