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Автор BruhGoDsb (13 дней)
i've seen those claws on the show Arrow xD

Автор IBelinoni 8.0 (13 дней)
it is not a broadsword it is a claymore !!!!!!

Автор smaz eleu (1 месяц)

Автор Robert Lopez (1 месяц)
Nice knives! (;

Автор Scott Lomas (5 месяцев)

Автор Josh Ford (6 месяцев)
That was a really interesting video

Автор Руслан Забаров (4 месяца)
пиздец он опасный!!!

Автор Lina a (5 месяцев)

Автор Josh Ford (6 месяцев)
My favorite word the clause

Автор Paul Morton (6 месяцев)
this guy should not be allowed to even pick up a knife. i mean he shows
wolverine claws, and doesn't even pretend to slash something, at leased let
us hear them ring in the air

Автор оружие из дерева (6 месяцев)
Просто СУПЕР!

Автор ziggy pop (11 месяцев)

Автор Tony Stark (1 год)
it looks like the ones bronze tiger used in the arrow tv series 

Автор Peter Price (1 год)
I have one those eagle daggers

Автор lovehorrordotde (1 год)
The dagger with the eagle is definitely not a german style. More a chinese
fantasy design. 

Автор กรินทร์ หวังวิชา (1 год)

Автор pedradosapato (1 год)
I could jerk myself wearing the claw?? anybody knows??

Автор Samantha Bishop (1 год)
I have the one with the egeal on it

Автор Shane Echternach (1 год)
pretty nice knives. I myself have a knife collection of about 30 knives

Автор Azlin Zainal (1 год)
They loock nice

Автор Anthony Herrera (1 год)
I have the brestnuckl nivefs one

Автор Josh Ford (6 месяцев)
Since I have subscribed to you may you please subscribe to me

Автор RamblinAround (2 года)
They definitely are the most well made pieces on that table. They seem to
be very sturdy...high-quality for the money.

Автор RamblinAround (3 года)
Don't even talk about it...lol That thing would fly through drywall like
paper I'm sure.

Автор not2fast4u2c (3 года)
The claws look like something Freddie Kruger would use

Автор XXLKUERBIS (2 года)
Do you have Links for the Claws?

Автор RamblinAround (3 года)
That's cool, I didn't know you could get them with 4 blades. Thanks for

Автор Gabe Musashi (3 года)
um, they went up in price a little bit to like $130 but yknow.

Автор Andrew Turberville (2 года)
I got my pantera claws from the Smokey Mountain Knife Shop

Автор RamblinAround (3 года)
Thanks for watching!

Автор AIphaGamer9 (2 года)
This video has convinced me to collect knives of all sorts when I'm older.

Автор RamblinAround (3 года)
They are pretty crazy looking.

Автор RamblinAround (3 года)
Thanks for watching, Jos!

Автор RamblinAround (3 года)
Yeah, they're either like Freddie Kruger, Wolverine, or Edward
Scissorhands...lol Thanks for watching!

Автор NomoreMrKnifeguy (2 года)
LOL....got the same Wolverine Claws!

Автор Jon Joseph Quijano (1 год)
that's not a broadsword...

Автор NeoEngineer Alpha (1 год)
U mad bro ?

Автор William winn (3 года)
the claws look cool

Автор William Tew (1 год)
'you wouldn't go hacking on anyone because you never know how strong these
blades are ' translation: Its not cool to stab people.

Автор RamblinAround (2 года)
That's difficult to say, I guess it would depend on the environment in
which they were stored. They seem to hold up well when kept in the house.
We haven't done any special cleaning or polishing to them and they still
look fine.

Автор ZowieDom (3 года)
Very nice collection, now don't go out and get yourself in trouble with
them lol.

Автор AIphaGamer9 (2 года)
Would they work like in the Wolverine movies?

Автор craftsman673 (3 года)

Автор ShadicPlayzGames (1 год)
Are those real knifes

Looks chinese?

Автор Kevin O'Donnell (2 года)
i love how misleading "stainless steel" is. it can be stained, easily.

Автор Rhiorrha (2 года)
Mr Burns: Exellent...

Автор RamblinAround (3 года)
Like they say in the Boy Scouts...Always be prepared....although, steel
talons probably weren't what they had in mind. Thanks for taking a look.

Автор Enrico Rizzo (1 год)
Guns way better :)

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