Santa Clause Recut as a Horror / Thriller

Tim Allen's mental breakdown brings him to believe he is the real Santa Clause. His madness persuades his son Charlie which causes turmoil amongst the family.

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Автор Kyle S ( назад)
god damn this is fantastic. How long did it take you?

Автор Kallisti's Bough ( назад)
I love the way this demonstrates how a tiny shift in perspective can completely change an entire stories intent!
Keep up your wonderful works!

Автор GasCityGuy ( назад)
Love these brilliant re-edits

Автор Hawaiian Brian ( назад)
excellent job!

Автор shenronrulez ( назад)
I think he would have seemed more psychotic if You had added the part where he did the rapid fire foreign Santa names right before he started laughing. Great job though!

Автор The last of his kind ( назад)
He's standing over his victims with a butcher knife. "Now do you believe in me?"

Автор MyBigLand ( назад)
i haven't laughed at a video on youtube in months, no matter how many try not to laugh challenges i watch. Thank you

Автор Maladaptive Daydreamer ( назад)
Poster tagline: "Merry Christ-Massacre!!!"

Автор Amie Mallich ( назад)
"The Santa Clause" will do for presents what "Jaws" did for swimming.

Автор eLaStIc HeArT ( назад)
LOL theez r gr8!

Автор Koto Kiminama ( назад)
Replace the interrogation scene with him smiling after he fully became Santa and this will be perfect. Cause that whimsical smile with that huge beard and everything could easily be turned evil with the right context.

Автор Aryan pershad ( назад)

Автор Robert Wiens ( назад)
This is the best recut thriller trailer I've seen. No cheesy effects. Just good cuts and not-over-the-top ominous background music. Very good job.

Автор JokerCirca66 ( назад)
Haha it actually works, I believe this movie could easily exist.

Автор 1serious0mfr ( назад)
this was one of the best

Автор Evan Drane ( назад)
All of these recuts just prove that context is everything

Автор Your Friend Stu ( назад)
Never seen the movie, in reality it was very creepy ----

Автор Atlup ( назад)
Brilliant :)

Автор MrFlappy 25 ( назад)
This was well made

Автор linnear0007 ( назад)
Wow, good cut scenes and right music will make any movie twisted!

Автор Antonio Robles ( назад)
Wait a second, this isn't the real trailer

Автор Redvulture ( назад)
I would go see this movie

Автор Ryan Herzog ( назад)
These are great 👍

Автор bckelly23 ( назад)
Totally changes the way I see this movie. Good work.

Автор Vegetarian Soylent-Green ( назад)
The fat Tim Allen reveal was lit.

Автор Rui PTG ( назад)
wow. i know this movie and im still scared even though i know its not scary haha

Автор Keef Fontaine ( назад)
That was impressive.

Автор Celeste Maria Vee ( назад)

Автор PhillipG34 ( назад)
he knows when ur sleeping
he knows when ur awake

Автор Amanda Joy Marshall ( назад)
Totally like being in a family that divorces, it's like being an a horror film for a child sometimes #horror #divorce

Автор Chris Cage ( назад)
pedo alert

Автор synyster54 ( назад)
This is so awesome! The funny part is, this is actually a convincing trailer for a psychological horror / thriller movie, now I kind of hope they do make one soon that involves a man believing he is santa and going crazy lol

Автор larshoneytoast33 ( назад)
Honestly would sooooo watch this movie. Wow

Автор Jamie McConnell ( назад)
these are incredibly well put together. holy crap.

Автор yokedmonster ( назад)
Someone needs to make a holiday horror movie like this

Автор DJ How ( назад)
"Who gave you permission to tell our son there's no santa?"

THAT was horrifying.

Well done, sir. Well done.

Автор Myname Ismud ( назад)
judge reinholds delivery was perfect in this movie, never realized that as a kid.

Автор bloodisnotblue ( назад)
is beard looks better in the first movie than it does in the others

Автор Chris McBride ( назад)
Its Gold !

Автор jessilyn allen dilla ( назад)
i kinda want this to be real

Автор Chris Shaleesh ( назад)
I would totally see this!

Автор Polygon Donut ッ ( назад)

Автор rowan dax ( назад)
Thanks for this. You rock.

Автор itsthehouse! ( назад)
this legitimately was creepy as hell lol

Автор GoSt ANON ( назад)
this movie looks great, cant wait for it to come out!!!

Автор RoyaL Resident ( назад)
this novie is SO MUCH BETTER NOW

Автор Engine ( назад)
Children watching this trailer before the movie would be actually terrified lmao

Автор super jx bros ( назад)
well you just ruenid the movie for me

Автор Rafael Trivino ( назад)
0:41 That music was perfect and cracked me up.

Автор Luke Bullard ( назад)
Why did this scare me

Автор Flagellix92 ( назад)
Can you please link me the music you used? I can't find it :/. Great editing indeed

Автор Gergő Szikszai ( назад)
Nice! :D Very Funny Recut!

Автор Z LA ( назад)
This is incredible

Автор Atomic News ( назад)
Charice bit my finger while I was watching this

Автор OL PRIDE ( назад)
This would be a cool movie, even though the original is good!

Автор Vegetarian Soylent-Green ( назад)
Wow, this kinda reminded me of my childhood.

Автор 13th Evergreen ( назад)
hell yes

Автор Yenawa ( назад)

Автор krby 666 ( назад)
Hey! That's pretty good ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Автор Elemental Oxide ( назад)
Holy shit this was actually creepy and scary. How the fuck does that even happen.

Автор miss cupid ( назад)
I CAN'T 😂😂

Автор Steven Simmonsman ( назад)

Автор Dan Darlak ( назад)
0:43 IM DEAD😂😂😂

Автор oldedude51 ( назад)
I find these "Trailer Recuts" absolutely brilliant.  It's amazing how "Elf" can become a thriller, "The Santa Clause" a horror story... the right music and cut-aways and it's a completely different impression of a completely different movie.  Beautifully done and kudos to the creative minds who saw the potential in these films.

Автор brainchild ( назад)
He knows if you've been bad or good. You better watch out.

Автор Crazy Red ( назад)
My kids and I watch this movie every Christmas Eve, it's our tradition. You did an amazing job making it look so scary! I'll never look at this movie the same way again and next year when I watch it with my kids I will think of this.

Автор Sean Henry Arts ( назад)
These are great! Is this the directors cut?

Автор Pooja Girwarr ( назад)
This is great omg

Автор Mavis Bavingson ( назад)
Who's Tim Allen again?

Автор Everett Converse ( назад)
Great Job! You should do more, I nominate How the Grinch Stole Christmas or the hunger games

Автор CreatingAshleigh ( назад)
I really really wish this was a real movie. omg.

Автор Richard Clark ( назад)
This video got you a new subscriber, awesome video dude.

Автор Lars-Erik Franson ( назад)

Автор Robert Smithson ( назад)

Автор Hamza Abbas ( назад)
who else came due to show box

Автор Psimple Gamer ( назад)
This was brilliant. Merry Christmas indeed.

Автор Chris Taylor ( назад)
I love The Santa Clause and was thinking this would be a 'ha ha look it's scary now' satirical horror trailer... Instead you put together a trailer for what could be an actual scary and dramatic movie that I would love to see! Well done, sir.

Автор Haroythere ( назад)
0:43 "sleighed" me lol

Автор Cobalt Falcon ( назад)
I love these movie recuts, but JESUS CHRIST THIS ONE IS A WHOLE NEW LEVEL! This is genuinely horrifying

Автор Allen Larson ( назад)
Love it!

Автор Rompuz Room ( назад)
the magic b of editing that was funny

Автор BigGeekEmpire ( назад)
This actually looks incredible.

Автор Unyielding Existentialism ( назад)
Thought I was getting a steam call lol

Автор Retro PAT ( назад)
This Christmas Santa's been a naughty boy! "Jingle : All the way" This time it's personal. Coming soon to a theater near you. Loved it...i kinda wish i could watch this multiverse edition.

Автор Brady Davis ( назад)
The sheer genius of this comes not just from its masterful editing, but from the sense of bewilderment it created for me. I mean, the entire time, I'm wondering just what did Santa do that was so wrong? lol

Автор Matt Schlenk ( назад)
This is awesome !!

Автор Jinzo ( назад)
santa is a bad man

Автор Mariana Sertić ( назад)
I'd watch this. <3

Автор Conor Thornton ( назад)
:37 kills me with the music bahahahahaha

Автор AnonymousLoki ( назад)
Now I wanna see the entire film re-edited as a horror movie. LoL

Автор Digital Spectrum Studios ( назад)
Awesome trailer re-cut! Just in time for Christmas. Check out my Paul Blart/Dawn of the Dead mash-up trailer I just put up a few days ago.

Автор MrGreenToS ( назад)
Great edit, what songs did you use to make this?

Автор Aaron Mello ( назад)
Been my favorite Christmas movie since I was a kid, this is hilarious!

Автор Stephanie Rose ( назад)
This is the highlight of my year. Thank you.

Автор AlienAshtray ( назад)
editing skills x10000

Автор Zak Bagans ( назад)
So that's why I hear grunting on my roof every Christmas Eve...

Автор Xycron ( назад)
Holy Jesus on ice skates this is amazing

Автор gimmieanamedamnit ( назад)
Mind fucking blown! Excellent edit

Автор Hyro ( назад)
This is brilliant. Excellent work, sir.

Автор Shannon Alexa 101 ( назад)

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