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Автор Jim Plasse ( назад)
I want to say this video was helpful only problem I had was looking for a
plug when I found this type of tv in the trash tdx-02611c I just used my
computer plug that match the watts on the tv and worked fine and if you
have a missing plug just make sure it matches the watts

Автор brahim ibo ( назад)
thenk you

Автор Tom Zaccaro ( назад)
Haier L32B1120 S/N TB30071040 00715 C6038- Red light on when power off.
Power on light turns green. Screen stays Black. Flashlight test - can't see
anything. No obvious Capacitors blown. What board needs replacement.

Автор Richard Quinto ( назад)
I just replaced the TCon board (6870c-0421A)on my LG LED 55LN5200-UB and no
luck the TVstill has no picture. I get audio but no video from both hdmi
ports. there are only two other boards if I go ahead and replace. where do
u think my issue is at? the main board or the led driver board. thanks
, Richard

Автор Furi Lemessa ( назад)
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your explanation.
I have LG LED 32" television and when power is turned on, the sound is ok
but the picture come and go off and repeats the picture on off. Please what
is the probable fault ?

Автор John Carlos ( назад)
sir, your video has no sound.

Автор Ruben Mangual ( назад)
I have a 55 in vizio smart tv and it will not turn on what do u think it is
i got the tv in December so it still a New tv 

Автор Homero Gonzalez ( назад)
Pls need help to connect ribbon cable to mainboard in viore lc32vf62 tv.
extra 4 pins in connector lvds.

Автор Quincy Mcallister ( назад)
I have a 55 inch samsung smart tv sound but no pic. Where should i start to
look first. Dont want to throw away maybe a easy fix. Help please. Thanks 

Автор Anita Evans ( назад)
I have a 70 inch vizo no picture no sound can someone tell me the issue 

Автор janrhey paano ( назад)
lol me and you are same the solder sucker but mine is green

Автор Wito T ( назад)
Lol on top of a towel? Lol
Watch for static lol

Автор Shaun ( назад)
Can i ask what causes multiple capacitors to go bad?
Is it almost like a chain reaction from a power surge or just the time
under tension that a capacitor can take. then it just gives way?

Автор Blahblox Gyuanox ( назад)
Mmmm delicious naked leg..

Автор Alex M ( назад)
Hello I have a RCA dvd combo RLCDV3282A-B model# no video power only to the
power light indicator. What would you suggest would be the cause of the
malfunction. Thanks for your advice. 

Автор Tasha M ( назад)
I have a curtis lcd3273A tv, serial # 1209865001746. the power comes on but
the screen is black with no picture or sound. Once it is turned on it wont
turn off by hand or remote. please help

Автор Michael Roseberry ( назад)
I have a Sharp LC-42SB45U. red standby light on hit power light goes out no
picture or anything. After 10 minutes standby light comes back on. Every
once in a while picture comes on and looks great but that happens every 5
or 6 times. Any suggestions?

Автор Ryan ( назад)
great video! best solder technique i've ever seen! 

Автор Kana Buster ( назад)
I have a samsung Model HPT5054X/XAA. Serial No: B3383CMQ202665A, Version:
SQ24. When i switch it on i can hear the switch on sound but nothing shows
on the screen. Help me find out which replacement board i should buy or
whats the problem with it. Please help

Автор xXElChikoMasBravoXx :D ( назад)
algun video en español? que no le entiendo nada o.O

Автор int0x13 ( назад)
Hello, you have a Weller 25W soldering station you say in the video, but
i'd like to know which temperature do you set to remove capacitors?

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
caps look cone-head but best to take out caps to test them but common bad
caps 100uf, 1000uf, 2200uf, 3300uf 10v or 25v

Автор Godzilladeathmatch ( назад)
so how do you know which capacitors are bad or not..?...will they look
blown or not..?..thank you..

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
yes in-circuit cap meter but its about $100 .

Автор phild442011 ( назад)
can you test caps without soldering them off the board?? my LG tv 37" 2007
is turning off on it's own. I turn it back on and it goes off after 5-10
min. Did this 4-5 times. I opened it and didn't see any bad caps to the
naked eye.

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
double check plug and solder connections and check more caps and make sure
caps and in the right way. if no go then just buy tv powerboard its around

Автор Mark Powers ( назад)
I have apolariod 32" lcd TDA=03211c had blown 10uf/450 caps Replaced all 16
Still have a steady red blinking led lite on power board When I turn on the
set I get the blue lite but no picture Please help Thank you

Автор Jorge Luis ( назад)
Hi, can make me a list of want I need to look for?? Please.

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
just because you have power does not mean power supply is 100% good, try
check dc volts out of power supply, but what tv model is it?

Автор KERNIC PER ( назад)
Hello Tampatec, I have a Samsung lcd LNT4671FX/XAA. It has sound and
vertical and horizontal lines which vary in colors,' Sometimes blue, red,
black, I was wondering If you can please help me by giving me an idea what
can be wrong with it.

Автор timmothy webb ( назад)
hey man i have a TOSHIBA 37HL67S i got all voltages but the 24v at the
power supply..any thoughts?

Автор kbe11a ( назад)
That's a BIG RING! lol

Автор MirandoLaLuna ( назад)
I was able to play 1080p on the my Xbox is it an internal problem I fonts
want to wast a lot of money they've told me that I need to buy a new
control box or

Автор MirandoLaLuna ( назад)
I have the same tv as you do and well I had my Xbox connected and it gave
me the option of being able to play it on 1080p I tried connecting my blu
ray with the same hdmi cord as the Xbox and the screen just goes black! I
thought it was the hdmi cord so I got a new one and that wasn't the problem

Автор Μιχαλης Θεολογιτης ( назад)
Hello Mr.Tampatec.your videos are extremely helpful.could you help me
please? I have a samsung lcd 27 inches,but it has only sound and no
picture.basically before the picture fails completely,it was making
interruptions and finally one day stopped for ever.i have only sound.do you
know what is possibly the problem?thanks in advance for your help.

Автор Ismail yörükoğlu ( назад)
thanks all man :))

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
if you have good volts going into inverter board and have sound & no
picture it can be inverter board. 8^)

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
shopjimmy website u can get everything with warranty.

Автор Jacques Lewis ( назад)
i have the same issue... ever figure anything out?

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
true, heat needs to rise out if it doesn't tv will overheat, i seen this
happen when my customers put hd cableboxes in tight enclosed cabinets and
they reset cablebox every other day then it burns out. this is common.

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
try panasonic caps but find out whats overheating 1st- like transistor or
transformer. if tv has a fan clean it or replace it. 8^)

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
unplug power cord for 5 minutes to reset tv then check t-con board- and
check connections go to tampatec.blogspot. c o m has list of 1800 tv tech
support numbers, good luck 8^)

Автор Unlimited Access ( назад)
So I have a Polaroid TDA-03211C and I have great sound but no picture.
Thoughts please...

Автор MrHernanHdz ( назад)
I bout the repair kit for my 32' Polaroid tda-03211c. And it came with 8
different caps and 16 total do I replace all of them or just the the ones
that need too?

Автор mral13 ( назад)
Hey thanks for your response, I really appreciate it. As it happens I've
checked the power supply and that's fine, tv turns on, just no picture. The
caps all look perfect so ill check the internal fuses and hope for the
best! Thanks again

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
thats a plasma tv, i would check powersupply or y-sus board. look for
damaged tv parts. check all fuses. good luck 8^) theres a link to buy tv
parts and boards on my tampatec channel.

Автор mral13 ( назад)
Hi, thanks for posting your videos. I wondered if you could help, i have an
LG MZ 60PZ13. The other day the screen went blank after a pop sound came
out of the TV. Ive done the usual tests youve described to eliminate the
obvious and then opened it up to look for damaged capacitors. Couldnt find
any, they all look perfect. is there likely to be another issue causing
this malfunction or is it most likely to be a capacitor that looks fine but
is in fact is broken? Thanks a lot

Автор Erol Hatipoğlu ( назад)
I need lty400ha 06 telescreen panel internal 1 piece.

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
good eye, looks like maybe cap discharge or static discharge from something

Автор gritineye ( назад)
Noticed a spark under the board at 8:04 what was that? static?

Автор gritineye ( назад)
Noticed a spark under the board at 8:04 what was that?

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
yes it is 8^)

Автор Billy Wright ( назад)
My Polaroid 42" works fine for about 10 minutes then the picture blinks
out. If I turn it off then on it comes on for about 3 minutes after that.
Power supply? Thanks!!

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
polaroid lcd sometimes has bad caps in power-supply. get at amazon website
or buy power-supply board at shopjimmy electronics or rivervalley
electronics with warranty too.

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
i fix a tv like that, it was bad power supply, i check small caps under
3300uf 10v. buy the cap kit fore your tv model at amazon.

Автор Francisco Paco ( назад)
Hi tampatec, I want to thank you for helping others. I have a 42 inch flat
screen polaroid. it quit working, it seems to have power but screen only
turns on for maybe less than a second, I have a cheap multimeter so in
order to check caps need to remove them first or get an expensive meter I
guess. this is the model tlx 04244b please help. thanks

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
maybe a overnight power spike i would get a surge protector power strip
just in case, good job! 8^)

Автор John TheFrugalFatGuy ( назад)
Today it was the fuse! Of course, we don't know what blew it, so I can't
say TV is good as new (yet).

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
it might be free tv repair if its a capacitor fault, read the website i
sent you to see if your tv model is there 8^)

Автор TheGreat Saiyaman ( назад)
OK i will call Samsung how much is it for a repair man to come from Samsung

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
do you mean samsung power supply? that might not work for your tv, post
video response so i can see your problem 8^)

Автор Sean Lawlor ( назад)
Hey could you help me please I watched your video where you snipped the
jumper on the motherboard o the Samsung.. I have te exact same problem on
my elonex 37 inch tv.. Would the jumper on my tv be easy to locate?

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
try - w w w.samsung.c o m/us/capacitorsettlement/ 1-888-899-7602 ask for A
or B rated service center good luck 8^)

Автор TheGreat Saiyaman ( назад)
ok sure do u know any shop or a place i can fix it cause i cant find any
shops do u think i need to call up samsung

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
send me make & model # or do- video response, i'll search for a solution
ok? 8^)

Автор TheGreat Saiyaman ( назад)
it beeps like 4 times then turns off thats the last time i used it which
was like 2 or 3 months ago iam going to try later >>>>>> thanks for ur help

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
do you get red blinks on front panel? if so how many blinks in a row (its a
Code) note- contact shopjimmy website or rivervalleyelectronics for boards
they have tech support and return policies too if it doesn't fix it 8^)
good luck

Автор TheGreat Saiyaman ( назад)
um ok thnx

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
sometimes if the tv is unpluged for 1-5 minutes it resets the tv, but if
its surged it maybe a bad main board or power supply which is about 40
bucks on amazon

Автор TheGreat Saiyaman ( назад)
hey man i was playing ps3 and at that moment it was raining and there was a
storm the tv went black and the sound was still on i turned to tv off tried
doing it again the tv would just turn on for 3 secs goes back to black is
it from the storm my dad said its the fuse it may me blown i said it might
have went to safety mode this happend 6 weeks ago i only tried turing it
for 2 days then gave up then i packed it do u think it may work if i put
the tv back up and try ???? please answ...........

Автор wayne o ( назад)
nope no animals chewing lol . the tv was free so i passed it on to a
friend, who told me last night that it was shorting out/faulty. he said it
was just the hdmi ports, the vga was working fine on his pc now. thanks for
you're help, much appreciated.

Автор wayne o ( назад)
well the old man came home with the tv, said if u can make a few quid off
it, sell it.! so i passed it on to a friend. he phoned last night and told
me what i put in that last message. he also said the vga side was ok now,
his pc was working fine on it. so the problem just seems to be with the
hdmi ports. thanks for ur help bud, much appreciated. ps, no animals
chewing lol.

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
check you video cables, unplug all other cables except power-cord and try
the hdmi again, it can be a short in the hdmi cable or tv's hdmi input
(check your hdmi pins some might be touching it causes a short) try new
cables or plug into another tv input, worse case video input board is bad,
you can buy them at amazon or shopjimmy, good luck 8^) ps- do you have
animals that chew on cables?

Автор wayne o ( назад)
hi tampatec. i have a samsung le26 456 lcd. the freeview/tv side of it
works fine, but when i use the hdmi ports (for xbox) or the vga(for pc), it
seems to give me a blank screen or goes into standby, but then comes back
on?! just wondering if u knew what that was?!

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
buy the cap kit for your tv model on amazon it should work, some caps look
good but can be bad still, caps should the same i "think", i'm not 100% sure

Автор bob mach ( назад)
i also have the same prob with my FLM-3232 as in the video but my power
supply looks compeletly different and has no heat risers. are the
capacitors all the same for all the 32 inch polaroids? all my caps also
look normal, one does have a black spot on top and wodering if that is
residue..........my tv has sound only and the blue power light comes and
stays on. cant seem to find a cap kit for my model.

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
what tv model you have, some caps can still be bad but look good.

Автор DDBellowsIII ( назад)
Tv turns on, backlight is on, no picture - no menu screen etc, capacitors
"look" fine, what else could be the problem??

Автор tonyz2897 ( назад)
Is that a proview ipos 150 board? I just trash picked a poleroid tv with
that board and the ec17 cap is visibly bad. I've got new caps for ec17 and
18 (10uf 450v) on the way, but I'm wondering if the caps going bad normally
damage anything else? The reason being is there are no component suppliers
locally and I'd like to order anything else I might need so I'm not waiting
another week for components to ship if the new capacitors alone don't fix
it. Thanks!

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
order the capacitor kit for your tv model, that's a common fix

Автор Patrik Studnicky ( назад)
i have black screen on my tv and sometimes it doesnt turn on and in the
shop they told me the screen is gone and it will cost like 400 euro to fix
it, do u think my tv has the same problem?

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
that is awesome, you research the problem able to take apart the tv and had
the self-confidence to tackle something new and got reward = saving money &
learned something new, now that tv has sentimental value Great job!

Автор J Hammalot ( назад)
Thank you for this video. I was able to repair my television for eight
dollars. I had to replaces two of the 10uf 450 volt capacitors. Thanks

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
did you do the cap kit yet? or try y-sus board or side buffer boards.

Автор Maulik Patel ( назад)
hi i got Trio LCD 32 inch it got power but there is no picture and sound,
so can you give me some solution about to solve problem. Thanks

Автор Reg Morton ( назад)
Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm afraid that didn't do it either. It
start'n to look like a problem with the signal processor board... figures
I'd get a more expensive problem instead of something simple like a PWR
supply problem.

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
try to hard reset the tv by unplugging tv power-cord for 5 minutes, reset
cable box too and reseat the video connections

Автор Reg Morton ( назад)
I've got an FLM-3232 that powers-up fine and responds to all RC commands,
but it will not accept any signal. The TV's input selection is correct and
the cable signal is good, but it just dispays "No Signal" Any suggestions
would be appreciated.

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
try to unplug power-cord for 5 minutes then plug it in & see if it works,
also you can get the cap kit for your tv model which could be the fix.

Автор takacoustic1 ( назад)
I have a 22 inch Philips with sound but no picture it powers up and Philips
logo appears briefly and channel 2 then screen goes black any ideas thanks

Автор mquadri7 (1022 года назад)
hi i have a samsung LN46C630K1FXZA power supply problem. there is a short
on the board and one of the small pronged shaped cap is short.i can email
you the pictures and if you could please help me i would really appreciate
it. thanks

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
samsung this year went through class action lawsuit which samsung had to
fix many flat-screen tv.s go see if your tv is one of them for a free
repair, just google it.

Автор nonna ( назад)
How in the world did you learn so much about tv's? I am flabbergasted. I
have a samsung humongous tv that turns on and off constantly. It's six
years old, but I guess the days of tvs lasting a long time are over. Thanks
for all you do!

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
if theres no screws on back-panel use thin flathead scwerdriver to pop off
the back, unplug powercord first then check out my video- how to fix lg lcd
review- this should give you a better idea

Автор Crazy Man Productions ( назад)
i have a viewsonic N2635w and i get: no sound or picture. and the tv is a
LCD tv with hdmi and vga ports(im going to use it with my pc cause i just
got this) and the power light blinks yellow/orangish consistently when
plugged in... what caps do you think i need to replace and how the freak do
i open that tv <_<

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
My dvm is fluke 12 its 9 years old and still works 100% awesome,

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