True History of Lourdes & St. Bernadette Excerpt 1.

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Автор Ravi Sub ( назад)

Автор Double Ghod ( назад)
the background chanting is most distracting. Background music is supposed to be broadcast at about half the volume of the primary audio....if you can stand the loud noise from the wings it is a good video

Автор frumaatholoid ( назад)
I thought there were 18 apparitions in total, not 19...?

Автор selvaroumougame ( назад)
Gloire à Sainte Bernadette.

Автор Raja Abbas ( назад)
I live because of holy mother, my whole life is depedent on her... She turned my life from rags to riches.... my mother I will never be the same without you, I love you and love you so much.... I would commit mistakes against your virtues because I am human but please love me love me and love me.... praise your son Jesus Christ,always be withme... make me pure and make me help others...

Автор rachel hutchinson ( назад)
I've been to Nevers too! Isnt Bernadette beautiful. xxx

Автор rachel hutchinson ( назад)
Three seperate autopsies have been performed on her body and all the doctors (some were atheists) all agreed her body was as fresh as though she'd died only moments ago. Thats verification enough for me lol. I too have seen her body in Nevers. She is so beautiful i cried my eyes out at the very sight of her. And she's tiny!

Автор mufc99ok ( назад)
padre pio, catherine laboure are incorrupt two saints thats enough for me all these marian apparitions of our lady come with same message stop sinning and offending god ie the ten commandments

Автор kazdek1000 ( назад)
Thank you for pointing out that the story really begins in Rome. This makes perfect sense to me!

Автор paraconti ( назад)
I too will go there someday and meet madame!

Автор spide429 ( назад)
I visited St. Bernadette's "Incorruptible" form in Nevers and then travelled to Lourdes post haste in the middle of the night after a tense, dangerous drive through the massif centrale part of France. Following an early pilgrimage to the shrine, i must end this post with a fast forward to my departure from France and Divine intervention . Suffice to say, I was aided by an angel who promptly helped me make my flight on time and when I turned to thank him, had vanished. True story.

Автор marshey123 ( назад)
Yesterday, Feb 12... My teacher show this video to us!

Автор hoorahforcommonsense ( назад)
Refreshing to have the truth...

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