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Автор Gene Bryant ( назад)
What did they make an hour? Bag a chips today a weeks pay then or not?

Автор Tamu Malone ( назад)
OMG men were super brave

Автор Matthew Haworth ( назад)
Wow these guys are brave 

Автор DisgruntledViewer ( назад)
0:32 Somebody get a wheelbarrow for that guy. He needs something to carry
his balls in.

Автор Vincent Reynolds ( назад)

Автор Dexxter ( назад)
ROFL at cameraman wearing a suit and hat.

Автор Troy Easson ( назад)
This video would make EU 'Health & Safety' bureaucrats have a nervous
breakdown. I'm nauseas just watching it.

Автор Dini Zee ( назад)
Well, I guess YOLO.

Автор TheV8mad ( назад)
Whatever they were paid was not enough!

Автор 94GTX94 ( назад)
Am I the only one who would love to work like this?

Автор James Steeber ( назад)
Why would Trump come into play, when Trump himself wasn't even born when
this future acquisition was being built? Bank of Manhattan - yes. Who
cares who bought the property later?

Автор Karl Wilger ( назад)
question. did some fall?

Автор Curtis Hartland (1159 лет назад)
we should all respect these idiots 

Автор siletsahar ( назад)
Wow, I would never do something like that!

Автор 360Athletes (835 лет назад)
local # 1 baby.............niiiice

Автор Paulo Erison ( назад)
Brave? Crazy man xD

Автор Jason Hixon (1926 лет назад)
You say brave, I say lunatics. 

Автор Grendelmonster8u ( назад)
British Pathe, that is not the Empire State Building--it is the Bank of
Manhattan Trust building (now Trump Tower) which was completed in 1930. You
can tell because the windows are two-five-two across unlike the Empire
which has windows straight across with no spaces in between, and it's not
the structure of the Empire. The tiers at the top are different. It was the
tallest building until the Empire was completed in 1931. It surpassed the
Chrysler building (which you can see in the background). Besides the fact
that it says it in the beginning, it is obvious that it is not the Empire.
You can check Google images and Wikipedia has photos and explanations. It
too had a plane fly into it just as the Empire had the same.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/40_Wall_Street (Bank of Manhattan Trust

Автор bradley fischer ( назад)
don't make anyone mad up there they prob would of just pushed u off and say
that u fell

Автор Trinity Martin ( назад)
"Brave" is not really the word I would use to describe these men.

Автор виталий яковенко ( назад)
Руферы?Нет,не знаю.

Автор Miguel do O' Neto ( назад)
This is very scary and very dangerous. Nothing safety.

Pós - Gestão e Governança da Tecnologia da Informação - SENAC

Автор NONI ROSESCU ( назад)
*Construyendo el Empire State Building (1930)*

Se tardaron 410 días en construirlo, con 3.400 trabajadores de los que 5
perdieron la vida en accidentes.

Se inauguró en Mayo de 1931 durante la Gran Depresión, lo que unido a una
mala localización provocó que muchas de sus oficinas permanecieran vacías
durante más de 20 años, con lo que el edificio se ganó el apodo de *Empty
State Building*

#arquitecura #historia 

Автор SabiMad Proyectos y Obras ( назад)
En este vídeo podemos ver  como han cambiado los tiempos en esto de la construcción, sobre todo en seguridad y salud

Автор Hermanos Orozco Cristalerias SA ( назад)
*Construyendo el Empire State Building (1930)*

Se tardaron 410 días en construirlo, con 3.400 trabajadores de los que 5
perdieron la vida en accidentes.

Se inauguró en Mayo de 1931 durante la Gran Depresión, lo que unido a una
mala localización provocó que muchas de sus oficinas permanecieran vacías
durante más de 20 años, con lo que el edificio se ganó el apodo de *Empty
State Building*

#arquitecura #historia 

Автор Víctor A. Zampa ( назад)
Solo como historia

Автор Haggy58 ( назад)
Made my hands sweat and had a weird feeling in my legs just
watching....incredible nerve, I'd have to starve rather than do that work.

Автор Kelly Magalhães ( назад)

Автор Ville John ( назад)
imagine working on this with hang over

Автор Wayne Kerr ( назад)
Back in the days before safety became an industry.

Автор phoeniximperator ( назад)
brave men my foot! these men had solid balls of steel!!!

Автор Scahoni ( назад)
Five men died in the making of the empire state building ...

Автор aBitterMelon ( назад)
Yep thats actually the Trump tower, NY or 40th wall st.

Автор John Stromboly ( назад)
my first thought was "Laurel & Hardy"...

Автор teentitans0789 ( назад)
my balls tickle

Автор Rockwell Rhodes ( назад)
The caption reads: "Final steelwork completed on *Bank of Manhattan*,
world's highest building." Not the Empire State Building. It was
completed in 1930.

Автор ishouldwinagrammy2 ( назад)
Guy on the right at 0:30 is insane

Автор Ilias Ili ( назад)

Автор Tarn Sand ( назад)
I thought there would have been a greater death toll of workers. Obviously
skill played a huge role. I admire steel workers especially in this era.
They didn't even have hard hats.

Автор Union Services Agency ( назад)
Amazing Labor Video: Ironworkers building the Empire State Building in

Автор Rascier Raymnier ( назад)
(●̮̃•) I would wish have been there, look so exciting!!!

Автор hovnanian ( назад)
Didnt anyone died ??

Автор M Williams ( назад)
This is mislabeled. It is not the Empire State Bldg. but instead the bank
of Manhattan Bldg. a forerunner to today's Chase ( Manhattan ) Bank. It is
not even in the same area as the Empire State which is in midtown. I love
when the video itself tells you what it is and still some rube mislabels it

Автор letzsee9 ( назад)
Wow.. I wonder how many people fell off the building

Автор redradiodog ( назад)
No way could I get up there and do that. I hope they all had their steel
toe shoes on!

Автор mick62mick ( назад)
The bravery of these men, is astounding!

Автор Raven Saderia ( назад)
The name for this is called suicide workers

Автор ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ( назад)
some crazy ass camera guy lol

Автор AuNaturral ( назад)
how the hell did the camera crew get up there .......

Автор Gibbo118 ( назад)
I did a shit in my brand new marks and spencers Y-Fronts just watching this.

Автор SnappyPenguins ( назад)

Автор dedam85 ( назад)
I died inside while watching this

Автор DolittleMccoy ( назад)
Theres no way i could have worked that high up... Heck, I get alittle woozy
and freeze up while on top of my own house. lol

Автор tomfy1979 ( назад)
No,men are still men,this was just the days before worker safety came into

Автор ABMP4D3 ( назад)
I've got sweaty palms watching this! I think their balls had as much steel
as the building.

Автор killersammy1 ( назад)
Off to work, honey. Might see you later, might not.

Автор andrew dooley ( назад)
Health & Safety executives would be having a field day if they saw that

Автор Maideneer ( назад)
What do you mean no OSHA?!

Автор Balázs Pethő ( назад)
My great-grandfather worked on this building. He was metalworker and he
sent a letter for my great-grandmother to home: "I found job, I am digging
now, but the company will need my hands for metalworks as well. I am happy,
the sallary is very good. The building will very big, will be inside a full
city." -After 1 year he wrote again from Building:"I think Europe 100 years
later can not build this high building like this." 2013, London, Shard
building (just) 308 m. (Salute from Hungary)

Автор DJ Newt ( назад)
Amazing footage.

Автор Will Ta ( назад)
Well I'd have to pussy out on this one

Автор jure lesar ( назад)

Автор losepoundsandinches ( назад)
You do realize you're ranting and raving like an insane lunatic (on youtube
of all places) to some random person. Right?

Автор losepoundsandinches ( назад)
The odd thing is, it's well-documented that every one of them was deathly
afraid of spiders.

Автор CSSMarc ( назад)
absolutely insane :D

Автор Mrmad Barney ( назад)
Not a hope in hell I'd try and do that

Автор SexualHarrassmentPanda ( назад)
Their balls are made of more steel than the actual building.

Автор Jay Seven ( назад)
The reason they don't fall is because in 1930 gravity hadn't been invented

Автор Matthew Helm ( назад)

Автор AH Shortbread ( назад)
the guy a 0:30 is a boss!

Автор chadexd73 ( назад)
two words... fuck that

Автор matthew alvarez ( назад)
doctor who diakleks

Автор PunkyHipHopDude ( назад)
Amazing that only 5 died, didn't a lot more die building the Brooklyn
Bridge? I heard that the chaps that built that were even more fearless and

Автор Berufskletterzentrum ( назад)
Höhenarbeit anno 1930. Echt verrückt, zum Glück hat sich viel verändert...

Автор effcientmind ( назад)
Whytebyjet65 you're wrong... i was airborne in the army. I'm not afraid of
heights, best believe I'd have to have my best set of balls on; my brave
ball sac, to get on up there.

Автор mynstab ( назад)
I would like to know the accident stats for building this

Автор FunkyGranny9 ( назад)
0:21 You could not pay me a thousand bucks to do that.

Автор Garifulla Zhunusov ( назад)
Вот это экстремалы!!!!!!

Автор Richard doowop ( назад)
There isn't enough booze in the entire world to drink to get me to do that.

Автор TheUltraSkillz ( назад)
0:30 bloody hell look at that plank wobbling?!?!?!? And he just carries on.
Unbelievably brave.

Автор Robsta511 ( назад)
It's the fact that there brave because there fucking high up on one little
thing with no harness or anything

Автор wipcrk ( назад)
they don't even need assistant ropes, they just using their big heavy balls
for balance ;)

Автор spitzbubezumquadrat ( назад)
god damn they had nerves

Автор araregoodguy ( назад)
I agree feminism is bullshit and men were men in those days!

Автор araregoodguy ( назад)
they must be professional Russians

Автор MrMrBilko ( назад)
You can`t handle the truth.

Автор Fernando Garcia ( назад)
It's surprising the building could support the weight of there balls.

Автор Mrderpyx ( назад)
I would piss my pants if I was up there

Автор MsSavannaK ( назад)
well damn without those men that building wouldn't be there today.

Автор Chunkylewinsky17 ( назад)
Me either!! And I guess only five people died in the making of the empire
state. You see pictures and watch things like this, you think it would be
more. Only one of those deaths were from falling!

Автор Da Pikle Samurai ( назад)
there's a fine line between being scared and out of your mind, this is
illogical beyond belief

Автор 1HOUSEMD ( назад)
I would not stand even in the middle of that construction,no way anybody
could make me go there :D

Автор mrzelner ( назад)
Fuck that for a laugh

Автор Anal Defecation. ( назад)
$1,000,000,000 cash all $100's

Автор samusic160 ( назад)
Thanks, i looked it up and saw some other pieces which i enjoyed as well so
it was well worth the time :).

Автор Bille994 ( назад)
homo sissi boy agenda brainwashing...............

Автор MrMrBilko ( назад)

Автор Bille994 ( назад)
You're an idiot.

Автор shug mccormack ( назад)
helmets n safety gear had to be brought in the wealthy didnt give a shit
about our health back then ..they still dont . .but fear of compensation
soon got them thinking about our health [and their wealth] ... health n
safety on sites has reduced the death rate massively

Автор Massimo Acciarri ( назад)
w le norme di sicurezza

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