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Автор plagiater (5 лет)
@manny333 stimmt! du hast recht. auch wikipedia weist travis als
komponisten aus... obwohl wenn man im artikel weiterliest gab es einige
streitereien um die urheberrechte... so oder so danke und gruß nach

Автор Martijn Hover (6 лет)
It was actually first recorded and credited to Merle Travis, but that's
disputed. See wikipedia. Btw the riff att he end of the chorus (played in
Am) actually goes a-e-C-A-E-F-F#. The lower case a and e are an octave up.
But perhaps you knew.

Автор plagiater (6 лет)
thankyou for your kind words and the information; i read .. but maybe the
internet isn´t always the most reliable source ;)

Автор Clay Erickson (4 года)
Please tell me the chords and strum pattern for your version!

Автор availabl3account (5 лет)
Perfect performance, thank you...

Автор panzer4014 (5 лет)
@manny333 Merle wrote the song but Tennesee Ernie Ford sang it first. What
gets me is that Ernie looks like he is the middle of a party with & should
have a martini in is hand & be talking to his manager or some hot babe when
he sings this song

Автор Sideshow Manny (5 лет)
I'm pretty sure it was Merle Travis. If you do a search on YouTube for
sixteen tons merle travis, watch the first video in the results. It's Merle
performing the song on TV, the guy who introduces him credits him as the
composer and by the way he does it I'd say it's definitely Merles song.
Great rendition by the way plagiater ;-)

Автор Leon Evans (6 лет)
Super. Really good! But, it wasn't Merle Travis, it was Tennessee Ernie
Ford. Either way, Great job. Leon Evans

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