No Picture LCD TV Repair pt1

How to Fix a Common Repair Polaroid TV Repair no picture fix service guide http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syLQMNV8ATs
get capacitor cap tv repair kit here- http://bit.ly/WOfv0P

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Автор Leijona totuus ( назад)
I'm surprised that ugly tip works so well. LOL That solder sucker works way
better than my POS.

Автор Efosa Victor Izevbokun ( назад)
when a capacitors looks good, how will you detect when it bad

Автор bannajjar aziz ( назад)
I have a 42" sumsung tv plasma display model PS43E490B1W. TEH PROBLEM IS

Автор Computergeek ( назад)
How do you know if there bad

Автор Sanchez Eduardo ( назад)
I have a LG 42 inch TV model no. 42LG50-UG i have sound but no
picture.....I have read some of your responses to other questions. When i
check for the back lights, does the TV have to be plugged on or
disconnected from the power?

Автор MP-Tuners Productions ( назад)
anyone else noticed that spark under circuitboard between 8:02 and 8:05?

Автор jun amabao ( назад)
i have panasonic TH-L32C4M ater a minute when i was open it picture is
gone. i need help anyone knows this troubled

Автор Chi Chu ( назад)
Products a pains with steel bracket for heat sinks for transistors
mount.The heat sink design products must take a parts to replace
caps.Should alway replace caps with higher voltages 10v to 25v up higher so
this will never happen again with dead caps swelling up later the product

Автор MRJREGGAE1 ( назад)
Hi. I have a 32" Toshiba 32av500u tv. It turns on but only has a blank
screen. The logo doesn't pop up, no blue screen an no input information
being displayed. The back light is on but screen just blank. What could be
the problem? Thanks

Автор Geoff Weather ( назад)
Hi guys thanks for your video's they are so interesting and I have learnt a
lot from them enough in fact to have a go at sorting my Philips
LC320-W01-A6K1 the flat panel comes on ok goes off ok the problem is
everything is green although it is a good picture just green when you go
into the tv's own menu is all good blue as it should be.
Any Ideas Thanks Geoff

Автор Kaya Brabham ( назад)
My 4 yr old DYNEX LCD #DX-46L150A11 screen go blank 2 minute after u cut it
on, the audio works perfect.
This start to happen after wife clean screen with some solution called "di
Screen Dr"
I usually clean screen with a solution called "rocketfish"
I unhooked everything from the TV leaving it off for 24 hours, when i
hooked everything back up and turned on the tv it worked well for several
hours, when i cut off the tv believing it was fixed then cutting it on a
couple hours later the picture showed for about 2 minutes then screen went
blank again. what do i do?

Автор Cecil Shalapata ( назад)
In fact, only one of the two wires is damaged. It is not as I first
thought, melted, but has due to probable prolonged overheating insulation
that crumbling, particularly at points of contact with its neighbouring
wire and the metal screen housing which has rust at those points of
contact. The other wire remains soft and pliable with only a light
blackening at points of contact with the damaged one. Perplexed. Thx.

Автор Cecil Shalapata ( назад)
I just found a wire with melted insulation at a point where it's attached
to together with the one next to it. These two wires come from the power
board directly to a board at the left side where I believe are the screen
bands. I guess this makes it a plasma TV. There is a twin transformer at
the point where these wires plug into the power board.
I guess the logic board is not involved and will put it back.
I'm not sure how to locate the actual problem. If you're able to guide me,
it'd be much appreciated. Thx.

Автор Madhuc ( назад)
Hello, I have 46 inch Samsung un46d6500vfxza tv, it started to give
horizontal lines, I tried to repair it by opening panel, when I tested I
was still having horizontal lines. I removed video cable and put it back.
Now, I do not have any picture but I get Audio. When connected to HDMI, I
see blue light and sound but no video. Do you know what could be the issue?
I visually checked Cd31 capacitor and QD2 transmitter but I don't see
anything wrong. Would appreciate any advice.

Автор Lessel Martin ( назад)
I have a LG42LB5D sent main board to tv repair to get blown capactiors
replaced got it back and connect, but tv on green light comes on but screen
does nothing. So what else could be wrong with tv?

Автор Spyder Dogg ( назад)
i have a 55 inch hisense when u hit the power button i get no sound no
image but i do get backilghts .....any idea what it could be? thanks in

Автор Jim Plasse ( назад)
I want to say this video was helpful only problem I had was looking for a
plug when I found this type of tv in the trash tdx-02611c I just used my
computer plug that match the watts on the tv and worked fine and if you
have a missing plug just make sure it matches the watts

Автор brahim ibo ( назад)
thenk you

Автор Tom Zaccaro ( назад)
Haier L32B1120 S/N TB30071040 00715 C6038- Red light on when power off.
Power on light turns green. Screen stays Black. Flashlight test - can't see
anything. No obvious Capacitors blown. What board needs replacement.

Автор Richard Quinto ( назад)
I just replaced the TCon board (6870c-0421A)on my LG LED 55LN5200-UB and no
luck the TVstill has no picture. I get audio but no video from both hdmi
ports. there are only two other boards if I go ahead and replace. where do
u think my issue is at? the main board or the led driver board. thanks
, Richard

Автор Furi Lemessa ( назад)
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your explanation.
I have LG LED 32" television and when power is turned on, the sound is ok
but the picture come and go off and repeats the picture on off. Please what
is the probable fault ?

Автор John Carlos ( назад)
sir, your video has no sound.

Автор Ruben Mangual ( назад)
I have a 55 in vizio smart tv and it will not turn on what do u think it is
i got the tv in December so it still a New tv 

Автор Homero Gonzalez ( назад)
Pls need help to connect ribbon cable to mainboard in viore lc32vf62 tv.
extra 4 pins in connector lvds.

Автор Quincy Mcallister ( назад)
I have a 55 inch samsung smart tv sound but no pic. Where should i start to
look first. Dont want to throw away maybe a easy fix. Help please. Thanks 

Автор Anita Evans ( назад)
I have a 70 inch vizo no picture no sound can someone tell me the issue 

Автор janrhey paano ( назад)
lol me and you are same the solder sucker but mine is green

Автор Wito T ( назад)
Lol on top of a towel? Lol
Watch for static lol

Автор Shaun ( назад)
Can i ask what causes multiple capacitors to go bad?
Is it almost like a chain reaction from a power surge or just the time
under tension that a capacitor can take. then it just gives way?

Автор Blahblox Gyuanox ( назад)
Mmmm delicious naked leg..

Автор Alex M ( назад)
Hello I have a RCA dvd combo RLCDV3282A-B model# no video power only to the
power light indicator. What would you suggest would be the cause of the
malfunction. Thanks for your advice. 

Автор Tasha M ( назад)
I have a curtis lcd3273A tv, serial # 1209865001746. the power comes on but
the screen is black with no picture or sound. Once it is turned on it wont
turn off by hand or remote. please help

Автор Michael Roseberry ( назад)
I have a Sharp LC-42SB45U. red standby light on hit power light goes out no
picture or anything. After 10 minutes standby light comes back on. Every
once in a while picture comes on and looks great but that happens every 5
or 6 times. Any suggestions?

Автор Nik ( назад)
great video! best solder technique i've ever seen! 

Автор Kana Buster ( назад)
I have a samsung Model HPT5054X/XAA. Serial No: B3383CMQ202665A, Version:
SQ24. When i switch it on i can hear the switch on sound but nothing shows
on the screen. Help me find out which replacement board i should buy or
whats the problem with it. Please help

Автор zlYoSoyTapiaM4 *-* ( назад)
algun video en español? que no le entiendo nada o.O

Автор int0x13 ( назад)
Hello, you have a Weller 25W soldering station you say in the video, but
i'd like to know which temperature do you set to remove capacitors?

Автор Nirma Rahayu ( назад)
something spark under @ 8:03, looks like a capacitor being discharged.

Автор 525Lines ( назад)
I have a 1521-TLUB and can't open the case. All the screws and even the nut
at the base of the coax is off and I still can't get the case open. Any

Автор jackson wang ( назад)
I have samsung smart tv no pic just sound how can i fix this? Pls help

Автор J'aime Algérie ( назад)
I have a TV Condor lcd 26v68n ignite the red light does not work properly
device please help

Автор James Sikder ( назад)
hi tampatec i am student of electronics just now i have finished studied.
but still i don't know how can i rearing any electrons device.can u give me
some tips of repair
. thank you for ur share ur video

Автор СТас красавчик ( назад)
здравствуйте на жк телевизоре вздулся кондёр на 1000 микрофорат 35 вольт
можно ли поставить 1000 микрофорат 25 вольт?

Автор osvermanuel parra (1237 лет назад)
hola tampatec tengo una tv polaroid tla01511c de 15 pulgadas prende pero
después de 5 segundos la pantalla se pone oscura quedando solo el sonido te
agradecería si me ayudaras por favor gracias

Автор chryslerwheelers ( назад)
Sony kdl 40v5810 model no picture but sound ok

Автор chryslerwheelers ( назад)
Hi..I have my tele no picture but there is a sound! What im going to do pls
help me thanks!

Автор vic styn ( назад)
Good video!

Автор Lisa Quinn ( назад)
I have a kogan KALED24XXXAC tv wich i tried doing a software update on...
now when i try using the tv it will turn on but no picture comes up. Can u
please tell me how to fix it so i can watch tv again? Thanks

Автор Ryan Durand ( назад)
I need helpith a tv its a daenyx 42 inch lcd model DN-423F power supply
model MLT198L Megmeet. it had 2 bulged caps I replaced at EC9 and EC10 and
when I replaced it and plug in the tv it just gives me a dim green light
now. I have tested the dc volts going to the mainboard and they all seem
fine even my 24vsp seems fine. should I replace every capacitor on this
power supply or is there something else I can do to diagnose whats going on
with this set?

Автор Samuel Lowe ( назад)
i need to change the fuse in a 32 inch rca tv the one in the tv say"s on
it that it is 125volt/6.3amp but the only one that my radio shack had was a
125volt/6amp will this work for me or cause possible further damage please
let me know thank you samuel w. Lowe

Автор Kenneth Poulsen ( назад)
Hey Tampatec. First i wanna say that i love your videos, i even Watch your
videos of repairing things i don't even own :-)
I have a problem with a tv that i hope you know about.
My tv has only sound in short periods, somewhere between 10 and 30 sec, and
then the sound suddenly go crazy with a noisy sound and then shuts off.
could the problem be a broken capacitor ?
non of the capacitors are blown by the way.

Автор collins agyei ( назад)
hi, I sent a question earlier on about my 40 inches Samsung tv which got
sound but no picture, sorry its actually LCD tv not plasma. and I cant find
y sustain board cause it only have 3 boards which are power supply, logic
control and main board. is there any other suggestion pls. thanks

Автор collins agyei ( назад)
hi, I have a 40 inches Samsung plasma tv, I got a sound but no picture, I
have changed all the caps but still no picture. is there any idea please.

Автор Ryan Schabo ( назад)
I have a Sony KDL-46XBR2 LCD tv. Green power light comes on and stays
solid, but there is no picture and no sound. Caps look fine and no visable
damage to boards. I can't figure out the problem or which board to

Автор George Momich ( назад)
What guage of solder do you use for your board repairs? I see that it is
really thin. Thanks George

Автор MJ MJALLY ( назад)
hi i have sony KDL 46xbr2 the standby light green no plinking .no picture
no sound ,thanks , mj

Автор Scott B ( назад)
Hello, I have a Samsung lcd tv that might have been hit w/ power surge.
Powers up to dim blue screen when it is plugged in but won't turn off or
bring up menu. I did the flashlight test but didn't see anything. Model
number is LTJ400HF08-V. Have to unplug to turn off screen. Any ideas?

Автор YSEMIA OCHOA ( назад)
Hi Tampatec, with updates on my TV repair parts for my TV main board Out of
stock from shop Jimmy.com ... :-( still waiting ?? Any other site to get my
part ( main board). Still not giving up.. thanks, hope u had a great
thanksgiving with your family. 

Автор Jorge Luis (LEGACY OF FREEDOM) ( назад)
Hi man, thank you veery much, I did it and I have back My TV to the live
again, Thank you.

Автор YSEMIA OCHOA ( назад)
Hi, i am trying to fix my SANYO TV that it has a black screen, HELP how do
I do this :)

Автор ShopJimmy.com ( назад)
@Mark Powers I would recommend trying the flashlight test on your TV. This
will help to determine if the problem is your backlight inverter or the
main board. Here is a link to the video: No Image No Picture on
Screen-Flashlight Test LCD TV Repair - How to Diagnose Broken Board TV
Repair Please reply with the results of this test and we can recommend a
fix. www.shopjimmy.com

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
caps look cone-head but best to take out caps to test them but common bad
caps 100uf, 1000uf, 2200uf, 3300uf 10v or 25v

Автор WolfPackGaming ( назад)
so how do you know which capacitors are bad or not..?...will they look
blown or not..?..thank you..

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
yes in-circuit cap meter but its about $100 .

Автор phild442011 ( назад)
can you test caps without soldering them off the board?? my LG tv 37" 2007
is turning off on it's own. I turn it back on and it goes off after 5-10
min. Did this 4-5 times. I opened it and didn't see any bad caps to the
naked eye.

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
double check plug and solder connections and check more caps and make sure
caps and in the right way. if no go then just buy tv powerboard its around

Автор Mark Powers ( назад)
I have apolariod 32" lcd TDA=03211c had blown 10uf/450 caps Replaced all 16
Still have a steady red blinking led lite on power board When I turn on the
set I get the blue lite but no picture Please help Thank you

Автор Jorge Luis (LEGACY OF FREEDOM) ( назад)
Hi, can make me a list of want I need to look for?? Please.

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
just because you have power does not mean power supply is 100% good, try
check dc volts out of power supply, but what tv model is it?

Автор KERNIC PER ( назад)
Hello Tampatec, I have a Samsung lcd LNT4671FX/XAA. It has sound and
vertical and horizontal lines which vary in colors,' Sometimes blue, red,
black, I was wondering If you can please help me by giving me an idea what
can be wrong with it.

Автор timmothy webb ( назад)
hey man i have a TOSHIBA 37HL67S i got all voltages but the 24v at the
power supply..any thoughts?

Автор kbe11a ( назад)
That's a BIG RING! lol 

Автор MirandoLaLuna ( назад)
I was able to play 1080p on the my Xbox is it an internal problem I fonts
want to wast a lot of money they've told me that I need to buy a new
control box or

Автор MirandoLaLuna ( назад)
I have the same tv as you do and well I had my Xbox connected and it gave
me the option of being able to play it on 1080p I tried connecting my blu
ray with the same hdmi cord as the Xbox and the screen just goes black! I
thought it was the hdmi cord so I got a new one and that wasn't the problem

Автор Μιχαλης Θεολογιτης ( назад)
Hello Mr.Tampatec.your videos are extremely helpful.could you help me
please? I have a samsung lcd 27 inches,but it has only sound and no
picture.basically before the picture fails completely,it was making
interruptions and finally one day stopped for ever.i have only sound.do you
know what is possibly the problem?thanks in advance for your help.

Автор Ismail yörükoğlu ( назад)
thanks all man :))

Автор Jacques Lewis ( назад)
i have the same issue... ever figure anything out? 

Автор Unlimited Access ( назад)
So I have a Polaroid TDA-03211C and I have great sound but no picture.
Thoughts please... 

Автор MrHernanHdz ( назад)
I bout the repair kit for my 32' Polaroid tda-03211c. And it came with 8
different caps and 16 total do I replace all of them or just the the ones
that need too?

Автор Erol Hatipoğlu ( назад)
I need lty400ha 06 telescreen panel internal 1 piece.

Автор gritineye ( назад)
Noticed a spark under the board at 8:04 what was that? static?

Автор gritineye ( назад)
Noticed a spark under the board at 8:04 what was that?

Автор Billy Wright ( назад)
My Polaroid 42" works fine for about 10 minutes then the picture blinks
out. If I turn it off then on it comes on for about 3 minutes after that.
Power supply? Thanks!!

Автор Francisco Paco ( назад)
Hi tampatec, I want to thank you for helping others. I have a 42 inch flat
screen polaroid. it quit working, it seems to have power but screen only
turns on for maybe less than a second, I have a cheap multimeter so in
order to check caps need to remove them first or get an expensive meter I
guess. this is the model tlx 04244b please help. thanks

Автор John TheFrugalFatGuy ( назад)
Today it was the fuse! Of course, we don't know what blew it, so I can't
say TV is good as new (yet). 

Автор TheGreat Saiyaman ( назад)
OK i will call Samsung how much is it for a repair man to come from Samsung

Автор Sean Lawlor ( назад)
Hey could you help me please I watched your video where you snipped the
jumper on the motherboard o the Samsung.. I have te exact same problem on
my elonex 37 inch tv.. Would the jumper on my tv be easy to locate?

Автор TheGreat Saiyaman ( назад)
ok sure do u know any shop or a place i can fix it cause i cant find any
shops do u think i need to call up samsung 

Автор TheGreat Saiyaman ( назад)
it beeps like 4 times then turns off thats the last time i used it which
was like 2 or 3 months ago iam going to try later >>>>>> thanks for ur help

Автор TheGreat Saiyaman ( назад)
um ok thnx 

Автор TheGreat Saiyaman ( назад)
hey man i was playing ps3 and at that moment it was raining and there was a
storm the tv went black and the sound was still on i turned to tv off tried
doing it again the tv would just turn on for 3 secs goes back to black is
it from the storm my dad said its the fuse it may me blown i said it might
have went to safety mode this happend 6 weeks ago i only tried turing it
for 2 days then gave up then i packed it do u think it may work if i put
the tv back up and try ???? please answ...........

Автор wayne o ( назад)
nope no animals chewing lol . the tv was free so i passed it on to a
friend, who told me last night that it was shorting out/faulty. he said it
was just the hdmi ports, the vga was working fine on his pc now. thanks for
you're help, much appreciated. 

Автор wayne o ( назад)
well the old man came home with the tv, said if u can make a few quid off
it, sell it.! so i passed it on to a friend. he phoned last night and told
me what i put in that last message. he also said the vga side was ok now,
his pc was working fine on it. so the problem just seems to be with the
hdmi ports. thanks for ur help bud, much appreciated. ps, no animals
chewing lol. 

Автор wayne o ( назад)
hi tampatec. i have a samsung le26 456 lcd. the freeview/tv side of it
works fine, but when i use the hdmi ports (for xbox) or the vga(for pc), it
seems to give me a blank screen or goes into standby, but then comes back
on?! just wondering if u knew what that was?! 

Автор bob mach ( назад)
i also have the same prob with my FLM-3232 as in the video but my power
supply looks compeletly different and has no heat risers. are the
capacitors all the same for all the 32 inch polaroids? all my caps also
look normal, one does have a black spot on top and wodering if that is
residue..........my tv has sound only and the blue power light comes and
stays on. cant seem to find a cap kit for my model.

Автор DDBellowsIII ( назад)
Tv turns on, backlight is on, no picture - no menu screen etc, capacitors
"look" fine, what else could be the problem?? 

Автор tonyz2897 ( назад)
Is that a proview ipos 150 board? I just trash picked a poleroid tv with
that board and the ec17 cap is visibly bad. I've got new caps for ec17 and
18 (10uf 450v) on the way, but I'm wondering if the caps going bad normally
damage anything else? The reason being is there are no component suppliers
locally and I'd like to order anything else I might need so I'm not waiting
another week for components to ship if the new capacitors alone don't fix
it. Thanks! 

Автор Patrik Studnicky ( назад)
i have black screen on my tv and sometimes it doesnt turn on and in the
shop they told me the screen is gone and it will cost like 400 euro to fix
it, do u think my tv has the same problem?

Автор J Hammalot ( назад)
Thank you for this video. I was able to repair my television for eight
dollars. I had to replaces two of the 10uf 450 volt capacitors. Thanks

Автор Maulik Patel ( назад)
hi i got Trio LCD 32 inch it got power but there is no picture and sound,
so can you give me some solution about to solve problem. Thanks

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