iCarly Cast - Then and Now


iCarly Cast- Then and Now

If you want to see Jerry Trainor - Then & Now, click this link: ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD3JARieoxo&feature=plcp ~

~ No copyright infringement intended ~

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Автор Maham Mohar (2 месяца)
sam is the prettiest

Автор Taylor Jones (1 месяц)
I wonder why they don't make another Icarly..

Автор squishybummie (2 месяца)
you should've done "then" first -.-

Автор Owen Weatherall (1 месяц)
Im sams coisin she loves bacon but not as much as on sam and cat and icarly
she likes she doesant like it as much

Автор gbfh (1 месяц)
were is gubby

Автор Garvee Valcourt (1 месяц)
Disney and nick were better in the past, bring it back 😞, shows like drake
and josh, Zooey 101, icarly, zack and cody, raven, Cory in the house, bring
it back 😞

Автор K-Razy Roar (4 месяца)

Автор Zoey Eritano (2 месяца)
Nathan kress is so hot

Автор Danny Gutierrez (1 месяц)

Автор Kayt Hall (1 месяц)
WOW!!!!!!!!!! the differences are amazing!!!!!!

Автор Smugler Brandave (2 месяца)
Bob Saget

Автор Natalie Anne (2 месяца)
noah went to my acting class and middle school :D

Автор Christian Wibisono (2 месяца)
They never grew up :)

Автор jake smith (2 месяца)
Jerry Trainor didn't change much

Автор Maisie Horan (6 месяцев)
thats pic is or school of rock (mirandas one)

Автор angie chavez (2 месяца)
Ok! So when i saw Jennete (or however you spell it!!😁😁) i remembered the
time she was on Zoey 101!!! 😃 AHH back THEN😢

Автор Mia Calveley-Jones (1 день)
Nathen kress I am in ♥ with your icarly your so techy

Автор Jillianne Chua (2 дня)
Nathan kress then or now he's still soo hot

Автор Ditta kayani (5 дней)
Icarly the prettiest don,t u know ur facts

Автор Nora Fuller (6 дней)
I love icarly but I really didn't want it to go off

Автор Chelsea Gottschalk (2 дня)
I like all of them

Автор Sanda Bondari (9 дней)
Sory ilove i curly

Автор Nancy Vern Prohaska (6 дней)
2:43 hilarious!!

Автор xWhitetiger God (3 дня)
best part is 3:00

Автор Noah Stowe (17 дней)
mirinda i now youve been in this over movie with josh and drake

Автор Giuliano Buccino (11 дней)
ciao a tutti

Автор lance kinge (14 дней)

Автор hailey funck (17 дней)
Nathan is the cutest!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$???????????

Автор AnimalJamVideos12316 (29 дней)
i dont think icarly is coming back because sam is already in sam and cat
and who knows where the other cast of icarly has gone they are in new shows
it would be hard for the same person to be on 2 shows dont u think???

Автор juliette Ju (20 дней)
Carly looks pretty .

Автор silvia fercakova (28 дней)

Автор Mia Calveley-Jones (1 день)
Janette is ugliest

Автор Matt Q (21 день)
Carly was summer in school of rock I ♡ that film, epic show u guys

Автор jorge soler jara (1 месяц)
miranda cosgrove es muy guapa

Автор Marta Avery (4 месяца)
Sam guest starred on an episode of Law & Order S.V.U. It was weird seeing
her in a role of a girl who was totally insane and had sexually abused
several kids! 

Автор Sas (25 дней)
I love jennette mcardneey

Автор Sanda Bondari (9 дней)
Sory ilove i curly

Автор trent scott (1 месяц)
sam is cuttier

Автор Shawna Castano (1 месяц)
They should have used pics of Jerry Trainer from when he was in Drake and
Josh for 'then'.

Автор Belinda Conley (1 месяц)
They look so different I miss icarly solo much!!

Автор cianna rivera (1 месяц)
And gibby is in the video

Автор Harry Birdi (1 месяц)
sam is the prettiest of them all

Автор Dipak Chandra (1 месяц)
Carly is the prittyest

Автор Azzurra Granvillano (1 месяц)

Автор Kim Jeansonne (1 месяц)
This is so stupid 

Автор Marie Fox (1 месяц)
Carly you are really pretty

Автор Lilly Weston (1 месяц)
Lol :-) :-) :-) :-)

Автор Weissou Kaba (1 месяц)

Автор msp (1 месяц)
Nathan cute

Автор Amanda Gilley (1 месяц)
Nathan kress is so cute.:-)

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