Masaaki Kishibe: The end of the summer sea ( 夏の終わりの海) - fingerstyle guitar cover

Cover of another lovely tune by Masaaki Kishibe "The end of the summer sea ( 夏の終わりの海) ". Capo on 2nd fret. I found the tab on the internet and it wasn't 100% correct, I did some adjustments here and there but it still isn't, i just hope it is not too noticeable.

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Длительность: 2:48
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Автор ivarsharp ( назад)
@mariosyjp Those were GHS. I think Silk and Bronze

Автор mariosyjp (823 года назад)
@ivarsharp i got one and am very happy! what strings are you using?

Автор mariosyjp ( назад)
@ivarsharp i'm a pick guy so that won't be a problem. it might even help
with bar chords imo. thanks for the advice

Автор ivarsharp ( назад)
@mariosyjp Very good instrument for its price, the build and tone are
excellent. Only thing you need to be aware of is that it has narrow string
spacing, which is good for flat-picking and strumming, but may not be so
good for finger-style.

Автор mariosyjp ( назад)
@ivarsharp I'm hoping to get one myself soon! what do you think of this

Автор ivarsharp ( назад)
@mariosyjp Correct

Автор mariosyjp ( назад)
that's a very nice tune! is this a yamaha fs720s?

Автор losshack ( назад)
Man very nice version, well played! Check out my version when get a chance.

Автор bubblesforCK ( назад)
wonderful! amazing!!! keep playing =D

Автор 謝天祐 ( назад)

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