How to be Ninja 2.0

Ever since we made the first How to be Ninja video, I've been asked to remake this. After nearly a decade later, here it is!
Watch More bloopers and BTS here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef_n_qu96OM&feature=youtu.be

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Просмотров: 12703213
Длительность: 7:48
Комментарии: 53814

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Автор TeamOmlet ( назад)
Why is it "How to be Ninja" not "How to be a Ninja?

Автор Nistaar Girn ( назад)
I'm 9 years old

Автор kobe Schneider ( назад)
How to do makeup 2.0

Автор O', Moonlight ( назад)
shush you fag XD

Автор Gamex Hazard ( назад)
How to be bad at catching 2.0

Автор Gamex Hazard ( назад)
How to say go 2.0

Автор The not so Good hunter ( назад)
Make a movie

Автор Lgh 02 ( назад)
did anyone notice that at 1:53 they included the same editing error with
someone saying "go" at the start of the scene as they did in the original

Автор Colin Moore ( назад)
I was only 1 whaaat

Автор Empress Kai ( назад)
I was 10 or 11 when I watched the original version and now I'm 20.

Автор HatSaN GT ( назад)
green ball no jutsu

Автор Timmy Lim ( назад)
wait... copyrighted music? but the pink panther theme was played... ? I
don't get it LOL

Автор odijackey ( назад)
I love this one more :|

Автор jackie nguyen ( назад)
dear ryan can you remake how to be gangster

Автор Ken Shimizu ( назад)
Im lpaughinsg so hard

Автор Vitto Rio Sebastian Agape Taner ( назад)
dear ryan: how to be gamer

Автор FuzzyWuzzy98 ( назад)

Автор DatYoutuber ( назад)
432,480th like!

Автор Mona G ( назад)
I was 2

Автор Professor Tech ( назад)
What was the bad part in the original?

Автор Olivia Xoxa ( назад)
I was 5 years old when the original video first came out but I think I
first watched it when I was 7 years old and I have been watching you since.
Thank god my brother first introduced you to me. Glad I could spend half my
lifetime enjoying your creativity. Love you so much.

Автор Simar937rocks Singh ( назад)
Who liked the original better

Автор Danieru Orihara ( назад)
I grew up at Ryan's Youtube account 😂

Автор Joanasie Okituk group ( назад)

Автор sansyboy ( назад)
this guy gets a lot of views if we're looking at his subscriber count

Автор Applisa Turisa ( назад)
How did you post that video from n 2007????????????YouTube started 3 or 4
years ago

Автор Brooke K. ( назад)
this is amazing

Автор Gold 7896 ( назад)
I like the song better than the original version better

Автор Khoi Nguyen ( назад)
it just the same not a lot of them are different

Автор Reggie Pedroche ( назад)
Lesson |||

Автор Reggie Pedroche ( назад)
"Hanate wakuso shiseo tadashite teriyaki suzuki honda civic!"

" *and my name is* Buob

Автор Maryam Adlparvar ( назад)
dear ryan make a how to be ninja 3

Автор Hector Roque ( назад)
Well the original got more views than this

Автор Danny TheFunniest ( назад)
im older than the how to be ninja 1

Автор Anh Nguyễn Đức ( назад)

Автор Immanuel Dacanay ( назад)
your costumes remind me of genji and hanzo from overwatch

Автор Thunder Wolf Animations ( назад)
How to be ninja 3.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Mary z ( назад)
so funny!

Автор Dinusa S ( назад)

Автор LetsplayGamer22 ( назад)
best remix of mortal combat ever :3 put it on ITunes please <3

Автор subalal tamang ( назад)
can u clone yourself

Автор D.Dope ( назад)
The name of Ryan in ninja clip is translated : Do not let it go well , do
not miss it

Автор Bo oM ( назад)
please!again make ninja 3.0

Автор Dankness master Of Memes (Suppa_Turtle) ( назад)
dear ryan, go die

Автор Bruh Hurb ( назад)
1:41-1:55 what's with the fart noises XD

Автор Midori Chan ( назад)
Naruto references

Автор Midori Chan ( назад)
Hanate? Skitzo?

Автор Tue Vu ( назад)
Hoe to be ninja 3

Автор Ludwig Harisuo ( назад)
Can you make a download for the song you made at 5:59?

Автор Kelsey The Creeper ( назад)
whats the joke?

Автор 강인 ( назад)
what about part 3 now

Автор 강인 ( назад)
its sssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

Автор Trez Cast ( назад)
ok it's soooo amazing how different the technology in this vid is from the
original. I vote for remaking this in 2025

Автор Claw Hacker ( назад)
dude he copyed most from naruto

Автор PonchiOFFICIAL ( назад)
Why are there so many sex jokes in this video

Автор Jack Alpha ( назад)
Dear Ryan, do you know wing chun

Автор Code Master ( назад)
my name is ''honda suzuki''

Автор Normalus Žmogelis ( назад)
im older than How to be Ninja by 1 year

Автор Zibrandt “KiviCraft” Høegh ( назад)
Dit u know that Honda civic is A car

Автор rivanianx ( назад)
He even said "Go" in the beginning.

Автор Our Minty World ( назад)
2008 is when i born

Автор Jayden Fuentes ( назад)
So many naruto references

Автор Ramses Canez ( назад)
this one is way better

Автор Michael McCarville ( назад)
rasengan jutsuis from naruto

Автор Jr Mendoza ( назад)
1:19(Ryan trying to sing with auto tune:D) does he pin comments like these

Автор Ja'Crispy Enough ( назад)
I don't know why they can't say "Fag" anymore. If they could get away with
it in 2008, they could get away with it now.

Автор GoldenBlock 101 ( назад)
I was 2 when the first one came out

Автор GoldenBlock 101 ( назад)

Автор Alvaro ( назад)

Автор Lvl 58 Slowpoke ( назад)
hey ryan, can you remake "how to be ninja 2.0"

Автор Dhm Rezawi ( назад)
i love this song

Автор Anonymous ( назад)
This is better than the original.

Автор Hannah's Bananas Channel ( назад)
i watched the 2.0 first and then the original.

Автор Caca Angel ( назад)

Автор Naima Levy ( назад)

Автор EFPRecordingS ( назад)

Автор Jayson A.D ( назад)
who's watching in 2018

Автор BenPlays PH ( назад)
This song is copyrighted...

Автор Lei Evangelista ( назад)
do you guys notice how good are they at editing now?

Автор marc armas ( назад)
wow. 12 mill views? .3.

Автор Jesse Pinkman ( назад)
The book was better.

Автор Eric Umali ( назад)
Ryan and Sean will be the next Jackie Chan of our generation XD hahaha

Автор franky k ( назад)
you should do part 3 become a ninja

Автор andrew hinman ( назад)
naruto naruto fanboy barrage

Автор KNB ( назад)
how the heck were u able to those hand justus so fast?

Автор Demons Light ( назад)
The fatalitys are from naruto

Автор Jose Amaya ( назад)
Did you guys really touch to fight real

Автор Poketube Pro ( назад)
By Narito 1000 years of death 6:45

Автор GreenWolf _3 ( назад)
I like the 2.0 better but the first is still great😀

Автор Nathan Fazzone ( назад)
Fake n gay

Автор Salev Ristal ( назад)
i need that song at the beginning as my ringtone!

Автор Mansoor Haider ( назад)
hey ryan can use this song is copyrighted in my video?

Автор Ironstrenge ( назад)
Lol im as young as how to be ninja

Автор loveanime girl ( назад)
How to be a ninig

Автор The Ratbags ( назад)
Me [2017]

Автор Nguyen Phuong ( назад)
Chad wild clay copy your video

Автор Bradley Ruest ( назад)
Their editing skills have improved greatly since 2008

Автор Geryyani Waty Go ( назад)
pls make how to be ninja 3.o

Автор bountiful origami ( назад)
Find the difference


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