True History of Lourdes & St. Bernadette Excerpt 1.

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Автор veryfinelady (4 года)
@drystzz Dear drystzz Yes I have been myself to Never where her body lays.
She is one of many. In France there is also the body of the Cure D'Ars
which is incorrupt. Ask her prayers and conviction will come to you, God
can do as He wills. He surely gives us evidence of "the resurrection of the
body" through this means. sincerely veryfinelady

Автор veryfinelady (5 лет)
the parents of Our Lady were St Joachim and St Anne...

Автор LanaV6 (2 года)
There are many Saints that are incorruptable. And if you don't believe it.
You can always go to visit any one of them. Most are on display. :o)

Автор spide429 (5 лет)
I visited St. Bernadette's "Incorruptible" form in Nevers and then
travelled to Lourdes post haste in the middle of the night after a tense,
dangerous drive through the massif centrale part of France. Following an
early pilgrimage to the shrine, i must end this post with a fast forward to
my departure from France and Divine intervention . Suffice to say, I was
aided by an angel who promptly helped me make my flight on time and when I
turned to thank him, had vanished. True story.

Автор hoorahforcommonsense (6 лет)
Refreshing to have the truth...

Автор mufc99ok (1 год)
padre pio, catherine laboure are incorrupt two saints thats enough for me
all these marian apparitions of our lady come with same message stop
sinning and offending god ie the ten commandments

Автор paraconti (4 года)
I too will go there someday and meet madame!

Автор ksol1460 (5 лет)
His name was Joachim, and her mom was Anna. They were just regular people,
although very holy.

Автор rachel hutchinson (1 год)
I've been to Nevers too! Isnt Bernadette beautiful. xxx

Автор drystzz (4 года)
im a bit skeptical, is it the truth that her body is incorrupt or is it
just catholic propaganda? how can we verify it for sure?

Автор kickassfan (6 лет)
precious..I already feel a million blessings around...thanks

Автор kazdek1000 (3 года)
Thank you for pointing out that the story really begins in Rome. This makes
perfect sense to me!

Автор marshey123 (5 лет)
Yesterday, Feb 12... My teacher show this video to us!

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