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Автор Brandon Smith ( назад)
So much better than the original!

Автор JurassicTube118 ( назад)
I saw a a plane in the background

Автор XYZ GAMER ( назад)
How to be ninja 3.0 With Pokémon!!!!!!!

Автор Daniel Hong ( назад)
What program was used for music?

Автор Ashley Ushi ( назад)
6:53 Naruto moments

Автор Jackanator Top hat ( назад)
That remix of the Mortal Kombat song was awesome!

Автор AwesomeGamerGod ( назад)
1:35, That IS Very RACIST, But Hilarious
P.S, I Am Chinese And It Doesn't Offend Me So It Is Fine ;)

Автор Various ( назад)
4:57 charizard

Автор Sobhan Hajinasiri ( назад)
dear ryan can you remake how to be ganster ???

Автор Paolo Schroeter ( назад)
I watched the original and the offensive joke is the joke about a fag I think

Автор Arcana is my favorite ( назад)
I hate the original but I live this one more

Автор magnus heffernan ( назад)
Oh my god! they kept the "go" thing from the original 1:53

Автор Shariq Ahmad khan ( назад)
In 2008 I was 1year only

Автор Juhan Ahmad ( назад)
Dear Ryan Fnaf vs Naruto

Автор tabitha generica ( назад)
that fight scene was hella cool!!!

Автор jea g ( назад)
dear ryan please teach me how to be adult

Автор jea g ( назад)
dear ryan how to be a nerd

Автор Jose Rodriguez ( назад)
still better martial arts than ironfist Netflix series

Автор Geek Box ( назад)
There is so much love in the subtitles! @PoohPooh1995 @404UsernameNotFoundX @xxCharmainexx @Luka Maljevic @Checo Gamer

Автор NipRoblox Fly ( назад)

Автор Donald Ochoa ( назад)
Hello! My name Is fjuhgtyiflufiytfiydytiviyt
Hello! My name is..... Bob

Автор talib habboub ( назад)
man that was a good fighting scene.

Автор Maricille Collins ( назад)
I like this better than the original

Автор Gerardo Gomez Sosa ( назад)
Did anyone notice that one of the shurikens was paper

Автор Portal Gaming ( назад)
is the racist joke in the name suzuki Honda?

Автор Cooper McLeod ( назад)
What was the joke

Автор TvFun #TvArmy :p ( назад)
Can i do the "Mortal Kombat!!!" :)

Автор Hamza's Channel ( назад)
The combat was sick though XD

Автор Ailaikyu ( назад)
I was watching the scene where shaun gets hit by 'gangster ryan', right when my boyfriend walked in and he asked me if I was watching gay porn because apparently Shaun's moans sound like the ones from gay porn actors

Автор Arbnore Hulaj ( назад)
I was 1 at the time

Автор XiNe G ( назад)
woah this is such a detailed parody they even add in the Ryan saying "go" part at 1:54 , which can also be heard on the original video!

Автор Dillon needs Milk ( назад)
Dear ryan can you make a spider man movie

Автор Matthew Yeo ( назад)
how to be gangstar

Автор Wallrush Overlord ( назад)
the original was actually quite good u should re-do it

Автор martinthomsen2009 ( назад)
I still think this is better than the original!

Автор 彭吾 ( назад)

Автор Winchester Lemen ( назад)
The fuck happened to your eyes

Автор Sara Yavari ( назад)
Can you play minecraft

Автор Red Productions ( назад)
What was the joke?

Автор Small Frie ( назад)
What was the joke

Автор Hell Yeah ( назад)
pink panther

Автор Fuzzy gaming ( назад)
I like this one better so... HOW TO BE NINJA 3.0

Автор Juhan Ahmad ( назад)
Dear Ryan Naruto vs Goku

Автор Luna Remulla ( назад)
actually its a day older than me

Автор Trinity Vlogs ( назад)
i was about 2 years old when how to be a ninja was made

Автор STAR SUPERMAN ( назад)

Автор H 4 haz 111 ( назад)
Re make all the how to bes like emo gangster

Автор Pathetic Aesthetic ( назад)
He even said "go" again like he did on accident in the original 😂😂

Автор keenan her ( назад)
I was a few mounths older than that vidio

Автор Striker833 2nd channel ( назад)
That last bit was so badass

Автор Ruthay Charley ( назад)
Instead of Bob he said boob 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Автор Pewdiepie Felix ( назад)
Top 10 most brutal anime moments

Автор Khody Stewart ( назад)
Rasangan! Lightning blade!Chidori!Gun?Narutooooo.....Saskeeeee!!!

Автор KD [Extreme Army] ( назад)
Is it me or i like the 2nd one better...

Автор KD [Extreme Army] ( назад)
Whoever subs to me i will sub to them

Автор Seagal_l ( назад)
This is better than the original

Автор Manica Sunuwar ( назад)
how to be gangster 0.2

Автор MR 8R ( назад)
am i the only one that likes this one more than the original one?😂

Автор Game Legend2 ( назад)
im 8 im the same age as how to be ninja

Автор RaidingCow ( назад)
Original was better because of the original teehee

Автор Mieke Verwey ( назад)
This was actually so boss, you can tell they are actually two really skilled martial artists...

Автор MrSlipperySquid Gaming ( назад)
It looked like how to be ninja 20

Автор Jason Roberts ( назад)
I love how to be gangster 😆😙😇😎😀😁😂😅🤗😛😜💒

Автор Thao Nguyen ( назад)
How to be gangster 2.0

Автор Kristina witherspoon ( назад)
that fight was lit

Автор Jack Septiceye ( назад)

Автор DinoBoyGamings/Real life Movies Memes ( назад)
How to be a Dinosour

Автор Norzilah Halif ( назад)
you are like pink panter

Автор HaloDude Geometry Dash ( назад)

Автор HBgamer ( назад)
Green ball of jitsu

Автор Kingkudu22 ( назад)
Ryan, remake how to ninja

Автор Rajkumar Mewtwo ( назад)
Dear Ryan eat your poop

Автор Kim Baker ( назад)
This vid was made on my birthday and its march so my birthday is next month😀

Автор Radar Man ( назад)
That fight was awesome.

Автор Radar Man ( назад)
Suzuki Honda Civic.

Автор Radar Man ( назад)
John wick 2 was better than 1!

Автор Ninja Laur ( назад)
Whats the song name at the fighting part in the desert?Please answer

Автор Samuel Charlton ( назад)
this guy is like the new version of smosh

Автор Sanjay Tewari ( назад)
woah!!! that was just awesome!!!! subarashi!!!

Автор oneintheinfinite ( назад)
They should remake thei old video on their 10 yr anniversaries

Автор TRW Productions ( назад)
Can you make a real fight vid? I love ur jokes, but I wish there would be a real fight vid. Thanks!

Автор Tame AxYloTl ( назад)
i have watched this for the 50th time how have I not like it yet?!?!?!?!?!

Автор gaming boy ( назад)
dear ryan can you make a video of doraemon

Автор Dekku ( назад)
Isn't rasengan just rapidly spinning chakra? It only turns to a wind jutsu when wind nature is added to it.

Автор Syahmi2003 Ismail ( назад)
Is that paper shuriken?

Автор Ron Hodges ( назад)
make a 3.0

Автор Adriana Ortiz ( назад)
dear Ryan can you make how to be gangster 2.0 please me and my brothers love how to be a gangster thank you then can you make how to be emo 2.0 thank you Ryan I am ten years old I was born in 2007 I had something I need to tell I want to be a Youtuber my channel is going to be mortal kombat sub zero 1999 can you come to my channel pleases Ryan me and my brothers love your YouTube channel and I love how to be a gangster thank you Ryan I love to be my favorite youtuber .😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Автор Spider Girl ( назад)
Soooooo hilarious!!!!!😂😂😂

Автор FTL gaming ( назад)
I'm older than that video

Автор JoEG ( назад)
who thinks nigahiga is the best youtuber

Автор Lily Nong ( назад)
1:53 it's the same "Go" from the old vid hahahah

Автор Mason Bernheim ( назад)
This one is better

Автор raja abdul-badee ( назад)
has it really been that long?? wow I feel old

Автор MuzketBoy ( назад)

It's because almost everyone's over sensitive and can't take a joke

Автор Slayer Cha ( назад)
How to be a Ninja 3.0

Автор Chace Lu ( назад)
how to be gangster 2.0

Автор Antt 23 ( назад)
fag lol

Автор FruitNinjaBoss ( назад)
I. Am.

Автор IlPro GamerlI ( назад)
How to be gangster 2.0?

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