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My son and I just picked up some knives from a friend of mine and I thought you might like a look. They are just presentation pieces for the most part, but they're still interesting. The Tom Anderson Pantera Claws seem to be really well made, especially for the cost. The two handed broad sword is a wall hanger, but I'm sure it can still hack through a watermelon or two. I hope you find them interesting...thanks for watching!


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Автор Trailblazer 12 (Trailblazer) ( назад)
the safety is chinies I have the sword from that brand with the butterfly
cor and have the same word but with a black handle

Автор Vadim Anatolovych ( назад)
How do the pentera claws sit? Are they welded in or apoxy?



Автор Axel Trojillo ( назад)
Wow, those blades are awesome!

Автор Hercules Oliveira Rodriguez ( назад)
lâminas são perfeitas silenciosas

Автор Dominic Evans ( назад)

Автор AshMaxSkates ( назад)
They're all gay

Автор Juliano Mendoza ( назад)
your awesome brooo

Автор Edson Lapomarede ( назад)
I wanna be richt now :( I wanna bye the panda claws so if one bitch triest
to mest with me chop chop them e,e,e

Автор ahmed baguira ( назад)
مجموعة مدهلة

Автор CidGuerreiro1234 ( назад)
I like the Pantera claws.

Автор Sat Kum ( назад)
That's all crap

Автор Professor Cringe ( назад)
None of them actually practical just tacky pieces display metal

Автор SuperGamerPacman ( назад)
im 9 and i love knifes and iii bought a butterflly kknife

Автор Savage Nation ( назад)
Those are all really cool

The first knife that he picked up i have it in my collection it is my
favorite knife omfg!!!!

Автор YOU TUBE ( назад)
where did you buy that collection?

Автор Juan Collazos ( назад)
designed by Tom Anderson? i guess Beavis and Butthead would think that is

Автор Levi Mckenzie03 ( назад)
I like swords, knifes and stuff like that 🤘🏼

Автор Carlos Guillen ( назад)
Why don't u get camera glasses

Автор Steffi Kelley ( назад)
Zelda sord. No thank u.

Автор Ovo6Niqqa ( назад)
Who else thought about tommys tiger sword on power rangers at the dagger
that has a tiger

Автор Brian Mccann ( назад)
I bought a pair of the Pantera Claws...
Razor sharp. Dangerous. lol

Автор Kenaka Kaneki ( назад)
I got the same style bowie knife blade but the hilt is brass knuckles

Автор Steve The Man ( назад)
Kinda cool the Wolverine claws? Those look sick.

Автор Ghost Gaming ( назад)
I have 2 pair of those calls too

Автор Mackenzie smith ( назад)
Can i have one

Автор res1492 ( назад)
nice collection bro!!

Автор GtaAstr0 ( назад)

Автор mystic warrior ( назад)

Автор mystic warrior ( назад)
id use them for protectionif a guy breaksin i stab imin the knee

Автор Jennifer Wright ( назад)
Where did you get it

Автор ใปสหว เบำวลแชห ( назад)

Автор Android 10973 ( назад)
the claws are lit

Автор Jason Tanner ( назад)
claw slammer drago

Автор Reddy y ( назад)
stare of death :O

Автор Anthony L ( назад)

Автор Marilyn Mcnelis ( назад)
I think they are really cool but I have very expensive not over $100 200
and 300 but those are still cool

Автор Lucien Bissonnette ( назад)
The Wolverine won looks cool

Автор MARVIN SHAKIR ( назад)

Автор Xavier Saly ( назад)
Where do u get from

Автор yogendar kumar ( назад)
I love it I want all of them

Автор Naveed Abdul ( назад)
Nice collections like it!!!!!!!""""

Автор Dave G Arrow ( назад)

Автор Holy Knight ( назад)
The sword that he has is not a broadsword, the sword is a type of Claymore
sword, of which is two handed, and mainly 54 In long.

Автор WanWood Sniper ( назад)
i've seen those claws on the show Arrow xD

Автор IBelinoni 8.0 (406 лет назад)
it is not a broadsword it is a claymore !!!!!!

Автор smaz eleu ( назад)

Автор Robert Lopez ( назад)
Nice knives! (;

Автор Руслан Забаров ( назад)
пиздец он опасный!!!

Автор Damon Smith ( назад)
I want those Wolverine Claws lol

Автор Lina a ( назад)

Автор Seven L ( назад)

Автор Josh Ford ( назад)
Since I have subscribed to you may you please subscribe to me

Автор Josh Ford ( назад)
My favorite word the clause

Автор Josh Ford ( назад)
That was a really interesting video

Автор Paul Morton ( назад)
this guy should not be allowed to even pick up a knife. i mean he shows
wolverine claws, and doesn't even pretend to slash something, at leased let
us hear them ring in the air

Автор оружие из дерева ( назад)
Просто СУПЕР!

Автор pedradosapato ( назад)
I could jerk myself wearing the claw?? anybody knows??

Автор Price82020 ( назад)
I have one those eagle daggers

Автор lovehorrordotde ( назад)
The dagger with the eagle is definitely not a german style. More a chinese
fantasy design. 

Автор กรินทร์ หวังวิชา ( назад)

Автор Tony Stark ( назад)
it looks like the ones bronze tiger used in the arrow tv series 

Автор Samantha Bishop ( назад)
I have the one with the egeal on it

Автор Shane Echternach ( назад)
pretty nice knives. I myself have a knife collection of about 30 knives

Автор Anthony Herrera ( назад)
I have the brestnuckl nivefs one

Автор Azlin Zainal ( назад)
They loock nice

Автор NeoEngineer Alpha ( назад)
U mad bro ?

Автор BOBBY CHARLSTON ( назад)
Looks chinese?

Автор Enrico Rizzo ( назад)
Guns way better :)

Автор Chanel Araujo ( назад)
Wow love the knifes and claws

Автор ShadicPlayzGames ( назад)
Are those real knifes

Автор Gajeel D Redfox ( назад)
If I was your son I would have fell in love with those weapons especially
the claws

Автор Jon Joseph Quijano ( назад)
that's not a broadsword...

Автор Hunter VanderZwaag ( назад)
I know the look cool, but what the FUCK would you actually use those
Panteras for? I mean, other than looking cool?

Автор RamblinAround ( назад)
Just google: Tom Anderson Pantera Claws ...and you'll find a few places to
buy them. They generally cost about 40 to 60 dollars. 

Автор philip martinez ( назад)
Grate job quick question were can you buy claws like that well have a nice

Автор Andrew Turberville ( назад)
I got my pantera claws from the Smokey Mountain Knife Shop

Автор Brendan Nordberg ( назад)
I can't type the link without putting spaces but you can get the claws at
(do not enter the spaces I put) true swords . Com

Автор XXLKUERBIS ( назад)
Do you have Links for the Claws?

Автор RamblinAround ( назад)
That's difficult to say, I guess it would depend on the environment in
which they were stored. They seem to hold up well when kept in the house.
We haven't done any special cleaning or polishing to them and they still
look fine. 

Автор AIphaGamer9 ( назад)
Would these types of blades rust/degrade if, say, kept in a contained for a
while. Like, do they need to be cleaned/polished frequently?

Автор AIphaGamer9 ( назад)
Would they work like in the Wolverine movies?

Автор AIphaGamer9 ( назад)
This video has convinced me to collect knives of all sorts when I'm older.

Автор NomoreMrKnifeguy ( назад)
LOL....got the same Wolverine Claws!

Автор RamblinAround ( назад)
Yes, the hold an edge very well. They actually are pretty high quality for
what they cost. 

Автор Rhiorrha ( назад)
Mr Burns: Exellent...

Автор RamblinAround (55 лет назад)
They definitely are the most well made pieces on that table. They seem to
be very sturdy...high-quality for the money. 

Автор Rhiorrha (2028 лет назад)
So the pantera aren't weapons-grade?

Автор Kevin O'Donnell ( назад)
i love how misleading "stainless steel" is. it can be stained, easily. 

Автор helixdraco ( назад)
if you were going to sell these how much would you want for them

Автор RamblinAround ( назад)
Thanks for watching!

Автор William winn ( назад)
the claws look cool 

Автор RamblinAround ( назад)
Don't even talk about it...lol That thing would fly through drywall like
paper I'm sure. 

Автор RamblinAround ( назад)
Thanks for taking a look!

Автор gamers279 ( назад)
that's a nice set of knives

Автор ZowieDom ( назад)
Very nice collection, now don't go out and get yourself in trouble with
them lol.

Автор RamblinAround ( назад)
I haven't seen a Klingon dagger, but I'll bet it's interesting. Thanks for
taking a look a these. 

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